Clouds which hide UFO vehicles
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12 December 2012

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Welcome to a web page which illustrates another amongst many paradoxes which surround UFOs. It reveals, that in UFO matters one may be completely wrong and simultaneously be right. For example, one may be completely wrong when in UFO matters he or she plays a "sceptic", a "close-minded", or a "devil’s advocate", and stubbornly denies the existence of UFOs, and claims that all UFOs sightings are illusions, fakes, or clouds. Simultaneously, in such a denial of UFOs one may be right, because - as this web page explains and illustrates it, many UFO vehicles form technological clouds around themselves, so that they can hide in these clouds from the human sight. So in fact, in many cases UFOs look like clouds, while clouds hide UFOs inside. From this finding stems the content of this web page. The page presents photographs, attributes, and circumstances of photographing, for a special kind of clouds which are formed technologically by UFO vehicles. UFOnauts generate these clouds on purpose. They hide from the sight of people their UFO vehicles inside of such clouds. Thus, in the interest of people lies that we begin to take notice of these extraordinary clouds, and initiate our research to learn truths which these clouds are able to revealed to our civilisation.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       We are proud of the level of advancement of our present civilisation. After all, instead of chasing mammoths with spears, we carry our bottoms on leather sits of modern limousines. But are we really so civilised? If so, then where these entire nations dying from hunger come from? What causes these astronomical differences between the highest and the lowest earning people - could it be that some are lesser humans than others? Who instigates these wars which almost continually are troubling our civilisation? What causes this increasingly more dangerous warming of the Earth's climate? What causes the so-called "ozone hole"? Where this dangerous economic crisis comes from - which was initiated around a half of 2008? Why a group of rational scientists organised in the "Club of Rome" already in 1972 needed to prepare a report "the limits of growth" which foretells the collapse of the entire our civilisation not later than by 2030 - and why the existence of this report is not commonly known and taken notice of? The reply to all these "Wh" questions is very simple. It states: because as a civilisation we continually live in lies. These lies of our entire civilisation begin from a supposedly "insignificant matters". Their example can be the official denial that UFOs do exist. We know that such denial is a lie, because in spite of it, there is no such a day that a newspaper somewhere in the world, or a television of some country, wouldn't inform about another UFO sighting carried out by reliable eye witnesses. Another example of lives on an ivory tower of lies are scientists denying that God does exist. After all, in spite of this denying we have a number of huge religious institutions on the Earth, which could be organised and can act only because God continually manifests His existence to various people. In addition, only naming subsequent categories of scientific evidence for the existence of God occupies a whole web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence that God does exist.
       When such a culture of lies is once imposed onto our lives through such supposedly "innocent" lying repeated everyday by people of authority and by institutions of social responsibility, then this human lying is gradually leaking to practically every area of our lives, staring from sciences (see the web page evolution.htm - about evolution), through industry and inventions (see the web page boiler.htm - about revolutionary invention of electrical boiler), and finishing on politics (see the web page humanity.htm - about the better humanity). So in the final result, as a civilisation we earn whatever we just see around ourselves, means we earn rampaging immorality, social injustice, exploitation, oppression, unemployment, hunger, tormenting, wars, illnesses, plagues, unhappiness, uncertainty of tomorrow, etc., etc.
       From the above situation stems the goal of this web page. Namely, let us begin to not only see the truth, but also let us openly say the truth. In turn, it is most easy to begin seeing and saying the truth when this truth concerns something that is NOT too painful for us, for example when it concerns a special kind of clouds that have a technological origins. Therefore, the description of just such clouds formed technologically by UFO vehicles is the main goal of this web page.

#A2. The Ticino photograph which reveals a typical appearance of "clouds" that hide UFO vehicles inside - means how this web page was started:

       Everything started around 1989. Together with a team of UFO investigators from Dunedin in New Zealand, we organized a research expedition to an area which was continually troubled by UFOs. This area lies at the site of so-called "china-stones" fallout from the UFO explosion near Tapanui - described comprehensively in a separate monograph [5/3]. It was located not far from the New Zealand township Roxburgh. At this area a huge paddock was covered with hundreds of UFO landing sites. UFO vehicles also lifted into air over there, and transported slightly uphill, a huge china-stone that weighted several tons. So when all of us was documenting and filming marks left on the ground over there by a fleet of UFOs, our attention was directed at a strange cloud that was hovering exactly above our heads. It looked like a spherical complex of two UFOs formed from white steam. This cloud was even captured on a video by our camera operator (unfortunately, none of us has taken a photograph of it). It hovered later above our heads during the entire period of our investigations of this area, means for several hours. All other clouds drifted with the wind to other places and changed their shapes. But this extraordinary cloud hovered motionlessly in one spot as if it was "anchored" to the ground. It also did not change its shape and all the time maintained the same appearance and size. When finally we returned to our cars and drove back to Dunedin, this cloud started to move with us. It accompanied us the entire path to Dunedin (around 140 km), drifting parallel to us above the left side of the road along which we were driving. What even more interesting, the direction in which it moved collided with the direction of drifting of other clouds. In this particular research expedition around 20 people were participating. None of us even for a moment suspected, that it could be anything else than a cloud. Even when it started to move and "drifted" with us to Dunedin, no-one changed this view. I remember, that we even commented in our car, that probably on various heights different directions of winds must prevail, so that one of these winds by a chance moved it in the same direction that we travelled. No-one of us was considering the fact, that all this time the "cloud" maintained the same shape and size, looking like a spherical complex of UFOs, nor the fact that the road from Roxburgh to Dunedin changes the direction into a shape of the "L" letter, and that this strange cloud changed the direction of flight together with this road.
       At the time when I observed this "cloud", I had some unexplained conviction that it was nothing else but a cloud with shapes accidentally slightly more regular than other clouds. Probably for this reason I have NOT taken a photograph of it, in spite that all the time I had a camera in my hands ready for shooting. (Or, perhaps, this "cloud" telepathically ordered me to NOT photograph it - as this UFO vehicles do and as I described this in subsection VB4.1.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4].) However later, my memory of a strange behaviour of this "cloud" with the elapse of time started to induce in me a suspicion that perhaps it was something more than just a cloud. It was because of that suspicion, that my curiosity was raised by a photograph of "clouds-UFOs" which soon afterwards by a chance show to me one UFO investigator. (I am showing here this photograph on "Fig. #A2".) This UFO investigator was named Helen Loepfe. She lived in Waikuaiti, New Zealand (i.e. not far from Dunedin). She received this photograph from one of her friends. It was taken in Switzerland, in the vicinity of Ticino. It is connected with a quite interesting case concerning a UFO abduction to a huge UFO vehicle which was hidden inside of one of these clouds. Unfortunately, now I am unable to find my notes with the description of this case. In turn, because of the elapse of many years since the time when I was familiarized with this UFO abduction, I do not remember all details. However, even without describing here the extraordinary events that were connected with taking the photograph shown here as "Fig. #A2", still one fact is absolutely certain. Namely clouds shown on this photograph were hiding UFO vehicles inside.
       The talk with Helen Loepfe and the history of this unusual photograph shown here as "Fig. #A2" caused a breakthrough in my thinking. It realized to me, that this extraordinary "cloud" which together with a team of UFO investigators we observed in Roxburgh, was not a cloud at all. It was a UFO vehicle which in some technological manner generated around itself a cloud of vapours that looked like a cloud, in order to hide from our sight in this cloud. So this unusual "drift" of that "cloud" to Dunedin together with us, also was NOT a coincidental correspondence of the direction of wind with the direction of our travel. It was an intentional travel of that UFO with us to Dunedin, most probably in order to check in which exactly homes we live, so that UFOnauts could later give to us a "special treatment". (Due to an extraordinary "coincident", all participants of that particular research expedition were later severely "disadvantaged by life". They were persecuted by illnesses, deaths, shooting of a crazy gunman, disintegrations of families, divorces, unemployment, mental disorders, etc. Starting from that particular expedition, life of practically every participant of it had no more a normal or a typical course.)
       Starting from that time, I began to seek intentionally in skies and to observe these extraordinary clouds with UFO shapes. During years that elapsed since, I managed to find and to observe several of them. Unfortunately, always then I had no camera with me. Means, always previously - until one "more lucky" case which I described in item #C1 below.

Fig. #A2

Fig. #A2: A photograph of clouds which for sure hide UFO vehicles inside. A friend of Helen Loepfe took this photograph in Ticino, Switzerland. (Click on the above photograph in order to see it enlarged.) "Clouds" captured on the above photograph for sure were formed technologically by UFO vehicles in order to hide these vehicles inside. Into a UFO vehicle hidden in one of these "clouds" a citizen of Ticino was abducted by UFOnauts. The above photograph originally was published in a Polish treatise [4c], copies of which are disseminated free of charge via the internet web pages listed in "Menu 4". In that treatise [4c] the photograph was described in subsection B7.8. (Reasons for which evil UFOnauts so thoroughly hide their UFO vehicles from human sight, are explained in a separate web page named "26th day".)
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this photograph. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it with your own graphical software.

Part #B: Let us define more unambiguously the subject of this web page:


#B1. What are these "cloud-UFOs":

       By the term a "cloud-UFO" this web page understands a different kind of clouds which is NOT formed naturally through the release of laws of physics or mechanisms of nature, but is formed technically with the use of propelling devices of advanced vehicles popularly called the "UFO vehicles".

#B2. How "cloud UFOs" (also "fogs" and "rains") are generated by UFO vehicles:

       The principle of technical generation of fogs and clouds by UFO vehicles is described more comprehensively in several monographs on totalizm - for examples of such descriptions see subsections LB2 and H5.4 from volumes (respectively) 10 and 4 of my newest monograph [1/5], or at least subsection H5.4 from volume 4 of monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm".

