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23 January 2013

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It so happens that whenever we encounter someone's creative contribution which either impresses us, or makes us angry, usually we would like to get to know also the life of the author of this contribution. Because due to the Internet many people have an opportunity to learn my own creative contribution, I feel obliged to allow them learning most important details of my life as well. This web page presents just such details.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       Whatever would be the reasons for which you (the reader) wandered onto this web page, one of these reasons probably is the wish to get to know my life. Therefore the main goal which I set for myself when formulating this web page, is to present possibly the largest amount of information about my life, in possibly the smallest volume.
       Whenever one puts together any information, always in an unaware manner one codes into it also various feelings, views, ideas, etc. In some cases, without even being aware of it, these coded messages can dominate in a reader over the information that a given text supposed to present. This happens relatively frequent. Frequently we catch ourselves during reading a text, that this text induces in us feelings that are drastically different from the information contained in the text. Of course, each such a case of unaware induction in the reader some contradictive feelings, views, or ideas, eliminates the objectivity of perception of a given information. Therefore an additional (more difficult) goal which I also imposed on the text of this web page, is such combining the information about my life, that these unaware messages do not dominate over the information that I am passing in an open text.

#A2. History of this web page - i.e. this is already the third version of this autobiographical note:

Motto: "Most difficult is to write about ourselves."

       All so-called totaliztic web pages, including this page, are products of my hobby research. (Please notice that the name totaliztic web pages results from the fact that these pages either promote the highly moral, peaceful, progressive, inspiring, constructive and perfecting philosophy of everyday life called the moral totalizm, or they present topics which are postulated by the philosophy of totalizm and are recommended to the attention of the reader.) As this is documented on this web page, the totaliztic web pages have nothing to do with my professional activities nor with my places of employment. As such, these totaliztic web pages are written for a long period of time, some of them being dated as early as the year 1999. They were written in various parts of the world. With the elapse of time a lot of these web pages was prepared. At the very beginning a small information "about the author" was included into each such newly written totaliztic web page. This information still can be found in item #H2 of the web page totalizm.htm - about the philosophy of totalizm. But as time progressed, when there was increasingly more of these web pages, instead of adding the item "about the author" to each one of them, I decided to rather create one separate autobiographical page with descriptions of my life, then only refer to it the interested readers from these totaliztic web pages. In such a manner in 2004 a first formulation of this web page was developed. (In that year 2004 already over 100 separate web pages of totalizm existed presenting around 50 different topics. There was so many of these web pages, because every topic was translated into at lest 2 languages, i.e. Polish and English, some of them being even translated into 6 different languages. Until today over 200 totaliztic web pages was developed which present around 90 different topics.)
       If one tries to assign a representative title to that first version of my autobiographical web page "about the author" of 2004, then one could entitle it behind every work and idea an ordinary human is standing. This is because that web page summarised my entire life. It corresponded approximately to what is presented in part #B of this web page. But in 2005 quite unpleasant changes took place in my life. Namely, I again lost my job. In turn the desperate situation of the country in which I live, indicated me that a lot of time is going to elapse before I find another job. In addition it turned out that according to laws of that country I do NOT qualify for the unemployment benefit. Thus, it not only looked-like that I am going to remain unemployed for a long time, but also it looked-like that I will need to live just from my savings. Just such a situation of the lack of employment and the lack of source of income was returning to me like a "bad shilling". If I have not decided to seek the bread overseas, then in my new country I would be unemployed almost for the same duration of time as I was employed in there. Therefore in 2005 I decided to rewrite this web page. To this second, rewritten version of it we could assign the title if some kind of negative events keeps returning to us repetitively like a proverbial "bad shilling", then it ceases to be just a coincidence and becomes someone's hidden interference into our life, about which (the interference) we need to be aware and draw from it correct conclusions. In that second rewritten form, with just such a main idea, this web page was available in internet until the time of dissemination of the third version of it presented here now. This third version was prepared in March 2008.
       As everything that is moral, peaceful and progressive, also the philosophy of totalizm and ideas linked to it that are disseminated by totaliztic web pages, have many enemies. During numerous internet discussions with these enemies that were carried out in 2007 and the beginning of 2008, I realised that one of the most vital sources of the ammunition that enemies of totalizm were using to make loathe of these ideas in other people, was just the formulation of this web page in the 2005 version. Therefore in March 2008 I decided to reedit this web page again, for the third time. This newest reediting, presented here, could be entitled every event in our lives have reasons which are responsible for the causing this event, and also have effects which are caused by this event.
       During the third reediting of this web page in March 2008, I also tried to redesign the formulation of text. Namely, previous two versions of this page were written in the manner which in the academia is typically used for the formulation of autobiography - means were written like from the point of view of a third person which analyses our life. In turn the present, third version of this page is written from my own point of view - i.e. presented in such a way as I myself subjectively see with my own eyes, feel, believe, and understand matters that I am elaborating here.
       Every time when the change of my life situation required the change or update of this autobiographical web page, always I realised that writing this web page comes with a great difficulty. Many years ago I accidentally have heard someone prominent saying something along the lines, that "talking about himself comes to him so easy that he is able to talk about himself for hours". But in my own case it is completely opposite - namely writing about myself comes to me with a greatest difficulty. Thus, a relatively accurate description of my life costs me a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time. However, I realise that I own the reader a reliable and authorised by myself information about my life. Thus, although with great difficulties and effort, I still tried to write this web page as scrupulously as I was able to.

Part #B: The general course of my life:


#B1. The course of my life:

