Scientific evidence for the existence of immortal souls
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12 November 2013

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Humans were created as doubting creatures. So in spite that religions comfort us that God does exist and that this God gave to us immortal soul, still we have a lot of doubts on this subject. There are numerous reasons for these doubts. Most vital out of these reasons result from the authoritative claims of present atheistic scientists, who decisively deny the existence of God and the existence of immortal soul. Other reasons for our doubts stem from the old-fashioned argumentation of our religions. Namely, the religions insist that we should believe in their claims on the same principle like we should believe in statements of despotic mothers, means just "because I say so" (means just "on their word"). On the other hand, in the present highly-scientific and sceptical world we already are used to take everything "on proof" (not just "on trust"). So we would like to see appropriate proof and evidence for practically everything. A further reason for our doubts, is the fact that every information regarding God and soul originated so-far from just a single source, namely from religions. On the other hand, we know from everyday life that if something represents truth, then it is confirmed by many independent sources of information simultaneously. Still another reason for our doubts is the under-informing of people about experiments and about phenomena which would confirm the existence of souls in the same manner as e.g. the light from bulbs or electric sparks confirm the existence of electricity. Although a wide multitude of such experiments and phenomena is described on this web page, atheistic scientists typically hide from people their existence and lie about their meaning. For all such reasons, making the use of my level of competence in secular research on God and on soul according to "a priori" approach of the new so-called "totaliztic science", herewith I decided to present this web page to interested readers. Thus, with the assistance of this page, now I can indicate to readers the required scientific evidence, objective photographs, and simple experiments, all of which prove the existence of soul. I can also indicate to readers that actually two independent sources of knowledge are already available (i.e. religions, and my scientific "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), both of which supply us with the verifiable evidence that people have software souls which by nature are immortal, although similarly to present computer programs are also prone to intentional destruction. I am inviting you to review this unique web page.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page is to indicate scientific evidence and proofs for the existence of software souls in people, which souls by nature are immortal, although which can be intentionally destroyed through the deployment of appropriate phenomena and tools by someone who has the required knowledge (e.g. by God). An additional goal of this web page is to also provide replies to basic questions which typically trouble every person regarding souls. Furthermore, due to indicating these evidence and proofs, as well as due to replying these questions, this web page is to realize to the reader, that in spite of noisy "campaign of denying", carried out by various atheistically inclined scientists and adherers of atheism, proofs and items of evidence for the existence of souls is surprisingly many, while our access to the knowledge about souls is significantly better than it is commonly believed.
       Yet another goal of this web page is to utilise my scientific "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, for informing the reader about facts which previously could NOT be learned from any other sources. After all, this theory has the ability to pinpoint a direct link between the existence of human soul and the course of commonly known phenomena, and also the ability to explain still unknown facts regarding souls. This in turn allows to inform the reader for example what actually are our souls, what our souls are composed of, what attributes souls display, what are mechanisms of operation of souls, what happens to souls after our death, which claims regarding souls are not justified physically, what cannot happen with souls, etc., etc. Of course, the most vital aspect of souls which this web page tries to explain, is whether souls allow the self-awareness of people to continue the "living" after their first (present) "bodies" already have "died".

#A2. What inspired me to write this web page:

Motto: "Knowledge is responsibility."

       On the subject of evidence and proofs for the existence of souls numerous books were written already. An example of such books can be [1#A2] by Dr. Benito F. Reyes, entitled "Scientific evidence of the existence of the soul", Theosophical Pub. House, Wheaton, Ill. 1970, ISBN 835601927. The same topic is also discussed on numerous internet web pages. But neither these books, not these web pages, had in their disposal the most important source of the scientific information about souls, namely they are NOT based on the in-depth knowledge of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. On the other hand, it is that Concept of Dipolar Gravity. which is the only modern scientific theory known at present, which NOT only confirms the existence of immortal souls and explains what these souls really are, but which also allows to describe for us the origins of souls, composition of souls, attributes of souls, principles on which souls work, etc. In addition, this theory allows to indicate further scientific evidence which directly confirms the existence of souls, but the link of which with souls remained unnoticed until now (numerous examples of just such previously unidentified scientific evidence for the existence of souls are indicated on this web page). In turn, without the knowledge of such information, all attempts to prove the existence of human souls more represents speculations than principles of scientifically based rational proving. After all, such attempts are based mainly on speculative arguments of the types which are used in the following exchange of arguments between an atheistic surgeon (a) and a believer (b): (a) "I carried out surgery operations already on tens of brains, but during all these operations I never encountered anyone's soul"; (b) "did you ever encounter patient's thoughts during any of these brain operations?"
       Somehow happened that it is me (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) who developed this theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So I know this theory from the very beginning and rather in depth. I also know exactly how this theory explains to us all aspects of souls. On the other hand I am also this professional scientist who developed the formal scientific proof for the existence of God. As a scientist who objectively researches the existence of God and principles of coexistence of God with people, I am well aware that the sole fact of proving the existence of God does NOT at all proves simultaneously the existence of immortal souls. After all, God could e.g. create people, but could NOT give souls to his creations. Or God could create people and give souls to them, but still could also cause, that when people die, their souls die together with them, or are just put into a kind of eternal sleep (i.e. are stored, but do NOT receive a "life"). Thus, as a person who has an in-depth knowledge of the "theory of everything", means the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, I decided to prepare this web page on which I am addressing all such doubts. After all, my "theory of everything" is able to provide us with an unambiguous replies to such questions.
       In order to summarise the above, the inspiration for writing this web page and the authority to answer in it all the typical doubts which trouble practically every person, have given to me several facts. The first of these is my in-depth knowledge of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which results from the fact that I am the author of this extraordinary theory. In turn having such a theory when someone confronts a "wall of unknown" about souls, in item #J5 of the web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm is compared to having a "ladder" or a "scaffold" which allows us to climb this wall quite easily. The second fact is the ability of this "theory of everything" to explain about the human souls practically almost everything that official human science so-far was unable to explain. In turn the third fact is that I myself am a professional scientist who gathered a significant experience in utilising the Concept of Dipolar Gravity for researching and explaining everything that so-far was considered to be unexplainable - including into this the formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, as well as the formal scientific proofs for the existence of soul provided on this web page.

#A3. Self-destructive consequences of the stand that "what is to be, let it be":

       Whenever I had such an opportunity, I always tried to discuss with my acquaintances the topic of the "existence and fate of souls" - so that I could learn their opinion on that matter. As I learned with a shock, a significant majority of people takes the stand in this matter that "what is to be, let it be". They do not seem to be bothered, nor puzzled by, what happens after their death. The only thing which still makes them reflect, is the very moment of death, or more strictly - the amount of pain which typically is connected with dying.
       From religions and from the Bible, as well as from my secular research to-date, quite unambiguously stems that whatever happens after our death, it mainly depends on how we carried out our lives. In such a light, the stand that "what is to be, let it be" is quite self-destructive. After all, instead of giving into our hands the possibility of influencing what is to happen after our death, it leaves everything to coincidences and to long-term consequences of our temporally desires. However, from my research to-date explained in item #C4 of the separate web page named immortality.htm, stems quite clearly, that in order after our death happens to us what would suit us the most, then still during the present life we must fulfil a number of requirements and commandments, which have NO chances to be fulfilled just by pure coincidences. So by writing this web page I hope that the content of it is to contribute to the regaining of initiative in matters of fate of our souls, for at least some amongst readers.

Part #B: Why God does NOT show Himself in person in front of each one of us in order to reassure each one of us separately that we do have immortal (although prone to destruction) souls:


#B1. Problem with convincing our inborn scepticism - means what is necessary to become sure that we do have immortal (although destructible) souls:

       People with significant life experience, as well as philosophies competent in everyday living of people (for example, such a philosophy as totalizm) always inform us that the conviction and certainty are states of spirit which we must earn ourselves. Someone else is unable to give these to us for a gift. If the reader believes otherwise, then I would suggest he or she recalls a sceptic-person who really does exist, and who is known to the reader. Then the reader should consider what would give to this sceptic-person an absolute certainty that he actually does have an immortal soul. Would, for example, it be enough if such a sceptic-person would receive from the president of his country a governmental guarantee, confirmed and signed by all members of the parliament, and stating that he does have an immortal soul. Or perhaps such a sceptic-person would be convinced when e.g. Jesus Himself would appear in front of him and give to him the guarantee that he really does have a soul. If Jesus really appeared in front of him, then would such a sceptic-person believe that this is Jesus Himself, not for example a magician, impersonator, or an UFOnaut, who has in his disposal appropriate advanced devices which would imitate miracles and were able to mimic Jesus. Such considerations we could carry out infinitively long, while their outcome will always be the same, namely that the convincing and certainty cannot be given to anyone as a free gift, but it must be earned by everyone with own effort and labour.
       I should mention here, that similarly as this is the case with all other states of human personality and character, there are also various levels of "scepticism". The most advanced of these is a version which can be called the "sick scepticism". Such "sick scepticism" is actually so advanced form of scepticism that a given person ceases to react at logical argumentation and at obvious facts. People overcame by such "sick scepticism" display an irrational scepticism towards everything that they confront and show a complete resistance not only towards logical argumentation, but also towards even the most obvious empirical proofs. In fact such a "sick scepticism" is a whimpering version of the mental illness from the same family as the "mental depression". Also, similarly as this is the case with "mental depression", the source of "sick scepticism" is very low level of "moral energy" in the sick person. (The relationship between someone's personality, health, and the level of "moral energy", is described in items #C5 and #C4 of the web page parasitism.htm.) There is no chance to convince to anything such a person that is overcome by a "sick scepticism" - unless the level of moral energy of this person is rebuild beforehand.
       The above brief analyses reveal that if someone would NOT earn previously for himself or herself the certainty and conviction that he or she does have an immortal soul, then the state of the spirit called "being convinced and certain", such a someone will NOT be able to receive as a free gift neither from his or her own religion, nor from any publications on this subject, nor even from this web page. However, what this web page and other publications about the soul are able to give to such a person, is the direction in which he or she can go, and the kinds of evidence he or she can analyse in order to acquire, with the elapse of time, the own certainty and conviction that he or she does have the soul after all.
       At this point I should reassure the reader, that myself I am a professional scientists. Thus, like a typical professional scientist, immediately after my university studies I also started my path to the truth from a full atheism and from being convinced that neither souls nor God do exist. But at present I am absolutely sure both, about the existence of God, as well as about the existence of immortal souls. In turn looking at the path which I myself went through in order to earn my own certainty, at this web page now I am able to indicate to others where they should seek and what they should learn, in order to gradually develop in themselves the certainty and conviction which would be the same strong as these in myself. In turn, after earning such certainty, our lives begin to change dramatically and acquire completely different qualities. Illustratively these changes could be described, as that our lives cease then to be just like a nervous wandering along a dangerous jungle, and begin to gain attributes of an interesting journey towards the goal about which we were well informed much earlier.
       The above should be complemented with the information, that the fact we need to earn with our own effort the privilege of "being sure" and that the "certainty" which convinces us no-one is able to grant us for free (as a gift), is so vital for understanding the position and methods of the philosophy of totalizm, that it is discussed NOT on just one, but on many totaliztic web pages. For example, independently from this item, it is reminded and repeated in item #B1 from the web page named god_proof.htm, item #A2 from the web page named healing.htm, item #G3 from the web page named will.htm, and on several further publications of totalizm.

#B2. "Canon of ambiguity", "free will", etc. - means reasons for which God does NOT confirm to us openly the existence of immortal souls:

       Let us consider what would happen when God would appear on the sky in his full power and glory to begin hitting with lightning bolts everyone who does NOT obey His commandments. IN such a situation people would start to live in terror and in fear. No man would have the courage to do anything for doing of which would NOT receive a direct order from God. Science and technology would collapse, as no-one would have the courage to research, investigate, or to just speculate - as everyone would be scared that this may act against the God's intentions. Also medicine and social life would fall down, as everyone would be scared to heal thus breaking the God wishes, and everyone would be scared to copulate with other person to NOT sin and deserve a punishment. People would then live like slaves and soon the entire population would die out.
       In order to avoid such consequences, God introduced several prevention measures to His coexistence with people. For example, recently God never openly shows Himself to living people. He always maintains people in the lack of certainty about His existence. Also, He has given to the people the so-called "free will". In turn, everything that God does, He does in such a manner that it fulfils the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - i.e. that it can be explained on many different manners. Etc., etc. (For the description of the "canon of ambiguity" see e.g. item #B9 from the web page god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions regarding God.)
       One amongst numerous prevention measures imposed by God to avoid turning people into just thoughtless slaves of God, is that God Himself does NOT reassure people about the existence of souls. But simultaneously God does NOT discourage or hold back people from carrying out their own searches and from gathering their own proofs for the actual existence of immortal souls.

Part #C: What is the "human soul" in the light of the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm:


#C1. How the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us what actually is the complete man:

       In 1985 was developed an unique scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory explains a whole range of matters which previously were considered to be "unexplainable". It carries out these explanations on different basis than it was previously done by the official human science. For example, this "theory of everything" explains what is telekinesis, telepathy, nirvana, and UFOnauts together with their UFO vehicles. It also provides us with formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, existence of UFOs, and for the access of people to immortality and to the endless lives. Furthermore, it illustrates to us how time works, UFO vehicles look lie, and how tornadoes and hurricanes are formed technically. It also opens to us an access to further, similarly wide knowledge.
       One amongst the variety of information which this unique "theory of everything" provides to us, is the explanation as to what actually is the whole man, how man was created, and from what three basic components every man is composed. So let us here summarise briefly this explanation.
       According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the universe in which we live exists infinitively long. But at the very beginning this universe was filled up with only an extraordinary intelligent liquid called the counter-matter. This liquid displays natural attributes which are very similar to attributes of our present computers. This means that it is intelligent in its natural composition, it has memory, it is able to learn just by itself, and it maintains itself in a continuous motion. So this liquid is almost like a kind of a "liquid computer". For this reason the Concept of Dipolar Gravity even calls it the universal computer (i.e. "UC"). In turn the Christian religion calls this eternally existing computer with the name "God Father" or the "Ancient of Days" - see the Bible, Daniel 7:9, 7:13, and 7:22. Unfortunately, through the majority of its eternal existence this liquid computer did NOT have any program inside. As such, it was unable to act intelligently. But slightly over around 6000 years ago in this self-learning "liquid computer" a kind of a huge natural program self-evolved. How exactly that self-evolution of the natural program looked like, it is already explained in a number of totaliztic publications, for example in subsection I1.2 from volume 5 of two scientific monographs [1/5] and [8/2], as well as in item #B1 from the totaliztic web page evolution.htm, and in item #I2 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm. Thus, the huge natural program which self-evolved in the (liquid) "universal computer", is that thinking and intelligent component of God which the Christian religion calls the "Holy Ghost". In turn the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls it the universal intellect (i.e. "UI"). Soon after this universal intellect (God) completed its self-evolution, for a whole range of vital reasons, for example in order to have an inspirational helper in God's searches for knowledge, God created firstly the physical world, and then God created man.
       The principle of creation of physical world and then man by God can be understood the best when one knows the work of present computers. After all, this thinking component of God called the "Holy Ghost" is a kind of a huge natural program. This program occupies the memory of that "counter-matter" which in fact is a kind of a "liquid computer". Counter-matter is a very obedient computer. Means, in spite that it is in permanent motion, the kind of motion that it just carries out depends on the command which it received from the program which resides in it, means from this "Holy Ghost". Therefore, in order to create atoms, elements, the entire physical world, and man, this Holy Ghost simply ordered to that counter-matter to form itself into the shape of these atoms, elements, physical world, and people. Thus, according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, us people simply are kinds of like a screen image or a hologram, which is formed entirely from the "liquid computer" called the "counter-matter", through appropriate pre-programming the behaviours of this counter-matter.
       Establishing the fact that God created people through appropriate pre-programming behaviours of eternally existing intelligent counter-matter has this consequence that it informs us from what basic components all people are composed of. As it turns out, each one of us is an outcome of combining together as many as three basic components. Here are descriptions of these three basic components of every person:
       (1) Counter-material duplicate (i.e. spirit). The most basic component of every human is counter-matter, the appropriate pre-programming of the behaviour of which forms particles, atoms, molecules, tissues, and the entire body of every person. On this web page, and also in all other totaliztic publications, this counter-material component of every man is called scientifically the "counter-material duplicate". But because the name "counter-material duplicate" is NOT in common use, this web page, and also all other my publications, uses the second name for referring to it, which presently is commonly used by various religions, folklore, occultists, etc. This second name is "spirit". It is worth to emphasize, that according to explanations by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, such "spirits" have practically all material objects, means not only people, but also animals, stones, cars, planets, etc. After all, they all are kinds of holograms formed from appropriately pre-programmed behaviours of intelligent counter-matter.
       (2) Software "registers" (i.e. soul). These software registers are kinds of natural programs, or "software", which organises the counter-matter in such a manner that the behaviours of it form the picture, work, attributes, and behaviours of the entire person. In item #L7 near the end of this web page is provided the definition of human soul as a kind of natural "software" which governs over the corresponding body representing the "hardware" for the implementation of programs of this soul.
       Software registers (soul) are composed from a whole hierarchy of different natural "programs" and natural "data folders". But one amongst the most vital components of these "software registers" (i.e. our "souls") is the so-called "program of life and fate" described more comprehensively in items #C1, #C2 and #D1 of the separate web page named immortality.htm.
       These software "registers" (i.e. "soul") are the site for self-awareness, intelligence, memory, traits of character, etc., of a given person. It is them where the "long-time memory" is stored - due to which this memory can be accessed in the next life - means a long time after the present physical body and the present brain are already destroyed. In this software "soul" also is contained the knowledge, character, habits, and even descriptions of current allergies and illnesses of a given person. In turn when we "think", in fact our process of thinking boils down to running appropriate natural programs contained in the software soul.
       Even the most hardcore atheists understand that "mind" is something completely separated from "body". Therefore, in everyday life, as well as in science and medicine, independently to referring to the "body", frequently referred is also this something completely separate from body, which depending on the situation is called with the term "mind", "memory", "awareness", "conscience", "ego", "intuition", "instinct", "personality", etc. - see item #H3 of this web page. But not many of us is aware, that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, under all these different names in fact hides always the same software "soul", or some amongst separate components of this software soul.
       (3) The screen image or hologram formed from appropriately pre-programmed behaviours of intelligent counter-matter (i.e. body). Our body, and also all other bodies and objects which exist in the entire physical world, in reality are just like kinds of screen images or holograms, formed from counter-matter (i.e. from "spirit") that are appropriately pre-programmed by natural "programs of life and fate" (i.e. by their "souls"). Thus, what we consider to be our body, and what we see with our eyes and can touch with our hands, in fact is just like a natural equivalent to pictures which today computers piece together when commanded by their programs, and then display on their screens.
       The above is worth to complement with the information, that only through combining together all these three above components, we receive a whole person, or a whole "living creature", "creation", "being", and even a "material object". In addition, the manner described in item #C4 from the separate web page named immortality.htm, in which God utilises the so-called "omniplan" for upbringing people into "soldiers of God", causes that in fact people are NOT just "bodies" having "souls", but rather that in reality God gave us the nature of the "souls", which to acquire the required traits of character and experience, are placed in the most suitable for us "bodies", then are passed in these bodies through types of experiences that are designed individually for each one of these souls.
       Please notice that the above descriptions represent only a brief summary of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about three basic components of every person and every living creature, i.e. about its "spirit", "body", and "soul". Of course, these findings result from a completion of rather extensive scientific research, and from working through a huge body of evidence. Unfortunately, because of the voluminous scale of this research and evidence, it is impossible to present them all in so-small and restricted web page as this one. Therefore, if the reader wishes to analyse by himself the merit of my logical analyses and the body of evidence which led me to findings presented in this item of the web page, then the reader should familiarise himself with the full version of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This full version was published in volumes 4 and 5 of the following three scientific monographs by the author of this web page: [8/2], [1/5] and [1/4].
       A brief information about exact composition and work of every human is presented also on several further web pages, for example in item #B7 of the web page evolution.htm, and also in item #C1 of the web page nirvana.htm. In turn, the wider explanation of the terminology which refers to basic components of the man is provided in item #B3 of the web page evolution.htm.

#C2. So how the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines a "soul":

       The summary of the above findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity allow us now to define exactly, what actually is the "soul". Of course, because of the lack of space, in this item I am going to just state the final definition of the "soul". In turn the extensive research and body of evidence from which this definition stems, the reader should seek in the abovementioned publications of the full presentation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity So here is this definition of "souls". "Soul" is the name assigned to a system of natural programs and data, which (the system) has its own self-awareness and which controls the course of life of every living creature and every inanimate object. This system of programs and data contains in itself a precise documentation of the entire history of that living creature or inanimate object, its path trough time, its fate, actions, etc. Such a software soul is also the carrier of our self-awareness, memory, character, personality, habits, karma, etc. Furthermore, "souls" contain in themselves a special program (called the "program of life and fate" - for descriptions of it see items #C1, #C2 and #D1 on the web page immortality.htm), which defines the course of present life of a given creature or given human. At the moment of death of all living organisms, their "souls" are shifted to a separate area of the universe, which is especially designed to store souls until the moment when they begin their next lives.

#C3. By being, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, a kind of "natural program", souls are able to exist forever (i.e. souls are "immortal" - although are prone to a purposeful destruction):

       Even in the present, means still rather a primitive, level of human knowledge, it was already discovered scientifically and confirmed, that software itself neither wears out, nor breaks down. Thus, the only thing that may happen to software, is that it can be destroyed on purpose by someone. Therefore, if someone purposely does NOT destroy a given program, then this program can exist and operate for eternity. This eternal life and work of all possible programs is confirmed already in numerous textbooks from the branch of human science called the "Software Engineering". For example, the confirmation of the ability of software to exist and remain unchanged forever, to NOT wear nor tear, and to work forever (if it is used correctly), was provided in subsection "Software doesn't 'wear out'" from page 11 of the academic textbook [1#C3] by Roger S. Pressman, “Software Engineering” (Third Edition, McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1992, ISBN 0-07-050814-3). It is also confirmed on page 6 of the newest edition [2#C3] of the same academic textbook by Roger S. Pressman, “Software Engineering”, Sixth Edition (McGraw-Hill, Inc. 2005, ISBN 0-07-285318-2).
       In previous item #C2 it was explained, that according to findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, "soul" is a kind of natural program (i.e. all souls display attributes of natural "software"). In turn being just a kind of natural software, souls can exist forever. This in turn means, that if a soul is NOT deleted by someone on purpose (i.e. is not "killed" or destroyed), then it is going to exist and to work for infinitively long period of time. In other words, souls are immortal by nature.
       With the terminology concerning the "immortality of souls" one needs to be careful. This is because many people by the word "immortal" actually understand "indestructible" meaning "impossible to destroy". However, as every program, soul has only the immortal nature, but is NOT at all resistant to a destruction. Thus, a soul can exist forever only in case when it is NOT subjected to an intentional destruction by someone who knows how souls can be destroyed (e.g. by God). But as it is explained in item #J2.2 from the further part of this web page, God created a special place called "hell" in which He destroys these souls which do NOT meet His requirements. So in spite of its immortal nature, not every soul is to exist forever. Therefore, when discussing the matter of immortality of the soul one needs to bear in mind, that "souls are immortal only by nature" - but are NOT "indestructible" and thus can be intentionally destroyed ("killed") by some highly destructive software phenomenon (e.g. many followers of so-called "occult" claim, that nuclear explosions irreversibly destroy souls), and also by someone with the required knowledge and with the access to destructive software phenomena (e.g. by God).. What even worse, my analyses of the statements from the Bible, described amongst others in item #C4 from the separate web page named immortality.htm, seem to indicate that in fact after the "end of world" and after the so-called "final judgement", saved by God from the irreversible burning is to be only NOT more than one soul per each 250 thousands of people that previously lived on the Earth.

#C4. What, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the phenomenon of "life" and our awareness that we just are "alive":

       According to the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, our "life" is simply an execution ("running") of this natural "program of life and fate" which is a most vital component of our software "soul". This program is run a command after a command, while us, people, perceive this as a "jumping" elapse of "time" of our life. (There is an empirical proof, which every person can check, and which illustratively show to us that our "time" elapses in short jumps, and thus that our "life" is simply a run, command-by-command, of a long sequence of elementary commands from this "program of life and fate". This proof can be learned from item #D1 of the totaliztic web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to the endless lives. In turn the run of this natural "program of life and fate" is perceived by us as our "life". Thus our awareness that we "live" stems from the natural run of a special program that was intentionally introduced by God to our soul, which program was so designed that the run of it gives to us the awareness and perception of "living".
       The fact that the awareness of our "living" originates from the run of a natural program contained in our soul, practically means that in special circumstances in the same soul God is also able to place sometime another natural "program of our life in the virtual world" (which could be called the program of life after death). Similarly like the "program of life and fate" gives to us the awareness that we live in this physical world, such a different "program of life after death" is able to give to us the awareness that we still live, although physically we already are dead, and although our awareness (soul) resides already in the "virtual world". (The "virtual world" is the world contained in memory of the intelligent counter-matter, means it is like a natural equivalent to the world of software contained in memories of present computers - for more information about the "virtual world" see volume 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5] or [1/4].) There is, however, one fact linked to the run of this "program of live after death" which is worth to be aware. Namely, what a kind of "life" it is going to provide us with, and also whether it is going to be run at all after our death, it depends exclusively on the decision and on principles of action of God - for details see item #I2 from further part of this web page. In other words, about whether after our physical death we are going to feel that we still "live", and also how this our "afterlife living" is going to look like, it depends entirely on the decision of God and on the principles which God uses for judging people (which principles were defined in the content of the Bible - as an example see Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, or Luke 18:25 "it is much harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.").