Part #C: My personal experiences with "cloud-UFOs":


#C1. A "cloud-UFO" above Wellington, New Zealand:

       Around Friday, 18 March 2005, the city of Wellington - means the capitol of New Zealand, started to be troubled by very strange fog. It was thick like milk. It was hanging over Wellington near to the ground, forming a thick and motionless layer several hundred meters high. In spite that rather strong winds were blowing in Wellington at that time, this cloud of fog would not move nor lift. Only periodically it disappeared for a brief period of time (I believe that UFOnauts had then a brake in their activities), in order to fall soon on this city again. It lasted above Wellington stubbornly for almost a week of time. It lifted itself only on Wednesday afternoon, on 23 March 2005. During the time it lasted, it paralyzed completely the communication of Wellington with the rest of country, making car traffic extremely difficult and causing that for several days airplane flights to Wellington airport needed to be cancelled. The disturbances caused by this fog are described in numerous articles that appeared at that time in New Zealand newspapers. (As an example see the article "Fog set to hang around" published in a New Zealand newspaper named "The Dominion Post" issue dated on Tuesday, 22 March 2005, page 1.)
       I personally suspected that this extraordinary fog is NOT of a natural origin. My believe was that it was caused technologically by UFOnauts, who was completing then in Wellington some activities on the surface of the ground. With the use of this fog UFOnauts hide their presence over there for several days. After all, I knew already then about other cases when UFO vehicles formed similar fogs in order to hide their presence and activities. (An example of such cases is the event described in subsection VB4.5.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]. Namely, in 1915, in Gallipoli (Turkey), a UFO induced a powerful fog, into which an entire company of soldiers marched in sight of numerous witnesses, in order to be never seen again. This company was known as the "Sandringham Company".) I also already knew the principle of fogs formation by UFOs. I described this principle in subsections LB2 and H5.4 from volumes (correspondingly) 10 and 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. So when this extraordinary fog paralyzed the city of Wellington, I kept my eyes and ears open. I wanted to find a proof, that it was caused technologically by a UFO. And in fact this proof appeared in front of me.
       When one day this extraordinary fog started to lift (probably because UFOnauts had a next break in their activities), I was just sitting in my office in front of a computer. The window which I have by my desk overlooks Wellington. So periodically I was lifting my eyes from the computer screen in order to see through the window how this fog is lifting. Soon after 3 p.m. the fog disappeared almost completely. Only small patches of it stuck to buildings of the Wellington city. But above Wellington still a thick layer of clouds prevailed, which looked approximately like clouds from "Fig. #D1" below. When a subsequent time I looked more carefully at these clouds, I noticed in them a familiar shape of a "cloud-UFO", that I already knew from my earlier observations. I have not noticed what exact time it was then, but for sure it was still long before 4 pm. Before this point of time I did not analyze carefully a part of the sky in which this "cloud" was located. (After all, earlier the sky was concealed by the dense fog.) So I am not able to say when exactly this "cloud" arrived to that place. Before I spotted this "cloud", it could already hover in this place for many hours, or perhaps even for several days. The interesting thing is, that it hovered approximately above the place, where the New Zealand Parliament is located, which was just in session. Could it be possible that UFOnauts were interested in this session? Pity that I do not know way to learn what kind of law the parliament was passing at that time. I continued my work, from time to time looking at this "cloud-UFO". At the height that it hovered a powerful wind must prevail. This is because all other clouds drifted fast with this wind. But this one cloud stood exactly in the same spot all the time, as if it was "anchored". However, the wind kept disturbing quite fast its almost ideal discoidal shape. After it was disturbed it looked untidy - as it is shown in photograph from "Fig. #C1". So every several minutes this "cloud" went through a cyclical transformation. From a disturbed and irregular, it rearranged itself into a perfectly discoidal with a smooth surface. When at 5 p.m. the time had come to finish my work and to go home, almost all other clouds from this thick layer that initially was extending above Wellington, were already moved beyond the horizon. Only several small clouds were still left above Wellington, plus this rhythmically renewing itself discoidal "cloud-UFO". After I returned home I immediately grabbed my photo-camera in order to photograph this "cloud". Unfortunately, other buildings of Petone disallowed me to see it. So I needed to walk around a half of kilometre from my flat into shores of the Wellington harbour, where nothing was standing between me and the "cloud". I photographed the "cloud" from over there. As it turned out, the photo of it was the last on my film. (I had no a replacement film - UFOnauts visibly always have a "luck" in avoiding being well photographed.) So in spite that I intended to photograph this "cloud-UFO" in several subsequent stages of the cyclical transformation, I had no film. Thus I only observed what happens next. After further around 15 minutes, during which the "cloud-UFO" was undergoing several further transformations of self-renewal of its shape, the "cloud" did NOT renew its subsequent disturbing by wind and gradually diminished. In the place where it stood "anchored" for over 2 hours, then appeared a blue, clear sky. Here is how looks this only photograph of the extraordinary "cloud-UFO" from Wellington, which I managed to take that afternoon:

Fig. #C1

Fig. #C1: The centre of this photograph shows a "cloud-UFO" which I observed for over 2 hours as it hovered above Wellington - the capitol of New Zealand. I (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk) photographed it myself in March 2005. This cloud for sure hid a UFO vehicle inside. It demonstrated almost all behaviours which are described in item #G1 below. What is most interesting, that this UFO appears to hover right above the building of the New Zealand Parliament, which was in session at that time. It would be interesting to know, what kind of law was passed in the Parliament that particular afternoon. (Click on the above photograph in order to see it enlarged.) The city of Wellington (i.e. the capitol of New Zealand) is visible below this "cloud-UFO". It is captured in view from shores of the sea harbour that extends from the centre of Wellington, up to the suburb of this city - i.e. the settlement named Petone in which I currently live. Between buildings in the centre of Wellington (located under this "cloud"), especially in the right side of Wellington, non-dispersed remains of this extraordinary dense fog are still visible. This fog was formed technologically by UFOs and it troubled the city for almost a week of time. In the left lower corner of the photograph still the rest of this thick layer of clouds is visible. At the time of my first sighting of the "cloud-UFO", that thick layer of clouds prevailed along the entire sky above Wellington and Petone, means from the horizon to the horizon. The "cloud-UFO" captured on this photograph initially was just only one out of numerous clouds from that thick layer. During over 2 hours of time when I carried out my observations of the "cloud" shown here, the thick layer of clouds was pushed by wind beyond the horizon. Simultaneously, the "cloud-UFO" captured on the above photograph was hovering all the time in one and the same place, as if it was "anchored". Also, in spite that all other clouds from that thick layer continually changed their shape and size, this "cloud-UFO" kept almost unchanged shape and always was approximately the same size. Because the powerful wind continually tried to disperse it, every now and again it renewed its original, UFO-shaped appearance, returned the initial smoothness of the surface, and returned to the same, original size. In fact, the above photograph captured this "cloud" in almost the last phase of the dispersion by wind. Soon afterwards it was undergoing through a next transformation that returned it to the original, UFO-like shape and to smooth outlines of the surface. On the above photograph it is shown in almost the most disturbed state which it reached always just before a cyclical renewal of its UFO-like shape. In around 15 minutes after taking the above photograph (which turned out to be the last photo on my film), and after undergoing several further cycles of dispersion by wind and returning to the original UFO-like shape and smooth surface, the "cloud-UFO" captured on the above photograph rapidly diminished into nothingness, still without moving from the spot in which it hovered for so long.
* * *
       At this point it is worth to realize, that such a huge UFO vehicle hovering above a capitol of a country in a cloud formed technologically, is introducing to people a number of dangers and threats. The most scary out of these threats is the fact, that we really do not know what type of sabotage this UFO vehicle carries out during the time when it hides inside of that cloud. After all, it can telepathically force selected people to undertake specific decisions or actions, which are contradictive to interests of humanity and interests of a given country. It may just carry out abductions of people into vast interiors of this space vehicle, where these people are subjected to various forms of biological exploitation, robbery of their sperm and ovule, hypnotic pre-programming of their views and actions, etc. - for details see the web page UFOnauts available through "Menu 4", or see subsection OC1 from volume 13 of my newest monograph [1/5]. This UFO may also remotely induce deadly cancers in selected inhabitants of a given city, by using on them the murderous "device for inducing cancer", which UFOnauts have in their disposal, and which is described in details in subsections K5.2 and V5.3.3 from volumes (respectively) 9 and 17 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Of course, the threats introduced by such a UFO vehicle hidden in a cloud do not limit themselves to these listed above. After all, we must remember that at any time into such a cloud may fly a passenger airliner which just passes above the city. In such a case this airliner would simply disintegrate into pieces. In turn, the fault for this disintegration would again be blamed by hypnotically manipulated "experts" onto supposed "whirls of the clear air" described in subsection V7 from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5]. (After all, in the present intellectual climate of a blind condemnation of everyone who says anything about UFOs, no "expert" would risk loosing his job by revealing that a given airliner disintegrated because of a collision with a UFO - even if evidence for such a collision would be obvious and visible to everyone - as an example see the web page "26th day", which presents equally obvious evidence that tsunami of 26th December 2004 was caused by UFOs.) We must also remember, that the sole capability of UFOs for mass production of fog is a serious threat to people as well. After all - as this was demonstrated by a UFO vehicle captured on the above photograph "Fig. #C1" several hours before that photo was taken, if such a UFO vehicle descends close to a city, and initiates the generation of large quantities of fog, then in such supposedly "natural" manner just on its own it is able to sabotage the entire communication and entire activities of that city.
* * *
       The intriguing aspect of the above photograph is also, that relatively close to the point from which it was taken, I have found one amongst these famous in the entire world plastic ducks adrift in ocean currents. My internet research suggest, that the duck which I have found drifted to the beach in Petone from as far as eastern coasts of the USA - for information about its fate see the caption under "Fig. #M1" from the web page telekinetics.htm - that illustrates and describes the appearance and identifying marks of that duck. For this reason, that duck provides an illustrative evidence that radioactive pollution from the explosions of nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, also with the elapse of time are to spread around the entire world, harming these inhabitants of practically every country, which practice the punishable by God, highly immoral philosophy of parasitism - as I am trying to warn about this in items #C7, #I1 and #B5 of the web page named seismograph.htm.

#C2. My sighting of a ring-shaped inception of a "cloud-UFO" above Wellington, New Zealand:

       In less than two weeks after the date of taking the above photograph, most probably I had an opportunity to observe how UFOs form just such a "cloud-UFO". That particular day I went for a walk along the same beach from which I photographed the cloud from "Fig. #C1". I still had freshly in my memory this photographing, so I carefully looked at the sky above Wellington in the area where this cloud hovered the other day. It was a cloudy day and the entire sky looked as if was covered with a kind of grey screen. The bottom surface of this screen was smooth and it was impossible to distinguish on it any contours of individual clouds. Rapidly, near the same area in which the other day this cloud that I photographed was hovering, means significantly below this grey screen, a ring-shaped cloud appeared of a perfectly white colour. It had an ideally round shape. It looked almost like a silver wedding ring, only that it was made of white water vapours instead of metal. The appearance of it was rather abrupt. It resembled to me a game of forming a circle from smoke by cigarette smokers. Simply initially was nothing in that place, then seconds later there was already a snow-white cloud shaped like a ring. Only that this ring was not a solid one, but it was composed out of over 20 segments of identical size and shape, that were mutually separated with small spaces in between them. I thought that each one of these segments must be formed by a separate side propulsor of this UFO, and that I should count how many of them is there - so that I could determine what type of the vehicle is generating them. But before I managed to begin my counting, the entire volume of space surrounded with this ring, rapidly filled up itself with white water vapour. Thus it formed a solid, disk-shaped cloud, which was very similar to the cloud shown in "Fig. #C1". All this happened very fast. From the moment when this first ring appeared, until the moment when a complete discoidal cloud was hovering on the sky, only around 20 seconds elapsed. Interesting in this cloud was the snow-white colour of it. This colour somehow stunned and collided with the surroundings. After all, above this snow-white, discoidal cloud, a whole screen of grey, non-transparent clouds was spread. So the logic was suggesting, that this newly formed cloud should also have a grey colour, similar to that from the grey screen above it. But it was completely white. At the moment when it formed itself into a complete disc of a "cloud-UFO" - almost identical to the one captured on "Fig. #C1", I though that just to be sure I will watch it for the next around 15 minutes, before I turn back home to find my photo-camera. I knew that if during next 15 minutes of observation this cloud does not change its discoidal shape, then this will mean that it is a cloud formed technologically by a UFO, not a natural cloud. But it looked as if this "cloud" read my thoughts. After a short while it started to dissolve into nothingness, in order to completely disappear from the view in a few seconds. The manner and the speed with which it disappeared were identical as these observed earlier on the cloud from "Fig. #C1". The complete transformation, means from the moment when the first white ring appeared on the sky, to the moment when the final discoidal cloud disappeared completely from the view, lasted very shortly - I estimate that in total only around 1 minute. Because of such a fast appearance and disappearance of that cloud, at that stage I was not absolutely sure that whatever I was observing was in fact a formation of a technological cloud by a UFO vehicle. But several attributes of that phenomenon suggests, that most probably what I observed then was in fact a formation of a "cloud-UFO" - only that immediately after forming this cloud UFOnauts decided to fly in another place. One out of such attributes was the fact, that this cloud appeared in almost the same place in which I previously photographed the "cloud-UFO" from "Fig. #C1". Such a repetitive appearance of it in the same place is consistent with habits of UFOnauts - as we know them. From other UFO observations we know, that if UFOnauts are interested in some object on the ground, they keep arriving in the same place for relatively long periods of time. Another such attribute was the fact, that the entire process of formation and subsequent diminishing of this cloud happened so fast. Normally clouds need many minutes for such a process, not just seconds - as this was the case with the cloud that I observed.
       That this was in fact an observation of a "cloud-UFO" in making, was confirmed just several days later. It happened on Tuesday, 5 April 2004. In morning that day the weather above Wellington was perfect - one could NOT see even a single cloud on the entire sky. After I arrived to work I had a look through window and again I noted the familiar discoidal shape of a "cloud-UFO" that hovered high in the sky above the building of Parliament. But that day I had classes with my students from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. And as usually my photo-camera was left at home. So all that I could do at that stage was to have a good look at this "cloud", and then I needed to go for my classes. During both breaks in classes I purposely approached windows that pointed towards Wellington, to check whether this "cloud-UFO" still hovers above the Parliament. All the time it hovered in exactly the same spot and in exactly the same shape. When my classes finished around 12 in noon, I returned fast to my office. Over there I checked again whether the "cloud" still hovers in the same place. It hovered unchanged in exactly the same place where I saw it since shortly before 9 a.m. Because it was just time for my lunch, I decided to switch my computer off, and to go home in order to take my photo-camera, and photograph this "cloud-UFO". The process of switching computer off lasted just several seconds. After I switched it off, I looked again in the window. The "cloud" was NOT there any more. It disappeared literally in several seconds, when I was turned towards my computer. (Previously it was hovering in exactly the same place for over 3 hours.) This abrupt disappearance of it confirmed conclusively, that this my previous sighting of a rapid appearance and a rapid disappearance of a discoidal cloud, was in fact an observation of the technological formation of a cloud by a UFO vehicle.

Part #D: Photographs of "cloud UFOs" posted to me by readers of this web page:


#D1. The photograph of "universalis":

       On 23 March 2005, one of readers of my monographs, who used the pseudonym universalis - email:, send me the following photograph of a cloud, about which he claims, that he discovered a UFO vehicle hiding in it. Because the shape of the cloud send by him to me in fact does correspond to shapes of "cloud-UFOs" that I know of, I decided to publish his photograph on this web page. Here is how this photo looks like:

Fig. #D1_1
Fig. #D1_2

Fig. #D1: A photograph of a cloud, the shape of which corresponds to shapes of clouds formed technologically by UFOs in order to hide inside of them from the human sight. (Click on the selected photograph in order to see it enlarged.) . This photograph was send to me by a reader known as universalis - email: To the left an entire original of this photograph is shown. On the right side, a copy of this photo is shown on which the exact spot is marked in which, according to universalis, a UFO vehicle was hiding.
       When I asked the person who took this photograph about place and circumstances of taking it, I received the following explanation - in my translation from his email (in Polish): "it was taken in Argentina by one member of our unofficial club of UFO fans. We discovered that for unknown reasons UFOs prefer to visit tropical areas, especially both Americas. My colleague was led to the place of this photograph by a local guide, who said that very frequently in these regions flying saucers can be seen, which tend to damage crops. As one may see from this photograph, this field was scorched during a landing of a flying saucer."

#D2. Hanging "fir-tree" configuration formed from "cloud-UFOs":

       Another interesting photograph of a "cloud-UFO" posted to me for interpretation, is shown below as "Fig. #D2". Unfortunately, I received it without details of the author who took it. So I am unable to ask about circumstances of taking it. Thus for the time being I am showing it here without providing details of the origin of it. However, I would like to reassure the viewers, that in my searches I had many opportunities to observe strangely behaving "cloud-UFOs" (unfortunately, almost always I had no photo-camera handy in such situations). In a large proportion of these observations, clouds that hide UFOs inside displayed shapes very close to the shape that is illustrated below in "Fig. #D2".

Fig. #D2

Fig. #D2: Here is a photograph of a "cloud-UFO" in the shape of the configuration of UFOs which in monograph [1/5] is called a "fir-tree" complex. (Click on the above photograph in order to see it enlarged.) Only that on the above photograph this configuration hovers in the "hanging position", instead of the "standing position" in which usually we see the forest fir-trees. Detailed descriptions of such "fir-tree" configuration are provided in subsection G3.5 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn principles on which such a configuration is formed, are illustrated in Figures G8 (2) and P11 from my newest monograph [1/5].

#D3. Polish photographs of a "cloud UFO" in the shape of a ring:

       On 9 March 2009 I received an email from another reader of this web page, who photographed still one more "cloud-UFO" - this time in the shape of a ring. Because his email explains practically everything, below I am repeating it in its entirety (just only after translating it myself into English) - together with two photographs of the Polish ring-shaped "cloud-UFOs" that were enclosed with this email. To facilitate the fast reading of the email, the most evidential part of it - which describes circumstances of taking both photographs, is framed in blue lines. The only thing that I should add to descriptions of Mr JG, is that I myself also saw in New Zealand a ring-shaped "cloud-UFO" of the appearance and attributes almost identical to his cloud - i.e. the one that is described and illustrated below. For descriptions of my sighting of just such ring-shaped "cloud-UFO" see item #C2 above.
* * *
Good day,
       I am enclosing two photographs with this email. Please do not publish my email address. For purposes of identification I agree to publish my initials - JG, I also added these initials onto both photographs. Herewith I agree that Jan Pajak uses both these photographs, and text provided below, without payment for the non-commercial research purposes and scientific publications and for adding these materials to his own works with mentioning the author (JG). This my agreement is valid forever.
       I am the author of these photographs. They were taken in 2003 or 2004 in Lublin (Poland). I remember the phenomenon itself, and I am going to describe it below. Unfortunately, I have a lack of memory as to where I took these photographs (i.e. I completely forgotten where I took them). But this can be established on the basis of buildings visible in the background.
       Photographs probably were taken from the driving car (although I am NOT sure of this) while I was the passenger of this car. Photographs show two frames of the same phenomenon and probably were taken from two different spots not far from each other. Photographs were taken with the camera build-into the handphone Nokia 7650 and I am presenting them in the original (unfortunately not very good) quality - but just such were capabilities of this camera. The phenomenon was visible with the naked eye and visually it was more spectacular than on the photographs. Here is my first impression and later conclusions. Notice: in spite that the sighted figure according to principles of geometry is NOT a ring, I am going to call this phenomenon a ring, as I suspect that the initial geometrical form of it was a ring (before the trail in the shape of a ring started to diminish and become an arch).
       a) The ring was positioned (in my subjective feeling at the moment of my sighting) noticeably lower than the condensation trails of jet airplanes. In my opinion the ring was stationary (meaning it would not move).
       b) In its composition the ring resembled a condensation trail from jet airplane - but it was composed like from huge number of small clouds which formed a ring with smooth edges. But jet airplanes do not fly in circles.
       c) In the vicinity of the sighting area there is no airport for jet airplanes so no such airplane could circle in there. The city of Lublin does NOT have a real airport yet, although such an airport is just being planned.
       d) In the city of Lublin there are no air-shows. Even if these would take place that day, still they would NOT be organised above the densely populated area, but rather somewhere beyond the city over farmland, which surrounds Lublin.
       e) From the Earth this "ring" looked to me circular, not elliptical as it seems to be on the photograph. The lower this ring was formed, the more elliptical it should appear for the witness who sees it under an angle from the level of the ground.
       f) When I first saw this phenomenon, the ring was already unclosed one (i.e. had a break in it - so from the point of view of geometry it was just an arch of a circle) and as time elapsed the trail diminished.
       g) The diminishing of the trail looked similarly like diminishing of the condensation trail of a jet airplane - "clouds" disappeared in the air as time elapsed, and their thickness become lesser.
       h) It is worth to add that at the moment of taking the photos, with naked eye was visible much more than on the photograph - the "ring" was more closed one (i.e. the arch sighted was much longer) but because of low quality the camera apparently did not capture this. In the place where the ring disappears, with naked eye still was visible a thinner strip of "clouds", thus I am sure that initially this figure was a closed ring.
       i) What interesting, probably this trail disappeared on both ends simultaneously - as time elapsed, instead of just from one end as this would take place in airplane trails (although I am not absolutely sure of this, as a lot of time elapsed). I consider this to be quite a significant detail as even if the ring would be formed by an airplane flying in circles, this trail should diminish only at one end of it (this thicker one), similarly like the condensation trail of airplanes diminishes first from the end where the airplane arrived first. If the phenomenon that I observed originated from a jet engine then two airplanes would need to start from the same point and then meet in a common point on the "opposite" end of the ring.
       j) The photograph with a street lamp visible was taken earlier, while the photo with a traffic sign - later. They were taken in a gap probably around teen seconds. Unfortunately the camera did not write so-called EXIF and thus the exact establishing the time elapsed between photographs is not possible. But it is possible to carry out a simulation in order to check how much time is necessary to drive such a distance by a car - if the exact spot can be established.
       k) When I was close to finishing the sighting, only a half of ring was still visible, the trail was quickly diminishing. My time of sighting amounted to around a minute. I deduce from this, that the entire phenomenon could be visible maximum 2 to 3 minutes.
       Up until now I found no rational explanation for this phenomenon. Never before, nor never later, I saw something similar.
Kind regards, JG

Fig. #D3_1
Fig. #D3_2

Fig. #D3: Two photographs of a cloud shaped like a ring taken by JG. My own sighting of almost identical ring-shaped "cloud-UFO" like that above is described in item #C2 of this web page. (Click on the selected photograph in order to see it enlarged.)