       The entire life of every person supposedly can be summarised with one word. In my case this word probably would be a "battle". The battle of my life was started a long time before I was born. Some "dark powers" clearly would NOT want me in this physical world. Thus life of both my parents sometimes needed to be saved with miracles. For example, shortly before the war a criminal tried to shoot my father in head from a distance of just around two meters - and he still missed the head but shot the hand. In turn during the war my father was taken a prisoner of war and placed into the labour camp in Peenemunde - i.e. the island famous later from V2 missiles and their launching pads. Of course, when the Allies bombed Peenemunde, they did NOT differentiate between missiles, factory, or the labour camp. My father told us later that even water was burning in there, while afterwards one could NOT find even a single whole brick in Peenemunde. But by some miracle my father was unscratched. Because almost everyone was dead after the bombing, and fences of the camp were destroyed, my father left the camp and started to walk home. Unfortunately he did NOT go far, as he got caught on the bridge through the Odra river. Luckily, instead of shooting him instantly - as this was the customary dealing with escapees from labour camps, they decided to interrogate him to find out what links he had with Allies that he was left alive when all others were dead. He later complained to us that during this interrogation not only two in black uniforms got so tired beating him up that they needed to take turns to the bat, but they also make him to count in their language (not in his) every hit that he received. Since they detected NO conspiracy in his escape, they left him alive and only sent him again to another camp. In turn my mother injured herself slightly in both legs in a stubble shortly after the war but before she got pregnant. The wounds got infected with microbes that doctors of that time could NOT name nor heal. Presently probably these microbes would be called the "flesh eating bacteria". Typically people used to die from these very fast. If my mother would also die, I would never got a chance to be born. But my mother somehow survived - although this bacteria ate gradually her legs until the end of her life. In this way "dark powers" have not succeeded and I obtained the chance to be born.
       I was born in 1946 in a miniature village, which for the longest period of time was called Wszewilki. (This particular village frequently changed the name.) On the subject of this village I wrote a bit more in the next item of this web page. I lived in Wszewilki since the birth until the age of 18 years, i.e. since 1946 until 1964, means until the time when I went for my university studies in the nearby city of Wrocław.
       My father was a technician with "golden hand" skills. Means he repaired everything that was broken in tens of miles around our house, starting from watches and clocks, through bicycles and motor vehicles, and finishing on huge industrial gas engines that propelled water pumps in a local waterworks plant. He actually was employed by the town council of the nearby Milicz to operate and maintain this waterworks plant. Now I wonder how he could put up with me, as whatever he repaired one evening, I was dismantling the next day when he was at work, to see how it operates, and - of course, not always I managed to put it back so that it worked again. (Especially difficult to put back into a working order turned out to be small watches. So after I experienced several times how my father reacts to the view of a dismantled watch which he repaired just a night before, I started to curb my curiosity about finding out what makes these watches click.) This practical approach to everything from the point of view how it works and how it is constructed, stayed with me for the rest of my life. Later everything I saw just from that point of view - means how it is designed, on what principles this work, how it should be build, etc. In my scientific research I always had the "hands-on" practical approach, means I was a scientist who experiments, measures, builds, assembles, investigates, etc., not who just describes or draws. Unfortunately, after the emigration from Poland I was unable to continue this practical tradition, because it turned out that in other countries typical people from my circles never build themselves practically anything, but just talk about this in a theoretical manner.
       My mother was a housewife - a humble mathematical genius. She was able to count in memory almost as fast as present computers do. Her counting skills always kept shocking shop assistants, providing a lot of fun for me and my sister, who used to accompany mother in shopping expeditions.
       Beginning years of my life were dominated by "battles" and dangers. My parents were very poor - only with a great difficulty managed to survive. In turn I was stubbornly hunted by some "dark powers". Just until the time of finishing my primary school I remember seven events when I almost lost my life - including into this an "accidental" shooting through my hat on the head from a shotgun in the village Cielcza in 1957 - described also in item #H2 of the web page god_proof.htm (I survived then only because the colleague took with his body almost the entire charge - he also survived but was left an invalid for the rest of his life). In turn until the present time I counted almost thirty such events. The most shocking out of these events took place on 13 November 1990, when I drove to meet my friend, Gary Holden, living in Aramoana. Fortunately, something forced me to turn back from my way - otherwise for sure I would die in the massacre which was started in the Gary's home.
       My education followed a typical pattern for socialist Poland. Firstly (in 1953) I started a primary school in the nearby township Milicz (then having around 6000 inhabitants). I completed this primary education in 1960. Then I attended a high school (1960 to 1964), which was the Gymnasium of General Education in Milicz. I matriculated in 1964. The Certificate of Matriculation entitled me to undertake the University Studies. I choose to study at the Technical University of Wroclaw, in Poland, which then was one of the most renown universities in Poland. (On the basis of my knowledge of other universities, I personally believe that at that time it was the best university in Poland, and also one of the best in the world.) There was around 12 candidates per one sit at that university, so me passing the entrance exams was a huge accomplishment. I studied there from 1964 to 1970. During the last year of studies the university granted me the so-called "scientific scholarship" which was reserved just to a few the most high achieving students. This scholarship entitled to the employment at that university.
       My adult life in socialist Poland was started in 1970 after the graduation from the Technical University in Wrocław. I became then employed by this University initially as a Junior Lecturer, then as a Lecturer, later as a Senior Lecturer, while after the public defence of my doctorate in 1974 - as an Adjunct. (In Poland the position of "Adjunct" was an equivalent to a so-called "Reader" from English-style Universities.) If I try to name somehow that period in my life, I could name it "professional successes unsupported by the feeling of fulfilment". I climbed very fast upwards in the academic ladder. Students worshiped my well prepared and modern lectures - in 1981 choosing me even the "lecturer of the year". In turn my superiors appreciated my skills in most modern technology and my multidisciplinary expertise. In the entire country I gained soon the opinion of one amongst the best experts in the area of numerical control, engineering software, and computerisation. I was the author of the computer language for the automatic programming of machine tools with numerical control - which was the first and only such language in the entire country. My high level of expertise in two different disciplines (namely in Mechanical Engineering and in Computer Sciences) caused that I became a sought-after specialist and many factories competed for my services. In the result I worked fulltime at the university as a scientist and simultaneously part-time in the industry as a scientific adviser. At the material level I was doing very well for conditions of that time. It was the only period in my life when I had a large, comfortable, and modern flat with a nice furniture and with my own cabinet-room for work and for research. I also had a car, Fiat 126p. Every vacation I used to spend in a nice resort from some interesting place. I also lived in the political system which for a valid reason was called "socialism". According to its capabilities the government satisfied the most vital needs of the nation. For example, everyone had a guarantee of the job and the source of income. The entire education and health services were for free and open for everyone. Also their quality were still at relatively high level. The government took also on itself the responsibility for providing everyone with a flat, public transport, care for children, and relaxing vacations. In the result of all of this, I did NOT know then what is the feeling of being unwanted, the contemplation of own worthlessness and powerlessness, the prospect of infinitive unemployment, or the lack of funds for the most basic needs. Neither to myself, nor to any of my countryman, were then known drugs, homelessness, crime in desperation, etc. But the political system in which I then lived created another kind of anxieties. These resulted mainly from the dictatorship and from "rules of the fist", which the government of that time practiced towards the nation that it controlled. For example, from the window of my bedroom was visible a huge military range on which were positioned SS missiles with nuclear heads. (In present times nuclear missiles are also positioned in there, only that this time are placed in there by the country at which these SS were aimed.) So everyone in the vicinity was aware that we all live "on a nuclear target". This is because in case of any conflict, these SS missiles would be destroyed first with nuclear weapon of the opposite side. So it could happen that after someone in a distant country got an "itchy finger", our home would evaporate in just seconds. Other factors which also spoiled the feeling of fulfilment at that time, was the so-called "propaganda of success" (i.e. the way government used to twist the truth so that failures appeared to be successes), the lack of justice (especially the way politicians acted "above the law"), the lack of freedom of press and speech, the deafness of rulers to the petitions of the nation and the rampaging political demoralisation that resulted from this deafness, and many more. But the most difficult to swallow was the escalating emptiness on shop shelves, especially the deficiency of food. Because of the lack of life experience and the knowledge of other political systems, in that times we all believed that these problems, anxieties, and tensions result from faults of the system itself. We did NOT knew then yet, that exactly the same problems may trouble people in practically every political system - only that in other political systems they are released by a slightly different mechanisms. Because every action triggers appropriate reaction, in the result of "rules of the fist" and drawbacks of the political system which surrounded us, in almost the entire nation that I was a part of, a tendency began to bring the change of socialism into another, better political system. In turn the only other system that then existed was the capitalism.
       In 1980 a tornado of political changes started to sweep Poland. Firstly the "Solidarity" was organised. Then almost every patriotic Pole became a member of Solidarity. I was one amongst its first members. Then a "martial law" was introduced and the destruction of Solidarity began. At that time everyone was puzzled that after each meeting with Lech Wałęsa, all activists of Solidarity that participated in the meeting were always arrested. The matter was clarified only in 2008, when two Polish history researchers, i.e. S. Cenckiewicz and P. Gontarczyk, published the book "The Secret Police and Lech Wałęsa", 780 pages, in which they revealed that this leader of Solidarity, the former President of Poland, and the Nobel Prize Winner, was actually a collaborator of the secret police, and that it was the communistic secret police which advanced him to all these honours. (This book and its consequences were discussed, amongst others, in the article "Walesa fingered as a communist spy", from page A20 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, June 26, 2008.) No wonder that the original Solidarity was fast toppled down with various traps and intrigues. In turn when the Solidarity went down, I went down with it. A "witch hunting" had started, and my life was in danger. At some stage I was even chased by Police and almost shot. With the assistance of my good friends, I managed to leave Poland and emigrate to New Zealand - before the regime managed to catch me and send to Siberia. I landed in New Zealand in 1982. A year later I was already a permanent resident, means a person entitled to be employed officially. In 1985 I became a citizen of New Zealand.
       The life on emigration in the period of prosperity was, of course, incomparably easier and more pleasant than the life in the socialist Poland. At the time of my emigration from Poland, New Zealand was ruled by an excellent leader. His name was Sir Robert Muldoon (1921-1992) and he was the Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1975 to 1984. The country under his rules was in the period of probably the best economical and social situation in the entire its history. Thus initially I could find a job and the source of income without any difficulty. For the first year (i.e. 1982) of my emigration period I was employed by the Canterbury University from the sunny and beautiful city of Christchurch. I had a very good luck to work in this city, as in my personal opinion Christchurch is the most beautiful, climatically the most pleasant, and the best located city of the entire New Zealand. In turn for the next four years (i.e. 1983 to 1987) I worked at the Southland Polytechnic in Invercargill - i.e. the most south located large city on the Earth. At that time New Zealand was almost a heaven on the Earth. Wise and excellent rules of its Prime-Minister caused that jobs were practically for everyone (the TRUE unemployment was then only at the level of around 3%), industry was blooming in the country, and there was a significant need for highly qualified experts with my level of expertise. The Muldoon's government was constructing so many new factories, powerstations, roads, public buildings, etc., etc. - that later after over a quarter of century of selling, closing down, neglecting, bureaucratising, and suffocating by next governments, these still could NOT be fully destroyed, wasted, or chased overseas. Streets were full of laughing, satisfied with life, and happy people. New Zealand was the highly desired country to which emigrated people from Europe, USA, Australia and from other rich countries of the world, while the outflow emigration almost did NOT exist in there. (For example, Sir Robert Muldoon was quoted in many countries for his famous saying that "New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia increase the level of IQ in both these countries".) The New Zealand dollar was then equal to the USA dollar. Shops were full of all sorts of modern goods, most of which were manufactured locally, while ordinary people had money to buy these goods and to lead the enjoyable lifestyles. The crime almost did not exist - e.g. the majority of New Zealanders driving to the city used to leave doors of their houses invitingly open. The education and health care were for free for everyone. Also practiced was the true freedom of press and the governmental information which was honest, reliable, true, and deprived any propaganda.
       In times when, as a Solidarity activist, I endangered my life to change the social system into the one which would be "better" than socialism, I had quite a clear picture as to how such a better system should look like. After I arrived to New Zealand, I was nicely surprised to discover, that the leadership of Sir Robert Muldoon in my own opinion really implemented just such an "ideal" social system. Therefore I belong to a small minority group of these rare New Zealanders who admire the greatness and intellectual genius of this exceptional leader. In my opinion, if instead of a small New Zealand, this immensely capable leader ruled e.g. the USA or Russia, then with his accomplishments he would surpass all the most great leaders of the world, including John Kennedy and Peter the Great. In past I also could NOT understand "why?" the leader during rules of whom New Zealand was at the top of prosperity and social justice, and was really a "heaven on Earth", in times of his rules had so powerful opposition, while until today holds so low opinion in eyes of his own countrymen. However, in 2009 I worked out the answer to this question "why?", and explained this answer in "part #G" of the web page eco_cars.htm - about inventions of pollution-free cars. (Namely, the obstacles and persecution which are served to every creative person that introduces a progress on the Earth, result from the "moral law" which states that "every morally correct action must follow the 'line of the highest resistance', i.e. the resistance which is the greatest from all possible forms of resistance that opponents of a given kind of progress are able to create along the path of given progress maker".) But whatever New Zealanders would claim about Sir Robert Muldoon, personally I am grateful to God that although just for 2 years, still God gave me the chance to experience the life in the country ruled by the greatest in my opinion political leader that I ever had the honour to watch in action.