#C5. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains reasons for which God created souls:

       We could characterise ourselves, means people, as one-task creatures. It means that we are so created that we are able to do only one thing at a time. For example, our hands can carry out just one work, our mind can consider only one problem at a time, our ears can listen to only one person at a time, while if we create something then basically it serves just for a single purpose only (e.g. a spoon is just for eating, a car is just for transportation, while a home is just for living in it). As such one-purpose creatures, we (people) have a serious problem with understanding God - who is a multi-task kind of the superior being. For example, God listens to billions of people at the same time, God thinks in parallel about trillions of matters at the same time, God completes milliards of actions at the same time, while when God creates something, then it always serves for many purposes simultaneously. It also so with the creation of souls. We cannot claim that souls were created just for one purpose, similarly as we cannot state that God created our fingernails just for one purpose (e.g. so that we could dig in our teeth with them). Souls were created for many reasons and to perform many tasks at the same time. These reasons and tasks cannot be even listed in some order - e.g. cannot be sorted by the level of their importance. So here are some amongst numerous reasons for which God created souls:
       1. In order to gather knowledge much faster. The major goal of God is to gather knowledge. Thus God created a whole variety of different souls so that they inspire Him to discover increasingly new knowledge for gathering and also help Him to gather this knowledge. More information about gathering knowledge as the major goal of God is provided in items #B2 to #B6 from the web page will.htm.
       2. In order to develop desirable characteristics in future companions which are to live with God in heavens (i.e. for grooming companions of God). God is the social creature and needs companions in heaven. So He created for Himself souls which are to keep Him company, and now He is appropriately shaping (grooming) in these souls all characteristics which He desires in His companions - what is explained more precisely in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, and in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm.
       3. In order to have a software representation of a given person and entire history of this person. In software souls all possible kinds information about given creatures are stored. These kinds of information allow God to precisely replicate e.g. a given person in every detail and in any moment of his or her life.
       4. In order to be able to change the God's personality into the one which God wishes to gain. God created people "in His image", while a well-known need of people is to perfect one's personality. Therefore, according to a popular Christian prayer "on earth as in heaven", God also wishes, similarly like people, to improve His personality with the elapse of time. But because God is a huge natural program, in which His personality is "fuzzy" and does NOT allow to be formed naturally through actions (as this can be done in people), the only way to improve His personality in an intended manner is for God to merge the program of His personality with programs of personalities of selected people. Therefore God so programmed human souls, that now without any difficulty He can merge with them - which process of merging of a human soul with God is well known in Hinduism under the name of "nirvana" (one should NOT confuse this "spiritual nirvana" of Hinduism with the purely physical "totaliztic nirvana" available to us when we still live). Due to such a formulation of human souls, God now is able to intentionally "groom" in people the personalities which He wishes to get Himself. In turn when selected people accomplish these personalities, God can merge their souls with Himself, and thus gradually gain their desired attributes of personality.
       5. In order to be able to shift a given person back in time to any moment of his or her current physical life. In souls are contained "programs of life and fate" which allow, amongst others, to repetitively shift back time of a given person, e.g. to years of his or her youth. Therefore, if the life of given person begins to go in an undesired by God direction, then God can shift this person (soul) back in time, erase the memory of it (in the way explained in item #C1.1 of the web page timevehicle.htm), while in the new passage through time God can direct the fate of this person in such a manner that now it is to go accordingly to the God's intentions. More information about shifting back someone's time is provided, amongst others, on the web page immortality.htm.
       6. In order to place the self-awareness of a given person in this physical body which serves the best towards the fulfilment by this person of his or her destiny. Such "shifting" of souls of people to bodies that are the most appropriate for them, is described in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm.
       7. In order to motivate a given person and so shape the course of his or her life that the outcome of God's upbringing is the efficient "soldier of God". If people have NO souls, and thus exist just as a body which dies forever at the moment of physical death, then God would have no way to motivate people for efforts to improve themselves.
       At this point it is worth to emphasize, that in practically all holy books God clearly avoids giving replies to the questions "why". These holy books always provide only answers "what", but rather skilfully avoid giving the replies "why". Even if we find in any of these books some verses which are formulated in the style as if they reply "why", still after analysis of these verses it turns out that they only state "what". According to this principle, the explanation why God created souls, or e.g. the explanation why God created man, cannot be found neither in relatively brief Bible, nor even in extremely voluminous and numerous holy books of Hinduism. All facts suggest that the determining these reasons "why" God leaves to people as a kind of motivation which inspires undertaking research and searches for truth.

#C6. Totalizm accepts, that soul enters body at the moment of breaking the umbilical cord and supports weighty consequences that stem from such entering:

       This web page indicates the sufficient body of proofs as well as empirical evidence in support of these proofs, to provide knowledge and certainty to these people, who already matured philosophically to accept the knowledge and certainty regarding the existence of souls. In fact, the proofs and evidence indicated here confirm the existence of immortal souls in people with even a greater certainty, than e.g. evidence that is in disposal of official science confirms the occurrence in the universe of the so-called "big bang". Thus, on the basis of this knowledge which reinforces our certainty that immortal souls do reside in humans, time to shift to next stages of our learning process, namely to determining the most vital fact regarding souls.
       For people that are sure of the existence of soul, probably there is NO more weighty question than the issue "when newly-born people receive souls?" (Means the question: "when a foetus transforms from a piece of meat into a thinking, remembering, and feeling human?") After all, from the appearance or from movements of foetuses, we CANNOT reason whether they already are humans - similarly like from the appearance of statues nor from movements of sea waves we are NOT allowed to claim that these are humans. Only the entrance of souls into bodies changes these bodies into humans - similarly like only the return of souls to bodies which previously fall victims of so-called "coma" (see descriptions of it in item #F9 of this web page) restores these bodies to life, thinking, and feeling; similarly like the entrance of souls to foetuses turns these foetuses into children instead of "stillborn"; and also similarly like the input of software into a new computer turns this inanimate machine into a responding companion of humans. Thus, from the correct reply to the abovementioned question "when souls enter bodies" depends e.g. whether measures of pregnancy prevention and taking contraceptives really run against God's requirements, whether abortions really are taking lives, etc., etc. (see also item #J4.3 near the end of this web page).
       At present two drastically different beliefs coexist regarding the issue of when souls enter bodies. Unfortunately, so-far the humanity have NOT carried out any experimental research nor accumulated any empirical findings regarding this matter. The first one amongst these two beliefs, most vigorously promoted by Popes and by the Catholic Church, states that "souls enter bodies at the moment of conception". For this reason Catholics so vigorously persecute abortions of pregnancies. It is also because of this belief that the Catholic Church is against the use of contraceptives. Unfortunately, NO scientific premises are known which would confirm this belief. The second belief, adhered mainly by representatives of the so-called "New Age" (such as healers, UFO-contactees, occultists, etc.) states that "souls enter bodies after the birth at the moment of breaking umbilical cords". The possible future confirmation of this belief by research or empirical findings would turn out to be extremely important. After all, if it turns out to be correct and confirmed, then e.g. abortions of pregnancies wouldn’t almost differ from innocent procedures of e.g. removal of tonsils. In such a case the crusade of Catholics against contraceptives and against abortion clinics would at least be "misunderstanding" - if not the acting that fulfils the definition of "sin".
       On the basis of many theoretical analyses, the philosophy of totalizm takes the stand, that true and correct is the belief (2) that "souls enter bodies after the birth and at the moment of breaking umbilical cords". This is because the taking just such a stand is justified by a number of findings of the philosophy of totalizm. For example, these findings of totalizm include, amongst others, several so-called "premises" identified and described by totalizm, all of which suggest the correctness of just this belief number (2). (These "premises" are simply such findings of totalizm from which one can deduce indirectly that "souls enter bodies only after the birth and at the moment of breaking umbilical cords" - i.e. one can deduce in a similar manner to detectives and lawyers deducing about specific event just on the basis of so-called "circumstantial evidence".) In addition, each one amongst these "premises" negates the correctness of belief (1) that "souls enter bodies at the moment of conception". Here is a list of most important amongst such "premises" identified and described only by the philosophy of totalizm:
       1. The Bible completely disregards the indication of the moment when souls enter bodies. This is the most important premise. After all, the content of Bible contains a detailed list of God's requirements that apply to every human activity. So if souls entered bodies at the moment of conception, than this fact would be very vital and would be emphasized in the content of Bible. In addition, the Bible disregards also the taking stand regarding contraceptives and abortion of unwanted pregnancies. Thus, most clearly these matters are for God rather insignificant - such a situation can occur only if souls actually enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords.
       2. UFOnauts teach people how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is another vital premise. After all, according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm "UFOnauts are temporary 'simulations' of God" (e.g. see item #M3 on the web page day26.htm). So if "simulations" of God Himself teach people how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, then this suggests that for God the fact of prevention or abortion of pregnancies is rather an insignificant matter. This in turn may take place only if souls really enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords. By the way, an example of a lesson from UFOnauts how to prevent unwanted pregnancies is provided, amongst others, in the report from abduction of "Miss Nosbocaj" to a UFO deck - this report is provided in "chapter UB" from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5e] and also in "appendix Z" from my monograph [2e].
       3. The interconnection of foetuses and mothers' bodies during the time when these bodies are united with umbilical cords. In turn, this interconnection causes that in the biological sense the foetuses still then are parts of bodies of mothers, in the same manner as parts of bodies of mothers are e.g. all growths on their skin and organs, their nails, or their hair. In turn, by being parts of mothers' bodies, foetuses CANNOT have separate souls. After all, two souls residing in a single body means a "possession". So the soul of a child sometime could "fight" with the soul of the mother for the prevalence over her body, and the child could need the intervention of e.g. an "exorcist". Even in best scenario a pregnant woman carrying such a child with own soul could display so-called "double personality".
       4. The foetus that has own soul could choose the life and role of a parasite. After all, souls have so-called "free will" and can choose what they do next. So the soul of child could e.g. feel so good in the role of a foetus, that it would refuse to be born and would extend its existence as a kind of parasite. Thus, it would need to be removed by force. Such "second" souls residing in someone's body are even described in the Bible as parasites ("demons") which Jesus and His Apostles removed by force from bodies that they possessed.
       5. Abortions which do not run against commands of someone's conscience, do NOT cause undesirable side effects. As we know, all highly immoral acts, e.g. murders, harming someone, cheating, etc., leave various undesirable side effects in the form of psychological problems in guilty people. After all, according to what is explained in subsection JD11.8 from volume 7 of my newest monograph [1/5], "side effects" are kinds of "shades" that originate from the deviation of given actions from the direction that runs exactly uphill in the "moral field". (The more immoral a given action is, the greater this "shade" is, and thus the greater are "side effects".) On the other hand, abortions do NOT seem to leave such side effects - similarly as these are NOT formed by e.g. removals of tonsils. For an example of research on this subject, see the article "No mental health fallout from abortions, study finds" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, January 28, 2011. This article confirms, that after abortions women do NOT experience attacks of depressions nor post-traumatic stress disorders, which are typical consequences of all highly immoral actions - e.g. killings. This in turn confirms, that abortions do NOT take lives because souls are NOT present yet in foetuses.
       While explaining the above I feel also compelled to add here that the lack of "side effects" is conditional - i.e. it appears only in people who do NOT receive "orders of conscience" in the matter of a given abortion. The point is that our organ of "conscience" can be described as a kind of "two-way (hot) telephone line which links minds of people directly with the mind of God" - as this is explained quite comprehensively subsections I4.1.2 (see #6 in there) and JA10 from volumes correspondingly 5 and 6 of monograph [1/5]. In turn, as it is reported e.g. in item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm, in His interactions with humans God is applying a number of principles and methods which make the matter of "side effects" significantly more complicated. For example, in abovementioned item #A2.2 I described a principle of God's acting, stating that "every intellect (e.g. every individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, every religion, etc.) is always provided with unique to the beliefs of that intellect confirmations of consequences in whatever this intellect deeply believes and on the basis of whatever this intellect undertakes its actions". In turn this principle causes that if someone was pre-programmed e.g. by his or her religion, to believe deeply that "abortions" are bad, then God provides this person also with evidence in the confirmation of that belief, while such evidence is going to be reflected, amongst others, in the expressions of its organ of "conscience". As the result, such a deeply believing person will be experiencing various psychological "side effects" of abortions. Thus, from this belief originates e.g. the phenomenon frequently described as the "post-abortion syndrome". But that this syndrome is a consequence of beliefs of given people, not the consequence of the presence of souls in bodies of children, signifies, amongst others, the fact that this syndrome affects also by-standing people, e.g. doctors, fathers, members of further family, etc. Other consequence of the "fulfilling by organs of conscience functions of two-way telephone links with God" results from the fact that God knows the future of every person. Thus, if God knows that e.g. in the future that person is NOT going to have children for some reasons (e.g. because of an accident, illness, inability to find appropriate partner, etc.) then God warns that person against abortion through the organ of conscience. Thus, having in mind functions performed by the organ of conscience, totalizm recommends as follows: "in spite that totalizm relies on premises which confirm that souls enter bodies after the birth at the moment of breaking the umbilical cord, and thus which confirm that abortions do not differ much from e.g. removal of tonsils, still if someone's organ of conscience orders to NOT abort a pregnancy, then this order should be obeyed unconditionally and the abortion should be abandoned". After all, the philosophy of totalizm recognises the "orders of conscience" as the most important indicators of morally correct behaviours in our lives. According to totalizm, orders of conscience never should be ignored nor silenced, but must be listen to and placed above knowledge, logics, laws, policies, interests, income, plans, needs, etc. After all, the "voice of conscience" is the "voice of God Himself".
       6. The moment of breaking the umbilical cord after the birth is also the moment of symbolic "breathing" the life and first breath into the child's body. In turn to this first "breath" all religions of the world refer as to the manner of acquiring the soul by body - e.g. see words "God's own spirit made me, and the Almighty's own breath proceeded to bring me to life" (Bible, "Book of Job" 33:4) discussed in item #D2 of this web page. See also descriptions of "breathing" souls to bodies in other religions of the world presented in items #D1 and #D3 from a separate web page named newzealand_visit.htm and in item #C6 from the separate web page named prawda_uk.htm. Explaining this in other words, in spite that the Bible (and an array of various religions of the world) could use many different descriptions to explain the manner in which souls are entering bodies, all these religions use the expression "breathing" which refers simultaneously to the first breath being taken. From this can be deduced, that the reason for use of just this expression is that both these processes, i.e. entering the soul and taking the first breath, take place simultaneously.
       7. God always implements this course of events which maximises scope and efficiency of His control. The decision when souls enter bodies took God. But if we analyse what principle God uses when He decides which one amongst many possible versions of a given process should be implemented, then it turns out that God always chooses the course which provides Him with maximal control. In turn this principle requires that souls enter bodies only after the birth. This is because only then the entering of souls gives to God the maximal control over what is happening. If souls would enter e.g. at the moment of conception, then mothers and these souls (i.e. not God) would have the maximal control over what, and how, is happening. In turn God would be forced to control everything only indirectly, e.g. through controlling the "program of life and fate" in mothers. Therefore, when God designed the process of entering souls into bodies, for sure He so pre-programmed this process that it gave Him the maximal control over the entire course of not only it, but also all related phenomena. In turn this maximisation of control God could accomplish only when the entering of souls takes place at the moment of breaking umbilical cords.
* * *
       In addition to the above so-called "premises", the philosophy of totalizm identified and described also conclusive and undeniable "evidence" which in a direct way proves the same fact that "souls enter bodies only after the birth and at the moment of breaking umbilical cords". Let us now familiarise ourselves with this direct evidence:
       8. Having just a single soul by people whose bodies originate from merging together as many as two eggs that are already conceived. On the Earth at least tens of people live and act normally, while their bodies originate from merging together as many as two different eggs that were already conceived. It means, that after the conception, twins supposed to be born with mutually different genetics. But for some reasons these twins later merged into single persons. Such people are identifiable because in various parts of their bodies they have two sets of completely different DNA. To medical sciences extraordinary DNA such people is known as "Chimera DNA". In New Zealand to the presentation of extraordinary DNA of such people was even devoted a part of American documentary television series [1#C6] entitled "Weird or What?" - broadcasted in New Zealand on Monday, 31 January 2011 at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on channel 3 TVNZ. (This part of the serial probably still can be downloaded for viewing "on demand" from the internet web page of that channel accessible at the address So if souls entered bodies at the moment of conception, then such people, whose bodies represent merged two already conceived eggs, would need to have two souls inside. This in turn would be visible on the outside. For example, all such people would display the so-called "double personalities" described in item #F4 of this web page. But because such people are equally "normal" as is every other inhabitant of the Earth, their existence and "normality" definitively excludes the possibility (1) that "souls enter bodies at the moment of conception".
       The excluding of possibility (1) that "souls enter bodies at the moment of conception", which results from the existence of people originating from merging two conceived eggs, has the value of a scientific proof. In fact, the certainty of that exclusion is so undeniable, that on the base of it can be developed a "formal scientific proof for the entering souls to bodies only after the birth and at the moment of breaking umbilical cords" - similar to the proof presented in item #G2 of this web page. Only that the development of such a proof requires laborious "fine tuning" of several its further vital details, thus still is to take a significant time (after these details are fine tuned, the proof will be published in subsection JD12.5.1 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5]). After all, such a formal proof requires also proving that the process of entering souls into bodies would disturb the continuity of the process of the growth of body - if it is carried out before the birth of a child, and thus it must wait until after the birth and to the moment of breaking the umbilical cord. Fortunately, blueprints for such fine tuning of this proof provides to us the branch of Computer Sciences called the "Software Engineering" - in which I used to be University Professor. This branch confirms that the initiation of a depending process before finishing other process on which it depends, causes the undesirable disturbing and deviations in both these processes. Translating the above into normal language, God would NOT send souls to bodies in the process of development of these bodies, because this would introduce undesirable disturbances to both processes, i.e. to the process of physical development of bodies, as well as to the processes of entering souls into bodies.
* * *
       The unambiguous confirmation as to whether "souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords", can also be accomplished with experimental research and with empirical findings. After all, the entering of souls into bodies must cause the manifestations of a number of phenomena that can be detected and registered with present instruments. An example of these can be an equivalent of "Death Flash" described in item #E2 of this web page, only that appearing at the moment of entrance (instead of exit) of the soul. In turn the present science - additionally supported with findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which clarifies the entire subject of other world, is already able to detect and to measure such phenomena with the existing apparatuses. In addition, while it is difficult to establish an exact moment of conception to carry out the required research, if "souls really enter bodies at the moment of breaking the umbilical cords" then the precise moment when it happens is clearly defined and exactly known. Thus, appropriately motivated scientists are able to complete such research without greater difficulties. Unfortunately, the problem is that in present world of atheistic scientists, NO-ONE may want to carry out such research. After all, this kind of research runs against the "official philosophy" of present atheistic science. This in turn causes, that a courageous researcher who would undertake it, would also bring on his or her head the entire fury and revenge of the official science - similarly as I brought this fury and revenge on myself with my own research. So it looks that until the time when the humanity develops a separate path for the "totaliztic science" which is to compete with the extension of the present atheistic science, such research will NOT be officially carried out. However, if someone wishes to carry them out privately and in secrecy, then he or she can count on my full cooperation and the required scientific advice.
       Taking under consideration all facts and logical deductions presented in this item, the philosophy of totalizm recommends to all people who already practice totalizm, that they (1) acted at the present state of our knowledge in the manner as one should act when is certain that "souls enter bodies at the moment of breaking umbilical cords", while simultaneously they (2) seek further empirical, religious, logical, or theoretical confirmations for reinforcing this certainty, and that they (3) inform me if they encounter somewhere any further such confirmations.
       The problem of determining an exact moment when souls enter bodies is discussed also in subsection JD12.5 from volume 7 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Part #D: The religious evidence for the existence of "immortal" human souls:


#D1. Beware of religious terminology, because it originates from ancient times - and thus it traditionally is highly ambiguous, as well as it is different for almost every religion and keeps changing with the elapse of time:

       In order to be able to discuss in this part of the web page about religious evidence for the existence of "souls", we first need to define how exactly religions named this particular component of the human beings which here is called "souls". As it turns out, there is a serious problem with this name. The reason is that religions change the terminology that they use with the elapse of time. Furthermore, the religious terminology changes also from one religion to another. For example, in present Catholic church "souls" are typically called "souls". Also in newest translations of the Bible gradually the name "soul" is being introduced - for example in translations of the Bible which in references are usually marked with the symbol (NIV) - from the "New International Version". But in older translations of the Bible (i.e. in older translations of the holy book authorised by God), "soul" is called with different names, for example with the expression "life-giving breath" or "spirit". (As an example of the use in the Bible such name as "life-giving breath" but in the understanding of "soul" from this web page, see the version [1#D1] of the English Bible of 1984, published under the title "Good News Bible" by Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York, 1984. In that version, "Genesis" 2:7, states, quote: "Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it; he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live." In turn an example of the use of word "spirit" in the understanding of "soul" from this web page, is contained in the version [2#D1] of the Bible entitled "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., 1984, 2006 printing) - see in there "Genesis" 6:3, quote: "My spirit shall not act toward man indefinitely in that he is also flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to a hundred and twenty years.")
       The confusion to-date regarding the use of the word "soul" for naming that component of people which by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and by the present everyday language, is called "soul", results from the fact that still around 100 years ago by the term "soul" people used in understanding of an entire person - means in understanding of all three components of man combined together. In old times the word "soul" was used as a "human synonym" to words "creation" "living creature", or "being". Even until today in some situations the word "soul" is still used in the understanding of an "entire man". For example, in passenger airplanes frequently even today is asked the question "how many souls you have on board" in understanding "how many entire living people your airplane just carries". In turn in so-called "Morse's code" the broadcasting of the signal "SOS" meaning "Save Our Souls" - still does NOT request a priest to salve souls, but a request for salvation of lives of entire living people. Only in newest times this word "soul" started to be used in the present understanding, means as an invisible and immortal component of man, which is clearly separable from "body" of that man. Such present understanding of the word "soul" was adopted by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus in just such understanding the word "soul" is used on this web page, as well as in all other publications by the author of this web page.
       For the above reasons, the name under which a given religion or a given religious item of evidence refers to the "soul", always needs to be established individually for each case, through a thorough analysis of this religion or this religious item of evidence.

#D2. Are verses provided in the Bible really referring to the same soul as does the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The commonly known Bible in reality is a single huge religious document authorised by God Himself, which continually confirms that soul does exist. In the Bible references to the souls are present practically on almost every page. For example, only in the biblical so-called "Old Testament" there are 755 references to the entity which in the everyday life and in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called the "soul". Unfortunately, these references use the archaic language and rather loosely defined terminology. Therefore, before we consider what the Bible states about the human soul, we first need to determine whether the Bible in fact refers under various names to exactly the same soul which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described and defined in items #C1 and #C2 above.
       In order to determine whether both the Bible and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describe exactly the same human soul, only that the Bible uses an ancient terminology and ideas, while the Concept of Dipolar Gravity uses already modern scientific terminology, let us analyse exactly attributes of biblical soul. As examples of verses that describe the biblical soul let us consider the verses already indicated in the previous item #D1 of this web page, namely verses from the biblical "Genesis" 2:7, quote: "Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it; he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live."; and from the biblical "Genesis" 6:3, quote: "My spirit shall not act toward man indefinitely in that he is also flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to a hundred and twenty years."
       If we analyse the above verses, then the first attribute of the biblical soul (described above under names of the "life-giving breath" and "spirit") which immediately hits our eyes is that this soul is something that can be "breathed in" (means "uploaded") and that changes its location - e.g. it leaves body after finishing physical life. These attributes of the biblical soul perfectly match attributes of the "natural program" which, according to the definition of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, our soul is. Simultaneously this biblical soul cannot be confused with two other components of the human being, i.e. "body" nor "spirit", as these two other components cannot be "breathed in" or "uploaded" like we do it with programs. (It is worth to emphasize that this attribute that the soul can be "breathed in" to the body like present computer programs are "uploaded" to memories of computers, was coded in several different places of the Bible - for other example of it, see also [2#D1] version of "Job" 33:4, quote: "God's own spirit made me, and the Almighty's own breath proceeded to bring me to life".)
       Another characteristics of the biblical soul which stems from the verses of the Bible analysed here, is that after being "uploaded" to the human body this soul is the carrier of life and the holder of information about the length of life of a given person. This again corresponds to the definition of the "soul" from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. After all, according to findings of this concept, one amongst most vital programs that are components of souls of every living creature is the so-called "program of life and fate". It is that program which contains descriptions of the entire life and fate of a given living creature during its passage through time in our "physical world" - see descriptions of this "program of live and fate" provided in items #C1, #C2 and #D1 of the web page immortality.htm. It is because we have inside of us such a "program of life and fate", that after each reaching an old age we can shift back in time to years of our youth and thus extend infinitively the length of our lives - for details see the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm.
       Of course, independently from verses discussed above, there are further verses of the Bible which reveal other areas in which the biblical descriptions of "souls" agree precisely with the definitions of the souls formulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Theses further verses reader can find in item #D4 from this web page.
       The above analyses reveal that verses of the Bible use the expressions "life-giving breath" and "spirit" in the exact understanding of the entity called "soul" from this web page. Therefore, after being translated on the present scientific (strict) language, e.g. the above verse from the biblical "Genesis" 2:7 states the following: "Then God arrived to the following decision: the souls which I am uploading into people cannot remain in their bodies forever; therefore the maximal length of human lives I am limiting to one hundred and twenty years."

#D3. The value of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as the key that allows to understand and to decipher precisely the scientific meaning of ancient expressions from the Bible:

       The Bible is a very special kind of holy book. The body of evidence which was gathered so far on the subject of the Bible reveals that the Bible is the autobiography of God Himself, only that in order to write it God used hands of people whom He especially inspired for this purpose. The summary of the body of evidence about mysteries of the Bible is presented on the separate web page named bible.htm. Actually even God Himself clearly states that this holy book is His own authorship - for details of this statement see item #A1 from the abovementioned web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself.
       In item #B2 of this web page it was explained, that in every His action God strictly obeys the so-called "canon of ambiguity". In relation to the Bible the use of this canon means, that depending on the view of the world of the person who reads the Bible, the authorship of this holy book can be interpreted on many different ways. In turn for such an interpretation to be possible, the Bible must fulfil a whole array of conditions of ambiguity. For example, the language of it must be ancient and requiring continuous interpretation, the descriptions and comparisons must be carried out from the level of people who lived on the Earth 2000 years ago, the Bible must make an impression that it hides various ambiguities (although, after a correct interpretation it always turns out that everything that the Bible states is an absolute truth), etc., etc. In turn such requirements of ambiguity cause that a normal man has difficulties with the precise understanding what the Bible really states. So in spite that there are numerous interpretations of the content of the Bible which are layered during centuries of studying it by people, these interpretations were carried out like "in blindness". This is because so-far people had no the "key" for the precise decoding of the Bible.
       However, the key to the content of the Bible was found relatively recent, because in 1985. It turned out to be the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory describes, amongst others, almost exactly the same matters that are composed into the content of the Bible. But it does this with present (highly precise) scientific language and with the use of the present state of our knowledge. Therefore, through the comparison of what on a given subject states simultaneously the Bible and this Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we now are able to determine precisely what exactly God tried to tell us with the use of given verses of the Bible.