#D4. Polish photographs of a "cloud UFO" very similar to the "cloud UFO" photographed above the parliament of New Zealand:

       In May 2009 another reader posted to me next photographs of a "cloud UFO" photographed above Poland. Below, in "Fig. #D4" I am showing these photographs. This cloud manifested a shocking similarity to the cloud which I photographed myself above the building of New Zealand parliament, and then show in "Fig. #C1" from the beginning of this web page. Here is how this particular Polish reader describes his sighting and photographing of that extraordinary cloud - quoted are sections from his emails.:
       Several days ago by a "coincident" I managed to take two clear photographs of a non-typical "cloud". These photographs were taken with a handphone camera which has one amongst the best (in handphones) integrated digital cameras. Furthermore, this camera was stolen from me by a thief already a next day. When I realised that the handphone was stolen, I started to chase the thief, but strangely he disappeared into the thin air behind a house corner. A couple of days later I recognised the thief in a Police database - but the investigation seems to last forever. Fortunately I managed to copy the photographs from the handphone the same day as I took them.
       The evolution of the "cloud" I was watching for only around several, or perhaps ten minutes, as this was the all time that I waited on the tram-stop for the tramway in which I am going to work everyday. The weather that day was, as I remember it, windless, thus clouds, in the short-term would NOT move in a noticeable manner along the sky. When I was returning from the work, around 8 hours after taking these photographs, of course the "cloud" that I photographed earlier was NOT there anymore, nor any other cloud captured on the photograph.
       Please take a notice of following points:
       - almost an ideally fluent transition of the tone (gradient) that results from varying density of the water vapours at edges of the "cloud", please compare edges of the cloud generated technically with edges of a natural cloud that existed below it - which edges are clearly distinguishable.
       - the "cloud" is located in a highly unnatural manner, this looks as if it intentionally tried to hide itself behind another cloud, from potential onlookers on the Earth,
       - the "cloud" was located in the straight line, in a distance not greater than several hundred meters from my flat, and it was located on the side at which windows of my flat are directed, i.e. thus by looking through any window in my flat I would see it for sure,
       - the theft of my handphone looked like work of a professional. If NOT the fact that I realised about it a few seconds too late, I would catch the thief for sure, but to my surprise the thief still managed to escape in spite that I was nearing to him while running only around 20 meters behind him - he disappeared from my sight only at the moment of turning sideways in place where I live and thus which I know perfectly; i.e. when I emerged from behind the corner of a building the thief already was not there. It is also significant that the handphone was stolen from me in a distance of around twenty meters from the place in which I took photographs discussed here, as well as not far from the house in which I live.
       On the other hand, I copied photographs into my computer a day earlier, so the theft of the handphone only makes impossible taking further photographs in similarly unexpected situations.
       Thus, the message should say approximately as follows: "you were deprived the tool with the use of which you acted against our interests and you potentially could act again in the future - if we would NOT remove this tool from you".

Fig. #D4a. Fig. #D4b.

Fig. #D4ab: Photographs of a "cloud UFO" taken in Poland above the city Łódź with a photo-camera from handphone. This photo was taken and made available for showing here by Mr. Bartłomiej Kotlewski - email: The captured cloud shown a multilevel similarity with the clod from "Fig. #C1" which was photographed by myself in New Zealand above the Parliament buildings from Wellington. (Click on the selected photograph in order to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #D4a (left): The first amongst two takings of this cloud.
       Fig. #D4b (right): The second taking of the same cloud photographed a minute later.

Part #E: "Cloud UFOs" are a global phenomenon and a global problem:


#E1. What other people noted about "cloud-UFOs":

       Although only the "Theory of the Magnocraft" created theoretical foundations for explaining puzzles of the "cloud-UFOs", many people on various occasions for a long time noticed, that there is a connection of some sort between clouds and UFOs. Even if these people did not mature yet for an open admitting that UFOnauts technologically create clouds in order to hide UFO vehicles inside of them, still they managed to accumulate a vast body of interesting observations about these technologically formed "cloud-UFOs". They also have taken a lot of photographs. So let us now summarize here the most vital information that are already available in Internet on this subject. Here they are:
       (a) A "cloud-UFO" forces president Bush to hide inside of an underground bunker. On Friday, 29 April 2005, British The Guardian, published an article entitled "Incoming cloud forces Bush into safe bunker". This article for a long time could be found on the internet web page,12271,1472905,00.html. It stated that a dense cloud that flew with the speed of a helicopter in the direction of White House, on 28 April 2005 caused an alarm forcing the President's guard to move him into the underground bunker, and placing into a shooting readiness the anti-aircraft cannons on roofs of buildings from the neighbourhood of the White House. It was the first such case after the famous 11 September 2001, when the President was forced by someone/something to evacuate to the bunker. (Notoriously, as this was the case in September 11 - see the web page WTC, also this time it was again a UFO vehicle which was the original source of the problem.) The UFO-cloud materialized around 30 km south from Washington. On radar screens it appeared as a solid object which repetitively was shown on the radar and then rapidly kept disappearing. So it was suspected that the cloud could hide a camouflaged attack on the White House, similar to the attack of 11 September 2001.
       A similar information about this "cloud-UFO" was also repeated in an article available on the Unfortunately, none of these articles provided photographs of this extraordinary cloud.
       Interpretation: According to the "Theory of the Magnocraft", this cloud was appearing on radar screens as a solid object, because it contained a UFO vehicle inside which was flying in the "state of telekinetic flickering". This vehicle every now and again changed the level of its visibility from being completely invisible to people, into becoming temporally fully material. In times when the UFO vehicle which hide in that cloud assumed the complete material state, the radar detected its trajectory directed towards the White House and initiated an alarm. More about the "state of telekinetic flickering" in which this UFO carried out its flight towards the White House is explained in subsection LC3 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Between us, it becomes extremely intriguing why in April and May of 2005 UFO vehicles displayed this continuous interest in centres of power of subsequent countries. After all, as this is explained in item #C1 above, at that time similar "cloud-UFOs" hanged relatively frequent above governmental buildings and parliament of New Zealand.
       Highly interesting in all this matter of raising an alarm in the White House by a "cloud", is that this was the first such serious alarm since the famous 11 September 2001 - means since the date when UFOnauts evaporated WTC buildings in New York and attacked the Pentagon. However, on 11 May 2005, means just several days after publishing the above description on this web page, unexpectedly almost an identical alarm was caused by a small aeroplane, the pilot of which supposedly "got lost" above Washington D.C. (Taking under consideration, that this "getting lost" again occurred in a highly meaningful date of 11th, it is easy to deduce that also this time UFOnauts were hiding behind it, and used it to subtly pass their message.) For me personally this second alarm looks like "diverting the attention" type of reaction of UFOnauts to their previous "error" of causing an alarm by a "cloud" which pointed the attention of society at the fact that UFO vehicles are able to hide inside of clouds. This is because the meaning of this second alarm lies in interest of UFOnauts as it conveys the information of the type "see, an alarm in the White House is nothing unusual". The article about this second alarm of 11 May 2005, is published, amongst others, on web pages politics/11cnd-plane.html? 8bl=& pagewanted = print and stories/2005/ 05/11/national/ main694514.shtml.
       (b) A "cloud-UFO" troubles a group of hikers. In June 2002 a group of American hikers went to First Creek of Red Rock. In the return trip they noticed this discoidal cloud which continually kept changing its highly regular, discoidal shape. At one time it looked like a single disk, while at other times it appeared to be a pile of two, and also three, separate disks placed one on the top of other. These transformations lasted for around 20 minutes, then the cloud rapidly disappeared. After reaching the car which was parked not far from this cloud, the group discovered that the car has difficulty with ignition. When they finally managed to start it, on the return trip home the car several times interrupted the proper operation. After the second interruption it refused completely to ignite again - so they were forced to push it to a nearest petrol station and ignite it there from an accumulator of another car. After driving a part of further way, they noticed another cloud similar to the previous one. When they photographed it, their car rapidly stopped. A next day in workshop it turned out that the car had burned alternator and completely exhausted battery. The description of the entire their encounter with this cloud (in English), together with colour photographs of that "cloud-UFO" that chased them so stubbornly, in May 2005 were presented on the web page
       Interpretation: The phenomenon of changes in the number of disks that constituted this cloud, that was observed and photographed by the group, in fact represented the coupling and decoupling of further vehicles to the "flying cigar" of UFO vehicles that already hovered in that spot. (An example of such a cigar is shown in Figures G1(c), G6/1, and G7 from my newest monograph [1/5].) Problems with the ignition of their car resulted from the fact that the UFO vehicles which hide inside of this cloud operated in the so-called "magnetic whirl mode of operation" that chocks the electric circuitry. In turn the fact that the cloud initially disappeared and then appeared again, suggests that UFO vehicles which hide inside of it harboured some dirty intentions towards this particular group of people. (On the basis of information which I am providing in item #G1(e) below, I personally suspect the entire this group was then abducted into the UFO, only that after the abduction their memory was thoroughly erased. After all, during a hiking through an unpopulated area, that they just carried out, it is quite easy to loose the track of time and also it is easy to be abducted into a UFO without realizing what actually has happened.)
       (c) Evidential significance of photographs of "cloud-UFOs" available in Internet. In the completely disclosed form, UFO vehicles extremely rarely allow to be seen and photographed by people. After all, if someone sees and photographs a metallic UFO vehicle, then there is no doubt that whatever is seen actually is an extraterrestrial space vehicle. While UFOnauts at all costs try to make impossible for humanity to realize the fact that Earth is secretly occupied by these morally decadent cosmic creatures. But a completely different matter is with UFO vehicles hiding inside of clouds. Most surely UFOnauts believe that people are too stupid and too preoccupied with their "down to Earth" activities, to notice these unusually looking and behaving clouds. Therefore, after hiding their UFO vehicles in such technologically generated clouds, UFOnauts behave completely unrestricted and do not avoid being noticed nor photographed. This is the reason why until now in Internet there is a huge number of photographs of such "cloud-UFOs" made available. In turn the availability of these photographs provides UFO researchers with a significant body of evidence, which may be subjected to various analyses and interpretations. After all, the general appearance and behaviour of these "clouds-UFOs" discloses to us the appearance and behaviours of UFO vehicles that hide inside of them. In turn phenomena that are observed on these "cloud-UFOs" provide us with a perfect evidence for deducing technical capabilities of UFOs, their principles of operation, and phenomena which these vehicles are able to induce. For example, from these photographs of "clouds-UFOs" available in the Internet one can deduce and confirm shapes of individual UFO vehicles, types of coupling which these vehicles form most frequently, habits and behaviours of UFOnauts, objects of their interests, and many more vital information about our cosmic occupants. All these information patiently awaits in Internet for people with open minds, who will bring it to the daylight and publish it for the benefit and knowledge of other people.
       Investigators who wish to analyze, extract or interpret data coded into photographs of such "cloud-UFOs", already now have in their disposal extremely rich empirical evidence. This evidence can be easily found and viewed with the use of present "search engines". For example, the "search engine" named "Alta Vista" is able to find and show to them entire galleries of photographs of various "cloud-UFOs" displayed in Internet. On order to view an example of just such a gallery of photographs of "cloud-UFOs", it is enough to click on the link to "Alta Vista" provided below, which was prepared on 2nd May 2005 (I do hope that it is still going to work correctly until today):
       Interpretation: Of course, after finding photographs of "cloud-UFOs" that interest us, still we need to subject them into analyses and interpretations which are to bring to the light the information coded into them. Amongst a large number of possible subjects of such analyses and interpretations, the most basic one is to determine the type of UFO vehicles which hide in a given cloud-UFO, and also determine a type of coupling that these UFO vehicles use to cling to each other. How to accomplish this, we can explain on an example of the "cloud-UFO" of rather meaningful shapes, that originally was displayed on the web page, while here is shown on Figure "Fig. #E1" below. Types of UFO vehicles which hide inside of this cloud are disclosed by comparison of the shape of this cloud with shapes of individual types of UFOs shown in drawings from Figure G19 in volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. As the comparison reveals, this special "cloud-UFO" hides inside one UFO vehicle type K7, and one UFO vehicle of type K6. (Please notice from subsections G4 to G4.7 in volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], that the exact shape of subsequent types of UFO vehicles is strictly defined by a set of mathematical equations that result from the principle of operation of their propulsion systems. So if one knows this shape, then is also able to determine the type of the UFO vehicle that is just seeing. For a UFO type K7 this external shape is shown in Figures G10, G17(c), G19, G39 in my newest monograph [1/5]. Furthermore, an approximate appearance (drawn from the memory of abductee) of either this UFO type K7, or a UFO of slightly bigger type K8, is shown in Figure 12 from the Polish treatise [3b]. In turn the exact shape of a UFO vehicle type K6 is shown in Figures G7, G17(b), G19, G24, G25, G39 of my newest monograph [1/5].) Both these UFO vehicles are mutually coupled with each other in a flying configuration named "zigzag". (The general appearance of such a "zigzag", but formed from two vehicles type K6, is shown in Figure G11(b) from my newest monograph [1/5]. It is also described in subsection G3.1.4 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5].)