       Unfortunately, in 1984 the political party of this exceptional leader was defeated in the election. The opposition got to power. Following this defeat, the period of economical fall-down and unemployment has arrived to the country. In turn the life in the country which is being dismantled economically is NOT a fun at all. In February 1988, means still in the initial period of the rules of new leaders, when the situation in the country still was NOT so critical, I changed my job and shifted to the Otago University. This university was located in a small, chronically cold, cloudy, and rainy Dunedin. Just before the first signs of the economic depression hit New Zealand, in 1990 I lost this new job. For the next two years I was unemployed. These were the most depressing, and filled with the biggest uncertainty of tomorrow, two years in the entire my life so-far. You can imagine how I felt at that time. I lived alone in a country which still was a bit strange for me. Dunedin turned out to be the continually cold, cloudy, and rainy city of the kind which in English is described by the expression "one horse city", in which there are no indoor entertainments while the weather is always too depressing to go outdoors. I had no work nor income in there. For almost two next years I did NOT receive any unemployment benefit. At that time practically everything became "user paid" in there - means even visit to a doctor or hospital required significant funds. My savings were melting away very fast. Nearest supportive souls who could help me in case I got in any troubles lived on an opposite side of the world, means in Poland. And in addition to all these I watched around myself how the social system was dismantled for which not long before I was risking my life as an activist of Solidarity. New Zealand went then through a very brutal change from the care for people that prevailed in there before, into the care for income and money that prevails in there now. It was started from selling all crown assets, means from selling everything that previously belonged to the government. Thus sold were the crown factories, buildings, land, railways, etc. Whatever could NOT be sold, e.g. powerstations, electricity powerlines, telephones, etc., was formed into companies on their own budget and capital. Thus everything started to be "user paid", including even the areas which are the traditional responsibility of government, such as the health system or education. Of course, without the protection from the crown, the majority of factories soon bankrupted. Others which temporally survived, with the elapse of time were so troubled with taxes, bureaucracy, and so-called "red tape" (means hostile laws), that they started to shift overseas. So the galloping unemployment has started. The lack of money amongst people caused that shops also got empty and collapsed. In turn the collapse of shops and the lack of money amongst population caused the collapse of small craft, manufacturing, and services. In this way the competition was wiped out. Almost everything has became someone's monopoly. In turn monopolies have this bad habit that they increase prices unreasonably. In turn the unjustified raising of prices caused the rampaging inflation. The value of New Zealand dollar fell-down to only around 40 US cents. People become desperate. The crime began to raise rapidly. Streets in cities got empty, especially in evenings. In many places where just a few years earlier in evenings footpaths were filled with lights, tables of Coffee Shops, and with walking, talking, happy, and satisfied with life people, started to scare dark eyeholes of shop windows blocked with planks. In face of hopelessness of the situation many people started to seek refuge in alcohol and in drugs. In order the succession of governments was still able to claim the success, the freedom of mass media became gradually eroded, while the reliable information became replaced with the "propaganda of success" of the style which I knew so well from times of communism. For example, instead for the "number of unemployed" count the true number of people who wish to work but for whom there is no work, this "propaganda of success" started to count the number of people to whom the unemployment benefit is granted. In turn the access to this unemployment benefit could be manipulated on paper by bureaucrats without the decrease in numbers of actual unemployed people. Also the massive escape (exit emigration) of population from New Zealand has started (e.g. to Australia).
       I have NOT mentioned yet the so-called cultural shock. On the other hand this cultural shock is like the "jet-leg", only that it affects our customs, habits, attitudes, and philosophies instead of biological clocks. Namely, every emigrant is going through it. Also, similarly to the jet-leg, the further from the country of birth one emigrates, the stronger this cultural shock is. In turn there are almost no two more distant countries than Poland and New Zealand. Fortunately, the cultural shock eases with the elapse of time. Now I can be proud that I almost got over it. However, always remain some areas, especially regarding food, taste, homes, and attitudes, which do not want to go away. For example, practically every now and again I am craving for these tens of different kinds of Polish sausages, which NOT only are named differently, but which also taste drastically different. I still miss Polish-style buildings which are dry and well heated, which do NOT feel cold and damp, which are thermally well insulated to maintain cheaply the temperature of 23 degrees, and which are build of bricks and cement, not cardboard. I also somehow can't get used to the amount of sport in TV and in everyday life, to empty footpaths after 5 pm, to emphases on bodies, to a low priority of accomplishments of intellects, and to these advertisements in TV which try to convince viewers that the best lifestyle is to do nothing.
       After two years of unemployment without getting any "dole", in 1992 I also decided to leave New Zealand and go overseas in search of income and bread. In this way I started my wandering through the world in search of bread. When I already had my airline tickets, they started to pay me the unemployment benefit ("dole"). So I was put in the situation that after just a few weeks of taking this illusive "dole", I was forced to resign from it voluntarily. This is because I decided that I will not change my plans of the wandering through the world in search of bread. (If they would pay me the "dole" from the very beginning, I would never decide to leave the country for this wander in search of bread.) After leaving New Zealand I signed three subsequent contracts for university professorships. The first of these contracts was for the academic year 1992/3 on the post of Associate Professor in the Eastern Mediterranean University located in the city of Famagusta from the Northern Cyprus. This contract provided me with the opportunity to get to know and to experience in person the Mediterranean culture, nature, and glorious history. I lived at the shore of a beautiful sea, just only a few kilometres from the ancient city of Salamis and the historic city of Famagusta (both these cities are still surrounded with old defence walls). A next, three-years long, contract I signed in 1993 for the post of Associate Professor in the University Malaya located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This one gave me the opportunity to taste the metropolitan life in the magnificent metropolis in which itself lives almost the same number of people as in the entire New Zealand. Differently from cities in New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur always is buzzing with people, never sleeps, has unlimited number of entertainments and attractions to attend, has a number of cultural events to choose from, and its level of technology and modernisation belongs to the highest in the world. My last contract was for two years also as an Associate Professor. I signed it in 1996 with the University of Malaysia Sarawak located in the city of Kuching from the tropical Island of Borneo. This contract let me learn how magnificent is the nature in tropics, and how sincere and friendly are people that live close to the nature. People in Borneo were so friendly and so nice, and make my life so pleasant, that if I could I would be happy to stay with them for the rest of my life. It was also Borneo where I experienced a wonderful phenomenon which is described on the web page nirvana.htm - about the totaliztic nirvana. Unfortunately, soon after I started my contract in Borneo the entire area of the south-east Asia was crippled by the so-called "Asian Crisis". In the result of this crisis, the value of local currency fell down to only around 30% of the initial value. Thus around two-third of my earnings from both contracts in Malaysia simply evaporated almost overnight. In addition, countries affected with this crisis could NOT afford to hire overseas professors like myself. Thus when my contract in Borneo has expired, there were no chances for signing another one.
       At the end of 1998 I returned to New Zealand. Another period in my life has begun which can be well described by the English proverb "a beggar cannot be choosy". Starting from 1999 I managed to secure a job in New Zealand. Unfortunately it was for a price. Already farming-only oriented New Zealand with by then almost completely destroyed industry did not need people with my area of technical expertise. Thus it gave me a big favour by providing me with any job at all. I landed on a lowest academic position that was available in a tiny Aoraki Polytechnic from a small township called Timaru. This polytechnic was the smallest tertiary educational institution in which I ever worked. However, the work in it turned out to be the most stressful. This polytechnic was so small, that in my previous professional career just myself I lectured more different subjects than the number of subjects offered to all students on this polytechnic. Unfortunately, at the end of 2000 I was made redundant even from this lowest position. The reason for this redundancy, which was communicated to me, was a rapid and unexpected drop in student numbers. I parted from there with a kind of relief, because the work atmosphere was there the worst from all places in which I worked in my entire life. Also no other educational institution I saw being abandoned by so many lecturers in a short period of just a few years, as that one. As from 12 February 2001 I started to work as an Academic Staff Member in the Wellington Institute of Technology located in the Petone suburb of the capitol of New Zealand (i.e. Wellington) - also on the lowest position that was available at this institution. Already in the first year of employment I received the honourable distinction of the "team member of the year" from the management of this institute. I worked in Wellington until 23 September 2005 - when I was again made redundant with the explanation that student numbers of this institute also rapidly dropped down. In fact this drop in student numbers was so significant that I could notice it even with a naked eye - since the beginning of 2005 classrooms of the Wellington Institute of Technology were almost empty. From stories of my colleagues I learned that equally empty became then also almost all tertiary educational institutions in New Zealand. Reasons for this rapid emptying of educational institutions probably were rather complex and included many factors, e.g. high fees taken from students by these institutions, the lack of jobs for people with a high education, the low academic level of local institutions which caused that some countries (e.g. China) ceased to send their scholarships winners to this country, etc., etc. But I personally believe that the most vital reason for this emptiness in tertiary education was the mass exit emigration (i.e. the escape of population). After all, since the time when the economic depression was started in New Zealand, the black years of increasingly faster escape overseas of young and ambitious New Zealanders have also begun. This escape was quite massive, while subjected to it were the most ambitious, capable, and creative young people, means practically the "salt of the nation". For example, recently each year to Australia escapes almost 1 percent of the entire population of New Zealand (which has only around four-millions of people) - for details see the article "28,000 a year leave for Aust.", from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Press, issue dated on Tuesday, February 5, 2008.) After this last lost of my "permanent" job in 2005, I still had the hope that I manage to find another one. Thus almost the entire my time I was devoting for seeking my next permanent job. Unfortunately, until the time of subsequent reorganisation of the content of this web page in March 2008, such a permanent job for me was nowhere to be found. The only thing that make a small break in my continuous unemployment was an invitation to the post of a Visiting Professor in the South Korea for a brief period of 10 months. Koreans turned out to be the nicest nation that I got to know in my life, while the level of their technology - the highest which so-far I encountered practically. Equally fascinating and worth of getting to know was the culture and history of Korea. Therefore this brief Professorship in Korea I recall with the same pleasure and sentiment as the work in the serene Borneo. This Professorship in Korea initially had a potential to became extended. But soon after it was initiated, the lawmakers of Korea issued the law that overseas Professors who visit that country must be under 60 years old. At that time I had already 61 years. Fortunately, my earlier invitation for the Visiting Professorship was honoured and I was allowed to work there for the full length of 10 months.
       All signs on heaven and Earth indicate, that in present economic circumstances, my unemployment without the dole (i.e. the present kind of unemployment when I am not entitled to an the unemployment benefit) started on 23 September 2005, is going to continue until the time I reach the retirement age. Unfortunately, some time ago government of the country I live in decided to accomplish further savings through extending the age of citizens becoming eligible to the retirement, to 65 years old. There also is no option of an "early retirement" which various other countries offer (e.g. Malaysia). So it appears that my living from savings is to last for the duration of at least 6 years, means up to 2011. Similarly as this was the case during my previous long period of unemployment from years 1990 to 1992, again some law turned out to be in power (a different one than previously) which makes me ineligible for the unemployment benefit. According to the article "Ease rules on dole for couples say economists" (The New Zealand Herald, Monday, June 29, 2009, page A1), the currently existing laws create a situation that in New Zealand only around 32% of unemployed people receive a "dole" (for comparison, in Australia 99% of unemployed people receive such a dole). On one hand this causes that over two-third of the population of New Zealand must consider the situation that if they loose their job then the unemployment benefit (dole) is equally illusive for them as if NOT existing at all. On the other hand this also means, that several recent governments which defined "unemployed" as "people who receive the unemployment benefit", officially claimed the level of unemployment in New Zealand which represented only less than one-third of the true unemployment of this country. No wonder that the situation of ordinary New Zealanders induces reflections of the type expressed in the article "MPs cut everything in public service except own spending" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, June 26, 2009. So I am again forced to live from my savings and with no prospect for finding any job. Fortunately for me, my moral strength stems from the fact, that in spite of all hardship and the lack of appreciation for my creative accomplishments and my contribution to the science, in spite of such wasting by the society my knowledge, expertise, inventions, and my thorough education, still I can be proud that once in my life I accomplished the level of a full professorship at a renown university. In turn, with being a professor is like with being a general - means once a professor, always a professor. Thus, one thing is now for sure, namely that no matter whether I am going to find any other employment, still I can have a moral satisfaction, that while being unemployed, I still have the honour of remaining an unemployed former Professor from a renown university.
       Life histories of all people which I researched so-far contain in themselves the so-called moral. This "moral" originates from the fact, that God purposely so shapes the life of every person, that for these people who know or learn the life of that person, it must always be a source of a vital moral lesson. If we analyse thoroughly my own fate and course of life, clearly such a "moral" emerges from it as well. It is visible from the stubborn persistence with which "something" causes that wherever I go, whatever I do, some strange and powerful "dark forces" cause that it always finishes with a defeat and with depriving me all chances for implementing what I tried to accomplish in my life. Such a "lost battle", which ends almost all endeavours in my life, is highly meaningful. Especially if one accepts that the goal and the mission of my life could be completing and implementing at least some amongst my breakthrough inventions and intellectual accomplishments that are described in parts #D to #H of this web page. After all, whatever affects us in our lives, it always have some reasons. In turn reasons for this repetitive strings of lost battles which continually trouble my life, can also be the fact, that if I encountered the correct intellectual climate and right research conditions, then most probably I would complete and implement a significant proportion from what I described in parts #D and #E of this web page. In turn possible accomplishing these inventions would be highly inconvenient for the "dark forces". Therefore no-one should be surprised that the true moral that results from the course of my life, are conclusions which I described on the web page named mozajski_uk.htm.