#D4. The most vital information about the soul, which God provided in verses of the Bible:

       Let us now carry out the review of the most vital information about the soul, told to us by God via verses of the Bible authorised by God Himself. We should notice, that if we compare the meaning of these verses with the statements of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, then we discover that each one of them uses an ancient language to state exactly the same as with the present precise language of science states the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So here are examples of verses from the Bible about the soul, which reveal to us more vital characteristics of this software component of every human:
       "Genesis" 1:20, quote from [2#D1]: 'And God went to say: "Let the waters swarm forth a swarm of living souls and let flying creatures fly over the earth upon the face of the expanse of the heavens".' This verse states that "souls" are not only in people, but also in all other living creatures, including fish. The same states the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which informs that appropriate kinds of "registers" and "programs of life and fate" (i.e. "souls", and also "spirits") exist in practically every material object, means not only in people, but also in animals, fishes, trees, stones, buildings, cars, and even in pens and individual pieces of paper. Various empirical evidence is available in confirmation that animals do have "spirits" and "souls". An example of such evidence was shown in channel 1 of the New Zealand television (TVNZ1) on Tuesday, 7 July 2009, near the end of the programme "Close Up" broadcasted at 7:00 pm till 7:30 pm. Namely, in this program was shown the video of a half-transparent "cat of the neighbour" - the spirit of which got captured by a close-circuit camera in spite that the cat died several months earlier. (The "spirit of the cat" was shown in this program on the occasion of broadcasting also a famous image captured on that day of the "spirit of American singer Michael Jackson" in bedroom of his former "Neverland Ranch".)
       "Genesis" 35:18, quote from [2#D1]: "And the result was that as her soul was going out (because she died) she called his name Ben-o'ni; but his father called him Benjamin." In this verse the Bible states that the soul escapes from the body at the moment of death.
       "Psalms" 24:4, quote from [2#D1]: "Anyone innocent in his hands and clean in heart, who has not carried My soul to sheer worthlessness, nor taken an oath deceitfully, ..." This verse confirms that the soul is the carrier of the "will" of every person. A similar information contains "Job" 33:20-22, quote from [2#D1]: "And his life certainly makes bread loathsome, and his own soul desirable food. His flesh wastes away from sight, and his bones that were not seen certainly grow bare. And his soul draws near to the pit, and his life to those inflicting death." It states that the soul is a seat of appetite and carrier of likes and dislikes of a given person, and also that it is the soul which defines when the life of a person comes to an end. Exactly the same, only that with the present scientific language, is stated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. After all this concept determined, that our software soul must be the seat of practically everything, including the memory, self-awareness, character, personality, likes and dislikes, and even the "program of life and fate" which defines our path through time and a kind of death - see item #C2 of this web page.
       "James" 5:20, quote from [2#D1]: "Know that he who turns a sinner back from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins." This verse reveals that the soul can also be killed, if the carrier of it follows a wrong path - that agrees with the content of explanations from items #I3, #I5, and #C3 of this web page. In fact the Bible indicates a precise place in which from the order of God a "deletion" ("death") of the soul is carried out. This place is called "hell", while the description of it is contained in item #J2.2 below this web page.
       "1 Peter" 1:4, quote from [2#D1]: "to an incorruptible and undefiled and unfading inheritance, It is reserved in the heavens for you." This verse informs that the heavens are the final destination for souls of believers. Other verses of the Bible state that the heaven is also a place which is inhabited by God Himself - for examples see "Deuteronomy" 26:15, quote from [2#D1]: "Do look down from your holy dwelling, the heavens, and bless your people ...", or see "Matthew" 5:45, quote from [2#D1]: "that you may prove yourselves sons of your Father who is in the heavens, ...". Exactly the same states also the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which explains that God, as well as souls, are kinds of software programs which live in so-called "virtual world" that is contained in the memory of the intelligent "counter-matter" - see item #C1 of this web page.

Part #E: Examples of evidence for the existence of immortal souls that is known to physical sciences, but the existence of which is ashamedly silenced by physicists:


#E1. Kinds of scientific evidence presented in this part of the web page:

       Examples of evidence for the existence of souls from the area of physical sciences are these items of evidence the appearance of which, and also the link of which to the existence of souls, can be verified with methods of physical sciences.
       It is worth to notice here, that for the majority of items of evidence for the existence of souls indicated in this "part #E" of the web page people previously remained unaware of the direct link of this evidence with the existence of souls. After all, this link can only be indicated and explained by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus, without the in depth knowledge of this theory, previous researchers of souls were NOT able to either see or to explain such a link. The same, they were also unable to indicate and to explain to other people that these items of evidence in fact prove the existence of souls.
       In examples of physical evidence for the existence of souls, listed below, our attention is attracted by their unusual consistency and uniformity. Namely, the appearance of this evidence, and the relationship of it to the existence of souls, can be explained with exactly the same mechanisms, with the work of which the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also all other phenomena and objects of the universe. In other words, the same mechanisms of operation, and the same phenomena, which for example in items #A1 and #B1 to #B7 from the web page evolution.htm, are described as causing the self-evolution of God and the creation of the physical world and man, in this part of the web page are described as they form the manifestations of the existence of souls.
       This consistency and uniformity of the body of evidence for the existence of souls, revealed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, contrasts shockingly with the fragmentation and smallness of claims of official human science about the composition of the universe and man. After all, the official human science invents own and different mechanisms and phenomena for each discipline. Moreover, these mechanisms and phenomena loose their validity outside of a given discipline. For example, the "bending of timespace" and the so-called "big bang" have applications for explaining the origins and attributes of the universe, but cannot be used e.g. in physics of elementary particles for explaining the origins and attributes of components of matter, nor can be used e.g. in biological sciences for explaining origins and attributes of humans. In turn e.g. the so-called "tunnel effect" or the "Schroedinger's cat" are used by physics of elementary particles, but cannot be applied for explaining e.g. origins and attributes of the universe, nor origins and attributes of man. In other words, the official science passes to us descriptions of operation of the universe which lack consistency and uniformity. Thus in reality every discipline of sciences introduces tools which can be used only in this discipline. In turn this lack of consistency and uniformity certifies for the erroneousness of claims of official science. After all, the entire universe and all its components must be consistent with each other. So if the explanations of the science are contradictive to the consistency and uniformity of the universe, in reality they must also be contradictive to the truth. Therefore we should NOT worry that these contradictive to the truth claims of the atheistic science declare noisily that supposedly "souls do not exist". After all, highly consistent evidence from this web page document conclusively, that in spite of these denials of atheists, immortal souls actually do exist.

#E2. The so-called "Death Flash":

       The name "Death Flash" is assigned to a powerful beam of electromagnetic radiation which is emitted at the moment of death from every living creature, and the existence of which can be registered with methods of physics.
       The "Death Flash" is a direct physical proof for the existence of soul. After all, according to the operation of the counter-world described by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the leaving of "souls" from "bodies" must induce a powerful electromagnetic wave. The mechanism of this inducing of electromagnetic waves by souls result from the attributes of electromagnetism described in subsections H5.2 and H7.3 from volume 4 of monographs [8/2], [1/5], or [1/4]. Thus in reality this "Death Flash" is the physical manifestation of the escape of a "soul" from a "body".
       The "Death Flash" originally was described in the article from the magazine OMNI, Vol.8, No.3, December 1985, page 115. A description of it provides also item #1H7.3 from subsection H7.3 in volume 4 of monographs [8/2], [1/5] and [1/4]. In turn its brief descriptions are provided on several totaliztic web pages, for example in item #F2 (part 8) of the web page god_proof.htm, in item #F2 (part 8) of the web page bible.htm, and in item #H5 of the web page cloud_ufo.htm.

#E3. The natural dying of people during times of low tides:

       Life experience indicates that there is a direct link between the humans souls and the gravity field. This link is indicated by the well-known fact that people who live at a sea cost die naturally (e.g. from an old age) always when the sea tide is out (i.e. is lowering) from a given area. Of course, all other people also die naturally when the tide is out at their area. However, because not in all areas there is a sea to indicate when exactly the tide is out, in other areas people do NOT know that they are dying only when the tide is out.
       The natural dying of people at times when the sea tide is out, can theoretically be explained with many possible reasons. However, if we analyse carefully mechanisms which would need to be at work for these reasons to repetitively make people die, then it turns out that the only explanation which has a physical justification is that the same forces which make tide out, also help souls to leave their bodies. Thus, the natural dying of people at times when tides are out, represents another proof for the existence of souls.
       The natural dying of people during times of lowering sea tides is described in item #2I5.2 from subsection I5.2 and in item I4.4 from volume 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5] and [1/4]. It is also discussed in item #C4 from the totaliztic web page named pigs.htm.

#E4. The existence and sightings of "manifestations of souls":

       To numerous phenomena which confirm the existence of souls belong also a kind of supernatural phenomena known as "manifestations of souls". These manifestations typically take the place during events which have an immensely important meaning for people to whom these souls manifest themselves. For example, quite a frequent occasion on which souls of dead people manifest themselves, is when someone very close to them is dying. In such a case souls usually manifest themselves to the dying person, making his or her transfer to another world more easy, more acceptable, and inducing less fear. Similarly, souls can manifest themselves in order to save the loved ones from unnecessary worries, uncertainty, or emotional agony. For example, a typical moment when such souls may show themselves to someone close to them, is immediately after a successful surgery operation, the outcomes of which in fact are NOT going to be known to this person for several next weeks. Souls may appear then to reassure the close ones that everything went OK and that everything is going to finish well.
       Of course, it should be noticed here, that the sole fact of manifestations of souls, is just one amongst numerous physical evidence, that souls do exist.
       At this point it should be mentioned that independently from souls, also so-called "ghosts" can manifest themselves to living people. There are, however, significant differences between manifestations of "souls" and manifestations of "ghosts". These differences are explained more comprehensively in subsection I7 from volumes 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5] and [1/4]. These differences result from the very nature of these two different components of every person - as it is described in item #C1 of this web page.
       The above should be complemented with the information, that sightings of ghosts, as well as manifestations of souls, are relatively frequent. For example, scientific research described in the article "Image reveals eerie effigy", from page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Saturday, March 28, 2009), state that seeing a ghost statistically admits one person in every nine people. (For a comparison, to sighting of a UFO vehicle admits one person in every around 30 people.) Some sightings of Ghosts, and also some photographs of ghosts, can be shockingly detailed - as an example I suggest to view the photograph of the Scottish king James V photographed on the balcony of the castle in Tantallon in the dress from 500 years ago.

#E5. The existence of so-called "aura":

       Every person is surrounded with the "aura" which normally is invisible to the human eyes. Similar "auras" have also all other living organisms - i.e. both, animals as well as vegetation. Unfortunately, only very sparse people have the gift of seeing such "auras" with their own eyes. However, some time ago were developed special photographic cameras which allow to photograph auras - in spite that these "auras" still remain invisible to normal human eyes. Examples of photographs of auras taken with these special "aura photo-cameras" are shown in "Fig. #E1ab" and in "Fig. #E2ab" below. In such a way, we can learn how aura looks-like. These people who see auras, as well as photographs from such special photo-cameras, both reveal that "auras" continually change their shapes and colours. Their current shapes and current colours depend on a number of factors, e.g. on the state of health of the owner (e.g. "auras" of people who are very sick, or are about to die, are grey), subject of thoughts, kind of feelings just experienced, etc.
       The existence of auras proves the existence of souls in several different ways. For example, the sole fact that all living organisms have the aura - in spite that the official human science is unable (and does NOT want) to explain the existence of it, already has such a proving power. After all, if there is such a thing as "aura" which the official human science is unable and does NOT want to accept, it means that in a similar manner there is also the soul, which the same official human science does not want to accept as well. Another significance of "auras" as the evidence for the existence of souls results from the continuous change of it in tact of health, thoughts, and feeling of the owner. After all, such changes in aura reflect changes in all these factors the current states of which are defined by the software soul. Still another evidential value of aura results from the fact that it represents a visible manifestation of some algorithm which controls the behaviour of life energy. In turn, for the behaviour of this energy to be controllable, there must exist some program (i.e. the soul) which contains in itself the algorithm that described how this energy should be controlled.

Fig. #E1a. Fig. #E1b.

Fig. #E1ab: Two photographs of the aura which surround the same man. Auras that are similarly alive and similarly change their shape all the time, are formed practically by all people and by all living organisms. In turn the fact of the existence of such thing as aura in people and in other living organisms, is one amongst numerous items of evidence for the existence of souls - for details see item #E5 from this web page. Both above photographs were taken with a special photo-camera which principle of operation, that is slightly different than normal, allows to photograph auras. (Such photo-cameras for auras can be purchased since around 1980s, but they are relatively expensive - thus not everyone can afford having them.) Both above photographs were taken with only a short time gap between one and another. Two situations for which the aura was photographed around the above male, were characterised by significantly different subject of his thoughts and by two changed categories of feelings that he experienced about a given subject of his thoughts. (Click on the selected photograph above to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area on the screen.)
       Fig. #E1a (left): Specific thoughts and feelings cause the formation of aura with unique shades of the blue colour and with shapes that characterise them. Notice that details of the appearance of the photographed person is NOT captured clearly on these photographs. But we must remember that the aura photo-camera was designed especially to capture details of the aura, not features of the person who generates this aura.
       Fig. #E1b (right): A different kind of thoughts and feelings changes colours of the aura at shades of red.
* * *
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Fig. #E2a. Fig. #E2b.

Fig. #E2ab: Two photographs of the aura that surrounds the same woman, taken with short time gaps between each other in two situation when this woman changed noticeably the subject of her thoughts and the category of feelings which she cultivated about the subject of these thoughts. Notice that both, shapes as well as colours of her aura are for this woman completely different than for the man shown in "Fig. #E1ab". (Click on the selected photograph above to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area on the screen.)
       Fig. #E2a (left): Specific thoughts and feelings cause the formation of aura with unique shades of green. (Explanations of what exactly kind of thoughts and feelings formulate such auras would be an excellent subject for a separate web page.)
       Fig. #E2b (right): A different kind of thoughts and feelings changes colours of the aura into shades of red.

#E6. Kirlian photographs:

       There is a special kind of photographs, called the "Kirlian photographs". It reveals the existence of objects which are made up from previously unknown substance called the "counter-matter" (i.e. from the substance different than "matter" already known to the official human science). The best experiment which confirms the existence of such non-material objects is the so-called "ghost leaf effect". This effect is formed when one cuts a leaf in half, and then takes a Kirlian photograph from only a half of the leaf. In such a case on the photo are visible outlines of the entire leaf. Similarly, if in such a manner one do photographs e.g. a hand from which a finger is cut-off, then on the photo the outlines of that physically non-existing finger are still visible. This "ghost leaf effect" is described more comprehensively in subsection C9 of the treatise [7/2], while Kirlian photography is also described in subsection B5 of the treatise [7]. Briefly the "ghost leaf effect" is also described in item #B1 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm, as well as in item #6 of the web page telekinesis.htm.
       This "ghost leaf effect" registered on Kirlian photographs is another physical proof for the existence of souls. After all, if the photograph captures outlines of the living organisms which physically do NOT exist, this means that there must exist something what still organises these organisms from the counter-matter and maintains their non-material existence. This something can only be what we call the "soul".

#E7. The evidence which documents that "souls rule over matter" - means examples of evidence which disclose that the soul is able to give to the body various supernatural attributes:

       Yes! Our intelligent soul rules absolutely over our physical body. Thus, if we know how to persuade this to our soul, then the soul can provide the body with various supernatural attributes. In turn, this absolute power of souls over attributes of bodies, allow us to carry out an illustrative experiment which proves to us the existence of soul. After all, in order to obtain such an experiment, it suffices to see someone who persuades a soul to give to the body supernatural attributes - that we could see or experience for ourselves. In this item I am to describe "how" (and "where") one can see or even experience such an experimental proof. But firstly a brief introduction.
       In item #B7 of the web page evolution.htm, and also in item #C1 of this web page, it was explained that our physical body is maintained in the state in which we see it, by an entire hierarchy of various natural programs. These programs control everything that is contained in our body, i.e. control the behaviour of elementary particles, atoms, molecules, tissues, muscles, organs, and the entire our body. In turn, the hierarchically most superior out of these natural programs, which still resides in our physical body, is the intelligent "soul". (Of course, such an intelligent program which is even more superior than our "soul", is "God" - or more strictly - this component of God which Christianity call the "Holy Ghost".) Because of the superiority of souls over all other natural programs that form our body, the intelligent "souls" have an absolute power over these other programs. Thus, if the "soul" wishes so, it is able to order to these programs what they have to do. In turn, such an ability of the soul to give "commands" to other natural programs from our body, telling them what they must do, causes that the soul rules absolutely over our physical body. In fact, this our intelligent soul, if only wishes, can provide our body with various "supernatural" attributes.
       In present times of television and internet, almost each one of us had an opportunity to learn about various cases when the intelligent "soul" gave to the body some supernatural attributes. Some amongst us saw such cases with their own eyes. I was in this fortunate position, that during my professorship in Malaysia I had many opportunities to not only see such cases, but even to study them in details. Due to this opportunity, now I can indicate here many examples which I studied myself and in which the soul gives to the owner's body various such supernatural attributes. Although all these examples occurred in rather special circumstances, which for the majority of readers are impossible to be duplicated, still they allow me to explain to the reader the role which souls perform in such equipping the body with specific supernatural attributes. From this in turn is just a small step to indicating the experiment, which through persuading a soul to change attributes of a human body, is to confirm the existence of souls. Here are examples of most commonly known cases when souls give to bodies various supernatural capabilities or attributes.
       1. "Fire walking" and "blade walking". In Malaysia, "fire walking" always takes place in ninth day of the ninth month from the Chinese Moon calendar. Namely, during the Chinese holiday of so-called "Nine Gods", devotees of the Chinese religion called "Taoism" practise the tradition in a temple which furnishes their bodies with various supernatural attributes. For example, practitioners of this religion walk on red-hot charcoal and do not burn themselves - see photographs from "Fig. #E3ab" below, and also see descriptions from item #4I7 in subsection I7 from volume 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5], or [1/4]. They also can climb with bare feet on ladders in which steps are actually blades of swords pointing upwards their razor-sharp edges. These razor-sharp swords do not damage nor cut their bare feet. Such supernatural attributes are obtained due to appropriate preparation during which the power over bodies of these devotees of "Taoism" is taken by "souls" which make these bodies either fire-proof, or so light that their feet are not cut by even sharp blades of swords over which they are walking.
       2. Breaking iron bars or thick planks with heads. I watched In Malaysia demonstrations of "kung-fu" skills by Buddhist monks from the monastery in "Shaolin" from the Chinese province Henan. They are world-famous for their mastery of "martial arts". These monks were turning steel bars into dust by hitting these with their heads, they split concrete blocks with a single hit of their hand, and they pushed entire tracks through a spear - the sharp end of which was pointed into their throats. Their bodies turned out to be more powerful and more resilient to cuts than is steel and concrete. More information about accomplishments of "kung-fu" masters from Shaolin the reader can find in subsection JB3.3 from monograph [1/4]. In that subsection JB3.3 is also described the case of a Polish stone-mason that used to live near Jarocin, and that was known to my parents. He used to split precisely huge boulders with a single hit of his bare hand. Similarly supernatural effects as this Polish mason from Jarocin, and as these kung-fu masters from Shaolin, can also be accomplished by ordinary people which intensely practice eastern versions of so-called "martial arts" (e.g. kung-fu (wushu), or aikido). For example, they break or split with their heads thick planks or piles of bricks, they bend steel rods, etc.
       3. Thaipusam. In the same Malaysia I also watched celebrations of the Indian festivities called "Thaipusam". Photographs from these are shown, amongst others in "Fig. #B1ab" from the web page god.htm, as well as in "Fig. #E4ab" below on this web page. During these celebrations Indians penetrate their bodies with various sharp objects, then march (or dance) in a long procession, while these sharp objects being inserted into their bodies. During these celebrations their bodies display supernatural attributes. For example, the body opens for such sharp objects, but blood is not pouring. After these objects are removed away, the body immediately heals, while on the skin no slightest scar nor mark is left.
       4. So-called "bloodless operations" and instant cicatrize of wounds. On Philippines, and also deeply in jungles of Borneo, healers are acting, under hands of which the body of a sick person opens bloodlessly. These healers are able to carry out so-called "bloodless operations". During these operations they remove ill organs or ill body parts, and in this way they eliminate various kinds of illnesses which require surgical removals. In turn in Korea, supposedly existed in past a kind of Buddhist monastery, in which monks mastered the art of instant cicatrizing of wounds. In past I read the description how such a monk accidentally exploded a mine during the Korean war. His wounds were so extensive, that casual witnesses thought he is going to die almost instantly. But he, instead of growling and dying of pain, rather concentrated intensely, and soon casual witnesses saw a kind of miracle. Namely, his wounds started to cicatrize instantly - with a speed that normally can be seen only on accelerated films. After a short time his wounds were completely healed. The monk get up and normally walked away from the view of astonished Europeans - who were witnesses to the entire event.
       5. "Placebo effect". Rather a common situation when the soul gives extraordinary attributes to the body, is the so-called "placebo effect". This effect appears almost always when a given person believes strongly that something has healing capabilities. Therefore, sometimes even difficult illnesses can be healed through giving to an ill person any neutral substance, about which the ill person strongly believes that this is a medicine effective for his or her illness. As it is illustrated by the scientific research reported in the article "Real power of suggestion" from page B5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Monday, May 25, 2009), the "placebo effect" works equally well in all kinds of healing procedures. In this article is reported that for example a false acupuncture is able to do the same work as the real one, false medicines can be equally effective as the real pharmaceuticals, false healing procedures are able to provide similar results as the real procedures, etc., etc. The only requirement is, that in order the "placebo effect" works, the application of a given medicine or procedure must be carried out in the sufficiently convincing manner that the healed person is sure that whatever is done to him or her actually does have powerful healing capabilities. Means, the requirement of the appearance of the "placebo effect" is, that the manner of applying a given pharmaceutical or a healing procedure guarantees the persuading a given soul to run the process of healing the body. Of course, it is NOT difficult to notice that the "placebo effect" has a direct link with the existence of souls. After all, the mechanism of work of this effect boils down to persuading the soul to heal the body. In fact, the appearance of the "placebo effect" is NOT possible to occur without the existence of the soul which has the absolute power over the body. After all, if one assumes that souls do NOT exist, then the mechanism which causes the appearance of the "placebo effect" becomes impossible for explaining, while the effectiveness of this effect for causing healing with such a wide variety of means as pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, and healing procedures, becomes impossible to occur.
       6. Giving supernatural strength to people. In past I watched a television programme (perhaps it was the "Ripley's believe it or not") which discussed a case of supernatural strength which two man displayed in a critical situation. A member of their family was crushed by a huge multi-tons block. So if they would NOT pull him fast from under this block, he would die because of the wounds and the flow of blood. So these two man lifted up this extremely heavy block and pulled their relative from under it. Then experts stated that whatever they did was physically impossible, because the block weighted so much that it was extremely difficult to move with even a powerful crane.
       7. Increase of the weight of body. Some amongst us saw also situations when the soul contained in a body of a hypnotised person makes this body so heavy, that it is impossible to lift up even a single hand of it. In other situations appropriate trainings of self-discipline or meditation allow to teach the soul to give to the human body weight or strength of a rock or steel - see the experiment from item #E7.1 below.
       8. Decrease in the weight of body or making selected objects weightless. After required searches we can also find cases, when appropriate methods of working on body by the soul can eliminate the weight of this body. The most frequently seen such cases are situations when the body of a hypnotised person becomes so weightless, that it was able to suspend horizontally in the air, even when it was supported on one its end with the head resting on a chair. A significant decrease in weight of a given person lies also at the principle which allows to walk on the edges of swords during the Chinese holiday of "Nine Gods" described in item 1 above. The experiment described in item #E7.2 below is another case of such situations. Of course, souls of so-called "inanimate objects" can also cause the decrease of weight. An example of using this method are legends about builders of pyramids, who were able to "persuade stones" to become weightless and just by themselves hover in the air - this allowed to transport them without effort at huge distances. In a similar manner legends describe the transportation of huge figures from the Easter Island. Interestingly also New Zealand Maoris in past knew the method of giving weightlessness to all "inanimate objects". Unfortunately, in the passage of centuries they lost this knowledge. Only from legends of Maoris we know now that this was accomplished through a kind of monotonic and rhythmic singing - which in English is called "chant". Here is an excerpt from a Maori legend published on page 17 of the book [1#E7] by Michael King, "The Penguin History of New Zealand. Illustrated" (Penguin Books,, 2007, ISBN 978-0-14-300669-5). In this excerpt is described how the Maori equivalent to Hercules, means a giant by Maoris called "Maui", used this method of making objects weightless with the use of a "chant", to fish-out the entire North Island of New Zealand. The section of this Maori legend states the following, quote: "... Maui struck his nose and smeared the hook with his own blood. He lowered his line and almost immediately hooked a fish of great magnitude. The only way he could haul it up was by reciting a chant to make heavy weights light. ..." Just because, according to this legend, the North Island of New Zealand (on maps looking like a vertically jumping fish "stingray") was originally a giant fish caught by this Maui, in the Maori language this island is called "Te Ika-a-Maui" - means the "fish of Maui". Because, after this giant fish was caught, brothers of Maui started to bite it - thus explaining the "munched" coasts of the North Island, presently some New Zealanders joke about it. Namely they claim that after such a huge meal, brothers of Maui make near New Zealand equally huge shit - thus explaining the yellow colour and shape of the Australia continent. (This joke implies that the rivalry between New Zealand and Australia is anchored to the beginning of times - no wonder that the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Sir Robert Muldoon, was quoted in many publications for his famous saying that "New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia increase the level of IQ in both these countries".)
* * *
       Research which I carried out so-far on the giving supernatural attributes to bodies, indicate that there are two different methods on which such giving can be accomplished, namely (1) religious, and (2) procedural. In a simple religious manner of acquiring supernatural attributes, devotees of a given religion allow that their bodies are "possessed" by the soul of their "god" - as this is described in item #F5 below. In turn the soul of this "god" already knows exactly how to give to the body a required supernatural attribute, because previously this "god" used to give this particular attribute to numerous bodies of other devotees of his religion. Therefore this religious manner of giving to the body supernatural attributes can be implemented by practically every person who is ready to complete a religious rite which allows his or her body to be possessed by a soul of a given god. Unfortunately, because then in a given body resides the soul of the god, not the soul of this person, after the event a person subjected to a given religious practice is NOT going to remember anything that happened to his or her body. Another, more difficult procedural manner of giving to the body supernatural attributes, boils down to empirical finding a way (i.e. a "procedure") of persuading own soul to give to the body the required supernatural attribute. This manner is more difficult, because it requires appropriate exercises and practice - similarly as does it every other highly specialised human skill. But in this second manner, after the body accomplishes a supernatural attribute, the person which owns the given body is fully aware what has happened, and after the event clearly remembers every tiny detail. Some information as what such a person feels then were provided in the documentary video from China entitled "Lotus and Sword", which was broadcasted in "Maori TV" from New Zealand, on Tuesday, 19 May 2009, at 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. On this video shown was, amongst others, the walking on sharp blades carried out by a so-called "female Kung Fu master" from Yongtai Nunnery by the Shaolin Buddhist Temple in China. This rather beautiful woman who walked with bare feet over swords positioned with blades pointing upwards - while in hands she carried two heavy buckets of water, later reported to the viewers, that through the appropriate exercises on channelling the "chi" energy to her feet, she makes these feet hard like wood and deprived of feelings - thus allowing her to walk on sharp blades of swords without cutting her bare feet. Kung Fu practitioners even refer to such feet deprived of feelings as to "dead wood" feet. Through a similar "procedure" and exercises feet can also be made to resist heat and fire. In a book which I remember reading long ago, someone reported his experiences from taking part in a primitive folk rite of walking over hot volcano lava. When he completed the "procedure" ordered to him by locals, he realised that his feet lost feelings and become as if made of hard wood. With such like "wooden feet" he could then walk over hot stones of volcanic lava without any feeling or burning.
       If one analyses thoroughly what is the exact "procedural" mechanism which gives to bodies all these supernatural attributes, then it turns out that this mechanism boils down to persuading one's soul to give to the body a required attribute. This is why such supernatural attributes can only be accomplished after appropriate "concentration" in which a given person is able to persuade his or her soul what attribute exactly, or what consequences, this person wants that his or her body receives. Not every person is able to carry out such persuading of the soul. After all, a typical soul "does NOT know" how it should acquire the required supernatural attribute. Therefore, the person who is persuading the soul, must not only explain to it what attribute his or her body should obtain, but also must allow the soul to learn how a given attribute can be accomplishing by this soul. In turn, the learning "how the soul can accomplish this attribute" usually requires long-term exercises and experiments, during which the soul of a given person "learns" itself how to accomplish a given effect. Alternatively, it is required that during the persuasion the "soul is instructed" about the way it supposed to accomplish a given attribute. If the soul is instructed how to accomplish a given attribute - as this is done below in item #E7.1 of this web page, then the method being explained must be possible to be implemented technically by a given soul. The above explains why only sparse people are able to persuade their souls to give to their bodies various supernatural attributes that can be seen by casual witnesses.
* * *
       This item explains, that the soul which resides in a given body is able to furnish this body with various supernatural attributes. Also several examples of situations are listed above, in which such giving of supernatural attributes to the body can be witnessed by casual witnesses. The knowledge about such a possibility, opens to people almost unlimited prospects, and gives to human hands numerous powerful tools. For example, it allows to develop various manners of instant healing (e.g. almost instant cicatrizing of wounds), if only one finds a way to persuade the "soul" which resides in a given "body" to take control over matter, and if one teaches this soul the method with the use of which it supposed to give to the body the required ability for an instant healing.
       Slightly more direct application of facts described here allows us to complete a relatively simple experiment which is able to illustratively prove the existence of souls. Of course, the experiment which proves the existence of souls must be enough simple that almost every person would be able to complete it. However, in spite of its simplicity, the experiment should give to the body a supernatural attribute - if only one explains to the soul residing in a given body how this soul supposed to grant a given attribute. Just such an experiment is to be described in next item #E7.1.