Fig. #E1

Fig. #E1: An example of a "cloud-UFO" with very meaningful shape which is almost identical to the shape of a large UFO vehicle type K7 coupled into a "zigzag" configuration with a half of its size UFO vehicle type K6. (Click on the above photograph in order to see it enlarged.) In May 2005 the photograph of this cloud together with the description of it was available on the web page It was taken on 19 June 2001. The shape of it very closely resembles the shape of a UFO vehicle type K7 flying in a standing position. Under the side propulsor below the right half of this large UFO type K7, a half smaller UFO vehicle type K6 oriented in a hanging position is coupled. The water steam that is technologically generated by this smaller UFO vehicle type K6, has slightly different physical parameters from the water steam generated by the larger UFO vehicle type K7. Therefore the rays of sunlight that shines on these two kinds of steam, produces two different shades of the pink colour. This in turn allows to distinguish which cloud of water vapours is generated by which of two UFO vehicles. Notice also that a thin layer of water vapours that hides both these UFO vehicles from the sight of people, was slightly deformed by the wind. Thus the shape of this "cloud-UFO" is slightly disturbed in comparison to true shapes of both UFO vehicles that hide inside of it.

Part #F: UFO vehicles which hide inside of "cloud UFOs" are dangerous for people:


#F1. "Cloud-UFOs" are lurking dangers as on command from UFOnauts they can unleash murderous tornados:

       If someone observes typical "cloud-UFOs", then these appear as if they are completely harmless. Just unimposing, regular, usually chalk-white clouds. However, as I explained this on a separate web page which in "Menu 2" is marked "tornado-UFOs", in these clouds a deadly danger is stalking. On commands from UFOnauts which control these UFO vehicles, such "cloud-UFOs" can quickly transform into deadly tornados. Then from innocently looking clouds they turn into roaring monsters which destroy and kill everything onto which UFOnauts direct them.
       The principle on which such innocently looking "cloud-UFOs" transform into deadly tornados is explained in details on a separate web page named "tornado-UFOs". But in order to summarise here, at least very briefly, the descriptions provided over there, this principle boils down to intercepting by a UFO hidden in such a cloud, the nearest "low-pressure whirl of counter-matter". (What are these "whirls of counter-matter" is explained in subsections H4.2 and LB1 from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].) These low-pressure whirls of counter-matter could be compared to huge loops formed from an extraordinary substance which are spinning in a separate world, and which are penetrating through our planet. (More illustratively they could be compared to colossal snakes made of counter-matter, which spin around the axis of rotation that runs along their own spine cords, while they bite with their jaws ends of their own tails thus forming single closed loops with their spinning bodies.) In the areas where these spinning loops of counter-matter penetrate through Earth's atmosphere, they intercept particles of the air, thus forming huge circulations of the air. On weather maps shown in our TV these circulations are illustrated as circular winds that rotate around low pressure areas which prevail in their centres. An interesting attribute of these huge low-pressure whirls of counter-matter, is that they can be intercepted by magnetic circuits of a large UFO vehicle, and then narrowed down to just several (or a hundred) meters. In case of just such narrowing down of a low-pressure whirl, the normally slow moving air that is propelled by this whirl accelerates significantly and receives huge velocities and power. In the result, this UFO vehicle (or a Magnocraft) which intercepted and narrowed down a given low-pressure whirl, forms a "technological tornado" from it. The tornado is then directed onto a building which the crew of this UFO vehicle wishes to destroy. Of course, people who witness this tornado are unaware that it is NOT natural at all, but that it was formed technically by a UFO vehicle. After all, the UFO vehicle which generated it is hiding from people inside of a "cloud-UFO" from which this tornado emerges. So through creating such technological tornados UFOnauts are able to secretly destroy any object on Earth, while people have no clue what really hits them. Unless people manage to learn how to distinguish such technological tornados formed by UFO vehicles, from natural tornados. This is because such tornados formed by UFOs must display a whole array of attributes, which have no rights to appear in natural tornados. These attributes result either from characteristics and principles of operation of UFO vehicles which control them, or from phenomena utilised by UFO vehicles for generating such technical tornados. For example, these tornados always must have a "funnel" the appearance of which depends on the magnetic pole directed towards Earth in the main propulsor of the UFO vehicle which created them, they always emerge from a low-flying "cloud-UFO", always on their "funnels" characteristic offshoots shaped into "membranes" appear, also always their behaviour is "intelligent". The complete list and explanation of attributes which characterise these tornados induced technologically by UFO vehicles is presented on a separate web page named "tornado-UFOs".
       I personally know for a long time these tornados formed by UFOs. I described them already in various publications of totalizm. Unfortunately, so-far I had no photographs which I could present in Internet to illustrate their attributes and behaviours. By a fortunate coincidence, such photographs finally were forwarded to me. One series of them illustrates a tornado that was formed by a UFO on 16 May 2005, near the township Bunbury in Western Australia (i.e. around 50 kilometres south from Perth). Attributes of this tornado coincided with characteristics of tornados induced technologically by a huge UFO vehicle that was flying in a "hanging position". For example, the trajectory of this tornado by a "strange coincidence" was passing "intelligently" along the densely populated and well developed areas of the Western Australia. The "funnel" of this tornado was looking like the one formed by the outlet from the "N" pole of the UFO main propulsor directed towards the ground, and had characteristic "membranes" which are formed during a hanging orientation of the UFO vehicle which formed them. (In Australia the single UFOs which are flying in a "hanging position" always direct towards Earth the "N" magnetic pole of their main propulsor.) In turn the cloud which generated this tornado had a UFO-shaped, bulging-downward dome, which is consistent with the hanging orientation of the UFO vehicle which generated this tornado.
       Below I present for viewing both, photographs of this tornado generated by a UFO, as well as explanations what these photographs show. After all, they provide us with a rational knowledge about one more destructive and hidden use of UFO vehicles against humanity. As such, these photographs give us to hands a learning tool which may initiate an effective self-defence of humanity against these hidden attacks of UFOnauts. These photographs and explanations are addressed to all people with open minds, who wish to know "what really is going on around them", which intend to watch atrocities committed on Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts, and which intend to undertake self-defence against attacks of these evil aliens. So now I suggest to firstly look at these highly evidential photographs shown below as "Fig. #F1", then I recommend to shift onto a different web page named "tornado-UFOs", where one can learn detailed interpretations of these photographs and also learn attributes of tornados generated technologically by UFOs. On this separate web page one can also verify via personal analysis the message and information which I am trying to forward and illustrate with the use of these photographs.

Fig. #F1(a)

Fig. #F1(b)

Fig. #F1(c)

Fig. #F1(d)

Fig. #F1a, b, c, and d: Here are four photographs of the same tornado formed technically by a large UFO vehicle, which ravaged the town of Bunbury in Western Australia on Monday, 16 may 2005. The detailed explanation of principles on which "cloud-UFOs" generate such murderous tornados, as well as descriptions of attributes which characterize such tornados induced technically by UFO vehicles, are presented on a separate web page named tornados-UFO. Analyses carried out on that separate web page reveal, that the above tornado was induced technically by a huge UFO vehicle, most probably of a K10 type, which was flying in a "hanging position" with the "N" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed toward the ground. Therefore the above photographs represent a highly illustrative evidence which reveals that many tornados are formed by such unique "cloud-UFOs", means by clouds the behaviours and shapes of which coincide with those of UFO vehicles. In order to see more clearly each of the above photographs, it is suggested to click on it to make it enlarged. The tornado captured on the above photographs caused huge destruction. Many "strategic" objects were affected by it. In May 2005 articles which mention it were placed at the following Internet addresses australia/wa/ bunbury/200505/ s1369342.htm and story/ 0,10117,15302795-26618,00.html.
       I should complement the above with the information, that a cloud looking very similar to the above one, most probably also hiding a UFO vehicle type K10 flying in the "hanging position" with the "N" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed towards the ground, generated in New Zealand a tornado which looked almost identical to the above one. This New Zealand tornado also had a short, transparent, and jagged "funnel", which was spinning in the "clockwise" direction. In Thursday, 10 March 2005 it attacked and destroyed a part of the New Zealand township Graymouth. An amateur film of this tornado from Graymouth was later broadcasted in all TV news of New Zealand. (Unfortunately, it is not known to me that a photograph of it was published anywhere - although the description of the same tornado was published in New Zealand newspapers, e.g. see the article "Rumble, a flash, then it struck" from page 1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, 11 March 2005.)