#B2. Fate of my family, versus the history of the village Wszewilki:

       The small village Wszewilki, in which I was born in 1946, is a part of the old Polish province called the "Lower Silesia". But for a significant period of time, means since 1741 when almost the entire Silesia was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia, until the end of World War Two in 1945, the Lower Silesia, including the village of Wszewilki, became a part of Germany. The village Wszewilki lies a bit over 50 km towards north from the city of Wrocław - which is the capitol of the province. As the reader probably knows, Lower Silesia lies in the south-west part of present Poland, not far from Germany and Czech.
       Wszewilki is a historically significant village. In old times through Wszewilki ran a branch of the so-called "Amber Route". In fact this route in distant past passed just by the present location of my family home. Also, until around 1890, Wszewilki was the location of the annual market for horses, which was famous in almost the entire central Europe. My grandfather arrived to this market from as far as the White Russia. His excellent knowledge of horses caused that he was then employed as an equerry by the Graf von Kolande from a nearby estate. The grandfather met my grandmother in there. This was possible because "on the distaff side" the family of my grandmother originates from the vicinity of the village of Wszewilki. My mother was also born not far from Wszewilki. In this manner the majority of my family on the distaff side, for many generations lived in the vicinity of Wszewilki. Bones of many of my ancestors are spread not far from Wszewilki. For example the grandmother of my mother (means my great-great-grandmother), was buried by the church in nearby Cieszków. Some from my ancestors were also buried by the church in Trzebicko. My auntie autochthon lived in nearby Jankowo until a half of 1950s. As a teenager (i.e. around 1920) my mother worked in the estate from nearby Stawiec. In Wszewilki she had then many close girlfriends which she visited for coffee after Sunday churches. However, after Hitler got to power, parents of my mother emigrated from Germany to Poland.
       After the Second Word War finished, almost all inhabitants of the village Wszewilki in which I was born, and from other nearby villages, were changed to new ones. This is because former citizens of Germany that used to live in these villages until almost the end of war, escaped to Germany from the attacking Red Army. Thus, after the war they were replaced by incoming people from the area of Poland, and from what before the war was the Polish Ukraine. In the result of this complete change of population, knowledge of history and tradition of Wszewilki almost completely disappeared. But by a strange coincidence my mother was amongst incoming Polish population that arrived to the area of Wszewilki after the war. In turn my mother knew the area very well, as she spent her childhood in there.
       The origin of many generations of my ancestors on the distaff side, from the vicinity of Wszewilki and Milicz, causes that from the family verbal tradition I got to know a lot of facts about the history of this land. Probably I am just amongst these last rare people who are still alive and who know the history of this area from the family spoken tradition. This is why as a kind of patriotic duty I considered to write-down historical facts which still are known to me. These known to me historical facts regarding the village of Wszewilki are described on several totaliztic web pages, e.g. on web pages wszewilki_uk.htm - about the village of Wszewilki, stawczyk_uk.htm - about the settlement Stawczyk from the village of Wszewilki, milicz_uk.htm - about the town of Milicz, bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm - about the battle for the liberation of Milicz, and sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm - about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz. On one of these totaliztic web pages regarding the village Wszewilki, namely on the page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm - about my dreams on the future for the village Wszewilki, I dream openly, how nice it would be if Wszewilki could rebuild one day the old central square of the village, which was purposely destroyed around 1875. Or at least, if Wszewilki could rebuild the old church, and also erect for itself a new museum.