Fig. #E3a. Fig. #E3b.

Fig. #E3ab: Two photographs which document supernatural ability of the human body to "walk on fire" - that is given to this body by the "soul" which exerts control over body's attributes. These photographs register the "fire-walking" by disciples of the Chinese religion called "Taoism", during celebrations of the so-called "Nine Gods" in the Taoism temple from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Notice that the surface of the "fiery footpath" of the length of around 10 meters, formed from burning charcoals, along which disciples of Taoism are walking, looks on the above photographs as if it is dark. But in the reality, when I was watching it with my naked eyes, the same surface during the fire-walking was glowing "red hot". As I believe, such apparent darkening of this surface was caused by the supernatural slowing down of the speed of elapse of time in burning charcoal, which was registered by my photo camera. After all, the heat which was beamed from this "fiery footpath" was so intense, that in spite of being protected from the heat by my clothing, I still could only briefly and with a significant difficulty approach this "footpath" at NOT less than around two meters to take the above photographs. Then I was forced to escape from the beaming heat. On the other hand, tens of disciples of Taoism walked along the above "fiery footpath" of red hot charcoal with their bare feet and frequently without even shirts that would protect them from the scorching heat. Their walk was carried out in small groups of two or three - one after the other. None of them show later even a slightest sign of burning or damaging their feet. (Click on the selected photograph above to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area on the screen.)
       Present atheistic scientists try to find some physical explanation for this supernatural ability of bare feet to walk on fire. But in spite that these scientists have in their disposal all the modern laboratories and huge funds for research, as so-far they were unable to find an explanation which would prove itself working in the real life. After all, whatever the soul can do with the body, no atheistic scientist is able to repeat in even the most expensive laboratory. Therefore, if any of these atheistic scientists without spiritual preparation would place his bare foot on the above "fiery footpath", then this foot would immediately be roasted. After all, the real life is NOT what claim atheistic fables of present official science.
       Fig. #E3a (left): Three devotees of Taoism walk with the pious devotion along the "fiery footpath" formed from red-hot glowing charcoal.
       Fig. #E3b (right): Two other devotees of Taoism walks along burning charcoal. We can see flames which sometimes were bursting upwards from these pieces of red hot charcoal. People in the background with hands piously clamped for prayers are next devotees who await in a queue to walk along the burning footpath.

Fig. #E4a. Fig. #E4b.

Fig. #E4ab: Examples when the "soul" which controls the "body", gives to this body supernatural ability to open for being pierced with macabre-looking sharp objects without causing any bleeding nor pain. After these sharp objects are removed from the body, the opening immediately cicatrize without leaving any scar or even a mark. The above photographs were taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during the Indian religious festivities of "Thaipusam". Participants of these festivities intentionally pierce their bodies because earlier they promised to do this piercing - if the powerful god of Hinduism, called "Murugan", grants them the supernatural favour for which they asked. (Photographs of the god Murugan are presented, amongst others, in "Fig. #B1ab" from the web page immortality.htm, and also in "Fig. #1" from the web page parasitism.htm.) For example, if someone in their family is very ill, or if any devotee of Hinduism wishes to accomplish a goal that normally is beyond his or her reach, then they ask the god Murugan for a supernatural assistance. In return they promise that in case of their request being granted, they are to pay the debt by such and such piercing their bodies during the "Thaipusam" festivities. If the god Murugan fulfils their request, these devotees of Hinduism return later the debt from this god by doing whatever examples we see documented on the above photographs. For this, they firstly put themselves into a kind of trance, during which their bodies are possessed by the "soul" of the god Murugan - as this is described in item #F5 of this web page. Then, while already in a trance, their bodies are painlessly pierced with various horrifying looking sharp objects that they prepared for themselves earlier - as shown on the above photographs. Then, dancing in tact of fast-beating drums, these devotees carry out about a half of kilometre long "pilgrimage" to a "home" of the god Murugan inside of the cave called the "Batu Cave". Over there sharp objects are removed from their bodies without leaving any mark, while their trance is stopped. After awakening from the trance these devotees do NOT remember anything from the "pilgrimage" that they just completed - after all their bodies were possessed by the soul of the god Murugan. (Click on the selected photograph above to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area on the screen.)
       Present atheistic medicine, in spite of its pride, still is NOT able to cause such a bloodless and painless opening of human bodies for welcoming sharp objects being pierced into these bodies. The medicine is also NOT able to cause such an instant and painless cicatrizing of previously open bodies. This in turn means, that this medicine is stubbornly following a completely wrong path. After all, it insist on recognition of only physical component of living organisms, thus ignoring the two much more vital components which I am describing in item #C1 of this web page. On the other hand, if apart from the "body", this medicine started to recognise also the existence of "soul" and "spirit", and if it thoroughly researched how these two superior components of humans rule over the "body", then the medicine would learn also how to give to "bodies" all these supernatural capabilities which are described in items #E7 and #E7.1 of this web page.
       Fig. #E4a (left): An example of young Indian boy, who in return for some supernatural favour that was granted to him by the god Murugan, promised to pierce both his cheeks with such a thick "spade". The photo was taken when dancing in tact of drums this boy with the "spade" pierced into his checks, followed the path towards a home of god Murugan in the Kuala-Lumpur's cave called the "Batu Cave".
       Fig. #E4b (right): An example of huge sharp hooks piercing back of a devotee of Hinduism during the "Thaipusam" celebrations. Note the ropes attached to these hooks which are used to slow down the speed with which this devotee eagerly advances towards a home of the god Murugan.

#E7.1. Good news for bad times - the experiment which proves existence of souls (it depends on convincing a soul to give supernatural weight to the body):

Motto: "Seeing is believing."

       Even in bad times one can hear good news. It turns out that according the the English saying "seeing is believing" now we can see with our own eyes a relatively simple experiment which demonstrates that each one amongst us actually does have an immortal soul. So when we get discouraged by non-kept promises of politicians, by bonuses for bank CEOs paid them for ruining economy of the world, unemployment, lack of hope, increasingly darker prospects, destruction of the nature, climatic changes, contradictive claims of scientists, or escalating pandemics of swine flu, we always can complete this experiment and see with our own eyes, that the soul does exist and thus that our present physical life is NOT just a brief flash of awareness of existence in the ocean of nothingness.
       This rather simple experiment on the supernatural increase of the weight of human body is described in a plain article from the New Zealand newspaper indicated below. Because this increase of the weight of body requires a previous persuading the soul what exactly this soul supposed to do, this experiment in fact proves also the existence of the soul. Originally this experiment arrived from Japan to New Zealand. In Japan it was developed in one amongst their numerous schools of "martial art" (samurais?) as their exercise which gives a supernatural weight to the bodies. It is enough simple that (as the article indicates) in New Zealand it was completed in pubs for fun and for entertainment - sometimes even when participants of it were after one or more beers. So it should be possible to complete it without much trouble by almost every reader of this web page. This experiment is described in the article [1#E7.1] entitled "A brush with a higher power" from page B4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, April 15, 2009. The principle of this experiment boils down to persuading the soul of a person to increase the weight of this person up to a supernatural value. In turn casual witnesses are invited to lift this person twice - once before the soul of this person increases his or her weight to the supernatural value, and then again just after the weight of this person is supernaturally increased by the soul. As it turns out, before this supernatural increase of weight, the casual witnesses are able to lift a given person without any difficulty. But after the supernatural increase in the weight of this person, the strength of casual witnesses is NOT enough to lift the same person which increased the weight. Thus, such an impossibility to lift a person for the second time, after the soul of this person supernaturally increased the weight of this person, is the illustrative proof that the soul in fact does exist. So if the reader completes such an experiment, then the outcomes of it should become his or her personal proof that the soul does exist - of course if the reader's view of the world allows to accept any proof at all (as this is explained in item #B1 of this web page).
       In item #B1 from the beginning of this web page I tried to explain that NO experiment is able to convince to the existence of soul the person whose mentality is already so twisted that it can be described as overcame by the "sick scepticism" (which is a loud version of a "mental depression"). So it may happen that just such a person is in our vicinity and is going to whimper that he or she does NOT see a link between the existence of souls and the giving to a body supernatural attributes described here (e.g. the attribute of gigantic weight from this item, or the attribute of "weightlessness" from item #E7.2 below). In such a case a simplest way of "silencing" such a person is to request from him or her to explain the mechanism with the use of which a physical body could gain such supernatural attributes if there is NO soul at all. The point is that without the acknowledgement of the existence of soul, the mechanism of gaining such supernatural attributes by body alone cannot be explained! Thus, even the most deviated person will be forced to "bite his tongue" after being confronted with a decisive request that instead of whimpering he should provide a scientific explanation for the effects demonstrated empirically by the experiments described here. (Between us, I am writing here about "silencing" such people whose minds are overpowered by their "sick scepticism", as it is already known for sure, that nothing is able to convince them. After all, their scepticism is a version of mental illness. Simultaneously it is also known that their destructive "whining" sucks from everyone around them unnecessary large amounts of the extremely important moral energy.)
* * *
       In order to complete this experiment, at least three participants are necessary. But even more people can take part in it as well. One amongst these people, let us call him or her the "lifted" one, becomes this person who is to persuade his or her soul to increase the weight of body. The remaining participants, which can be two or more - let us call them the "lifters", will be these people who are to try to lift the "lifted" person with supernaturally increased weight. The experiment requires that the "lifted" person is standing vertically on the ground, with the body straighten, while both his or her feet (which can remain in shoes) are placed flat on the ground. Therefore all "lifters" must delicately lift the "lifted" person without causing the change to this pose. The best technique of lifting in this pose is if the "lifted" person stretches and tenses both hands downwards along sides of his or her body, while two "lifters" grab these hands (i.e. each "lifter" grabs one hand) by the fist and by arm, and then carefully and delicately lifts him or her up without changing the pose. If both "lifters" are reasonably strong, while the "lifted" person is not-too-heavy, then at the normal body weight such a delicate lifting should NOT pose any problem.
       The experiment has four phases. In the first phase the "lifted" person is lifted up when he or she still have the normal body weight. Thus, the "lifters" should NOT have any problem with lifting such a person. This first lifting allows all the "lifters" to learn and to remember how much a given person really weights and how easily it comes to lift this person in normal circumstances. In turn the memory of this first lifting allows them later to understand that the weight of the "lifted" person really increased in the supernatural manner. The second phase is a break in the lifting, which allows the "lifted" person to "persuade" his or her soul to supernaturally increase the weight of body. How to carry out this "persuading" it is to be explained in next paragraph. After the soul of the "lifted" person is persuaded to increase the body weight to a supernatural value, the third (decisive) phase of the experiment is to be carried out. This third phase is the second lifting. The same couples of "lifters" as previously, now delicately try to lift again the same person. But they are to discover now that the lifting becomes impossible. No matter how much strength and effort they put into their lifting, the "lifted" person is to stand on the ground unmoved. His (or "her" - if the "lifted" person is a woman) weight becomes supernaturally huge. This impossibility to lift again the same person that just a while ago was lifted without any difficulty, represents the experimental proof for the existence of souls. After all "lifters" experience that the "lifted" person now cannot be lifted up (after all, in the vicinity can be more than two people willing to check outcomes of this experiment), the last (fourth) phase of the experiment is to be completed. In this last phase the "lifted" person persuades his or her soul to restore the normal weight of his or her body.
       Persuading the intelligent soul to increase the body weight of the "lifted" person to a supernatural value is the most critical phase of this experiment. After all, the intelligent soul typically has "its own opinion" and usually refuses to listen to persuasions. Therefore, in order to still persuade it, the same technique should be used which is utilised for so-called "meditations". For this reason the best candidate for a "lifted" person is someone who already has some experience in "meditating". If there is no such a person around, then the role of the "lifted" person can perform any person who does NOT have a so called "contradictive character", i.e. which voluntarily and without reservations is to do whatever is being recommended. If the "lifted" person has the experience in so-called "meditations", then he or she can do own persuading of his or her soul, by simply completing in own mind all these stages which I am going to describe below. In turn, if the "lifted" person is someone without such an experience, then he or she needs a "guide" who is going to prompt him or her what is to be done. (I.e. who in own words is going to repeat recommendations for subsequent stages described below.) In turn, the best such a "guide" is someone who enjoys the authority and respect on the part of "lifted" person (e.g. for girls usually it is their "boyfriend"). Of course, such a role of the "guide" can also perform one amongst "lifters". The stages of "persuasion" are as follows. The first stage is "relaxing and concentration". In this stage the "guide" recommends to the "lifted" person (or the "lifted" person repeats in his or her own mind) that his or her soul is to relax and to concentrate solely on what is to be done. The "guide" should repeat this recommendation with a friendly and low voice, for example saying something along the lines: "Now close your eyes and ask your thoughts to stop noticing anything else apart what is to be done". The second stage is "fixing to the ground and becoming a part of the mountain at your feet". In this stage the recommendation issued in own words with pleasant and low voice should say something along the lines: "Now recall that there is a native rock of our mother Earth under your feet. Fix your feet to this rock. You are a part of the rock at your feet. You cannot be separated from this rock. Your weight starts to be equal to the weight of this huge rock. No one is able to lift you now." The third stage is to prepare the body for lifting. It can be explained with words along the lines: "Now other people are to try to lift you delicately. So stretch your hands and prepare yourself for this lifting. But maintain being merged with rocks under you, so that they are unable to lift you. When they are trying to lift you keep your feet fixed to the rock under you and keep the huge weight of your body linked to the weight of that rock." After saying these words the "guide" gives a sign to start attempts to lift the "lifted" person. If the "lifted" person concentrated to the required level and put into the "persuasion" of the soul the required amount of will and conviction, his or her lifting up is to turn impossible. But we need to remember, that such attempts to lift the person should be delicate (i.e. without shaking or causing the pain in the "lifted" person). Also these attempts should be carried out fast and orderly - because the concentration of the "lifted" person is not going to last forever. After all, in this experiment the point is to empirically verify that the soul of the "lifted" person really did increase the weight of the body of that person to a supernatural value. In turn to obtain such a verification no much time is needed, and there is no need to painfully pull or shake the "lifted" person - which actions could destroy his or her concentration.
       After all "lifters" orderly, fast, delicately, and quietly try their ineffective attempts to lift up the "lifted" person, either one of them, or the "guide", should give a verbal sign to finish the experiment. After this sign, the soul of the "lifted" person is to complete the return to a normal weight. For this purpose the "lifted" person should think, or hear from the "guide", something along the lines: "The lifting is finished. Now remove the link between your feet and the rock below, and return to a normal weight. Also stop further concentration, open your eyes, and join the group, so that we all now can discuss the experiment."
       The above experiment is subjective. After all, it is completed by people who have human imperfections and weaknesses. Thus, there are tens of reasons why it may not work. For example, it is enough that the "lifted" person have just a "bad day", or that his or her soul has a "contradictive nature". The "guide" can speak too loud, or have an irritating voice. Someone amongst "lifters" may grab too painfully, or shake too strong to disperse the concentration. Someone around may sneeze or begin to comment in a laud voice. Etc., etc. However, the experiment was tested and in the right conditions for sure it works. I do not know how many times it was completed by the Japanese creators, but only the article [1#E7.1] describes two completions of it in New Zealand. Both were successful - in spite that each time a different "lifted" person was used (firstly man, and then woman). Therefore, if with the reader of this web page this experiment does NOT work for the first time, then one should NOT get discouraged and repeat it again with another pair of the "lifted" person and the "guide" - whom may cooperate much better with each other than the first pair. When finally it starts to work with one such a pair, then it can be repeated with this pair many times, to convince increasingly different "lifters". Simultaneously it is worth to remember that if one has an open-minded view of the world, then it suffices to experience the success of this experiment once only, in order to be convinced experimentally and empirically for the rest of the life, that the human souls for sure do exist.
* * *
       At this point I should add, that I have heard also about an experiment that is opposite to the above, although equally simple. It boiled down to such a decrease of the body weight of a person sitting on a chair, that this person, together with the chair on which it sat, two or four other people could lift up with the touch of just single stretched fingers. Unfortunately, I do not know the method of decreasing the weight of the body, which needs to be persuaded to soul of such a person. Therefore, if any reader knows this experiment, and knows exactly how to persuade to the soul of that person to decrease the weight of the body, I would be grateful for letting me know.

#E7.2. The experiment which supernaturally makes bodies weightless, thus proving the existence of immortal souls:

       In reply to the appeal attached at the end of description for the previous experiment which increased the weight of body (the one from item #E7.1 above), I received an email with the description of experiment which this time decreases the weight of body to almost zero. Below I am repeating entire this email (in my translation from Polish). If someone amongst readers wishes to contact the author of the email repeated below, then please post your email to me, while I am going to redirect it to the author of the description below.
       Highly interesting in the experiment described below is that it also proves that souls are able to read thoughts and intentions of other people even when those other people do NOT state these verbally. In turn such an ability of souls represent still another their supernatural attribute. Furthermore, the experiment demonstrates also, that souls of animals and inanimate objects are NOT developed yet as much as souls of people, thus they are unable to read nor to understand human thoughts and intentions. So here is the email with description of the experiment in which the soul decreases (eliminates) the weight of human body, proving in that way that in spite of everything people do have souls after all.
* * *
Greetings Professor:
In reply to your request, I can describe how to complete this experiment with the loss of weight. I encountered it already several times, so I can share my experiences. The procedure was as follows: needed are 4 peoples which are lifting, and one lifted person (sitting on a chair). The sitting person maintains feet flat on the ground, knees bend under the angle 90 degrees. Firstly we prove to all sceptical people, that this lifting in "normal" circumstances is almost impossible. All 4 lifting people claps tightly both their hands curving all fingers into a kind of double fist, only two their trigger (pointing) fingers are stretched forward and touch each other with their palm sides forming an "A" shape. Then these 4 people should try to lift a person which sits on the chair with their trigger fingers joined into an "A" shape, by hooking this person with their stretched fingers under his or her armpits and behind the knee (two people lifting at each side of the sitting person). Without the appropriate initiating ritual this is extremely difficult, if not completely impossible (the best choice is to try to lift a person which is the most heavy in the group - so that the contrast of weights is clearly visible, while the weight of the person has no meaning in the final lift).

The ritual:
All 4 people surround silently the lifted person, each one of them trying to think of what is just being done. One "leader" is needed which is to decide when the silence and the motionlessness can be interrupted. He (she) extends one hand above the head of person sitting on the chair, brings this hand as close as possible to the head (yet without touching the head), and keeps the hand for several seconds above the head. Then remaining people, one after the other, all do the same - i.e. extend one of their hand above the hand of the previous person (still in as small distance as possible without touching the previous hand), then all again in the same way, one after the other, extend their second hands keeping the smallest possible distance and holding the hand above other hands for around a half of minute (this is to be done until the time when the "leader" without a word breaks the holding of hands and initiates the lifting in a manner described above).

Notices: participants are NOT allowed to laugh or speak (usually, when the person is lifted at the height when the arm-joints in hands are already stretched at 180 degrees, and someone begins to laugh or speak, then the weight returns and the experiment takes a rather unfunny turn - e.g. fingers can be broken).

My tests:
All 4 people positively oriented, and 1 total sceptic, result positive; tests on people with various weights positive, on inanimate objects and on animals - negative.

After calculations, in one case a 10 years old girl lifted 20 kgs on her two trigger (pointing) fingers without any difficulty - this gives a lot of food for thoughts.

This would be all for now.
Kind regards and I wish you successes in discovering the truth.

(Signature of the email sender).
* * *
       Soon after receiving the email repeated above, another email also arrived to my hands from a different reader of this web page. He pointed my attention at the fact, that the experiment with persuading a soul to supernaturally increase the weight of someone's body - that is described above in this item, is widely known in the world and repeated many times by various people. Descriptions of this experiment are disseminated under the English name party levitation. In internet on the topic of this experiment can be found tens of descriptions, drawings, photographs, and even videos which illustrate the completion of it. For example, in order to find descriptions of this experiment, it is enough to write the key words party levitation in some search engine, e.g. in In turn the same key words written into the are to show us photographs and drawings of people lifted with the use of such four double fingers. In such a way, for example the illustrated with a diagram exact description (in English) as to how complete this experiment, in May 2009 was disseminated at the internet address In turn the description in Polish, but more oriented towards the discussion of it, than towards the explanation as to how cause the decrease of someone's weight, in May 2009 was disseminated at the address Finally a photograph of a woman lifted in such a manner, together with a summary of this experiment (in English), in May 2009 was shown at the internet address As the above indicates, many people already learned and practically took part in the experiment which visually proves to them the existence of human soul. The only problem which these people probably still have with such a simple experiment, is whether their knowledge and the inborn scepticism allows their intellects to accept that herewith they see an experiment which is to visually confirm for them the existence of human souls.
* * *
       The commonly known saying states "all roads lead to Rome". A consequence of the law, or principle, expressed with this saying is that for sure there are more than one manners and more than one procedures for supernatural increase (or decrease) of weight of someone's body. Thus, various readers may know still other manners, or procedures, for the increase (or decrease) of weight of body than these described in items #E7.1 and #E7.2 above. Or readers may know still different procedures which repetitively provide human body with yet another supernatural attribute. Therefore, herewith I am repeating my previous appeal. Namely, please post me descriptions of any experiment that the reader may know, and that demonstrates the acquiring by a body of some supernatural attributes through a verbal, thought, or intention persuasion of a soul to give to the body a given supernatural attribute.