#F2. Numerous people are abducted, or even taken forever, by discoidal "cloud-UFOs":

       The case of abduction of a Swiss citizen to a cloud-UFO described in item #A2 of this web page, is not the only such a case known to us, when people were abducted (and frequently even taken forever) to the UFO vehicle which in order to hide from people surrounded itself by a cloud of technically created vapours. A most widely known such a case concerns the disappearance of an entire company of soldiers. It was the so-called "Sandringham Company". It disappeared in Gallipoli (Turkey) in 1915. In sight of numerous witnesses it marched straight into a cloud of yellow fog, to never be seen again. This "Sandringham Company" was an elite military force formed from workers and servants of the private residence of the English king. It means it was composed of people who after the First World War would have a significant influence on the politics of the British Empire. So the most clearly UFOnauts did NOT want that these disillusioned about the war people had any political influence in England. The unusual history of this company - together with clumsy efforts to explain rationally their mysterious disappearance, was presented in the British TV documentary drama (film) entitled "All the King's Men". (This documentary film was broadcasted in New Zealand in channel 1 of TVNZ, on 23/4/00, at 20:15 to 22:05.) The fate of it I also reported in subsection VB4.5.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]. It is worth to mention, that soon after the war, at the personal intervention of the Queen of England, in Turkey an investigation was conducted in order to determine what actually had happen with this entire company of soldiers. It was suspected that Turks took them all for prisoners of war (after all, they disappeared without firing even a single shot). But Turks had NOT know anything about the fate of this company. Most clearly UFOnauts abducted these soldiers for good. Although during this investigation an unique watch (a personal gift from the king) was found, which belonged to one of officers of this company. But it is known that in order to mislead people, UFOnauts have the custom of fabricating this type of "evidence" in areas where they committed their crimes - as this is explained in descriptions of methods of their cunning activities on Earth, provided in chapter VB from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]. Thus, most probably this watch was intentionally dropped again to Earth by UFOnauts in order to confuse again the inquisitive people who carried out this investigation.
       The case of this famous disappearance of the entire company of soldiers was described in the book by Viktor Farkas, entitled "Unexplained phenomena" - 1988. This book reports the exact course of the abduction of this company of soldiers by a UFO vehicle which surrounded itself with a cloud formed technically. This course was observed by 22 soldiers from the third platoon of the field company no 1 of the New Zealand expedition corpse, from the trenches on the post "Rhododendron", around 2,5 km to south-west from the Hill 60 in Gallipoli.
       Other examples of people abducted by UFOs forever are described in item #C4 of the web page about bandits amongst us.

Part #G: "Cloud-UFOs" should be researched, not ignored:


#G1. Let us summarize attributes of "cloud-UFOs" described on this web page:

       Such "cloud-UFOs" created technologically, the purpose of which is to hide UFO vehicles inside, are displaying a whole array of interesting attributes. Our knowledge of these attributes is vital, because it allows us to distinguish such "cloud-UFOs" from ordinary clouds of natural origins. During my observations of these technological "cloud-UFOs" to-date, I already managed to establish some of their attributes. I am listing below these attributes, which are already known to me:
       (a) UFO-like shape. The shape of "cloud-UFOs" is defined by principles of their technological formation. In turn this principle depends on giving to magnetic circuits of a UFO such frequency of vibrations, that particles of water vapours present in the air fall into resonance and form droplets of fog - for details see subsection LB2 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]. For this reason, "clouds-UFOs" always assume the shape of magnetic circuits that are wrapped around UFO vehicles. In turn these magnetic circuits approximately correspond to shapes of UFOs themselves, only that are more rounded than sharp corners of UFO shells, and simultaneously deprived of all concaves. The shape of magnetic circuits of UFOs forms the so-called "ionic picture of a whirl", which is described in details in subsection G7.3 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], and which sometimes on UFO photographs are taken for shapes of UFOs' surfaces. (As an example of such "ionic picture of a whirl" captured on a photograph, see Figure P20 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].) Because of the above reasons, the thick "clouds" that are formed technologically by UFO vehicles in order to hide these vehicles inside, always assume shapes approximately similar to shapes of UFOs that hide inside of them.
       (b') The ability to maintain the same shape, size, and consistency for many hours. Because the shape of "cloud-UFOs" is defined technically by the shape of magnetic circuits of the UFO vehicles that hide inside of these "clouds", this shape does NOT change with the elapse of time. So, if there is no wind in a given time, or just only a very weak wind blows, the shape of such a "cloud-UFO" looks as if it is "frozen", i.e. it does not change at all with the elapse of time. Thus such "clouds-UFOs" keep exactly the same, unchanged shape for many hours, means practically for the entire time in which UFO vehicles hide inside of them. Even if these clouds change their motionless hovering into a flight, still their shape, size, nor consistency does not change. This ability of "clouds-UFOs" to maintain unchanged shapes for many hours, distinguishes them decisively from natural clouds, which in normal circumstances continually change their shape and consistency.
       (b") The ability to cyclically regenerate the original shape, size, and consistency, if a strong wind tries to blow apart such a "cloud-UFO". In case when a strong wind tries to disperse these "clouds-UFOs", they display an extraordinary ability for undergoing a cyclical transformation which always brings to them their original shape, size, and consistency. Description of the case, when during over 2 hours I observed just such continuous cyclical transformations of a "cloud-UFO", is provided in item #C1 above. The "cloud-UFO" that I observed then went through such transformation that renewed its shape repetitively every several minutes.
       (c') The ability to hover motionlessly above the same spot for many hours. As it is known from everyday observations, the majority of natural clouds always slowly drift with winds. In turn "cloud-UFOs" described here show the tendency to hover exactly above the same spot for many hours, as if they are anchored in there.
       (c") The ability to intentionally float in directions which may collide with the direction of the wind. In one case of my observation of such a "cloud-UFO", described in item #A2 above, the UFO vehicle hiding inside of this cloud apparently observed our research team. So when participants of this team sat into cars and drove back to Dunedin, the "cloud-UFO" flown together with us. It travelled parallel with us with the same speed as our cars (i.e. in open areas with the speed of around 100 km/h, while in human settlements with the speed of around 50 km/h). The direction of motion of this cloud was slanted at least 90 degrees in relationship to the direction of (not too strong) wind which drifted other clouds in a different direction. During the flight this "cloud-UFO" still maintained its original shape, size, and thick consistency.
       (d') The physical uniqueness of water vapours that form these "cloud-UFOs". The principle on which UFO vehicles form clouds that later hide them, differs from the principle on which natural clouds are formed. (I.e. the water vapours formed technologically around UFO vehicles is condensed due to a magnetic resonance, not due to the existence of "seeds".) In turn, this difference in physical properties of vapours of these clouds, is the source of a whole range of their unique attributes. For example, these "cloud-UFOs" almost always have slightly a different shade of the colour than natural clouds that surround them. Furthermore, subsequent parts of these clouds may mutually differ amongst themselves by a shade, if they are generated by UFO vehicles of different types in which magnetic fields have distinct resonance characteristics (this difference in shades is perfectly illustrated on photograph from "Fig. #E1".)
       (d") The ability to disappear from the view within just around 20 seconds. Water droplets that are formed by UFO vehicles in order to generate technological clouds for hiding purposes, also seem to be several times more volatile than droplets of water from natural clouds. (Perhaps this too is caused by the fact that they are formed without "seeds" and kept in the state of visible vapours exclusively due to resonance of magnetic fields.) Therefore, if a UFO vehicle ceases to maintain the permanency of these droplets with the use of its magnetic field, a given "cloud-UFO" disperses from our view completely within just around 20 seconds. In turn natural sizeable clouds require at least several minutes in order to disperse completely. This practically means, that in one moment of time we may look at some area of the sky and see a sizeable "cloud-UFO" in there. (Of course, we may not be aware at that point in time that there is a UFO vehicle hiding inside of that cloud.) Then we may look for a brief while into a different direction and when we again look at the same spot, there will be no even a slightest trace of this previous cloud. So if one day we notice such a rapidly disappearing cloud than this means that we just saw a "cloud-UFO" described on this web page.
       (e) The ability to perform a function of the sky "transition port". One or two UFO vehicles of a large type, which hide in just such motionlessly hovering "cloud-UFO", can constitute a kind of sky "transfer port" for a whole fleet of other UFO vehicles. In last days of April 2005 I had an opportunity to witness myself for about an hour the operation of just such a "port for transfer of loads" that hovered motionlessly high in the sky above Wellington in New Zealand (as it usually happens when the fate gives me an opportunity to watch UFOs, I had no camera with me). Subsequent UFO vehicles of this "port" surrounded with white clouds, were hovering one exactly above the other, in a mutual distance of around 1/3rd of their diameter. Most probably they were magnetically coupled together into a configuration which in subsection G3.1.3 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], is described under the name of "detached configuration". In the first moment when I spotted them, there were 4 such "cloud-UFOs". They looked like a kind of four-stepped ladder or stairs formed from four crescent-shaped clouds of identical shape, size, and chalk-white colour. After around 5 minutes, one (the highest) out of these white crescents rapidly disappeared. Then another (lowest) also disappeared. So remained only two identical crescent-shaped clouds separated from each other with a wide free space. Then it turned out that these two formed a kind of "dock" for this motionlessly hanging sky "port", to both sides of which every now and again further UFO vehicles were docking in order to fly away again after around further 10 minutes. And so, after around 5 minutes to these two clouds again arrived another white crescent, and soon later still another. So again there were 4 of them. After around 10 minutes firstly disappeared one of the arrived, later another one. Then alternately kept arriving to, and depart from, both ends of these two central vehicles further UFOs. It looked exactly like these two central vehicles mutually coupled into a "detached configuration" constituted a kind of busy, sky port, to both ends of which every now and again further identical UFO vehicles were arriving, only to depart after a fast reloading their content. After they departed, next UFOs were arriving to take their places, and so on. I personally believe, although I am not able to prove this, that the UFOs that kept arriving and depart after only around 10 minutes, were transporting people abducted to these UFOs from the Wellington region. This is because only the reloading of one or several people to (or from) these two motionless "plants processing human sperm and ovule" could be carried out in such a brief time of around 10 minutes, for which each of the newly arriving vehicles stopped in this sky port. Interesting was also that in the sky not one but two such "processing spaceship" hovered continually - as I believe one of them extracted sperm from males abducted to it, while another one extracted ovules from females abducted to it. The entire spectacle described above finished for me after around an hour of watching, when a layer of thick natural clouds that floated much below this "transfer port" with the elapse of time hide it from my sight completely. So I was not able to watch further activities of it. Several days later from the case described in item #E1(b) I learned that such "cloud-UFOs" linked together like "steps of a ladder" rather frequently are observed while they carry out the function of such "sky transfer port" for people abducted to them. In such cases one or two motionlessly hovering UFO vehicles hidden inside of clouds that mask their presence, are performing the function of the "processing plant for human sperm and ovule", while the remaining UFO vehicles repetitively deliver to this processing plant, and then take back from it, people that they abduct from the area above which they hover.
* * *
       All "cloud-UFOs" which I observed in my life, or about which I heard from other investigators, always demonstrated the presence of at least one attribute from each above classes (a), (b) and (c), and in some cases they also demonstrated attributes (d) and/or (e). In turn the presence of such attributes in a cloud, quite conclusively indicates, that this cloud could NOT be formed in a natural manner, but must be formed and controlled technologically.
       Notice that to me (i.e. the author of this web page) are NOT known all circumstances of taking subsequent photographs shown here. So in not all cases I am able to give my full guarantee, that all clouds shown here in fact were formed by UFOs and contain in themselves UFO vehicles. However, in spite that I am not able to give such a guarantee, still I make sure that every single one out of photographs indicated here in fact shows the shape about which from my empirical observations I know for sure that it corresponds exactly to shapes of "clouds-UFOs". Thus, all examples of clouds shown here relatively well illustrate how these "clouds-UFOs" do look like in reality. Of course, if I know evidence which supports our certainty that a given cloud was actually formed technologically by a UFO vehicle, than I am providing here this evidence.
       It is worth to complement the above with the information, that the formation of technological clouds is not the only method with the assistance of which UFOnauts hide their UFO vehicles from the sight of people. Other equally frequent method of such hiding of UFO vehicles is "parking" them inside of underground caves. This other method of hiding UFO vehicles underground, is described in more details on separate web pages , i.e. on a web page about aliens and on a different web page about the Polish city of Wrocław.