Fig. #1a (G1 in [4b]) Fig. #1b (O1 in [2]) Fig. #1c (Z1 in [1/5]): Dr Jan Pajak - an ID card photo taken on 19 July 2004

Fig. #1abc: Here is my appearance (i.e. the appearance of Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) in the period of time when I was the most creative in these areas of my research which presently I am forced to describe as my "scientific hobby". (You can click on the selected photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #1a-left (G1 in [4b]): Here is my photo that was taken in New Zealand around 1985 (unfortunately I do not remember the exact date) - means around the time when I formulated the theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also the most moral, progressive, peaceful and fulfilling philosophy in the world called totalizm.
       Fig. #1b-middle (O1 in [2]): Here is my photo of a passport type, took in summer of 1991. When this photo was taken I was in the middle of my first long unemployment (without getting the dole), and facing a difficult decision of leaving the economically depressed New Zealand to wander in search of income and bread. At the time of taking this photograph my research was revolving around the ideas of telekinesis, telekinetic cells, and telekinetic free energy devices - for details see web pages free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, and boiler.htm - about the shocking history of the revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records.
       Fig. #1c-right (Z1 in [1/5]): Here is my recent photo. I took it for my for my personal ID on 19 July 2004 - means around the time when I prepared the first version of this web page. Around the time it was taken I did a lot of research on the moral lessons stemming from history of inventions and on the development of modern applications for old historic inventions - for example see web pages mozajski_uk.htm - about the first, steam-propelled airplane in the world, or seismograph.htm - about the apparatus for the remote detection of impending earthquakes. The above photograph reflects quite well how I look like even currently.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this photograph. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.

Part #C: The course of my professional career:


#C1. Multidisciplinary professional employments:

       I have the pleasure and honour to belong to these rare scientists, whom their job could extend into several different disciplines. The capability of this multidisciplinary extension of my job I own just to the exceptional academic level on the Technical University of Wrocław in which I finished my studies. As I explained this earlier, according to my own (means unofficial) estimates, the academic level of teaching at the Technical University of Wroclaw in times when I finished that university most probably was amongst the highest in the world. On this excellent education I capitalise later during the entire my life. It is because it allowed me to lecture later on overseas universities not only in Mechanical Engineering - in which I was originally educated, and not only Computer Sciences (informatics) - which I learned during the completion of Master Diploma and my Doctorate from the computer Assisted Design (i.e. from the area which presently is called CAD/CAM), but also lecture Theoretical Mechanics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, History of Technology (or Engineering and Society), and lately even Mathematics.
       My multidisciplinary professional orientation caused that in my career I lectured with equal success in two major disciplines, and in several additional specialisations. Amongst these two major disciplines I lectured (1) Mechanical Engineering, and (2) Computer Sciences (also called informatics). In the Mechanical Engineering I accomplished the level of Associate Professor. In Computer Sciences I accomplished the level of a Full Professor. Because each of the two major disciplines represented like a different section of my professional life, below I am going to discuss each one of them in a separate item.

#C2. My professional career in Mechanical Engineering:

       My professional career in Mechanical Engineering was started with my employment in 1970 as a junior lecturer at the Technical University of Wrocław. After this employment I climbed fast upwards in the academic hierarchy, becoming a lecturer and a senior lecturer within just three next years. After the defence of my Doctoral Thesis in 1974, I was promoted to the post of "adiunkt" (an "adiunkt" at Polish universities was then an equivalent to a "Reader" in the English university system), on the same Technical University of Wrocław. Simultaneously with the work at the university, in years 1978 until the end of 1981 I worked part time as a scientific consultant in the Department of Production Technology of the Bus and truck production factory called Polmo-Jelcz. This employment in industry gave me an excellent understanding of industrial reality of Mechanical Engineering. When I emigrated to New Zealand in 1982, initially I was employed in there for one year at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, as so-called "Post-Doctoral Fellow". This employment was in the specialisation of Mechanical Engineering. However, I interrupted work in this specialisation in 1983, when I got employed at the Polytechnic in Invercargill - as I am going to describe this in next item of this web page. To the Mechanical Engineering I returned again in 1993 when I was employed as an Associate Professor on the University Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After completing that contract in 1996 I went to a two-year contract of an Associate Professor on the University of Malaysia Sarawak from the city Kuching, in the Malaysian province named Sarawak on the tropical island of Borneo. That professorial contract I completed in 1998. After that date and contract I ceased to work in the Mechanical Engineering.