#E8. Apparent freezing of fast whirling objects, or reversal of the direction of their rotation:

       Another physical proof that souls do exist, is quite a common phenomenon which probably everyone of us had opportunity to notice watching in daylight an accelerated spinning object. Namely, after reaching specific rotational velocity, such an accelerated spinning objects begins to make an impression in daylight firstly as if its spin stopped, and then as if this object gradually started to accelerate in an opposite direction of rotation. This phenomenon is described more comprehensively in item #D1 of the web page immortality.htm.
       The significance of this phenomenon as a proof for the existence of soul depends on this that it proves visually to everyone that time of people elapses in jumps - means NOT smoothly as this is lied to us by present official science. In turn such a jumping elapse of time results from the fact, that time actually is a jumpy motion of execution control from one elementary command in our "program of life and fate" to another such elementary command. In other words, the jumping elapse of our time proves that our soul contains inside the "program of life and fate" composed of a sequence of elementary commands, thus also proves that our software soul really does exist.

Part #F: Evidence for the existence of immortal souls that is known to biological sciences, but the existence of which is ashamedly silenced by biologists:


#F1. Kinds of scientific evidence presented in this part of the web page:

       Examples of evidence for the existence of souls from the area of biological sciences are these items of evidence the existence of which can be verified with methods of biological sciences.

#F2. The loss of weight at the moment of death:

       In past times, when the faith in God was NOT intentionally suppressed by the duty to demonstrate a scientific "atheism", various experiments were carried out in order to discover physical consequences of the existence of souls. In 1906, Dr. Duncan McDougall of Massachusetts General Hospital conducted some precise measurements of weight of people just before and after their death. These measurements revealed that the human body at the moment of death loses as much as 7 to 28 grams in weight. The above loss of weight can be explained as changes of gravity in a component of the counter-material duplicates. Because all components of counter-bodies are attached to the physical bodies by gravitational forces, any change in their gravitational properties must cause changes in gravitational interactions, which in turn would be detectable as the change of weight.
       It is interesting, that apart of these "ancient" experiments completed already in 1906, actually afterwards no-one repeated the same research again with more modern equipment, in order to confirm or disprove their outcomes. Probably this is caused by the scientific "taboo" that in the meantime was put on research connected with human deaths, souls, and with spiritual phenomena. But the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides the information, which allows to verify these old experiments, without the necessity to precisely weight people just before and after the death. After all, this concept informs that "souls" are also contained in animals. Thus, if the escape of a "soul" at the moment of death influences the weight of a body that this soul leaves, than such a change of weight must be also noticeable at the moment of death of animals. Therefore, in order to detect it, it is enough if a veterinary doctor, who at the order of a client "puts into sleep" an animal, after making the deadly injection simply places this animal on a precise electronic scale, and notices the indications of this scale. Such electronic weighting of animals that are "put into sleep" should not only show how much is the change of weight at the moment of death, but also show in which exactly moment of time this change of weight takes place (means when exactly the "soul" escapes from the "body"). Unfortunately, in spite that in my monographs I am describing already since around 1998 that experiment with "putting to sleep" a suffering domestic animal after placing it on a scale, so-far no-one who has conditions to carry it out actually decided to check it out.
       The loss of weight at the moment of death is described in item #1I5.2 from subsection I5.2 in volume 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5] and [1/4].

#F3. The so-called "Near-Death Experience" (NDE):

       At the moment of so-called "clinical death" many dying people experience extraordinary phenomena known under the name of "NDE" of "Near-Death Experiences". These experiences cannot be defined otherwise than the shifting of our awareness to the soul of the dying person. About these experiences whole books were written. An example of these is the book [1#5I5.4] by R.A. Moody, "Life After Life", Stackpole Books, 1976, ISBN 0-8117-0946-9 (e.g. see in there pages 61 to 69).
       Amongst an array of phenomena which are forming these "NDE", probably the most evidential is so-called "review of one's own life during the initial stage of death". It is widely documented that the dying person relives again the most important events from his or her own entire life. A good friend of mine, one of the numerous people known to me in person, who has experienced such a review, describes it thus: "It was not just reviewing a three dimensional movie of my life. It was as complex as in reality. I was there and I felt, thought, and saw everything again. The only difference was that I observed myself as an outside witness and that I could not change anything in this review".
       The review discussed here contains one element, confirmed by many participants, which excludes the possibility of the brain origination of these pictures, i.e. their nature is holographic. If the pictures were only a display of the biological memory content, they should present the events exactly in the same form as the eyes of the dying person saw them while they happened. But this is not the case. The review consists also of pictures of the person, presenting him or her as if he or she were filmed by an outside cameraman who tries to record all the important details. Moreover, during the review details also are visible, which could not be noticed in a real experience, because they were inappropriately located towards the subject (sometimes scenes are presented, which are happening behind some physical obstacles and by no means could be seen by the person involved). This characteristic indicates that the discussed review can not originate from the brain itself, but is read by the brain from the bank of information stored within the soul from the virtual world.
       The review of our own life during the initial stage of death is described in item #5I5.4 from subsection I5.4 in volume 5 of monograph [8/2], [1/5] and [1/4].

#F4. Double and multiple personalities:

       In the paper [1#6I5.4] "Multiple Mix ups", published in OMNI, Vol. 8, No. 2, November 1985, p. 94, are discussed examples of people who experienced complete changes of personalities. It seems that the same body can be occupied in turns by two or more completely different souls of persons. The differences in these personalities can be so significant, and their switching so complete, that they affect not only the psychological, but also the biological state of a person. For example, the different personalities (of the same physical person) may require different optics of glasses, or be allergic to different foods and medicines. The existence of this phenomena provides a further evidence in support of the existence of the soul. This is because any rational explanation of multiple personalities must account for the linking someone's brain to the soul of a different person - synchronized with the simultaneous taking control over the entire body by this soul of a different person.

#F5. Possessions:

       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity also explains clearly what "being possessed" is all about. According to this explanation, a living creature is possessed when a control over its counter-body (i.e. the "spirit"), thus also over the biological body of this creature, is taken by a "soul" of someone or something that normally do NOT reside in this body (e.g. by a soul of another person or by a soul of some animal). A version of being possessed are double or multiple personalities mentioned in previous item #F4. When someone is possessed, the control over his or her body is taken by a different "soul". Thus such possessed creatures or people are having the memory, knowledge, intelligence, and personality of that "soul" that overtakes their body. An additional fact explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is that the object of possession can actually become any living creature, not just only people - of course when the "soul" that takes over a given body does not specifically want to obtain human attributes (e.g. the ability to speak). Furthermore, the "soul" that is possessing a given body can originate from any creature - not just only from a human. Therefore, people can be possessed by souls of, for example, monkeys, tigers, lions, birds, snakes, cats, dogs, etc.
       In present atheistic times we hear extremely rarely about someone being possessed. After all, mass media reluctantly inform the society about such cases. The reason is that such phenomena contradict claims of official science. In turn no-one wishes to be attacked by angry scientists. Therefore possessed people typically land in mental hospitals. Modern psychiatrists explain to everyone that they simply "got mad". So some exceptional circumstances are needed, e.g. death of a possessed person, for the world to learn about such a case. Just about such a situation writes the article [1#F5] entitled "Exorcism witness sees spirit in court", from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, May 6, 2009. This article describes the case of possession of a body of 22-years old mother by a soul of some animal that was scared of water (the people mentioned in the article suggest the soul of a lion). About another aspect of the same case wrote also the article [2#F5] "Exorcism ritual detailed", from page A3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 7, 2009. The lion's soul which overpowered this young women caused that the victim of possession refused to eat, sleep, and response to people, but only was able to give-out some uncoordinated sounds and roaring - which in another article [3#F5] was described as a lion's roar. (This another article [3#F5] entitled "Girl's eyes ugly with evil, court told", was published on page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, May 15, 2009.) When, in the result of exorcism that utilised the fear of water by that animal, finally this soul of the lion was scared from the body it occupied, the young woman died. Of course, participants of that exorcism landed in the court accused of manslaughter.
       Extremely interesting information about the physical change of eyes of the possessed woman was published in the abovementioned article [3#F5]. Namely, after the body of this young woman was taken by the lion's soul, her eyes changed physically into eyes of a lion. And so, her eyes took a red colour, and become ugly with evil - like eyes of a lion. Interestingly, physical changes in eyes are also reported by researchers of so-called "multiple personalities" - see item #F4 above. What even more significant, old Polish folklore teaches, that "devils" and people evil to the bone have "cat eyes" - described more comprehensively and illustrated with photographs in item #G3 and on "Fig. #G1" and "Fig. #G2" from the web page evil.htm. This in turn bears a vital implication. Namely it implies that someone's "evil" is reflected in deviations of the natural software of the soul. In turn such deviations of the soul are later reflected physically in anatomic features of a given person (e.g. in changes of eyes, direction and manner of hair growth, etc.). In other words, if we learn to recognise what the web page evil.htm tries to reveal to us, then we could also learn how to recognise evil people by their anatomic features.

#F6. "Deja vu" and other our recalls of multiple reliving of our present physical lives:

       In item #B4.1 from the separate web page named immortality.htm, is discussed the statement from the Bible, that each person is at least 2 or 3 times shifted back by God to years of his opr her youth, then he or she relives again the entire his or her life - sometimes even in completely different body. Why this happens it is explained more thoroughly in item #C4 from the same web page named immortality.htm. There is also various evidence available, which confirms that in fact our present physical lives we relive more than one time - an example of this evidence is the so-called "deja vu". But in order the memory of such a multiple reliving of our present physical lives could remain, it is necessary that there exist carriers of our memories which are independently from our bodies - means that "souls" do exist.
       It is worth to add, that by many people "deja vu" is believed to be one amongst evidence of the existence of so-called "reincarnation". But in items #J1 to #J3 from my web page named malbork_uk.htm, I explained which events, evidence, and research that I completed conclusively convinced me, that so-called "reincarnation" in fact does NOT exist in the form in which many people believe in it. The non-existence of "reincarnation" also agrees with what the Bible states since a long time.

#F7. People with miniature brains:

       Contemporary medicine registers numerous people, who display full intellectual capabilities, but simultaneously have an undersized brain. A number of such cases are documented in the book [1#F7] by Dr. Benito F. Reyes, "Scientific evidence of the existence of the soul" (Theosophical Pub. House, Wheaton, Ill. 1970, ISBN 835601927). In some cases the size of the brain of these people does not exceed the kernel of a walnut. The existence of such people provides further evidence that the intellectual capacity of a person is not dependable on the size of the brain. This in turn proves that intelligence must originate from another source than the brain (i.e. from the soul of a given person) and that the brain is only an input-output device (terminal) which links people with their sources of intelligence (i.e. with their souls).

#F8. Telepathic healing:

       There is also such a thing like telepathic healing. It acts on the souls of people, not on their bodies or spirits. It includes such forms of healing, as faith healing, praying over someone, etc. For practical details see the book [1I5.1] by David St. Clair, "Psychic Healers" (Bantam Books, New York, 1979, ISBN 0 553 02056 0), pages 297-317. The telepathic healing of souls differs from telekinetic healing of bodies or spirits. The telepathic healing the mind of a healer sends telepathic signals, which improve software souls in healed counter-bodies. In turn these souls cause that the healed body shows specific reactions, heals just by itself, grows a missing tooth, etc. Thus, in this kind of healing the spiritual processes occur in the body of a healer. The telepathic healing is NOT accompanied by the emission of the extraction glow from the healed body, although healers may emit from themselves a glow. Therefore photographs of such healers can show change in colour of their skin.

#F9. Coma:

       Every year a number of people falls victims of various accidents, in the result of which they loose conscience and go into infinitively long "coma". Only some of them awake from this coma - sometimes after months or even years of being unconscious. For bodies of others, because of the lack of funds, the hospital (or their family) decides after some time to switch off the life support system - thus causing the death.
       In every "coma" the most intriguing phenomenon is that the body lives and functions normally. Also the brain of a given person receives the supplies of everything that it needs for living and for normal functioning. Yet neither this body, nor the brain, have the awareness. Something is missing in them. In turn the only explanation as to what is this something, that is missing from the body in such a "coma", is that this body was abandoned by its "soul". In turn the "body" itself, without the "soul" which resides in it, is like a "computer" stripped of its "software". So although this "body" lives and works correctly, the lack of "soul" deprives it the awareness and makes impossible its intelligent behaviour.
       Such long "coma" is one amongst best examples of evidence which illustrates the existence of "soul" and the role which this soul fulfils in the living "body".
       At this point it is worth to notice also, that in our lives we encounter a number of other similar states and situations, in which "bodies" are also abandoned by "souls" for a short period of time. Amongst these the most commonly known and experienced by practically every person is just an ordinary sleep. Examples of others include: (a) all versions of faint and loss of conscience - including in this also intentional putting to sleep with medicines (e.g. in hospitals for the duration of operation), (b) sleep from narcotics, (c) the so-called "out of body experience" (OBE), (d) shifting of "souls" outside of "bodies" - frequently carried out during abductions of people to UFOs, (e) states of deep meditations, and also (f) states of deep hypnosis. About the fact that in these states "souls" really leave "bodies" the most illustratively certifies the experience of some people that were "put to sleep" in hospitals for the duration of operations. Namely, some amongst them report later how they sighted the course of their own operation while hovering somewhere under the ceiling, and sometimes even shifting to other rooms in order to see the family or friends that were awaiting in there.

#F10. Intelligent program that is manifested in fate of individual people:

       An interesting proof for the existence of soul is the kind of intelligent algorithm or program which clearly manifests itself in fate of individual people. After all, such an intelligent algorithm can only reveal itself if there is a kind of natural program which rules over the fate of these people. In turn - as this is explained in item #C1 of this web page, such an individual program of fate can be contained only in the soul. Therefore all manifestations of an intelligent algorithm that rules the fate of individual people, are simultaneously proofs that these people really do have souls.
       The reader may NOT be aware that his or her fate is in fact demonstrating the existence of an intelligent algorithm which rules over whatever happens in his or her life. Therefore, below I am going to provide several examples of typical life situations, the appearance of which is in fact a proof that the course of our lives is ruled by some intelligent program. Here are most frequently manifested such examples:
       - Impossibility to heal some illnesses. As this is described in item #E7 point (5) of this web page, every illness should be possible to heal. After all, the soul - if only wishes, is able to run mechanisms which cause the healing. But there are some illnesses which cannot be healed by selected people. This in turn means, that such illnesses are "fated" for them either by the fate or by the so-called karma. In turn if there are such illnesses which remain unhealed - in spite that we all have capabilities to heal every possible illness, then this means that there must exist some algorithm or program which chooses the illnesses that are to be healed in us, and also chooses illnesses which we must NOT be able to heal. The existence of such an algorithm or program means that in our fate really some intelligence is manifested, or more strictly - is manifested the work of some intelligent program. (This intelligent program is called the "program of life and fate").
       - The fulfilment of events forecasted by believes or by dreams. For many people frequently events fulfil which are forecasted in advance, for example the arrival of which is foretold by dreams or by beliefs (frequently called also "superstitions"). In turn, for anything to fulfil after being foretold, there must exist "something" that is aware of incoming events, and that is interested in warning our aware knowledge about what is just going to come. If we analyse logically what this "something" is, then it turns out that it only can be our soul. After all, only the soul knows what is to come, as it has it written into its "program of life and fate".
       - Love. Nothing else decides so strongly about our fate as people with whom we fall in love and then frequently we bind our fate for the rest of our lives. But if we analyse with whom fall in love people that we know very well, or with whom they tied up their lives, then it turns out that typically it was someone who was the most appropriate for their character, morality, karma, fate, needs, etc. This in turn means that love is actually a kind of pressure which the intelligent program that knows our future exerts onto our feelings in order to force us to choose just a given person for tying up to him or to her a specific fragment of our fate. In turn, for such an intelligent program which knows our future (i.e.for our "program of life and fate") to exist and to work in us, there must also exist in us a software entity which we call "soul". Expressing this in other words, "love" in sense of the function which it fulfils is simply a kind of tool with the use of which our intelligent soul ties us up to a specific partner (or partners) which are to assist this soul in the fulfilling our destiny and fate. In turn just such a function of love is possible only when in fact there is in us such a thing as a software soul.
* * *
       Of course, there are numerous other manifestations of such intelligent program which rules over our live. Further examples of these include "sexual desire", "hypnosis", "formal education", and a whole array of other similar algorithms. But because of the size limitations imposed on this web page, their comprehensive discussion would need to be carried out in a different publication.

Part #G: The formal scientific proof for the existence of "immortal" souls:


#G1. History of the formal scientific proof which confirms that "people do have immortal souls", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:

Motto: "The differentiation of mischievous spitting and sarcastic scoffing at an idea under the excuse that it is just a criticism of that idea, from a true constructive criticism of that idea, is simple: mischievous spitting raises points which can be raised about any possible idea and against any possible person; in turn a constructive criticism concentrates exclusively on matters which relate directly to the subject that this criticism concerns and therefore which do not apply for any other idea, person, or matter. So just by simple checking whether someone's objections can be applied to all other ideas as well, or just to this one, you immediately know whether the criticizer is just trying to be mischievous and smart, or really have valid points to make."

       In 2007, during my professorship at a university in South Korea, I had a special honour, and simultaneously a special responsibility, to develop, to publish, and to disseminate five formal proofs, each one of which is extremely important both, individually to each one of us, and collectively to the entire our civilization. One of these is the formal proof presented below for the existence of eternal soul in each person. This proof is just a component in a set of several similar formal proofs completed for the first time in the world by the author of this web page and listed in item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm. These formal proofs include:
       (1) The formal scientific proof, that the "counter-world does exist" (i.e. exist also another world inhabited by God and by our souls) - which (the proof) is presented in subsections H1.1.4 from volume 4 of monographs [1/5] and [8/2], and also in item #D3 from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       (2) The formal scientific proof, that "God does exist" - presented in subsections I3.3.4 from volume 5 of monographs [1/5] and [8/2], as well as in item #B3 of the web page god.htm and in item #G2 of the web page god_proof.htm.
       (3) The formal scientific proof, that "God created the first woman and the first man" - presented in item #B8 of the web page about evolution.htm, and also in subsection NF9 from volume 12 of my monograph [1/5] as well as in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of my monograph [8/2].
       (4) The formal scientific proof, that "the humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God" - presented in item #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm.
       (5) This formal proof from here, which proves that "people have eternal souls" - presented in subsections I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monographs [1/5] and [8/2], and also in item #C1.1 from the web page nirvana.htm as well as in item #G2 of this web page (named soul_proof.htm).
       (6) The formal scientific proof, that "God authorised the Bible" (although God wrote it with hands of other people) - presented in item #B1 of the web page bible.htm, and also in subsection M7.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5].
       (7) The formal scientific proof, that "DNA are most simple forms of natural computers which control the passage through time of cells in which these DNA reside, while this control of the passage of cells through time they accomplish by a sequential running of software 'programs of life and fate' contained in memories of these DNA" - see item #D7 of this web page "immortality.htm" or see subsection M1.6 from volume 11 of monograph marked "[1/5]".
       (8) The formal scientific proof, that "UFO vehicles do exist objectively and they are already operational Magnocrafts" - which the formal proof is historically the first proof that I developed and published for the area of knowledge intentionally ignored by the old official "atheistic orthodox science" - for details see item #G3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". This proof for the objective existence of UFOs is presented on the web page named "ufo_proof.htm" and also in subsections P2 to P2.17 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       In the next item #G2 of this web page, a full version of the formal proof stating that each one of us have an eternally existing soul, is presented (repeated). But before I present the formal wording of this proof, a few more words of this introduction.
       The formal scientific proof for the existence of eternal soul in each person, was developed in initial days of October 2007, when I was on my professorship at a university in Southern Korea. This proof was carried out with methods of mathematical logic. Differently that it was with three other proofs indicated before in this item - which are based on commonly known assertions (facts) already established by present science, the proof for the existence of eternal soul is based on findings of that relatively new scientific "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Namely, it is based on the finding, that we people are composites of three separate components. As already explained in item #C1, these components include: (1) our physical "body" - which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity compares to a picture formed on a screen of present computer and perceived by our software senses; (2) our counter-body formed from eternally existing counter-matter (by religions this counter-body is called "spirit"), and (3) our "soul" which is a kind of hierarchically most superior natural program that makes us to be individual people - this program is the carrier of our self-awareness, memory, personality, etc. These three components of us were described more comprehensively in item #C1 of this web page.
       The same formal scientific proof which confirms that "people do have immortal souls" is also published in item #C1.1 of the totaliztic web page nirvana.htm.

#G2. Presentation of the formal scientific proof which confirms that "people do have immortal souls", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:

       So here it is, the entire formal proof for the existence of eternal soul in each person, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:

           "People have eternally existing souls."
       Basis propositions:
           (1) Phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul, can manifest themselves only if these have either the software coding (i.e. are a kind of natural program written on a carrier of some sort), or have the hardware coding (i.e. are "hardwired" in some area of human body or human brain). The fact that present medicine cannot find such special volume of human body or brain, the removal of which would cause also the removal of these attributes that represent human soul, eliminates completely the possibility that these attributes are "hardwired" permanently into some parts of our body or brain.
           (2) The software coding which carries the human soul is either coded into the physical body - and thus this coding is destroyed together with the destruction of the physical body, or the software coding which carries the human soul is coded into the counter-body formed from the eternally existing counter-matter that resides in the counter-world - and thus this coding is surviving infinitively long after the physical death of the human's body. The existence of a whole range of phenomena observed empirically by people, such as e.g. experiencing by some people the separation of their conscience from the body and the visiting different rooms of a hospital by this conscience during difficult operations, double or triple personalities which are able to compete for one and the same body, memory recalls by some people of various details of previous incarnation, remembering events which took place a long time before our birth, near-death experience (NDE), and many other, exclude completely the possibility that attributes which represent human soul are coded into our physical body and are destroyed together with this physical body.
(Explanation complementing this 2nd set of premises: from the operation of present computers it is know already, that software never wears nor tears and that it exists forever - to the destruction can only be subjected the carrier on which programs are stored. This fact is confirmed and emphasized already by almost every modern textbook of "Software Engineering". Because the carrier of natural programs of our souls is the eternally existing counter-matter, which itself never is subjected to a destruction, the obvious consequence of this must be, amongst others, that programs of our souls stored in this counter-matter exist forever and are never subjected to a destruction.)
           (3) People either have eternally existing soul that is coded in a software manner in their counter-bodies formed from the counter-matter, or they do NOT have this soul. The fact that it can be proven that the software coding of this soul is stored in the eternally existing counter-matter and is able to survive the physical death of the body, eliminates completely the possibility that people do NOT have such eternally existing soul.
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "disjunctive syllogism". This form can be written as [(p || q) && !p] => q, in which the assertion "p" says "phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul can manifest themselves if these have the hardware coding (i.e. are 'hardwired' in some area of human body or human brain)", while the assertion "q" says "phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul can manifest themselves if these have the software coding (i.e. are kinds of natural programs written on a carrier of some sort)". In turn the assertion "!p" states "the fact that present medicine cannot find such special volume of human body or brain, the removal of which would cause also the removal of these attributes that represent human soul, eliminates completely the possibility that these attributes are "hardwired" permanently into some parts of our body or brain." The transformation of these propositions leads to the conclusion that "phenomena of self-awareness, memory, personality, etc., which represent human soul, have the software coding (i.e. are kinds of natural programs written on a carrier of some sort)."
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "software coding which carries the human soul is coded into the counter-body formed from the eternally existing counter-matter that resides in the counter-world - and thus this coding is surviving infinitively long after the physical death of the human's body."
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion also with the method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "people do NOT have eternally existing soul that is coded in a software manner in their counter-bodies formed from the counter-matter", while assertion "q" states "people do have eternally existing soul that is coded in a software manner in their counter-bodies formed from the counter-matter". In turn the assertion "!p" states "The fact that it can be proven that the software coding of this soul is stored in the eternally existing counter-matter and is able to survive the physical death of the body, eliminates completely the possibility that people do NOT have such eternally existing soul." Thus the final conclusion states "people do have eternally existing souls written in a software manner into their counter-body that is formed from counter-matter".
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "people do have eternally existing souls written in a software manner into their counter-body that is formed from counter-matter".
* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "!", "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "not", "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").

#G3. Significance of the formal scientific proof which confirms that "people do have immortal souls", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:

       It is also worth to emphasize again the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of eternal soul in people we finally were able to develop, it introduces for us huge implications. Because of the existence of this proof, and also four further proofs mentioned at the beginning of this "part #G", it becomes really important that everyone of us verifies his or hers attitude towards God, other world, moral life, etc., etc. After all, without the verification of this attitude, we may inflict ourselves the biggest harm that one is able to inflict on himself or on herself.
       Especially vital in the above proof is that it is a component of a number of others, similar by methods used although different by evidence that they utilize, formal proofs that all coexist in monograph [1/5]. These other formal proofs include, amongst others, the mentioned already earlier in item #G1: (1) the formal proof for the existence of the so-called "counter-world" (i.e. the world that is inhabited by God and by our souls) - which is presented in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of that monograph [1/5], (2) the formal proof for the existence of God - presented in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of that monograph [1/5] and repeated on the web page named god_proof.htm, the formal proof for the creation of the first woman and the first man by God - presented in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of that monograph [1/5], (4) the formal proof that the Bible was authorised by God Himself - presented in subsection N6.1 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5], and (5) this formal proof that people have eternal souls - presented in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of that monograph [1/5]. These five formal proofs in fact formulate the foundation stones for the entirely new scientific discipline about another world, God, act of creation, soul, etc. In order to illustratively realize here to the reader the weight of the appearance of as many as five such proofs simultaneously, it would be good to compare ourselves to old time Maoris that inhabited New Zealand and that had no idea of the existence of farm animals, such as horses or cows. (Before first Europeans arrived to New Zealand, these islands were inhabited mainly by birds and by lizards.) So when these Maoris saw the first horse, probably they suspected that it is just a mirage or a freak of nature. When they saw two horses, they started to be puzzled and convinced that some new quality is just entering their lives. When they saw three horses, they could be absolutely sure that horses do exist and that they need to take notice of them. In turn when they saw four horses, they needed to revise completely their view of the world that surrounded them. (By the way, now Maoris are huge appreciators of horses and they cannot live without these animals.)
       At this point I would like to appeal to other lecturers of logic. Namely, as this is suggested also in other proofs related to this one, instead of using in our lectures some examples of proofs deprived of actuality and sense, we should rather use examples of proofs selected from five extremely important proofs explained in this item. After all, these proofs are to inspire students to thinking and to searches for truth, give more sense to their lives, will be agreeable with indications of our conscience, and in a non-imposing manner are going to add our own contribution to the fight for the prevalence of truth. In addition, the reaction which one receives after the use of any of such formal proofs for teaching examples, illustrates vividly the point which I am making in items #K2 and #M1 from this web page, as well as in item #B5 from the web page will.htm.