Part #H: The problem of "authenticity" of UFO photographs and recommended by the Bible method of solving this problem:


#H1. The "authenticity" of UFO photographs and sightings represents a serious problem, because UFOs are favourite subjects of scams, falsifications, fabrications, jokes, etc.:

       Because UFO vehicles are so illusive and so stubbornly hide from people their continuous activities on the Earth, with the elapse of time UFO become the favourite subject of fabrications, falsifications, jokes, cheating, hoaxes, etc., for swindlers of all kinds. After all, these swindlers know jolly well, that because of the illusiveness of UFOs there is a very small chance that their hoaxes are ever discovered. On the separate web page memorial.htm - about methods with which UFOnauts themselves undermine the evidential value of authentic photographs of UFOs, is illustrated how difficult and how serious is this problem of detecting scams and determining the authenticity of UFO photographs. So each time when someone is carrying out research on UFO sightings or UFO photographs, it is necessary to address simultaneously the problem of authenticity of photographs or input data for the research. Below I am going to describe the method which I use for addressing the matter of authenticity of UFO photographs.

#H2. The method of confirming the "authenticity" of UFO photographs and sightings is explained in the Bible authorised by God Himself:

       In item #C5 of the totaliztic web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself, is described an excellent method of gathering relatively true information from input data which typically may contain various lies, errors, deviations, or intentional misleading. This method of determining the truth recommended by the Bible states that "on the confirmation of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established.". In other words, the Bible recommends that all our actions we should always base on the information which is certified NOT just by a single source, but at least by two sources of information that are independent from each other, while whenever possible, even by three or more such sources.

#H3. How I use practically the biblical method of confirming the "authenticity" of UFO photographs and UFO sightings:

       Because I myself carry out a lot of UFO research, in my investigations I always apply to them the biblical method of determining the truth described above. But because I was unaware that this method is recommended by the Bible, in my UFO research I developed myself the same method independently of the Bible, and I did it in two different versions of its use. The first use of my own version of the same method which I developed independently from the Bible, boils down to gathering and to researching possibly the largest number of UFO photographs and descriptions that originate from entirely different sources, and which all confirm exactly the same truth. After all, when the number of these UFO photographs and descriptions is very large, then even if later turns out that one amongst these photographs or descriptions was falsified, still a given truth is confirmed by further amongst these photographs and descriptions which were NOT falsified. A best example of the use of this first version of the biblical method of establishing the truth is my formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs which in its entirety was published in subsection P2 from volume 14 of my my newest monograph [1/5], while briefly it is summarised on the web page ufo_proof.htm.
       Another version of the previously explained biblical method of finding the truth, which I developed independently from the Bible a long time before I learned that this method is also described in the Bible, is the use of just only one UFO photograph, but with the simultaneous confirmation of the truth of whatever this photograph captured with the aid of data that originate from several other sources (i.e. from several other "witnesses"). For example, if any detailed mode of operation of a UFO vehicle was captured only on a single known to me photograph of a UFO, then this same mode of operation I am trying to confirm additionally through verifying (1) whether the theory of the vehicle of my invention called the "Magnocraft" allows this mode of operation to be generated by the propulsion systems of magnetic vehicles, and also the same mode of UFO operation I try to confirm through finding (2) a report of some eye witness who saw with his own eyes a given phenomenon that is captured on the photograph. Examples of the use of this second version of biblical method described here, is illustrated on the web pages explain.htm and evidence.htm.
       When shown here photographs of "cloud UFOs" are concerned, the authenticity of each one of them was verified with the use of this second version of my method - described also in the Bible. Namely, although in my own case I have no access to appropriate laboratory and equipment which could allow me to verify whether a given photograph is really authentic, still each one amongst photographs of "cloud UFOs" shown on this web page fulfils the following conditions: (1) I myself witnesses with my own eyes the formation of a "cloud UFO" similar to the one captured on a given photograph and I myself confirmed through the analysis of my own sighting that this "cloud" displays attributes which arte typical for technically generated clouds which hide UFO vehicles inside; (2) a section of the "theory of Magnocraft" confirms that a given shape of the "cloud UFO" (or a given destruction inflicted by the landing of a UFO on a crop field) can in fact be caused by UFO vehicles which use the UFO propulsion system.
       Due to subjecting all UFO photographs that are publish on any web page of totalizm, including this web page, to the verifications described above, the following statement applies to each one amongst these photographs: even if the author of any UFO photographs published on web pages of totalizm committed some undetectable fabrication and intentionally captured on his photo something completely different than a UFO vehicle, then still the general shapes and phenomena which are registered on this photograph are also formed by UFO vehicles in a real life. Therefore, even if later it is to turn out that a given photograph captured something different than a UFO vehicle, still this photograph simultaneously constitutes a visual illustration for a specific phenomenon and specific shape which also is formed, amongst others, by UFO vehicles.

#H4. Uses of the above biblical method of finding the truth in disciplines other than just UFO research - e.g. for finding whether God does exist:

       The method of finding the truth explained above, which is described in the Bible and which was also developed independently by myself, is equally effective in all possible applications - not just only in relation to UFO sightings and to UFO photographs. In order to illustrate this high effectiveness, let us now demonstrate the use of it for another commonly appearing case, when in everyday life we need to choose between two mutually contradictive opinions. Most frequently met such a case, are claims of atheists that "God does NOT exist", and opposite to these claims of believers that "God does exist". When we hear such mutually contradictive opinions, out of which only one can represent a truth, of course each one of us would like to know which one of them agrees with the truth. A good example of one amongst such claims is described in item #A2 (part 8) of the web page timevehicle.htm - about time, time vehicles, and about principles of shifting back in time. As is explained in there, a well-known scientist, Professor Richard Dawkins from the Oxford University, contributed his private finances for placing on city busses from London the following advertisement: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life". Let us omit here any considerations regarding the moral appropriateness of such advertisement, which encourages that instead of imposing on one's life the requirements of leading morally correct behaviours and practicing love of other humans, it rather suggests to gorge in pleasures and enjoy life according to the principle "riot your life out - there is no hell". In this item of the web page let us consider how much such an advertisement on busses misses the truth - after the merit of it is verified with the biblical method described before.
       As it is explained on several web pages of totalizm, e.g. see item #D1 of the web page ufo.htm, for very vital reasons God hides from people the fact of His existence. But in order to instigate a human curiosity and research, God simultaneously provides people with well hidden numerous items of evidence and many confirmations, which all prove that in reality God does exist. Unfortunately, many people cease their inquisitiveness on realising that God does NOT manifest to them openly the fact of His existence. These people are fast deriving to a hasty conclusion that God does NOT exist. What even worse, these people frequently try to impose their hasty views onto others. Because there is quite a few such people who fail to carry out their own searches for God, while all of them act in almost an identical manner, from the point of view of logic all of them represent a single "group witness" the view of which can be expressed by the general claim that "God does not exist". On the other hand, we have a lot different people who are not satisfied with realising that God did NOT show Himself to them. These people seek God actively. Many amongst them encounter various evidence for the existence of God, and with the elapse of time they become sure that God does exist. These other people represent a different "group witness" which confirms that, after all, "God does exist". Furthermore, each independent category of evidence which certifies for the existence of God, also represents another "witness" that confirms the truth that "God does exist". So let us now list at least several examples of such different "witnesses", each one amongst which confirms the existence of God, and each one of which contradicts views of these people who claim that God does not exist.
       (1) If we ask the opinion of a large number of believers, then probably almost each one of them is to express the opinion that the advertisement of Professor Dawkins misses the truth because God really does exist. After all, each believer in one or the other way have found his or her personal proof that God does exist. In turn, according to research presented in item #F2 of the web page evil.htm, and also in item #D1 of the web page ufo.htm, in God believes over 90% of people.
       (2) If we check archives of numerous religious institutions that exist on the Earth, for example archives of the Catholic church, then it turns out that each religion noticed thousands of different items of evidence for the existence of God, for example thousands of so-called miracles which could occur only then when God does exist. An example of the miracle which I saw with my own eyes is described, amongst others, in subsection I3.5 from volumes 5 of monograph [1/4] and monograph [1/5]. In turn an array of other events from my own life, which also could be qualified as "miracles", is described in item #H2 of the web page named god_proof.htm.
       (3) Several formal scientific proofs for the existence of God were already developed. Four such formal proofs are presented in subsections I3.1 to I3.4 from volumes 5 of monograph [1/5] and monograph [8/2]. In turn briefly these proofs are described in item #B3 of the web page god.htm - with scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God.
       (4) Identified was already a huge pool of scientific evidence for the existence of God. Only a small fraction of this ocean of evidence is described on the web page god_proof.htm.
       (5) The scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed, that there is a place in the universe in which God lives and in which people are unable to detect Him. This place is called the "counter-world". The same "theory of everything" indicates the natural mechanism which caused the self-evolution of God. This mechanism is described in items #B1 to #B8 of the web page evolution.htm.
       (6) If God really does NOT exist, then the entire universe would need to originate from noting - as the official human science insists with its "theory of the Big Bang". (According to this theory, before the Big Bang nothing existed, means there was no space, no mass, nor no time. In turn after the Big Bang everything originated from this nothing, means from noting comes space, from nothing comes matter, and from nothing comes time.) But if God does exist, then God created the visible part of the universe from the invisible substance called "counter-matter" - as this is described in the Bible in verses that are indicated in item #C12 (part 5) of the web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself. Because the science itself teaches us that from "nothing" has no right originate "something", this means that God must exist in order to be able to create the visible part of the universe from the invisible "counter-matter".
       (7) The commonly known principles of logic clearly reveal to us that God must exist. Namely, according to logic, God can only (a) exist, or can (b) not exist. There is no third possibility. In both cases, namely when (a) God exists, and when (b) God does not exist, the operation and phenomena of the universe would clearly differ from each other in several vital details. For example, if we consider the operation of the universe in which God does not exist, then it turns out that all events in this universe would have to have exclusively physical character. In turn if we consider the operation of the universe in which God exists, then it turns out that would occur in it both, the physical only events, as well as events of other characters, e.g. miracles, spiritual phenomena, supernatural phenomena, etc. Because it turns out that the universe which surrounds us in fact demonstrates bot the phenomena, means physical phenomena as well as phenomena of other characters, this according to logic excludes the possibility that God does not exist, and leaves us with just one alternative - namely that God does exist (although for vital reasons God intentionally hides His existence from people). Notice that numerous examples of phenomena which have the character different from physical are described on a number of totalizm web pages. These include, amongst others, ghosts, miracles, and other categories of evidence indicated on the web page god_proof.htm, ergonomic attributes of fruits (these attributes are described in item #D3.1 of the web page fruit.htm), the physical evidence for the discrete (jumping) elapse of time (described in item #D1 from the web page immortality.htm), the existence of so-called ULT - means the "universal language of thoughts" in which God communicates with people, and also in which people can communicate with animals, vegetation, UFOnauts, etc. (the ULT is described in item #B4 from the web page telepathy.htm), and many others.
       To summarise the above, if we check which one out of two considered in this item opposite alternatives expresses the truth, means whether (a) the statement that "god does exist" that is unanimously confirmed by all the above "witnesses" and by all the above "confirming evidence", or (b) whatever states Professor Dawkins, then according to the recommendations of the Bible the truth is that "God does exist".