#C3. My professional career in Computer Sciences:

       An excellent preparation to my job in Computer Sciences was my Master Diploma and my Doctoral Thesis. Both of these were strictly linked to computer modelling and programming of problems from the area of engineering.
       In years 1975 to 1977 I was also employed part time in the presently non-existing computer production factory called Mera-Elwro. This work I had simultaneously with my employment at the Technical University of Wrocław. I worked in Mera-Elwro as a scientific adviser in the Division of Engineering Software Development. In fact when I used to work in the Mera-Elwro, it was the largest computer producing factory in the Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, later this factory was liquidated - so I am unable to provide a link to its web page. The only thing that remained from it until today, is a miniature service workshop which carries a slightly similar name (of the Elwro-System), but which does NOT represent computing traditions of the Mera-Elwro factory. That part time in computer industry gave me excellent understanding of computers and software, on which understanding I capitalised later for many years as a lecturer of informatics and Computer Sciences.
       My lecturing job in Computer Sciences was initiated only after I emigrated to New Zealand. Namely, after completing one-year post-doctoral fellowship in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, in 1983 I found a permanent job at the Southland Polytechnic in Invercargill, New Zealand. It was my first work in the discipline "Computer Sciences" (also called Informatics). Because I always had an ambition to become a Professor at an university, in 1988 I resigned myself from that polytechnic and accepted a job as a Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. As I already described it earlier, I lost this job in 1990. After almost two years of unemployment (without getting an unemployment benefit), in 1992 I started one-year contract to the post of Associate Professor in Software Engineering at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta from the Northern Cyprus. After that contract I returned back to lecturing in Mechanical Engineering, lecturing as an Associate Professor in Malaysia and in the tropical island of Borneo. In 1998 I returned to New Zealand, while from 1999 I started a next lecturing job in computer programming at the small Aoraki Polytechnic from the town Timaru. Unfortunately, by the end of 2000 was made redundant also from this Polytechnic. As from 12 February 2001 I started to work as an academic staff member in the Wellington Institute of Technology, from Petone near Wellington, still in Information technology. After loosing also that employment in 2005, in 2007 I was invited for 10 months to the post of a Visiting (Full) Professor by the University of Ajou in Suwon from the South Korea - about which I wrote already before. That short-term Full Professorship in Computer Sciences was my last place of employment, and simultaneously the highest academic post that I accomplished in my entire life.

Fig. #2 (J2 in [10]): Dr Jan Pajak in KLCC from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2002

Fig. #2 (J2 in [10]): Here is myself (Dr Jan Pajak) in the so-called "Sky Bridge" at 42nd floor of KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia is very close to me, because in years 1993 to 1998 I was having in there two professorial contracts at the Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, then also at the University Malaysia Sarawak in Kuching on the tropical island of Borneo. Photographed on 30 December 2002. The name KLCC is assigned to two skyscrapers constructed as "twin towers" in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are the only "twin towers" in the world still left standing, which belong to the exclusive club of highest buildings in the world. The "Sky Bridge" links both these towers at slightly less than a half of their heights. The positioning of this sky bridge which links both towers, is visible on the next photograph of the entire KLCC.

Fig. #3 (C3 in [10]): Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fig. #3 (C3 in [10]): This is how the "Twin Towers" (KLCC) from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia look like. These towers were constructed in the period of time when I was on my professorial contract in Malaysia. Thus they are relatively sentimental buildings for me, as in some sense I feel as if I was participating in their construction. At present these are the only twin towers in the world left still standing. Their fame spread around the world enough that presently are equally well known as were the WTC skyscrapers from New York. The famous "Sky Bridge" is visible on this photo as it links both towers approximately at less than a half of their height. How this Sky Bridge looks like inside it can be seen in the previous "Fig. #2".
* * *
       By the way, KLCC is one of technical wonders of the present world. (Other technical wonders of this world I discuss on the web page about New Zealand.) Therefore, if you already are in tropical Kuala Lumpur, or somewhere near to it, I would strongly recommend to visit these twin towers and to see them with your own eyes.

Part #D: My scientific hobby, and my research interests outside of the job:


#D1. Why my scientific hobby and outside-of-job research interests I am forced to clearly separate from my professional research:

       If one classifies the hobby and outside-of-job interests of other scientists, then they fall into two major categories, namely (1) these which are completely different from the profession of a scientist (e.g. singing in a choir - which practiced one of my New Zealand superiors), and (2) these which are like an extension of the profession of a scientist (e.g. carrying out hobby-like research in the same or in a different discipline). From my watching of colleagues it stems that in both such cases typical scientists can openly discuss their hobby interests with other colleagues and with students. In turn when their hobby is close to their scientific specialisation, as this was the case e.g. with Albert Einstein, frequently the majority of their lecturing time they devote to discussions on their hobby.
       However, in my case the situation looks very different. It does not help me that my hobby is in fact an extension of my professional scientific interests. For example, for my hobby I develop various inventions, such as Magnocraft (means a space vehicle with magnetic propulsion system), or telekinetic cell (means a generator of energy of the future). Practically all my inventions are related to the subject area which I lecture in the scope of my profession as an academic in Mechanical Engineering. But for many different reasons, about these inventions I am not allowed to discuss openly with my professional colleagues nor with my students. I am also not allowed to research these inventions nor build them within the scope of my professional scientific research. On a different scientific field, as my hobby I carry out research, amongst others, on the so-called "timespace" discussed on totaliztic web pages about Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or about time vehicles. This timespace is a version of so-called "object-oriented programming" the lecturing of which I carry out within the scope of my jobs in informatics. However, still i am not allowed to discuss this time-space with my colleagues nor with students, similarly as I am disallowed to discuss many other similar topics which I research within my hobby and which have a link to informatics or computer science.
       Expressing this in other words, in spite that my hobby and outside-of-job interests are like an extension of my profession and have a close link with whatever I lecture professionally, still for many reasons (e.g. because of a kind of atmosphere which prevails in present scientific institutions which (the atmosphere) decisively decides what can be discussed openly at universities, while what should be shamed and hide), I am forced to clearly separate my job interests from my scientific hobby. Why is so, I myself have difficulty to understand. Perhaps the reader is able to work it out on the examples of topics which I research outside of my job as my scientific hobby. The most important out of these topics I am describing below.

#D2. The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - means the most important intellectual product of my scientific hobby:

       Within the scope of my scientific hobby I developed quite a large number of various creative ideas, including new scientific theories, new inventions, new trends, etc. If someone asks me what I consider to be the most important hobby contribution in this avalanche of my creative ideas, without a hesitation I would indicate the scientific theory of everything which I developed within the scope of my hobby, and which I called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       The scientific foundations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are very simple. Namely this theory describes how the universe would look like if the gravitational field turns out to be so-called "dipolar field" (i.e. the field which has two different poles, such as poles N and S in the magnetic field), instead to be so-called "monopolar field" for which gravity is claimed to be by the official science to-date (i.e. the science to-date considers gravity to be monopolar field similar to electrical field). Interesting aspect of this Concept of Dipolar Gravity is, that in fact it proves formally that gravity is the dipolar field, means that it is exactly as this concept describes it. (Thus, according to this proof, gravity is NOT a monopolar field for which it is taken by the official science to-date.)
       A spectacular finding of the key to this extraordinary theory which explains practically everything that we still do not know, and thus which deserves to be called the theory of everything, took place in 1985. Later I named this theory the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Namely, after I realized the inadequacy of the old concept of monopolar gravity presently adhered by our orthodox scientists, I tried to find an error in the formulation of that concept. This error causes that the old concept is contradictive to the natural order of things. I read for this purpose a lot of publications concerning gravity, and constantly though over its existing formulation. One extremely beautiful afternoon, in spring of 1985 (most probably it was during the New Zealand vacation break in a half of August 1985) I was walking around the park in Invercargill. The park in Invercargill is one of the most beautiful parks in New Zealand, and at that particular time it was especially beautiful - full of spring flowers, with the nature awakening to life and with the air filled up with a kind of happiness. Rapidly a key to the solution of gravity problem appeared in my mind. It was rather a spectacular moment in my life, as in this majestic day and beautiful environment, it hit my awareness as a lightning and in a split of second it turned upside down my entire understanding of the universe. The key to the complete understanding of gravity turned out to be the fact, that the old concept considers gravity "a priori" to be a monopolar type of field, while it is necessary to consider also whether gravity does not have a dipolar character. After I found this key, it was possible to gradually work out the foundations of the new "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", the most early version of which was initially published in the Polish monograph [1] (the one, the scientific value of which was disqualified by the Scientific Council of the Institute TBM of the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland), while the latest version is presented in chapters H and I of monograph [1/5].