Part #H: There is a lot of evidence which confirms that immortal souls do exist, but there is no even a shred of evidence that souls do NOT exists:


#H1. Every logical deduction confirms that people must have immortal souls:

       The commonly known principles of logic clearly reveal to us that souls must exist. Namely, according to logic, souls can only (a) exist, or can (b) not exist. There is no third possibility. In both cases, namely when (a) souls exist, and when (b) souls do not exist, the operation and phenomena of the world around us would clearly differ from each other in several vital details. For example, if we consider the operation and phenomena of the world in which souls do NOT exist, then it turns out that all events in this universe could be explainable exclusively on the basis of physical sciences. In turn if we consider the operation and phenomena of the world in which souls exist, then it turns out that should occur in it both, the physical only events, as well as events of other characters, e.g. miracles, spiritual phenomena, supernatural phenomena, etc. Because it turns out that the universe which surrounds us in fact demonstrates both the phenomena, means physical phenomena as well as phenomena of other characters, this according to logic excludes the possibility that souls do not exist, and leaves us with just one alternative - namely that souls do exist (although for vital reasons God intentionally hides this existence from people). Notice that numerous examples of phenomena which have the character different from physical one are described on a number of totaliztic web pages. These include, amongst others, ghosts, multiple personalities, plus other categories of evidence indicated in volumes 4 and 5 of the monographs [8/2], [1/5], [1/4], and on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm. Still another such phenomena include: ergonomic attributes of fruits (these attributes are described in item #D3.1 of the web page fruit.htm), the physical evidence for the discrete (jumping) elapse of time (described in item #D1 from the web page immortality.htm), the existence of so-called ULT - means the "universal language of thoughts" in which souls communicate with people, and also in which people can communicate with animals, vegetation, UFOnauts, etc. (the ULT is described in item #B4 from the web page telepathy.htm), and many others.
       It is worth to notice that the existence of immortal souls is also confirmed scientifically by practically all categories of evidence which confirm scientifically the existence of God. In turn categories of evidence which confirm the existence of God are listed and briefly summarised in items #H4 and #H5 from the totaliztic web page cloud_ufo.htm, while more comprehensively are discussed on the web page god_proof.htm and in chapter JB from volume 6 of monograph [8/2].

#H2. The religions, experiences of many people, everyday life, haunted houses, and also this web page, all these indicate evidence for the existence of souls - but no-one nor nothing is able to indicate even a shred of evidence that souls do NOT exist:

       Theoretically speaking, if something really does NOT exist, then our present sophisticated science should be able to show the evidence for this non-existence and to prove that it in fact does NOT exist. For example, it is known that do NOT exist temperatures lower than the so-called "absolute zero" (i.e. lower than -273 degrees Celsius). Therefore sciences of physics and thermodynamics are able to easily point out evidence and empirical proofs for this non-existence. (A whole array of further examples of scientific evidence and proof for the non-existence of something is indicated in item #H1 of the web page god_proof.htm.) Since many scientists claim that souls do NOT exist, then if this is true, they should be able to equally easily indicate evidence and proofs for this non-existence. But because no-scientist could present any evidence or a proof that souls do NOT exist, this means that in spite of loud claims of many atheists and blinded scientists, in reality souls do exist!

#H3. Names under which atheistic people refer to souls while pretending that souls do NOT exist:

       People developed a handy method with the use of which they refer to something that does exist, but the existence of which they formally deny. Namely, in such case people name this something with a completely different name, pretending later that under this different name hides something completely different.
       This trick with the use of different name in order to NOT admit the existence of something that they do NOT wish to acknowledge, atheistic people apply also, amongst others, during referring to "souls". After all, in present atheistic times references to the "soul" are out of fashion and for a typical scientist they would NOT get through the throat. Therefore "souls" (or a selected component of souls, e.g. "memory") are referred to under a whole array of other highly misleading names. All these names admit, that they refer to something different than the "body". But none of them admits that it is the "soul". Let us list at least most frequently used such names for "souls" or for selected components of souls:
1. Mind (or "intelligence", "thoughts", "knowledge", etc.). Thinking is carried out by souls. So mind in reality is the soul.
2. Memory. Memory is the basic component of souls. Thus memory remains even when the body and the brain die.
3. Awareness (or "conscience"). Awareness is the attribute of souls.
4. Intuition (or "instinct", "sub-conscience"). Intuition is an unaware knowledge hinted to us by the soul.
5. ESP. ESP are methods of mutual communication between souls.
6. Ego. It is a self-awareness maintained by souls.
7. Will (or "personality"). Will, and also other attributes of character, are principles of behaviours adopted by the soul.
8. Allergies. These are "prejudices" of the soul towards specific substances.

Part #I: So we do have immortal souls, but what happens to them still depends on the decision of God - thus it is much better for us if we lead moral lives:


#I1. God intentionally simulates a temporary evidence to confirm every strong belief of people:

Motto: "If you strongly believe in something, then God is to discreetly present to you "proofs" to confirm these your beliefs."

       With an equal easiness as God created the physical world, living creatures, and animals, God is also able to create everything else that He wishes to have. It turns out that God frequently utilises this His ability, creating temporary various creatures, objects and devices which normally do NOT exist - just to e.g. inspire with them selected people to individual searches for truth. Such temporary creation by God of "evidence" which God wishes to show to selected people, is called the "simulation" on web pages of totalizm - see items #B11 to #B13 of the web page god.htm. A significant number of such temporary "simulations of God" is described on the totaliztic web page evolution.htm. An intriguing characteristics of these simulations is that the more they deviate from standards and norms which God established for everyday lives, the higher is the certainty that they will be shown to these people who strongly believe in them. Only that in cases when our beliefs are disagreeable with norms of everyday life, then the "evidence" simulated by God which supposed to reinforce in us these abnormal beliefs, are by God always shown to people in such a manner and in such circumstances, that they have also at least one more (i.e. other than ours) explanation, which is agreeable with everyday life and with commonly accepted norms. (In other words, God loves to inspire our searches for truth by exposing us to ambiguous "evidence" which deviate from norms and which God temporally simulates especially for us.)
       In present world we continually encounter just such "temporally simulations of God" which are NOT confirmed in permanently existing norms of reality. Their best example are so-called "UFO manifestations". UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are simulated by God with such a precision, that if we build our vehicles (i.e. build Magnocrafts, telekinetic vehicles, or time vehicles) on the basis of these UFO sightings, then these our vehicles would also begin to fly and work exactly the same of UFO vehicles do it. Means both, UFO vehicles as well as UFOnauts, are simulated by God exactly the same as if they existed permanently and acted accordingly to known laws of the universe - for examples see descriptions from totaliztic web pages ufo_proof.htm, and explain.htm. In fact, in my own case I was also "framed" by God with these temporary simulations of UFOs. On the basis of research that I completed on such temporary God's simulations of UFOs, I also started to believe that UFOs do exist physically and permanently. This my belief I entertained for many years until 2007 - when I discovered that UFOs and UFOnauts are temporary simulations of God that are annihilated into nothingness immediately after God confronts them with selected people. (For details of this my discovery that UFO and UFOnauts are simulated temporary by God - see items #F6 and #F7 on the web page evil.htm, and see items #D2 to #D7 from the web page ufo.htm.)
       Other examples of commonly known temporary simulations of God are the non-existing animals and monsters. For example, almost everyone have heard about the "monster from the Loch Ness lake" (this monster has the nickname "Nessie"). But not many people know that similar monsters which also do NOT exist in a permanent manner are periodically seen in a whole range of other lakes in the world - described more comprehensively in subsection V5.3 (item 5) from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]. For example, monsters that are similar to "Nessie" were witnessed also in the lake Cini from Malaysia, in "Lake Tele" from the northern Congo, and in lake Brosno near Tver - around 400 kilometres to north-west from Moscow. I should add here, that one amongst such permanently non-existing animals, namely a "griffin", I saw myself in Poland as a teenager. My encounter with this "composite animal" I described in subsection R4.2 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4]. About this my encounter with the "griffin" I also wrote in item #E8 and in the caption from "Fig. #E5" on the web site newzealand.htm, on the occasion of describing a similar permanently non-existing animal frequently seen in New Zealand. In times of my youth other people also sighted a similar "griffin" in the vicinity of my native village Wszewilki - see items #H1 and #F2 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm - about the history and curiosities of the village Wszewilki located near Milicz in south-western Poland.
       Still another example of commonly encountered temporary simulations of God, are humanoid creatures usually called Yeti (especially in Himalaya), although seen practically in the entire world and described over there under various other names, for example the name "Snowman", or "Almas" (Asia); "Big Foot", "Sasquatch", or "Oh-mah-ah" (North America), and "Maeroero" (Maoris from New Zealand). Descriptions of these fury human-like creatures are provided, amongst others, in subsection O6 (item 6) from volume 12 of monograph [1/4]. In turn a description of New Zealand "Maeroero", together with the illustration of these creatures, sighted by several witnesses simultaneously, is presented in item #E6 of the web page newzealand.htm.
       The New Zealand version of Yeti, by local Maoris called "Maeroero", is also described on page 159 of the book [1#I1] by Robyn Jenkin, entitled "New Zealand Mysteries" (W. Reed, Wellington, 1970, ISBN 0-589-00494-8). The extraordinary animals seen in New Zealand and described in the chapter "What Animal Was That?" from pages 145 to 163 of that book, are also discussed in item #E6 of the web page newzealand.htm.
       Independently from Maeroeros (Yeti) and griffins, in New Zealand people sighted, and sometimes still witness, an entire array of creatures temporally simulated by God. For example only in the abovementioned chapter of the book [1#I1] are described such creatures as: (1) huge lizard (slightly similar to a crocodile) - which depending on the area in which it was noticed was called "kumi" or "ngarara" by local Maoris, (2) a creature with a beak that lies eggs and that is similar to "platypus" from Australia - by Maoris called "kaureke", (3) like a miniature of fox - seen even by Captain James Cook, (4) like a beaver or otter - by Maoris called "waitorake", (5) little wild men from forests with white (pale) skin and red hair - by Maoris called "turehu", "patupaiarehe" or "korakorako" and described also in item #E7 of the web page newzealand.htm, (seen also in Poland and known over there under the name "krasnoludki" - see descriptions from item #H2 of the web page wszewilki.htm), and also (6) human giants - by Maoris called also "Te Kahui Tipua" and described in item #I2 of the web page newzealand.htm.
       There is a vital reason why on this web page about human souls I describe this principle adhered by God that He always temporary creates and shows to selected people everything that these people strongly believe in.

#I2. The principle adhered by God "to always provide people with subjective evidence for whatever people strongly believe", means that subjectively is also confirmed for us whatever we strongly believe that it happens to our souls after the death:

       The principle that God always makes happen in whatever a given person strongly believes, explains why every different religion has also a different idea as to what happens to our souls after the death. The evidence available in various religions seems to indicate, that after the death happens to us whatver we strongly believe during our lives regarding our souls. However, in the Bible God clearly gives only one version of what happens after the death - for details see e.g. item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm, or e.g. item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm. So either various religions created a whole range of wrong versions of the afterlife, or depending on which one amongst these versions our religion and our inner beliefs choose to seek, this is going to be imposed on us by God after our physical death. This practically means that there may exist numerous versions of "heaven" and afterlife, and thus that this matter should be objectively researched on the basis of evidence from many different religions, NOT just that from the Christianity.
       Actually God Himself confirms, that there are more than one versions of the heaven. This confirmation can be found in the Bible authorised by God Himself. For example, in the biblical Evangel of St. John, 14:2, a reassurance is provided, that, quote: "In the house of my Father there are many abodes." Although this verse some people interpret on many ways, perhaps it practically may represent a confirmation that for people more than one heavens are prepared. Just such a confirmation is additionally reinforced in other verses of the Bible - as this is explained further in item #J2.1 below on this web page.
       The above extrapolation of the empirical principle of God's behaviour has quite a bad consequences for so-called "atheists", This is because it means that for people which during lifetime are atheists and which strongly believe that after the physical death there is NO any form of life, in fact their belief may fulfil itself. After all, such atheists God simply may NOT resurrect for the final judgement and for everlasting life, but leave them dead forever - what even seem to be implied by some verses from the Bible. (For an example of such implying consider verses 6:40 or 6:44 from the biblical "John", from which it seems to stem that people who do NOT believe in God are also NOT going to be resurrected to the everlasting life.) God can also NOT install in souls of atheists (and thus NOT run after their death) that "program of living afterlife" which in believers could be introduced to their souls and which is described in items #I3, #I6, and #J2.1 from this web page. Thus, such atheistic people would NOT experience after the physical death the awareness of any further existence. By this lack of awareness of the existence after the death, can also be explained the fact, that people who do NOT believe in God nor in the afterlife, in fact do NOT experience the so-called "NDE" - described in item #F3 of this web page. So for non-believers their life may actually finish at the moment of their physical death.

#I3. What influence God has on what happens after our physical death:

       In item #C4 of this web page it was explained that in some cases to our "souls" God can upload a special "program of living after death". After this program is run, it is going to keep us in the awareness that we still live - in spite that physically we already died. The fact that the work of the program is to give to us the feeling of "living" is sure from the fact that God Himself is just a similar program, and He still has the awareness of living - in spite that God inhabits exclusively His "virtual world". (For information what actually this "virtual world" is - see volume 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5], or [1/4].) But from the point of view of us, people, the problem with this "program of living after death" depends on the fact, that it is entirely to the discretion of God whether this program from our souls is to be run after our physical death, and also what the "content" of this program is going to be. In other words, it depends exclusively on God whether after our physical death we will be still experiencing the awareness that we "live", or rather we enter then into the state of like an "everlasting sleep" from which we either never awake, or we awake but already after being reincarnated into our next physical life. In turn if God decides to grant to us this life after the death, then also it depends on God what form this life is to take, and in which environment (heaven) it is going to take place.

#I4. So what further fate God may serve to a given soul after the owner of it have died physically:

       Let us summarize here the actual options that are in God's disposal when He decides what to do with a given soul after the physical death of its holder. After all, as this is explained in the previous item, God has several such options in the matter what to do with a given soul. Here are these options:
       (1) The initiation of eternal life of a given soul in "heaven". But such an eternal life is granted only as a highest reward, and thus it is received by only very sparse souls. For details of "heaven" see item #J2.1 below.
       (2) The sending of a given soul to experience another physical life (the so-called "reincarnation") on the Earth. However, from my research reported in item #F6 above, stems that the idea of "reincarnation" is simply the misunderstanding of God's explanations for the operation of software "omniplan" described in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm.
       (3) The storing of soul for future times and future decisions, but without making it alive. There is a fraction of human souls, about the fate of which God does not even try to make a decision right now. God stores these souls in their current state, but He does NOT make them alive (i.e. He does not run the "program of living after death" contained in them). A kind of "sleep" deprived of all thoughts and feelings, which experience these souls, is described in the biblical "Ecclesiastes" 9:3-6.
       (4) The deletion (so-called "second death") of souls which give no hope for improvement and perfecting. Some souls do NOT raise any hope in God that they are to improve. Therefore these ones are sent to the "hell" where their files and programs are deleted. Descriptions of the "hell" are provided in item #J2.2 below.

#I5. It is worth to take notice of warnings contained in the Bible authorised by God Himself:

       God wrote a kind of "autobiography" in which He explained to people all most vital information about Himself and about requirements which he puts on people and for the meeting of which He is going to judge later every person. This autobiography is called the Bible, while a description of it is contained on the web page bible.htm. Unfortunately, increasingly less people takes any notice of what the Bible states. What even more intriguing, some religions also started lately to deviate from what the Bible says. An example of such a discrepancy between what the Bible says and what the religion states, is the insistence of present Catholics to NOT use contraceptives - in spite that the Bible does NOT contain any such a commandment. (For details see item #H4 on the web page prophecies.htm). Other similar examples are claims of religions about the so-called "purgatory" and "limbo". After all, neither "purgatory" nor "limbo" is described in the Bible. Thus all evidence indicates that these are the invention of people and were introduced to religions e.g. for accomplishing some political gains.
       In order to realise how much both, the present official human science, as well as various present religions, deviate from what God Himself recommends in the Bible which God authorises, it is worth to get familiar with the philosophy of totalizm as well as with the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This is because totalizm is a philosophy, while the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is a discipline of knowledge, both of which faithfully follow what God commanded to people in the Bible that He authorises. But if one compares that philosophy and discipline of knowledge with present science and some present religions, then is clearly visible how much these latest deviated from what God so clearly ordered to us in His holy book.

#I6. What the Bible states about the condition under which our "program of living after death" is going to be run after our physical death:

       In the Bible authorised by God Himself is contained clear and unambiguous information, under what conditions our "program of living after death" will be run for us after the physical death. These information we can find e.g. in the biblical "Ezekiel" 18:4, quote from [2#D1]: "Look! All the souls - to me they belong. As the soul of the father so likewise the soul of the son - to me they belong. The soul that is sinning - it itself will die."
       In order to translate the above into present precise language, God decides whether "souls" are going to feel that they "live", or they "die" and everything is going to finish for them. In order what God decides about a given soul depends on how God will judge it, amongst others on the basis of how morally lived the person that had this soul. In people who lead an immoral lives their souls are NOT going to be make "alive", thus their death will be final and forever.
       It is worth to notice that in further verses of the biblical "Ezekiel", God defines how we should carry ourselves in order our lives are continued after our deaths.

Part #J: Conclusions resulting from the comparison of most common expressions from our everyday life, religions, and the Bible, which relate to the "soul", with findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about souls:

#J1. What kinds of commonly used expressions is analysed in this part, and what is the goal of analysis of these expressions:

       In our everyday life, as well as in religions and in the Bible, is used a number of expressions which relate to the "soul". For example, these are such expressions as "heaven", "hell", "purgatory", "everlasting hell", etc. Unfortunately, there is a serious problem with the reliability of these expressions. For example, a number of them is used by religions, but does NOT appear neither in the Bible nor in holy books of other religions. So these expressions most probably do NOT originate from God, but were introduced by people for political reasons. Furthermore, what precisely hides behind these expression this no-one knows for sure. Also, so-far there was no way to verify whether entities described by these expressions do exist objectively. Therefore, it is highly fortunate that for some time our civilisation has in its disposal the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. After all, this theory is able to explain to us what precisely hides behind these expressions. It additionally allows us to verify whether the existence of entities which these expressions describe is possible at all. Therefore, in this part of the web page a systematic review of most commonly used such expression is to be carried out. For each such expression will be assigned an unambiguous and scientific explanation which agrees with the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, each one amongst these expressions is going to be assigned to one amongst three possible categories, namely: (1) entities the existence of which is confirmed by both, i.e. by the Bible authorised by God Himself, as well as by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, (2) entities the existence of which is confirmed by the Bible authorised by God Himself, but to which so-far people probably assigned erroneous interpretations the clarifications of which provided only the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, oraz (3) entities the existence of which is NOT confirmed by the Bible authorised by God Himself and also is denied by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

#J2. The interpretation of entities (related to souls), the existence of which is confirmed by both, the Bible authorised by God Himself, as well as by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#J2.1. Heavens:

       Under the names "heavens" we typically understand the place in another world, to which are directed souls of people who lived according to the requirements of God. The religious folklore claims that the stay in heavens is just a long string of pleasures. But the information which arrive to us about the actual heavens, reveal that although it is a place where no-one must take care of roof above the head nor food, while where everyone does whatever only wishes, but in which souls are NOT "spoiled" at all nor they "indulge" in pleasures.
       The heaven really does exist. After all, under various names the Bible refers to is in many different verses. Independently from the Bible the existence of heavens confirms also the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. After all, according to this concept, there exists the so-called "virtual world" which is inhabited by God. Thus these human souls in which God runs their "program of living after death" will cohabit this "virtual world" together with God. So these souls will "live" in the place where God also resides - means in "heavens".
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity compares a "heaven" to a specific software environment from present computers, and to specific configuration of programs. Thus, according to this concept - as described in item #I2 above, in order to make much more pleasant the stay in heavens for souls with many different views of the world, God could prepare a number of different software versions of the heavens. In each of these software versions of heavens, souls could spend their time in different ways. For example, in the "Christian heaven" souls could probably be busy with mainly cultural activities e.g. singing, composing new melodies, writing and reciting poems, forming artistic compositions, cultivating socializing by spending time together and discussing periods they acted in physical bodies, etc. In turn, in the "totaliztic heaven" souls could probably co-participate with God in gathering and extending knowledge and in improving the physical world. For example, souls could design in there new living organisms - such as non-existing yet and spectacularly looking birds, or vegetation and fruits with completely different feeding and healing attributes, or could design next petrified animals and next mysteries of the nature which later God is to create and to pass off upon human researchers in order to inspire further investigations. The existence of many different versions of heavens seems to confirm the Bible. After all, in original texts of the Bible the word "heavens" (in plural) is used, not just a singular "heaven". Furthermore, in "2 Corinthians" 12:2, the Bible directly writes about the "third heaven" - quote: "I know a man in union with Christ who ... - was caught away as such to the third heaven". At present time probably there is even more than three versions of heavens. After all, in common language some people say "I was in 7th heaven".

#J2.2. Hell:

       The Bible defines "hell" ("Gehenna") as a place in which from the command of God souls are to be destroyed (means "deleted"). About the function of the hell just as the "place of destruction of souls" are writing, amongst others, the following verses of the Bible:
       "Matthew" 10:28, quote from [2#D1]: "And do not become fearful of those who kill the body; but rather be in fear of him that can destroy both body and soul in Gehenna." This verse informs that the "hell" in reality is the location from the "virtual world" in which souls are "destroyed" (i.e. "deleted" or "killed").
       "Ezechiel" 18:4, quote from [KJV]: "Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die." This verse informs that God "destroys" souls of people who do NOT meet His requirements, because they sin.
       "Revelation" 20:14, quote from [2#D1]: "This means the second death, the lake of fire." It defines "hell" as the "second death", means as the death of "soul" (the "first death" is the death of "body").
       The Bible discloses for us also the location where the "hell" is positioned. A small reference to this location is contained, amongst others, in "Matthew" 8:12, quote from [2#D1]: "whereas the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the darkness outside. There is where their weeping and the gnashing of their teeth will be." From this verse it seems to stem, that the "hell" (i.e. the place where exist phenomena and conditions suitable for "burning" software human "souls") is located at the boundaries of our physical world, means at the outer surface (or at the edge) of this gigantic "droplet" of counter-matter which by now God pre-programmed to form our physical universe which obeys His commands, and which is described e.g. in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, and also in item #B1 from the web page named evolution.htm.
       The above information about the "hell" which originate from the Bible are confirmed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Namely, this concept informs, that if there is a pool of self-aware beings, in this pool always there will be some beings which stand in an opposition to their leader. Thus, this leader must have in his disposal some instrument with which he is going to break this opposition. In case of human governments and societies, for this instrument always were used various forms of punishment, such as death sentences, sending to Siberia or to Antipodes (e.g. to Australia), forced labour, concentration camps, prisons, etc. In turn in case of God and "spiritual beings" this tool is the "hell". It can be proven, that the "spiritual beings" cannot be tortured nor send to forced labour camps. Therefore in the "hell" they are simply "deleted" (means "destroyed" by some software phenomenon which in the Bible is described as "burning").
       The "deletion" ("destruction") of self-aware programs of "spiritual beings" which reside in the "virtual world" is NOT so simple as one may think. Therefore to the completion of this destruction God utilises the highly destructive conditions that prevail on the very surface of of the "gigantic droplet of counter-matter" which represents this part the infinitively large "counter-world", which our God programmed to be under His absolute control. Scientists such conditions call the "boundary conditions". In case of the "virtual world" these "boundary conditions" cause the destruction of self-aware programs of "spiritual beings" which enter into the range of their action. Therefore, if God intends to "delete" ("destroy") a "spiritual being", then He simply sends it to this area of action of such "boundary conditions", means to the "hell" - i.e. exactly to the place which the Bible calls "hell".

#J3. The interpretation of entities (related to souls), the existence of which is confirmed by the Bible authorised by God Himself, but so-far to which people assigned erroneous interpretations that are clarified only now by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#J3.1. Fallen angels:

       According to the Bible and to common beliefs, in very ancient times independently from God in "heavens" also lived a significant number of similar to God "spiritual beings". Some amongst these beings God used for His helpers, calling them "angels". These "spiritual beings" either were created by God (as it is stated in the Bible) or were self-evolved in the counter-matter simultaneously with God - as this is described in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, in item #B1 from the web page named evolution.htm, and also in item #I2 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm. Unfortunately, these other than God "spiritual beings" with the elapse of time started to adhere to views significant different from these of God. Thus God was forced to send them to the "hell". In the Bible and in folklore these "spiritual beings" send to the "hell" are known under the name of "fallen angels".
       The problem with the "fallen angels" depends on this, that it is commonly believed that they are like "crew of the hell". It means, they like "reside" permanently in the "hell" and make sure that this "hell" operates properly on everyday basis, destroying souls send to it. However, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the Bible clearly state, that the "hell" is a kind of like "crematorium furnace" which "deletes" ("kills") practically every "spiritual being" that is send to it. So practically sending the "fallen angels" to hell means that they were "deleted" ("killed") and since that time they do NOT exist anymore.
       As it turned out, God still needs creatures with bad intentions - means creatures very similar to these "fallen angels". After all, with the use of such "evil creatures" God punishes both, individual people, as well as entire nations. Therefore in the place of deleted (destroyed) "fallen angels" God repetitively creates temporary creatures (i.e. "simulates" them) called "devils". These "devils" display the same attributes which had the already destroyed "fallen angels". But simultaneously "devils" do NOT disobey God because they are temporarily created ("simulated") by that God. More about these "devils" temporarily simulated by God explains item #F7 on the web page evil.htm, as well as item #D2 on the web page ufo.htm.