#H5. In a similar manner the Biblical method of finding the truth described above allows also establish e.g. that "we all have immortal souls":

       Very similar doubts as the ones about the existence of God, various people have also about the fact of the existence of immortal human souls. Furthermore, in the exactly the same manner as in the matter of the existence of God, the biblical method described here allows us to determine where the truth lies regarding the existence of immortal soul in people. Only that these "witnesses", or "confirming evidence" in the matter of the existence of immortal human soul are slightly different than the ones which confirm the existence of God. For example, a formal proof for the existence of soul is the proof described in item #C1.1 from the web page nirvana.htm. In turn the empirical evidence certifying the existence of soul can be e.g. the appearance of so-called "death flash" in the moment of dying of every living organism. (This "death flash" is described more comprehensively in item #1H7.3 from subsection H7.3 in volume 4 of monograph [1/4], monograph [1/5] and monograph [8/2]; while its brief descriptions provides item #F2 (part 8) of the web page god_proof.htm, and item #F2 (part 8) of the web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself.)

Part #I: Source of power which generates "cloud-UFOs":


#I1. Simulations by the universal intellect:

       Our God has a serious problem. Here He created the human civilisation, the major ambition of which becomes to rob from other humans much bigger wealth than it is necessary to have a prosperous lives, and then wasting this wealth for various forms of debauch - which the same God from the very beginning forbade in the Bible that He authorised. So what this God supposed to do? Should He allow that this civilisation deprived of moral brakes destroys itself? It appears that probably in the last attempt to save the humanity which He created, God uses the inspiration and illustration. Namely, through the use of His abilities of temporally create whatever people do NOT know yet - as it is described on the web page evolution.htm, God simulates numerous manifestations and devices which illustrate to people that there is much more to life than accumulation of wealth, seeking sex, and showing off to others the powers that one have. For example, with such temporally simulations God illustrates and shows that people can shift time back and thus extend the length of their lives infinitively, or that people can build vehicles which are going to carry them to other worlds. A temporary simulation of God aimed at intriguing people in what humans do NOT know yet, are Godly simulations of strange space vehicles popularly known as UFO vehicles. In turn an illustration of technical capabilities of such UFO vehicles is to simulate phenomena which these UFO vehicles are able to generate, such as these "cloud-UFOs" described on this web page, or e.g. tornadoes and hurricanes described on other web pages of totalizm.
       In the matter of simulations created by the universal intellect (God) there is a number of burning questions which ask for constructive answers. For example "why such simulations are created", "what attributes characterise them", "how they are completed", etc. Thus, in order to provide replies to most of questions which stems from these simulations, on their subject there are numerous publications of the philosophy of totalizm. The most comprehensive one amongst these is volume 6 of the monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm". Other, much shorter such publications, include "part #D" (i.e. items #D1 to #D7) of the web page ufo.htm - about UFOnauts, and also "part #F" (i.e. items #F1 to #F8) of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth. I recommend having a quick look at these publications.

Part #J: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#J1. The summary of this web page:

       In order to maintain the cleanness of the swimming pools, someone invented the liquid which after being added to water changes the colour of water into red - if only someone begins to secretly piss into the water of this pool. In the result, these people whom with their urinating try to secretly dirty pools in which we swim can be immediately recognised and punished. Unfortunately, so far no-one invented a substance which e.g. after being added to the air would change the colour into red when someone is lying. In the result, so-far we not always know who tells the truth and who feeds us with lies. Perhaps this is even better, as such a substance would probably cause that the entire Earth's atmosphere would become red. Of course, in the present situation when the significant proportion of people do lie, in ourselves a doubt is rising whether it is worth to say the truth. The reply to this doubt is provided by the philosophy of totalizm. This philosophy states that if other people do lie, then with their lying they dirty only their own, not ours, karma. After all, according to so-called "moral laws" in the result of their own lies they themselves will fall victims of someone's lies one day. In turn our karma is defined only by what we do ourselves. So if we ourselves are going to tell exclusively truth, our karma is NOT going to be dirty with lies. In turn the fact, that while telling truth ourselves, we still are exposed to lies of other people, has no significance. If we tell truth, then lies of others are unable to harm us significantly - even when these other people are believing that with their lies they managed to cheat us and hurt us. After all, even if a lie is directed at us, but the destructive energy of it is unable to harm us, then from our point of view it is as if the lie does not exist. Furthermore, lies of other people can be neutralised in various ways - for example, in each case it is enough to obey the recommendations from the Bible described in the above "part #H" of this web page, and also in item #C5 of the web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself - means, it is enough to believe only in these statements of others, which arrive to us from at least two sources that are independent from each other.
       There is a proverb "illness recognised is half cured". As it turns out, almost all problems of our civilisation stem from the fact that a significant proportion of people lives in everyday lies. These lies begin from supposedly innocent matters, lying jokes, or claims which the stating person did not check but authoritatively speaks about it. There examples are already provided in item #A1 of this web page. They include denials by the official human science that UFOs do exist. They incorporate the claims that God does not exist. To such supposedly "innocent" lies belong also promises of politicians that after they are elected they are going to do what they really do not intend to do. These supposedly "innocent" lies have such a consequence, that their destructive energy gradually accumulates in us and it slowly destroys our civilisation. In the result our civilisation already now is mortally ill and if it is not subjected to "healing" it soon may cease to prevail.
       We all are aware of the way on which we could heal the mortal illness of our civilisation - which depends on living in continuous lies. Namely, we first need to realise and openly admit that as a civilisation we really do live in lies. Then we need to undertake efforts to finish for good with this everyday lying. In turn finishing with the lies requires that, amongst others, we start see and describe the world as it really is. The first and almost painless step in this direction would be to understand, that in spite of lies, cheating, hoaxes, fabrications, double-standards, and hysteria of some morally deviated people, there is also a reliable evidence that UFO vehicles really do manifest their presence on the Earth. In turn manifestations of these UFOs include phenomena described on this web page, and also on a whole range of other web pages of totalizm, e.g. on web pages tornado.htm, hurricane.htm, landslips.htm, katowice_uk.htm, memorial.htm, and several further ones. So undertaking an open and constructive discussion on the subject of these UFO manifestations is a first small step which initiates the path of humanity towards the less lies, and the same towards a better future for all of us.

#J2. Readers are invited to send further photographs of "cloud-UFOs" which they took, so that these photographs could be commented and shown to others:

       As this is explained in details on a separate web page named 26th day available via "Menu 1" and "Menu 2", the very survival of humanity as a civilization may depend on the fast increase of our knowledge about UFOs and about hidden manners of UFOnauts' operation on Earth. Therefore, a fast increase of this knowledge in fact for us is a matter of "life and death". In turn one of the best methods of such fast increase of our knowledge on UFOs, is a mutual exchange of information about these extraterrestrial vehicles, and also a wide dissemination of photographs of UFOs. Therefore, herewith I am announcing the following appeal to readers of this web page:
       If anyone notices the cloud in the sky, which has perfectly discoidal shape, then this someone should firstly photograph this cloud, then observe it for at least 15 minutes. (It is worth to remember about the main rule of acting during confrontations with UFOs, which states that first shoot photographs, only then ask questions. The goal is to capture fast a UFO on a photograph, before this vehicle has a time to fly away and deprive us opportunity to take a photograph.) If during these 15 minutes the cloud does not change drastically the discoidal shape - as typically this is done by natural clouds, than this means that the photographed cloud is in fact formed technologically by a UFO vehicle which hides inside of it. If this cloud undergoes cyclical transformations of partial dispersing by wind and subsequent returning to the original discoidal shape - as this is described in item "#G1(b)" above, then it would be also beneficial to document photographically subsequent stages of the transformation cycle that it manifests. The scan from photographs that one takes, together with description of the entire observation, please sent to me so that they can be published on this web page.
       It is also worth to remember, that this web page was created just to allow such exchange and dissemination of knowledge about the appearance and behaviours of UFOs. So instead of wasting opportunities when someone witnesses another such "cloud-UFO", I am encouraging to photograph this "cloud", to take notice of all details of its behaviour, and to post me an email with a scan from the photograph and with a description of observations that accompanied a given photograph - so that I could publish them on this web page. My most current email addresses, at which such photographs and descriptions of "cloud-UFOs" sightings could be posted, are provided on the separate web page which in "Menu 1" and in "Menu 2" is named "FAQ - questions".
       However, while sending me such a photograph and/or a description, please remember to post them to me anonymously, means without providing your full/true name and address (i.e. as I explained this on the web page "FAQ - frequent questions"). If someone incautiously reveals to me his personal details, then he/she exposes himself/herself to a danger, that his/her details become intercepted by UFOnauts who censor and record my entire email correspondence. In such a case his/her fate may start to take a similar unfortunate course, as this happened to all participants of that research expedition to Roxburgh, about which I wrote in item #A2 of this web page.

#J3. Even if someone does not take own photograph of a "cloud-UFO", it is still worth to return to this web page again, after some time elapses:

       It is worth to remember about this web page. From the definition this page is to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as further photographs from readers arrive to my hands. (Or as soon as I take next photographs of such "clouds-UFOs".) Therefore, after some time, it is worth to visit this web page again. Perhaps by then it is going to already be extended and improved.
       Notice that you also can download to your own computer a source replica of this web page, as this is explained on web pages FAQ - questions and replicate available through "Menu 1" and "Menu 2". (In order to download this source replica, you just need to click in "Menu 1" on the item source replica of this page. Note however, that if after such a click the replica does NOT download, this probably means that on a given web site this replica could not be offered to interested users because of memory limits of some sort. In such a case it is advisable to change the web site by using one of addresses listed in "Menu 4" or "Menu 3", and then to try to download this replica again from a next web site.)

#J4. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J5. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at addresses and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#J6. Emails and contact details to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, inquiries, or replies to questions which I ask on my web pages, are provided on the web page about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak). That page also provides other commonly used contact details to the author.
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#J7. Copyrights © 2012 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2012 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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