#D3. New directions of development emergings from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity turned out for me a kind of scientific stimulant which induced a whole avalanche of various discoveries, findings, explanations, and inventions. After all, just from the area of new scientific explanations, this concept provides explanations to practically everything that science to-date was unable to explain. In order to give here several examples of phenomena which the concept explained, these include, amongst others: telekinesis, telepathy, nirvana, or reversible passage of time. This concept also opened doors for the humanity to new philosophical trends - e.g. see the descriptions of philosophies of totalizm and parasitism. It also indicated the possibility of realising the previously unknown technologies (e.g. see the so-called telekinetic generators of free energy), and unknown earlier propulsion systems (e.g. see the so-called telekinetic propulsion of flying vehicles of the Magnocraft type). A list of benefits which are opened for the humanity by this concept practically has no end. Not without reasons its numerous applications allow it to be named the theory of everything.
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity, as well as its numerous consequences to our civilisation, is described extensively on several totaliztic web pages. For example, the descriptions of it are provided not only on web pages entirely devoted to this concept - means on the web pages about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, but also on web pages about humanity, time vehicles, Magnocraft, telekinesis, telepathy, destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles, totalizm, parasitism, and nirvana.

#D4. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the provider of scientific and philosophical foundations for a completely new "totaliztic science":

       At the moment when the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was developed in 1985, it provides scientific foundations (while through the creation of the philosophy of totalizm - also philosophical foundations) for a completely new "totaliztic science" which researches the surrounding reality from an opposite "a priori" approach to research than it is researched by the old official human science to-date. More information on the subject of this new science and about its approach to research is provided in item #J2 below on this web page. In turn more information about differences between scientific and philosophical foundations of this new "totaliztic science" in comparison to the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, present items #C1 to #C6 on the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm and items #F1.1 to #F2 on the web page named god_exists.htm. I recommend extending own horizons by reviewing all these items.

#D5. Hobby findings regarding e.g. telepathy, telepathic methods of remote detection of impending earthquakes, or method of formation of tornad and hurricanes - means a chance for controlling events that destroy the humanity:

       On Friday, 11 November 1994, during a lunch break, I decided to escape from swelling difficulties and stresses of the second semester that soon supposed to begin, and to have a large lunch. Unfortunately the dish that I purchased in a local cafeteria, on that particular day turned out to be more inedible then usual. In order to divert my attention from the taste that tended to stick in my throat, I made my mind busy with the favourite topic of mechanisms that operate our universe. Thus when I stubbornly tried to get through to the end of my meal (according to totalizm, which I already adhered decisively at that time, wasting any kind of food in the present situation of humanity, is a heavy sin) I unexpectedly experienced a flash in my head. Pieces of a puzzling jig-saw, that for so long used to hide the nature, mechanism, and principles of telepathy, rapidly fell into their places and showed me the entire picture of this phenomenon. God sometimes displays a great sense of humour, and that particular time the discovery of telepathic waves, together with the knowledge of mechanisms that govern telepathy, most probably our civilization will gain because of the hopeless product of some anonymous cook. Similarly as this happened previously with the invention of my oscillatory chamber (see subsection C2 in monographs [1e] and [2e]), also in the case of telepathy I was thinking about it continually for months, considering in my thoughts over and over again all theoretical explanations for this phenomenon, and comparing with these explanations everything that by that time I empirically managed to observe and to learn. Because I already had done extensive empirical research on my remote mind reader described in subsection D1 of treatise [7/2], and also because I investigated telepathy for a long period of time, I had accumulated in my mind all the components of that puzzle. For example, I knew already that the telepathic signals propagate through counter-matter, that their instigation occurs via magnetic vibrations, that they are carriers of modulated signals similar to human speech, that there is a kind of universal language (in subsection I5.4 of monograph [1/5] named ULT - the "Universal Language of Thoughts", and the same named in subsection D2.1.1 of treatise [7/2]) in which all living organisms from the entire universe can communicate with each other by the means of telepathy, etc. The only thing that I still did not know at that time, was the physical nature of telepathy, and the physical mechanism on which it is based. Thus, during this memorable lunch, a shocking idea flashed through my mind, stating that "telepathic waves are simply sound-like vibrations of counter-matter, which similar to sounds from our world, have their tone, melody, characteristics, frequency, etc.; while the telepathic communication is simply a speech-like conversation occurring in the Universal Language of Thoughts (ULT) via these sound-like vibrations". (Note that according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, all types of motion of counter-matter manifest themselves as magnetic fields, therefore telepathic waves could also be defined as "vibrations of the magnetic field".) After this idea flashed in my mind, everything that I previously knew about telepathy started to have sense and became understandable. The mechanism of telepathy that was discovered at that particular day was soon recorded in writing and published, initially on 9 January 1996 in monograph [3] (see chapter D13 in [3]), in 1997 it was repeated in monograph [3/2], and later (in 1998) also published in monographs [1/2] and [1/3]. In 2000 telepathy was the basis for formulation of treatise [7/2] - see subsection D2.1.1 in [7/2]. In monograph [1/5] telepathy is described in subsection H7.1.
       The most direct descriptions of telepathy and telepathic devices are presented on a separate web page about telepathy. Furthermore, the telepathic device for remote detection of impending earthquakes is described on a separate web page about the Zhang Heng seismograph, as well as in my conference paper about this apparatus - which in Internet is available from the address http://www-ist.massey.ac.nz/conferences/icst05/proceedings/ICST2005-Papers/ICST_112.pdf. It is worth to notice, that in spite this instrument (i.e. Zhang Heng seismograph) is able to save countless lives and indescribable value of human possessions, and in spite that it is relatively simple in design and principles of operation, in fact no-one has the courage to undertake the construction of it only because it works on principles of the perception and interpretation of telepathic waves.

Fig. #4 (1 in [9]): Czeslaw Pajak and Jan Pajak: Proverbs of the Orient and from other corners of the world

Fig. #4 (1 in [9]): Here is how looks the cover of our book on proverbs that I wrote together with my brother within the scope of my scientific hobby of collecting proverbs, folk wisdom, beliefs, as well as cultural and religious curiosities of various nations and countries which I have visited. Together with my brother we published this book in Poland in 2003. It contains around 2700 proverbs. Each proverb is presented in two language versions, namely in Polish and in English. The book bears the title "Proverbs of the Orient and from other corners of the world - Przyslowia Wschodu oraz z innych stron swiata", Poznan (Address of the publisher: "Wydawnictwo Poznanskie", Ul. Fredry 8, 61-701 Poznan, Poland), 2003, ISBN 83-7177-273-4, 551 pages, pb, Many amongst these proverbs I managed to accumulate during the last 12 years of my professional engagement in various countries. A significant number of them originates from Asian cultures, including Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Dayaks of Borneo, and several others.

#D6. My other "hobby" discoveries - including the discovery of the herb which heals female infertility but which still remains unknown to the official science:

       As it is indicated by my research carried out according to the new ""totaliztic science" (i.e. to the science described in item #D4 from this web page), if someone meets a set of specific moral requirements that stem from the definition of "true morality", which definition is provided in item #B5 of the web page named morals.htm, then God is flooding such someone with all sorts of gifts. In my case, these gifts include, amongst thers, the form of a long string of scientific discoveries and technical inventions. The more detailed descriptions of most amongst these my discoveries and inventions are contained on this web page, and on other my web pages which I dedicated to them, thus there is NO need to explain them again here. However, one of these discoveries is worth an additional emphasizing. It has the form of my discovery that a herb which effectively heals female infertility, still remains unknown to the official science - and thus, as so far, it still does NOT have any official name. As we know, nowadays scientific discovery of an unknown herb remains so extreme rarity, that we almost never hear about it. This herb healing the female infertility, and the history of my discovery that it is still NOT known to the official science, is described in more detail in item #F5 from the website named healing_pl.htm. Of course, the story of this "discovery" is an exact repetition of steps in the history of many other important discoveries of plants by official science. Namely, this herb was known to the local folklore for centuries - if not millennia. However, there was needed my perception and diligence, to discover that in fact it still remains unknown to the official science.
       The research on the true "morality" which I carried out so-far, indicate conclusively that only to these persons who act pedantically "morally" God allows to accomplish a discovery or an invention which in fact lift the level of human civilisation. In other words, people who act "immorally" are NOT able to accomplish any discovery or invention which would generate a "true progress" of the human civilisation, i.e. the progress which is described in item #G4 from the web page named eco_cars.htm. Such immoral people are only able to generate the "apparent progress" through "chumming" again something that is already known to the humanity for a long time. Alternatively, such immoral people generate a "perception of progress" - which by others is believed to be a progress, but which in a long run turns out to be a significant "obstruction of progress" (as an example consider the "theory of relativity" - discussed, amongst others, in item #R5 from the web page quake.htm). In turn, nothing better illustrates the fact that it is God who strictly inspires and controls discoveries and inventions, as my invention of the "telepathic telephone" described in items #D1 to #D4 from the web page artefact.htm. Notice that the fact that "immoral" people are unable to discover or invent anything truly new is also discussed in item #H1 from the web page named boiler.htm, and in item #D4 from the abovementioned web page artefact.htm.