#J3.2. Everlasting hell:

       In the everyday language, religions, and also in many different translations of the Bible is described a special state of the eternally lasting punishment called with the use of several expressions of the type "eternal suffering", "everlasting hell", etc. Because of the lack of understanding of the real role performed by the "hell", which was explained only recently by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, so-far people equalled these expressions to the fate which awaits souls of people after these souls are thrown into the hell. However, the research completed within the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm revealed, that in fact these expressions refer to a miserable fate which awaits still physically alive people if they will adhere to a kind of highly destructive philosophy called "parasitism", and simultaneously these people begin to infinitively extend the length of their lives through repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth. This is because when people who are immoral to the bone, begin to infinitively extend their lives with the use of time vehicles, they accomplish the so-called "imprisoned immortality". In this "imprisoned immortality" their lives acquire the character of just such an "everlasting hell". A description of such an "everlasting hell" of still physically alive people is provided in item #H3 of the web page god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions regarding God in item #H3 of the web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to the endless lives, and in item #D8 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about time, shifting time back, and about time vehicles.
       As an example of the reference contained in the Bible to just such an "everlasting hell" understood as a kind of highly unpleasant physical life led according to the philosophy of parasitism, it is worth to indicate the verse from "Matthew" 25:46, quote from [2#D1]: "An these will depart into everlasting cutting-off, but the righteous ones into everlasting life." About the fact that this verse refers to physically living people who adhere to the philosophy of parasitism certify two facts explained in there in previous verses. The first of these facts, contained in "Matthew" 25:42-43, states quote from [2#D1]: "For I became hungry, but you gave me nothing to eat, and I got thirsty, but you gave me nothing to drink. I was a stranger, but you did not receive me hospitably; naked, but you did not clothe me, sick and in prison, but you did not look after me." As we can notice, the above describes typical behaviours of people that adhere to the philosophy of parasitism. The second fact is the comparison of the fate of these people convinced to an "everlasting hell" to the fate of "devils" - see "Matthew" 25:41, quote from [2#D1]: "Be on your way from me, you who have been cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the Devil and his angels." In turn as this is explained in items #E1 and #E2 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, in another place the Bible states that "devils" are physical creatures intentionally created by God which practice the philosophy of parasitism.

#J3.3. Everlasting happiness:

       Our religions, the Bible, and also everyday life, sometimes use also the expression "everlasting happiness". It supposed to describe what souls experience in "heavens". However, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals, that souls as such are unable to experience any feelings. Feelings can only be generated in the physical body - for descriptions of mechanisms that make feelings work see subsections I5.5 from volumes 5 of monographs [8/2], [1/5], or [1/4]. So it turns out that these references to "everlasting happiness" in fact describe the situation which experience people who live infinitively long in a totaliztic society. Their infinitively-long lives are accomplished through repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth after each reaching the old age. Such a state of "everlasting happiness" of still physically alive people is described more comprehensively in item #H2 of the web page god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions regarding God, in item #H2 of the web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to the endless lives, and in item #C7 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about time, shifting time back, and about time vehicles.

#J4. The interpretation of entities (related to souls) the existence of which is NOT confirmed by the Bible authorised by God Himself, and is also denied by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#J4.1. Purgatory:

       On the subject of purgatory the Bible says nothing. So it is another entity invented by people. Probably the idea of "purgatory" was introduced to religions, and then to folklore, for political reasons.
       On the basis of knowledge to-date about so-called "virtual world" in which God resides and which is co-habited by our souls, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity also informs that such a thing as "purgatory" would NOT be possible to be formed in the world of software. Therefore this concept confirms the conclusion that results from the lack of references to "purgatory" in the Bible - namely it confirms that the "purgatory does NOT exist".

#J4.2. Limbo:

       The name "Limbo" is assigned in the medieval Catholic church to a hypothetical place on the edge of the "hell", to which were thrown souls of non-christened children. The tradition of this place survived until today. Only on 21 April 2007 the world learned from numerous articles in newspapers, that this place (i.e. the "Limbo") was earlier eliminated by the pope. Articles on the subject of elimination of the "Limbo" until today can be found in Internet under the key words Limbo, Pope. For example, in March 2009 one amongst such articles was still available under the address,22049,21595208-5001028,00.html.
       The Limbo is a human invention. The Bible say nothing on its subject. Most clearly someone introduced it in medieval times for gaining some political outcomes. From where really the idea of Limbo originates, it is explained more comprehensively present UFO research. Many people abducted to UFOs reports later that in UFO vehicles they saw huge halls filled entirely with large glass test-tubes, in which UFOnauts raised human babies. These babies floated in such test-tubes almost without a movement, just like this is explained in the religious idea of "Limbo". An example of report of a person abducted to a UFO, who saw in the UFO just such a huge hall filled with test-tubes with human babies, is provided in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also in "appendix Z" to monograph [2e] (see in there the paragraph N-92). In turn the commentary to the "Limbo" (referred in this report under the name "baby business"), is provided in item 4 from subsection V5.1 in volume 16 of monograph [1/4].
       In present times many people are surprised why the present Pope, Benedict XVI, on 4 October 2006 decided that the "Limbo" is cancelled. The reason for their surprise is, that in fact no man, including the pope, is competent to decide what should exist and what should NOT exist in the afterlife. After all, in the understanding of many people, about how the afterlife should look-like decides God, not the pope. But if someone understands, that in this cancellation of the "Limbo", actually the intention is to eliminate from the Christian church another reference to the secretive occupational activity of UFOnauts on the Earth, then this recent move of the pope is not surprising anymore. The only problem which in such a case should bother us, is from whose initiative this systematic removal references to UFOs from our churches is in fact continued. After all, before "Limbo" the Catholic church already eliminated, amongst others, altars - which imitate with their appearance the pilot controlling instruments from UFO vehicles, while still earlier it eliminated the standard design of churches - which originally was modelled as the interior of UFO vehicles.
       More information about the place called "Limbo" which is NOT represented in the Bible, including the information about reasons for the cancellation of the "Limbo" by the pope, and about the subject of other similarities to UFO vehicles that already are eliminated from traditions of Catholicism, is presented in item #F9 of the web page god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions regarding God.

#J4.3. Contraceptives:

       Shockingly, the Bible does NOT condemn the use of contraceptives. In fact, on the subject of contraceptives there is nothing in the Bible. In turn it is known that people can do freely everything that God does NOT forbids. In turn the Concept of Dipolar Gravity recommends the use of contraceptives, and indicates them as one amongst most important factors which are to defend our civilisation from a self-destruction - for details see item #H4 on the totaliztic web page prophecies.htm.

Part #K: Why there must be conditions for our access to the "kingdom of heaven" - means why the running by God of the "program of life after death" for a soul is a sign of passing exams given to us by God:

#K1. Is God "afraid" of something:

       There is a highly interesting question, which people typically do NOT ask, while which they should ask in order to get to know God much better. This question states "whether God is afraid of something?" Of course, in order to be able to answer this question, we first must decide what precisely we understand by the expression "is afraid". After all, one can be "afraid" in many different ways. For example, we are "afraid" differently e.g. death, and differently e.g. a loud neighbour who raises voice each time when is unhappy with us but who is unable to harm us physically. So fistly let us analyse here a case, whether God "is afraid" of something in the most mild meaning of this word, i.e. "is afraid" in the manner to which refers e.g. the Chinese proverb "he who once was bitten by a snake, is now afraid even a rope". In other words, whether "God has some unpleasant experiences from the past, which He will try to avoid in His future"?
       As this was explained in item #B1 from the web page evolution.htm, and also in item #I2 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm, in fact God had rather unpleasant experience in His past. Namely, simultaneously with and independently from God, in the intelligent counter-matter evolved also many different spiritual beings similar to God. Traces of the existence of some amongst these beings can be found even in the Bible under the name of "fallen angels" - see item #J3.1 above on this web page. God was forced to destroy these beings. Thus, this "something" that God is clearly "afraid of" even now (in the defined earlier meaning of the expression "afraid"), is the repetition of that highly unpleasant experience.
       The fact, that God does NOT want (or "is afraid of") the repetition of His unpleasant experiences of fighting with some self-aware spiritual beings, has a serious consequences for human souls. This is because God took many powerful prevention measures regarding "spiritual beings", and now is especially careful in granting the status of a "spiritual being" to any soul. Means God is very cautious about to which souls He grants the entrance to His "heaven".
       As this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page antichrist.htm, probably exists also "something", that God "is afraid of" the same strongly, as we are afraid of deaths. This "something" are different gods that self-evolved in other regions of the infinitively large counter-world, and which in the far future may confront God of our universe. It is just the danger which may arrive to0 our universe from these other gods, exerts a huge influence on many aspects of human coexistence with our God. For example, it is a reason why God subjects us to methods of upbringing, which raise us into hardened in battle "soldiers of God" described in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm.

#K2. In what manner God "once burnt now dreads the fire":

       In order to avoid a potential situation, that one day God again must fight with some other powerful "spiritual being", God allows the soul of a man to become a "spiritual being" and to cohabitate together with God in the same "virtual world" only if the holder of this soul have proven above all doubts his or her loyalty to God and his or her unconditional surrounding to the God's will. It is just because of that reason that God continually subjects every person to increasingly more difficult tests and exams. (These tests and exams are described in numerous totaliztic web pages, e.g. in items #C6 and #F4 of the web page god.htm, in item #D3 of the web page ufo.htm, or in item #F1 of the web page evil.htm.) It is also to test the loyalty of people towards God and their unconditional surrender to His will, that every person is continually subjected to unpleasant experiences - for dishing out of which God is forced to maintain a high level of immorality, evil, and injustice in our physical world.
       Still another manifestation of avoiding future problems is the method used by God for appropriate "grooming" His future companions. This method is described in the biblical Book of Proverbs 13:24 - quote (from NIV): "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." In present language this method is best expressed by the English proverb: "spare the rod and spoil the child". In fact God is "grooming" people in the exact manner described by this method - i.e. in the way we people are "hardening steel". Means, God experimentally determined throughout centuries, that the best manner of developing in people the valuable attributes of character is the appropriately directed exposing them to painful and unpleasant experiences. Therefore God makes sure that every person in the duration of his or her life is repetitively going through an extensive time of suffering because of some painful, unpleasant, or difficult events. Through doses of such "supervised suffering" used as a proven method of developing in people the required attributes of character, God is "meticulously grooming" people into a "hardened in fire", righteous, and determined seekers of truth and future companions of God.

#K3. So what we should do in order our souls could enter the "kingdom of heaven":

       Unfortunately, for reasons explained above, the invitation to enter the "kingdom of heaven" is rather difficult to earn. After all, God is NOT going to risk turning someone into a "spiritual being" that cohabitates the same realm as God and that with the elapse of time may become equally powerful like God, if God has no absolute certainty that in this someone He is going to have an absolutely obedient, devoted, and loyal ally and helper. Therefore, as this is stated in the Bible and confirmed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in order God is prepared to run the "program of living after death" when we die, in present physical life we must meet a whole array of very strict conditions. For example, already in the present physical life we must prove our unconditional loyalty to God, our absolute devotion to God, our complete obedience to God's will, and our responsibility and decisiveness in fulfilment of all duties that God imposed on us. This proving is accomplished through fulfilment of all conditions which God clearly explained to us in the Bible. Means, already in present physical life we must:
       1. Earn for ourselves the certainty of God's existence. For example, we must find and recognise our own proofs for the existence of God, similar to proofs described on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm.
       2. Accept God as He really is and with approval take everything that God does. A number of people is discovering that religions idealise God. Actually, they present such God as according to the opinion of forefathers of these religions would be the most beneficial to believers, not such as true God really is. This in turn brings various undesirable consequences. For example, it frequently leads to a rebellion and to a grudge towards God in these people who discover that this idealised God "thumped" them too much. Therefore in our acceptance of God we should behave like modern people do this towards their biological father. For example, we should understand that this father have the right to his own personality, character, habits, methods of action, goals, attitude towards us, etc. - which may not be as we would wish for. But still he is the one who gave us the life, and also he is the only father that we have. Therefore, no matter how he behaves, still he deserves our love and respect.
       At this point we should notice, that in order to cognitively accept and actively support methods, actions, exams, or attributes of God, we first need to get to know and understand all of them. This in turn imposes on us the requirement of increasing our knowledge through researching God, finding goals of God, learning characteristics of God, etc. In other words, it is the requirement of understanding what are reasons for which God gave to us the physical life. Only through learning everything on the subject of God allows us to accept God as He really is. Notice that for example everything that is done on totaliztic web pages, is just such continuous researching and learning God. In turn everything that do some present atheistic scientists, is just a negation or ignoring of God.
       3. Accept and pass, and also try to understand, tests and exams to which God subjects us continually. Means, we are NOT allowed to e.g. deny God only because we do NOT like tests and exams to which God subjected us. Also every unpleasant experience we should treat NOT as an opportunity to take a personal revenge for the "slap" which we received from God, but just as an opportunity to demonstrate to God that we passed another test and exam from our loyalty and unconditional surrender to His will.
       4. Prove our usefulness to God through responsible and thorough fulfilment of all duties that God imposed on us. Especially the fulfilment of our duty to seek and increase knowledge, and our duty to learn about God.
       5. Act in life according to requirements which God imposed onto us in the form of so-called "moral laws". Means we are NOT allowed to act immorally, e.g. lie, cheat, kill (with the exception to "self-defence"), etc.
       6. Actively fight with immorality, evil, injustice, etc., which we see around ourselves. One amongst tests to which God continually subjects us, is the "test for courage to oppose immorality" which we see around. In order to pass this test we must actively fight and oppose of everything that is contradictive to requirements which God imposed at people.
       7. Prove permanent acquiring attributes and character which God wishes every person has. Both, the Bible as well as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity list a number of such attributes and characteristics. The most vital out of these include, amongst others: voluntary acceptance of responsibility for outcome of every action in which we participate, the lack of passiveness - means an active undertaking of actions in every situation and doing then what we ourselves would expect that others would do if we swap our roles with them, the persistence in accomplishing our goals, morality, sincerity, peacefulness, etc.

#K4. The number of protections with which God blocks the access of undesired souls to "heaven", confirms how seriously God treats dangerous personalities in people and how vital is to meet all God's requirements:

       For political reasons some religions present God as a symbol of forgiveness. For example, they tell people that even the most nasty sins and personalities God is ready to forgive. However, if one considers actual actions of God, then it turns out that God organised "heaven" which He inhabits, almost as a kind of unbreakable "fortress". In turn from experiences we know, that if someone carefully fortifies His residency, then for sure this someone does NOT want to see in it any unwanted guests.
       Let us recall here some amongst methods with which God "fortified" the heavens. And so, people and all other physical creatures can live only in a completely separate physical world, from which they are unable to get to heaven just by themselves - i.e. without being invited by God. This physical world is also so formed by God that at any moment in time it can be destroyed. So this world can be compared to almost a separate "island on pontoons", which God living on a distant continent can at any moment sink remotely - if the course of events on this island ceases to please Him. God has also an absolute control over conditions that prevail in this physical world. Also He continually so changes these conditions, that every person can be subjected to these continuous exams and tests, and that these conditions shape the personality of every human exactly as God wishes. Every person (and every creature) from the physical world God make mortal. Thus everyone is judged after the death and treated as God wishes. God invites to His "heavens" only these sparse souls which managed to develop during lifetimes all attributes which God wishes to see in spiritual being that cohabit heavens with God. In turn the majority of souls are not brought to life after the physical death, but either are send back to the Earth (i.e. reincarnated) for further perfecting their characters, or are deleted (i.e. killed).
       The number and level of security of all these "fortifications" which God constructed in order to be able to invite to heavens only these sparse souls which fully meet all His conditions, speaks for themselves. After all, it warns us that we should NOT treat lightly God's exams and warning which are clearly outlines in the Bible which God authorised.

#K5. God have made a covenant with us - thus let us keep our part of this covenant, so then God can keep His part of conditions of this covenant:

       After people were created God have made a kind of covenant with people. It is described in the Bible. This covenant is very simple. If us (people) fulfil requirements which God imposed onto us, then God also will keep what He promised to us. Namely, He promised to us the everlasting life in His "kingdom of heaven". Means, God promised us, that if we fulfil His conditions (described in the Bible and summarised in the previous item), then after our death He will run our "program of of life after death" contained in our soul. In the result of this run we will keep living as "spiritual beings" that cohabitate the same "virtual world" in which God lives. Thus let us remember in our present physical life about this covenant and let us fulfil our part of it.
       Conclusion of this web page is unambiguous. Everyone of us have an immortal soul. Also with all people God have made the covenant. So if we always remember about this covenant and if we fulfil our part of it (defined by God in the Bible), then God is also going to fulfil His part. In the result our soul is never going to die, and becomes a "spiritual being" which cohabitates the heaven together with God.

Part #L: In order to get to know better our God, and also to understand our own soul, we firstly must define precisely the concept of "immortality":


#L1. Popular (mis)understanding of "immortality":

Motto: "If we do not define precisely what is meant by the term 'immortality', then we can endlessly debate whether our soul is immortal (as today this is debated by priests of various religions), while all parties (i.e. those 'for' and those 'against') still are to believe that they are right."

       Without knowing about it, we live in times of the widespread incomprehension. If we examine arguments of any two quarrelling people with different views on a given topic, then it turns out, that the majority of their differences in opinions stem from the fact that although they both use the same words and concepts, each one of them mean by these words and concepts something completely different. The point is that today's imperfect human language uses terminology that has both the popular meaning, as well as a number of specific versions and interpretations. To make matters even worse, in discussions and documents people mix together both the popular meanings of given words, with their specific versions. Thus, for example, if the "road code" of a country prohibits driving vehicles on footpaths, then there will be police officers who sign off fines for youth that uses leg propelled toy-scooters - after all, such scooters can also be called "vehicles" while youngsters usually drive them along footpaths.
       So in order to avoid unnecessary disputes arising out from the use of different versions and meanings of the same words or concepts, it is always necessary to define precisely what we should understand under that particular word or concept. In this "part #L" of the web page I am going to explain what is meant under a number of already used, and available for uses, kinds of "immortality", as well as I am going to scientifically reassure the reader, that his (or her) own soul is characterized by one of these versions of "immortality".
       The popular understanding of the term "immortality" can be defined as follows: immortality is the ability of living creatures to live for infinitely long time. But the problem with that definition of "immortality" is that there are many ways in which living creatures can gain the ability to live for infinitely long time - that means, that there are many versions of "immortality". For example, in item #H1 from my web page named immortality.htm (which explains the work of "time vehicles" of my invention, and principles of the use of these time vehicles for gaining immortality in the "reversible software time" in which we all live), I described one of these versions - namely the so-called "imprisoned immortality". In "imprisoned immortality" a living creature is repetitively shifted in time back to years of its youth after each reaching an old age. In this way, the creature lives forever. However, its life is always like "imprisoned" in the same range of the "reversible software time". On the other hand, in items #J1 and #J4 of the same my web page named immortality.htm I described a different version of "immortality", named in there the "true immortality". It is based on the fact, that a given creature receives the ability to lead an infinitely long life through an infinitely long period of reversible software time. However, it should be added here, that the creatures which enjoy any of these two kinds of "immortality" can still be deliberately killed by someone. Thus, their "immortality" is NOT "absolute", but is "conditional". That is, it can be achieved only under certain conditions - e.g. when there are NO notorious killers and psychopaths in their midst. (More facts regarding such "conditional immortality" provide items #L4 and #L6 below.)

#L2. In majority of cases, when two people argue about something, then in spite of using the same words or terms, each one of them under these words or terms understands something different:

Motto: "When we realise that there are numerous versions of immortality, then we also realise, that our souls have one of these versions."

       Nowadays, people love to conduct quarrels on every possible subject. The most fierce amongst such quarrels, and often fights and wars, are conducted about the issues related to God, religions, faith, etc.
       However, if we came across such people arguing about "immortality", then it is very likely that each one of them by the term "immortality" actually means a completely different kind of immortal life. So it should not surprise us, that we can hear from a preacher, that the Bible nowhere says that human souls are immortal - and thus that in accordance with the Bible it can be speculated, that human souls are NOT immortal at all. At the same time, on this web page I claim scientifically, that human souls are immortal. The point is, that every one of us talks then about a different version of immortality. Thus, if we do NOT define exactly: (a) what the Bible means by the word "immortality" used in it, (b) how "immortality" of the human soul could be defined in biblical times when people did not know what is that thing which now we call "program" or "software" and how this software differs from "hardware" that implements a given program, and (c) in what sense on this web page I use the word "immortality" in relationship to the self-aware and life-giving natural programs from the counter-matter that are known to us under the name of "human souls"; then we could argue on this issue for centuries, because each one of us would be both, right and also mistaken. However, if we precisely define every possible version of "immortality" - as I am doing this herewith in "part #L", and later we identify who out of arguing people uses the concept of "immortality" in the sense of which one amongst these versions, then it turns out, that there are NO reasons to carry out quarrelling on this subject.
       What is even more interesting, mutual misunderstandings gradually turning into causes of heated inter-human quarrels, similar to this example of the controversy on immortality of human souls discussed here in this "part #L", are repeated on the Earth in thousands of other life situations. Thus, the content of this "part #L" of the web page, can serve as an excellent example of how easily people may avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, disputes, and even hostilities, through a clear definition of what constitutes the subject of their disputes. Frankly, if people learned the strict defining of what is the subject of their dispute, then it could turn out, that most of the disputes would disappear, and that some professions, such as a lawyer or a politician, would prove to be completely unnecessary.
       I prepared descriptions and explanations from this "part #L" to allow the reader to understand exactly what kind of "immortality" is used in descriptions from the Bible when it refers to God himself, while what other kind of immortality is presented on this web page when it is attributed to human souls. Furthermore, I hope that my descriptions provide the reader with one of the best examples of how, through the precise definition of the key terminology, it is possible to avoid unnecessary disputes. Descriptions and explanations provided here report the findings of the new "totaliztic science" on the subject of differences between the immortalities of God and human souls. It is worth to also read these, just to understand better our God, and to understand better our own souls.

#L3. How the Bible defines the concept of "immortality":

       The Bible authorised (inspired) by God is NOT the most voluminous book in the world. However, the information contained in it includes the knowledge that is difficult to fit (and to find) in even a whole library of human books. The accumulation of such a wealth of knowledge in such a minimal volume has been made possible only due to very wise choosing by God, and placing in the Bible, only the knowledge which is absolutely essential for people, as well as due to the separation of this essential knowledge from the knowledge neglected in the Bible because people do NOT need to receive it from God - as they are able to earn it by themselves. Thus, as a result of this extremely wise selection by God of the most essential knowledge, the Bible does not include almost anything that people would like and have a pleasure to learn - although it is NOT absolutely necessary for them. On the other hand, the Bible contains all the knowledge without learning of which people are unable to live and to function properly, although learning of which the majority of people rather do NOT like, and sometimes even do NOT want.
       If someone carefully reads the Bible, then he or she should notice also, that it lacks, amongst others, formal definitions of terminology that it uses - i.e. it lacks the definitions so formulated as for all key concepts the official science formulates them in modern times, while after the simplifying they are repeated in e.g. dictionaries and encyclopaedias. After all, God have NOT designed the Bible as a set of ready-made recipes and solutions for the lazy and ignorant people, but prepared it as a kind of learning foundations from which we people have to start now our own arduous quest for truth, learning about the world, and pursuing the knowledge. For these reasons, the Bible reveals to us only "what", while for the questions "how", "why", "what confirms it", etc., we people must find an answer on our own. However, while writing the Bible, God cleverly encoded in it the definitions of key terminology that He uses in it. This encoding depends on the use of all key terminology in at least three different places of the Bible, where these terms are used in at least three different contexts - such as for the suggestion contained in the Bible, stating that in the year 2656 will be the "end of the world", explains item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm, while in relation to those only 144,000 people who according to the Bible are to be eventually admitted by God to the "kingdom of heaven", explains item #N1 from the web page named quake.htm.
       With regard to the key concept of "immortality", the Bible states about God that, amongst others, "He alone is immortal; he lives in the light that no one can approach. No one has ever seen him; no one can ever see him." - check the verse 6:16 in the biblical "First Letter to Timothy" (citations provided here come from [1#L3] and [1#D1] the English Bible of 1984, published under the title "Good News Bible" by Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York, 1984). God is also "a source of immortality" - see the Book of Wisdom, verse 15:3. Furthermore, the Bible says "For what is mortal must be changed into what is immortal; what will die must be changed into what cannot die. So when this takes place, and the mortal has been changed into immortal, then the scripture will come true: Death is destroyed; victory is completed." - see "The First Letter to the Corinthians", verse 15:54.
       If one analyzes the context in which the above quotations from the Bible use the term "immortality", then it turns out that the biblical use of this term defines it in the following manner: the word "immortality" which is used in the Bible means the conditioned by the nature and attributes of our God the unique ability of God himself to life for an infinitely long period of time, which ability for now have only our God, but which our God is able to make available to some people that He chooses. This kind of immortality the new "totaliztic science" named the "conditional immortality", because in order to be the owner of it, one needs to fulfil a number of conditions (for example, one needs to posses some attributes of God).
       The contexts in which the Bible uses the words "immortality" and "soul", explain also for us why the Bible never states that the human soul deprived of a body is immortal too. Namely, it turns out, that if the individual words receive the divine semantic precision, with which (the precision) the words are used in the Bible, then the word "immortality" can be assigned only to living beings, means to beings that are composed both, of the natural program which we call the "soul", and of the "body" due to which these souls can experience the life (i.e. to beings which are wholes composed both from the "software" that defines what and how they may do, and from the "hardware" which implements commands of this software). On the other hand, the soul itself (i.e. deprived the body) does not meet the biblical definition of a living being. Thus, according to the biblical terminology, a soul deprived of a body could only be described with the term "potentially indestructible". In turn, in biblical terminology, the term "immortal" is NOT appropriate for such a soul.
       However, it so happens, that the imperfect terminology used by people do NOT have a precision of God's word. After all, in today's human terminology, some objects also are referred as having a "life". For example, how many times we can hear today something along the line "in the duration of life of that my computer it was getting infected with computer viruses several times". In other words, in the imperfect human terminology scopes of meaning of certain words are not respected, while their use is governed by more factors than just by the semantic precision. Therefore, in human terminology the fact that a human soul itself (i.e. without a body) carries the potential that after the "breathing" it into a properly designed body, God can give "immortality" to a person created in this way, is sufficient to define this soul with the word "immortal" - instead of merely describing it e.g. as "potentially indestructible". The only problem that arises in such formulation of human terminology, is that if one wants to actually be precise (which precision becomes very important during disputes and discussions), then one needs to clearly define what is really meant by the term "immortal soul" (I provide such a definition in item #L6 below).
       The "conditional immortality" defined above (and below) actually has these attributes, that the holder of it can only be God himself. However, one of the characteristics of human souls is that they carry the potential to achieve some form of "immortality" if only a specific set of requirements is met (i.e. if God deems it worthy of this award and actually "breathes" it into an immortal body). So these people and clerics, who say that according to the Bible human souls do NOT have immortality, are right in the sense that these souls do NOT have such an unique "conditional immortality" characteristic only for God. At the same time, however, from another point of view, these people and clerics can be wrong. After all, the potential of the human soul to receive the immortality from God, after the compliance with certain requirements, also in today's human nomenclature can be considered as a specific version of "immortality" - as this is explained and defined in item #L6 below on this web page.

#L4. What should be understood by the "conditional immortality" in relation to God:

       The "conditional immortality" we can define as the ability of any living being (e.g. God) to lead an infinitely long life, which ability manifests itself when certain conditions are met. In fact, already at the present level of our knowledge it becomes clear, that in the entire universe may exist only such "conditional immortality" and various derivatives of it. For example, the most superior immortality that has our God, is just such a "conditional immortality". In addition, each received subordinate immortality that God chooses to give to creatures which He created, is also a "derived" from that God's "conditional immortality". After all, all living beings, including our God, may be intentionally killed by other living beings similar, or superior, to them. Thus, if for example, near our area of the infinitively great counter-world ever evolves other aggressive God - as it is described in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, then this other God may be tempted to kill our God. If this happen, then our God would cease to be immortal. As our God describes it himself in the biblical "Book of Wisdom", verses 10:1-3, in fact soon after his self-evolution, our God really had to fight the fratricidal fight to the death with other similar to him software being that has evolved in the same area of the counter-world as our God did - as I explained this more broadly in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. (The source of the power of our God, which among others, allowed him to beat that fraternal program-being, was the wisdom - this is why God puts so much emphasis on the "pursue of knowledge".) Similarly, our God would also cease to be immortal, if e.g. for some reasons the counter-matter has lost its indestructibility, and became a destructible and unable to store the natural programs in its memory - such programs as those self-aware natural programs of our God. Or, if for some reasons the counter-matter would lose its density (e.g. because the infinitely large universe would begin to expand even more), while because of this dilution of the counter-matter, natural programs of God would spontaneously cease to work - it would also be equal to a loss of consciousness and the life of God, means equal to the end of God's immortality.

#L5. It is also worth noting that already at our level of knowledge it can be deduced that the "unconditional immortality" does NOT exist in any part of the infinitively vast universe:

       Since every living being is vulnerable to intentional killing of it, for example, by other being similar to it but with a superior knowledge and skills, and also since every living being can be accidentally killed by some natural processes that prevent the continuation of its core life functions, in fact such a thing as the "unconditional immortality" does NOT exist. In other words, in the entire infinitely large universe there is NO living being, whom another living being similar to it but with a superior knowledge, would NOT be able to kill, or in respect of whom there is NO some natural processes or phenomena that may cause it to be killed!
       Of course, in order to get to know the potential dangers that threaten a given living being from the part of other beings similar to it, and that may also threaten it due to some sort of natural processes or phenomena, as well as in order to be able to develop methods of defence against such dangers, it is necessary to constantly "pursue of knowledge". It is for such reasons that item #B1 in the abovementioned web page named antichrist.htm explains that in the most vital interest of God is the "pursuing of knowledge", and that we humans were created in order to assist God in this pursue of knowledge. It also means, that every single one of us humans, who displays the inadequacies for the "pursue of knowledge", from the standpoint of our God ceases to be useful and thus becomes "disposable".

#L6. The definition of "derived immortality" of self-aware and life-giving programs from the counter-matter known to us as "human souls" - means why the new "totaliztic science" can conclusively state in light of this definition, that human souls have "derived immortality" (i.e. that the human souls are "immortal"):

Motto: "If some of today's computer programs gained self-awareness and the ability to live, then we would discover that they also are characterized by a version of the 'derived immortality' - as the human souls do."

       In the Polish language exists a highly useful word "pochodna", the English equivalent of which means approximately "derived". With the use of this word "pochodna" ("derived") we can describe everything that has obtained some key features of something else. For example, genetics of a person is derived from genetics of parents of this person, attributes of petrol are derived from attributes of crude oil, etc. If we read what exactly the Bible says about human souls, then we notice that these souls have attributes that allow God to assign to selected people a version of the "conditional immortality" possessed by God himself. For this reason, it is true to say that human souls have the potential to carry the "derived immortality" stemming from our God. As such, human souls are immortal too, only that in order to clearly communicate to someone this kind of immortality, one have to use a different term than that one we use to describe the immortality of God himself, for example, to use the expression derived immortality.
       So let us now define the new concept of this "derived immortality". The "derived immortality" of human souls is a kind of immortality that God may choose to give to selected souls, adding them also the new potentially indestructible bodies into which these souls are to be "breathed".
       It is worth to also notice here, that the fact that our souls carry the ability to subsequently obtain from God some derived version of immortality, in the semantic conventions used today can NOT be named properly with the use of a different word than "immortality". For example, it would be incorrect to use the word "indestructible" to describe it. Also, it would be extremely awkward if, instead of using the concept of "immortality", that key feature of the human soul is described with a long explanation such as "a potential ability to exist forever, to not be the subject to wear, and to act (live) for eternity (if properly appointed to life)" - i.e. the explanations used by the today's science of Software Engineering to describe one of the key features of today's computer programs (as explained in more details, amongst others, in item #C3 from this web page).
       Similarly like God himself, also the human souls are prone to intentional destruction. Hence, the kind of immortality which characterizes them, also belongs to the family of "conditional immortality". In addition to this, human souls are special kinds of natural programs to which God gives life in a special way via his own means. This in turn causes, that the immortality of the human souls is a "subordinate immortality" in relation to that one of God. Such an inferior towards the divine one, the "derived immortality" of the human souls, displays following attributes:
       1. Subordination caused by the appointment to the life by God. Human souls do not lead a life just by themselves. To live, they firstly must be "breathed" into the body belonging to them. If they are not in a body, then (according to the Bible) these souls are experiencing a kind of "sleep" mode (i.e. they do exist, but they do NOT have awareness of "living"). Hence the immortality of the human soul is a "subordinate" in relation to the divine one. After all, only God can deliver souls deprived of bodies from that state of "sleep" - for example, through their "breathing" into the new (potentially indestructible) body. (Note, however, that if God is so willing, then He is able to implement also one of several other than "breathing" ways of extracting the soul from the "sleep" mode - e.g. see one of these ways described in items #C4 and #I3 from this web page.) Let us clarify here this "subordination" of immortality of the human souls on an example. In item #C3 near the beginning of this web page, I explained the finding of the so-called "Software Engineering" that programs from today's computers also are characterized by a kind of potential "indestructibility" similar to that one which characterizes human souls - i.e. these programs also have the ability to exist forever, to not be subject to wear, and to work forever (if are used correctly and if they are operational in a working computer). So, if these programs also gained self-awareness and the ability to live, then it could be also claimed about them that they are "immortal". Only that their immortality would be "subordinate" to the human one, as it would be initiated for living by people.
       2. Dependency on finding themselves in the human body, which (the body) has somehow acquired a "potential indestructibility". Let us explain this dependency with the help of an example of potentially "indestructible" computer programs described in the above sub-item "1" - for which programs the present "Software Engineering" also claims, that they have the ability to exist forever, to not to be subject to wear, and to work for eternity. Well, in spite that these programs are "potentially indestructible" (like human souls), in order to actually work (live) for the eternity, they firstly need to end up in "potentially indestructible" computers - which also are capable of operating for eternity. Without finding themselves in such computers, means when they maintain their "indestructibility" but they are still just stored, for example, on a CD or on a floppy disk, these programs "sleep" - just as the Bible states that are "asleep" also our souls when they find themselves outside of physical bodies (e.g. because these bodies have died). So, as these "potentially indestructible" computer programs must be uploaded into similarly "potentially indestructible" computers, to be able to work forever, also the "derived immortal" human souls must be breathed into the "potentially indestructible" human bodies in order to experience the immortal lives. In other words, under typical circumstances, the human soul which is NOT "breathed" into some "immortal body" cannot experience the immortal life, but only can "sleep" for a potentially infinitely long period of time - just as the Bible explains this to us. Of course, this "immortal body" does not necessarily have to be made "immortal" by God, but it can achieve e.g. the "imprisoned immortality" which people open to themselves in the future by building my time vehicles.
       3. Indirectness of work due to the starting and keeping alive by the higher-level programs of God. The human soul itself is unable to live. Its starting to life and later keeping alive is only possible due to a proper work of several superior in relation to it programs of God - for example, the program called "omniplan" whose operation is described in item #C4 from the separate web page named immortality.htm. To also illustrate here on an example this attribute of an indirect work of the human soul, let us use the example of a "program of this web page". Namely, if the program of this web page have the self-awareness and the ability to live, then it would also have a kind of "immortality". However, its immortality would be of an "indirect nature". After all, in order to appear on the computer screen and to "live", the program of this web page would need to be launched by the superior in relation to it program that interprets the code of it, for example, by a program called "Internet Explorer". Thus, its start-up and life would be similar to the starting and life of programs of the human soul by the divine "omniplan". In addition, the program of "Internet Explorer" also is unable to work and "live" just by itself, but must be brought to life by an even more superior towards it program of the Operating System (for example, by "Windows") - similarly as this program of "omniplan" is run and maintained by the work of God's own programs. In other words, the human soul is so formulated that alone it is unable to live, and thus for the living it needs several increasingly imperative towards it programs created by God. Therefore, its start to life and keeping alive has an "indirect" character and is controlled by God. Its immortality is also "indirect" and completely dependent on God.
       4. Enhanced conditionality. Regardless of (and in addition to) the conditions imposed on the "conditional immortality" of God, the subordinate immortality of the human soul has imposed on itself a whole range of additional conditions. For example, some of these additional conditions include: (4a) the appointment of the human soul to life by "breathing" it to the intended body; (4b) making its life dependent on the operation of several superior in relation to it programs - one of which programs is described under the name "omniplan" in item #L4 from the web page named immortality.htm, while the other is described under the name "program of life and fate" in item #A2 from the same web page "immortality.htm"; (4c) the resisting of attempts of other people to kill or to destroy it, (4d) deserving the award from God to receive the immortal body, etc., etc.
       5. Susceptibility for killing and destruction by humans. Every kind of immortality can be destroyed by beings of the same type as the creature bearing a given immortality. So if a human soul, which received the body and the life from God, somehow accomplished also the immortality (e.g. through the construction and use of my "time vehicles" described on the web page named immortality.htm), then still some other people may appear, who are so aggressive and immoral that they may want to kill this soul, and simultaneously they are so scientifically and technologically advanced, that they will be able to carry out this killing. (As I already mentioned this in item #C3 of this web page, in circles of "occultists" it is believed, that finding ourselves near the centre of a nuclear explosion irreversibly destroys the human soul, and thus deprives the owner of this soul any further chance to experience immortality.)
       6. Susceptibility to the killing and destruction by God. Of course, God may at any time terminate immortality by killing those immortal people to whom He gave the immortality. He may also take away from the human soul a chance to get immortality, by destroying it. God does NOT hide these his capabilities and writes about them openly in the Bible. Also He set up a time and opportunity, often called the "final judgment" when He is to consider the suitability of the soul of every human to obtain immortality, after which judgement He is to destroy these souls whose bearers, in accordance with the God's criteria, do NOT deserve to obtain such an immortality. (What is most frightening, that according to the estimates described in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm, those people who until the "end of the world" deserve the immortality, may be very few, because only "144 000" - that is, for every million of people living today, can be at most four people who, in practice, deserve to receive the immortality from God. The rest of the people after the "resurrection" at the "end of the world" perhaps will be irreparably burned.)

#L7. Why the research presented here regarding the precise definitions of various types of "immortality" broadens our knowledge of God and increases our understanding of ourselves:

Motto: "Some people avoid researching and learning about God because they are afraid that the finding of truth about God can spoil magnificence of their imagination - however everything in God is so great and so wonderful, that even best products of the limited human imagination still are unable to cover the unspeakable magnitude God's glory and excellence."

       If on the basis of the above descriptions, we have been able to understand, that in certain circumstances and with the consent and active participation of God, the human soul can exist and live forever, then we also understand that the human soul is having a kind of potential immortality described here as the "derived immortality". In other words, these descriptions explain why on the basis of findings of the new "totaliztic science" we are permitted to say, that people have immortal souls. Only that while discussing this fact with someone who claims otherwise, we must explain to him or her what the above descriptions reveal, namely that the immortality of the human soul is of a different type than the immortality, for example, of God, and thus that the difference of opinion on this issue stems from the fact that using the same word "immortality", each of the discussing parties means a different kind of immortality. Therefore, in order to arrive to elimination of differences in views on the immortality of the human soul, one must:
       (a) Make sure that each of the disputing parties is aware that in biblical times people did not know what is that thing which today we call "program", or "software", and how this "software" differs from "hardware" that implements a given program. Therefore, in biblical times it was impossible to define for people that the human soul is a kind of self-aware and life-giving natural program ("software") which resides in the counter-matter and is run (appointed to life) by God through "breathing" it into the body that performs the function of "hardware" which implements this program. On the other hand, without the possibility of defining for people as to what exactly is the human soul, in biblical times it was also impossible to clarify precisely what kind of "immortality" this soul has. More preferably, and more inspiring towards the search for truth, was to leave all this knowledge for the scientific explaining by the future generations of human scientists on Earth - which explanation herewith provides the new "totaliztic science".
       (b) Balance the disproportion of the two disputing parties regarding gaps in knowledge about the different types of "immortality" (means read the complete "part #L" of this web page, as well as "part #H" and "part #J" from the web page named immortality.htm), and
       (c) Use in the exchange of views, the expressions that refer to specific definitions of the different types of immortality, instead of using for all of them the same single word "immortality" - under which each of the parties understands a completely different type of it (that is, the word "immortality" in the statements is to be complemented with an additional term that defines the type of it, for example, with the term "divine", "conditional", "derived", "human soul", "imprisoned", etc.).
       At this point I should add that if people started to use similar standards of discussion in all other exchanges of views and disputes, then the emergence of differences in opinions would diminish over time to almost zero, and thus the world would begin to live without strife, wars, and perhaps even without politicians and lawyers - who, after all, are masters in spreading confusion through manipulating on different meanings of the same words.
       I do not need to explain here how important meaning has for each of us the knowledge of truth about the kind of immortality which characterizes our soul. After all, this truth is a kind of access into ourselves, means learning about ourselves what is the most difficult to learn.
       The information provided in this "part #L" of the web page also draws our attention to another issue, namely to the fact how the pursuit of truth about God increases our admiration and praise for the real glory of our creator. After all, in the Bible, God devotes to the description of "immortality" only 17 verses (sentences) - meaning approximately 400 words. However, with their skilful use, as well as with the skilful use of whatever the Bible leave unsaid, God was able to provide us not only with all the information, which explaining in other words took me over 4000 words in this "part #L", but He also was able to provide us with the additional information which in this "part #L" I did not even try to explain. In other words, in spite of using in the Bible imprecise ancient language, only in his descriptions that use this language God can be more than 10 times more factual and accurate than I am. On top of that, what I am only describing here, God actually invented, designed and implemented in the physical world that He created. This is yet another proof of indescribable greatness, precision, and glory of God, and the reason for pursuing our admiration and praise for his divine knowledge, capabilities, power, and perfection!!!

Part #M: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#M1. Summary of this web page:

Motto: "Seek and you will see, because the truth cannot be shown to those ones who refuse to open their eyes to it."

       Practically everyone amongst us is aware, that only if we really do have an immortal "soul" then our physical death is NOT the end of everything. Therefore everyone amongst us would like to be reassured that in fact does have such a "soul" inside. After all, for vital reasons God coded into us a permanent fear of nothingness of death. On the other hand, also for vital reasons, God continually maintains us in the lack of certainty about the existence of this immortal "soul", and even in the lack of certainty about the existence of God - for details see item #F2 on the totaliztic web page named evil.htm, or see item #D1 on the web page named ufo.htm. No wonder, that practically almost everyone of us continually seeks the reassurance based on the "knowledge and understanding", that regarding the "soul" true is everything that religions make us to believe just "on a trust". For example, every person would like to learn a scientific proof that he or she actually has an immortal soul, and that this soul is going to "live" after the physical death of the body of that person. Also everyone would like to be reassured that in other dimensions this soul is going to allow him or her to continue "living" after the physical death takes place. Therefore practically everyone of us asks various questions regarding his or her soul. This web page provides replies to the majority of such questions. For example it explains precisely what our soul actually is, explains why the soul is immortal, reveals what is this "life" of the soul after our physical death, and presents numerous items of scientific evidence to confirm that souls really do exist - in this number also photographic evidence, and even an experiment of a physical nature.
       Many publications about souls have appeared so far, which are similar to this web page. But this web page has a significant advantage over all other of them. The reason is that other publications about souls draw so-far their argumentation and evidence from just a single source - namely from religious tradition. On the other hand everyone knows that if during searching for a truth just a single source is utilised (means the search is based on the testimony of just a single "witness"), then the researcher is exposed to errors, imperfections, and deviations of this single source (means on departure from the truth which was introduced by this only "witness"). Thus even the Bible is clearly recommending to us, that - quote: in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established - for exact references to this biblical recommendation about principles of searching for truth see item #C5 on the web page bible.htm - about secrets of the Bible authorised by God Himself. For this reason everything that this web page states, is based on statements derived from two different sources simultaneously, namely from (a) written religious tradition (i.e. mainly from the Bible), and (b) the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Also everything that this web page states about souls in a definitive manner, is confirmed simultaneously by both these sources - means is confirmed by two mutually independent "witnesses". Therefore, statements of this web page provides much higher level of correctness and certainty than statements from all other previous publications about souls, which were based just on a single "witness" (i.e. just on a single source of information - which for them was the "religious tradition"). Personally I am convinced that information confirmed by such two independent "witnesses" (means by two independent sources of information) give the sufficiently high certainty to be correct, that whatever they state is worth to take seriously under consideration in our lives and in our actions.
       Only on this web page a significant number of items of scientific evidence was presented which certifies for the existence of immortal souls. These items of evidence originate from a whole range of different scientific disciplines. For example, not only from physical sciences and biological sciences, but also from the area of mathematical logic, statements of the Bible and religions confirmed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also from everyday experiences of people. On this web page is even indicated the highly objective photographic evidence for the existence of souls. In turn item #E7.1 of this web page describes a simple experiment which every person should be able to complete in order to experience on oneself that actually he or she does have the soul after all. And we must remember that whatever was presented on this web page, it is just a small droplet in a huge ocean of such scientific evidence for the existence of soul, which is already indicated to us by various sources and by numerous researchers.
       The meaning of this huge pool of scientific evidence is unambiguous - everyone amongst us, including yourself, the reader, in fact do have an immortal soul. There is no even a slightest doubt about it. The problem, however, with our certainty about the existence of the soul depends only on the fact that - as this is explained in item #B1 of this web page, certainty cannot be given to someone as a free gift, but everyone must earn it with his or her own effort. Therefore, by basing own searches on the information and findings presented on this web page, now everyone can on his or her own find and confirm private evidence and proofs that actually he or she do have the soul. In turn, through finding and confirming such evidence and proofs, now everyone can earn, just by his or her own effort, a cognitive certainty that in fact he or she does have the soul.
       Simultaneously with proving the existence of the soul, this web page discloses to everyone that what happens to this soul after the death it depends solely on the decision of God. Not every soul is going to land in the place which the Bible calls "heaven" or the "kingdom of heaven" - i.e. not every soul is maintained "alive" after the physical death of its owner and cohabits the "heaven" with God as so-called "spiritual being". It turns out that God had in past unpleasant experiences with "spiritual beings" - e.g. consider descriptions of biblical "fallen angels". Thus in order to avoid in the future equally unpleasant for God experiences with spiritual beings which God Himself created, God currently acts according to the proverb "once bitten, twice shy" (or the proverb "a burnt person dreads the fire"). It means that after the physical death of body God "gives life" to only these souls which are meeting a whole array of very rigid requirements. For example, He gives life to only these souls which prove already in the physical life their unconditional loyalty to God, their obedience to God's will, their usefulness as helpers in accomplishing God's goals, and their unconditional fulfilment of all God's commands. Of course, in order to be able to test every souls whether it fulfils these requirements, God subjects it in the physical life to a whole array of exams and tests. In turn to create appropriate conditions for carrying out these exams and tests, God intentionally maintains on the Earth a very unpleasant conditions. These conditions are so controlled by God, that the physical lives of people are dominated by immorality, evil, greed, injustice, envy, illnesses, oppression, wars, etc. In this way God has the opportunity to expose every person to the action of various forms of immorality and evil, and to check how this person is going to react. God ostentatiously subjects people to such tests and exams through e.g. arranging on the Earth such situations that power and leadership must be given to most inappropriate people, that immorality and evil are immediately rewarded in a spectacular manner, while moral behaviours and doing good are immediately spectacularly punished, etc. - for more extensive descriptions of methods of action of God see subsections JG3.3 to JG5.5 from volume 6 of monograph [8/2]. This immorality and evil intentionally promoted by God on the Earth is so dominant, that the epoch in the fate of the humanity to-date can be named the "epoch of God's experiments with evil and with consequences of evil" - for details see item #B5 on the web page will.htm, or see subsection JF6 from volume 6 of monograph [8/2]. This experimenting with evilness on people God admits Himself in the Bible, informing us in there that He presently gave the Earth to rules of "Satan". (The Bible states also in other verses that this "Satan" is just another creation of God.) Thus, within the scope of these God's tests and exams frequently one group of people ruthlessly exploit, enslave, torment, and destroy another group of people. No wonder that in the final effect only extremely rare people pass all these God's exams and tests and prove that they fulfilled all requirements imposed on them by God. So practically to another physical life after the death, and to cohabiting together with Jesus in the "flying city" that Bible describes under the name of "New Jerusalem" are to be allowed only very sparse souls (as it seems to be indicated by my estimates presented in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm - NOT more than one soul for every 250 thousands of people previously living on the Earth). In turn the majority of remaining souls which have proven beyond all doubts, that they are completely unworthy of God's favours, land in the place where they are subjected to the "second death" (i.e. "deletion") - means they are simply irreversibly "burned". (In past church erroneously interpreted this "burning" as landing in the so-called "hell". But what exactly is this something that in past was called the "hell", this web page explains it also precisely in item #J2.2 - as usually supporting the findings with information from as many as two separate sources, i.e. from two different "witnesses".)
       The evidence, explanations, and presentations from this web page lead us to a very vital conclusion. Namely, they prove that souls really do exist and they persuade that it is worth to put a bit of effort and attention to what we do during this our physical life. Also it is worth to take notice of warnings that are provided in the Bible authorised by God Himself. After all, it would be very unwise to unleash our immoral behaviours only to gain a few mortal benefits, and this way to deprive our soul the chance for everlasting life and to designate this soul to the fate that we would NOT like it experiences.

#M2. If you are still NOT convinced by the physical, medical, and photographic evidence for the existence of souls which is described on this web page, then I suggest to complete a relatively simple experiment described in item #E7.1:

       In item #E7.1 above on this web page, is described a relatively simple experiment which illustratively and convincingly demonstrates to people who complete it, that the soul in fact does exist, and that this soul is a "superior natural program which controls the matter". This experiment boils down to convincing the all-powerful soul to grant a supernatural weight to a body of normally light person, making this body almost impossible to be lifted up. So those people who still are NOT convinced by the physical, medical, and photographic evidence for the existence of souls, presented on this web page, are recommended to complete the experiment, thus obtaining a chance to experience in person that in spite of claims of present atheistic scientists, souls do exist.

#M3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#M4. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at the addresses:, with mirror copies available at On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#M5. Internet discussion forums on topics addressed on this web page:

       Readers who wish to discuss any topic addressed on this web page, or on any other web pages of totalizm, should be interested to know that these topics are discussed at a whole array of threads from Google discussion groups. Topics and links to these threads are listed in item #E2 from the totaliztic web page named faq.htm.

#M6. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 until 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#M7. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#M8. Copyright © 2013 by Jan Pajak - means the owner of copyrights for this web page and for theories, evidence, ideas, and illustrations shown here:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. Illustrations (photographs) which are presented here, as well as logical deductions, findings, scientific theories, identification and research of the evidence, and descriptions, are all of my authorship and thus also are my intellectual property. Thus I (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) am also the owner of copyrights for all of these. Of course, I would NOT have any objections if some readers repeated, presented, or discussed, in their own publications any information or illustration published on this web page - under the condition that in such cases they would cite a publication of my authorship and give a credit to my effort and my work by adding a courteous comment which would acknowledge my intellectual authorship and contribution to working-out or interpreting a given fact, phenomenon, theory, or topic - e.g. a comment of the type "courtesy of Dr Jan Pajak".
       The less known links between scientific evidence available on the Earth, and the existence of immortal (but destructible) souls, I am reporting here on the example of commonly known phenomena, rites, experiments, etc. The majority of these I saw in person during my professorships in Malaysia and on the tropical island of Borneo in years 1993 to 1998. While reporting these commonly known facts, I added to them a further component which remained unknown or unseen previously. Namely, with the use of findings which result from the theory of everything that I developed myself, and that I named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, I indicated a direct link which appears between this already available scientific evidence and the existence of immortal souls. This direct link represents my unique contribution to the human knowledge and as such it is the subject of my copyrights. These people who in the future are going to report this link in their publications, herewith I am obliging to courteously give a credit to my scientific contribution through mentioning my name and my research.
* * *
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