#D7. My "hobby" inventions:

       As my hobby interests I invented a number of interesting devices. Some of these I am going to described in more details in further parts of this web page (e.g. see parts #E, #G, and #H). Other such devices are described on separate web pages.

Part #E: My most important technical invention, means the Magnocraft and numerous propelling devices related to it:


#E1. Multidimensional proces leading to the invention of the Magnocraft, Oscillatory Chamber, and other related devices:

       The accomplishing of this my most important technical invention, means a space vehicle propelled by the pulsating magnetic field and called the Magnocraft was not just a single creative event. In fact it was a long process, which was composed of numerous smaller stages. Let us describe now the most vital out of these stages:

#E2. The discovery of so-called "Cyclic Table" and the formulation of the Theory of Propulsion Development:

       My submerging into the present area, which eventually led to the development of all topics contained in this and in all other my web pages and monographs, was initiated with the scientific discovery from early 1972, means now over 35 years old. As I already explained this in subsection A19 of monograph [1/5] and also on this web page, I discovered then the so-called "Cyclic Table". This table was a kind of the "Mendeleyev Table" (also called "the periodic table of the chemical elements"), only that instead of chemical elements, my table combined together propelling devices. Thus, by ordering together attributes of propulsion systems which were invented already, my table allowed to predict properties of all propelling devices which still awaits their invention. In this way my "Cyclic Table" indicated to me which propelling devices still await their inventions and therefore allowed me to develop designs of these propulsion systems. This way I was soon able to invent a number of propelling devices, including Magnocrafts and time vehicles described in further parts of this web page.
       Soon after the discovery I published this "Cyclic Table" in my article [1A4] "Teoria rozwoju napędów" (i.e. "The Theory of Propulsion Development") from a Polish magazine called "Astronautyka", number 5/1976, pages 16-21. This table marked a starting point for the entire my present knowledge and activities. By following the direction that this "Cyclic Table" was indicating, by 1980 I managed to invent, and then publish the design and operation, of the space vehicle with magnetic propulsion, called the Magnocraft. Then, by 3 January 1984, I invented the so-called "Oscillatory Chamber" - which represents the propelling device for the Magnocraft. In turn all these discoveries and inventions initiated my investigations into the subject area, which in the final effect led to the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm. Because the "Cyclic Table", the Magnocraft, and the Oscillatory Chamber, are already described in details in chapters B, F and G of my newest monograph [1/5] their description is not repeated here.
       As I already indicated this, the discovery and publication of the "Cyclic Table" turned out to be the most important milestone in my entire life. The reason is that this table directed my thoughts and attention onto a completely new area, which turned out to be extremely productive, and which gradually eventuated in making all the discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Practically, without my discovery of the "Cyclic Table", there would be no Magnocraft, no oscillatory chamber, no Concept of Dipolar Gravity, no totalizm, etc. Thus also there would be no this web page.
       The "Cyclic Table" is illustrated and well described on several web pages, including the page about the Magnocraft and about Oscillatory Chamber, as well as partially on the web pages about propulsion systems, Concept of Dipolar Gravity, immortality, and about my monograph [1/5] (in monograph [1/5] it is described quite comprehensively in chapter B from volume 2).

#E3. The invention of the Magnocraft - means the paradigm shift in principles of space travel:

       One of the consequences of the development of my first "Cyclic Table", was that it postulated the not-too-distant completion on Earth of a whole new family of space vehicles with magnetic propulsion systems. Thus starting from 1972 I began to develop these vehicles. The construction and operation of the first one of them were published by 1980. Soon afterwards I called it the "Magnocraft". The history of my monographs in a large part is a history of the Magnocraft (this in turn is well described in subsection F2 of my monograph [1/5]).
       My first "Cyclic Table" indicated, however, that there are three entirely new spaceships awaiting to be invented on Earth. I gave the same name "Magnocraft" to all three of them. These three spaceships externally look identical, but they have three different principles employed in their operation. (In turn these different propelling principles result in different shapes of their propelling devices called oscillatory chambers - see Figures C1(c) and G3 from monograph [1/5].) Therefore to distinguish between them, I call them: (1) the Magnocraft of the first generation, or just Magnocraft (this simplest of the three Magnocraft, briefly described in subsection C1 while extensively described in the entire chapter G of monograph [1/5], uses purely magnetic propulsion, working on the principle of magnetic repulsion and attraction; its oscillatory chambers are cubical, with square inlets), (2) the Magnocraft of the second generation, or the telekinetic vehicle (this more advanced Magnocraft uses the instant telekinetic propulsion described in subsection LC1 of [1/5], thus it can also be called "telekinetic vehicle"; its oscillatory chambers have the octagonal front walls), and (3) the Magnocraft of the third generation or the "time vehicle" (this most advanced Magnocraft, described in chapter M of monograph [1/5], uses principles of time travel, therefore it can also be called "time vehicle"; its oscillatory chambers have the sixteen-gonal front walls, which almost look as if they were circular). The Magnocraft of the first generation is that one which according to the "Periodic Table of Propulsion Systems" should be completed on the Earth by the year of 2036. It is described in subsection C1 and in chapter G of monograph [1/5]. It takes the shape of a disk, which in the centre holds a very strong source of repulsive magnetic field, named the "main propulsor", while around the peripherals it holds a ring of "side propulsors" - see Figure C1(b) in [1/5]. When the Magnocraft flies, the main propulsor repels itself from the Earth's, Solar, or Galactic magnetic field, thus producing the lifting force. Simultaneously, its side propulsors attract themselves to this Earth's, Solar, or Galactic field, thus producing stabilization forces. Side propulsors create also a spinning magnetic field in a manner similar to that employed in electric motors for the formation of magnetic whirl. This spinning magnetic field forms a magnetic equivalent of the Magnus Effect, thus powering the Magnocraft with a horizontal thrust force. The whirl also ionizes the air, thus causing it to glow. Furthermore, the magnetic whirl forms a plasma saw which evaporates rocks and soil. Thus, in case when the Magnocraft flies underground, it produces easily identifiable glossy tunnels described in subsection G10.1.1 of [1/5] - see there Figures G31 and P6. (Just such a plasma whirl of a UFO was used to cause the evaporation of WTC - as described in subsection V8.1 of [1/5] and on a separate web page about WTC.) Magnocraft can fly solo, or magnetically joined together with other vehicles, thus forming various flying configurations. The first description of the Magnocraft was published in the article [2W4] "Budowa i działanie statków kosmicznych z napędem magnetycznym", which appeared in the Polish Journal "Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje", no 16/1980, pages 21-23. The more recent descriptions of this spaceship are also presented in almost all monographs and treatises listed in chapter Y of [1/5], with especially comprehensive descriptions in chapter G of monograph [1/5], and in English monographs [1e] and [2e].
       It should be stressed here, that I became the first scientist on Earth, who invented a space vehicle utilizing the Magnocraft's principles. Before my invention was published, the idea of purely magnetic propulsion was completely rejected because of a popular (although erroneous) belief, that such a propulsion is not going to work. For example, in past it was believed (and some people still believe it until today), that the purely magnetic propulsion system would cause the so-called "magnetic crane effect" (i.e. that a flying vehicle with such a propulsion supposed to lift into the air all ferromagnetic objects), and also that people are unable to build a technical device capable to overcome the so-called "uniform character" of the Earth's magnetic field. It was only me, who proved in a theoretical manner, that the effect of a "magnetic crane" will be neutralised by the pulsating component of the vehicle's field (for details see subsection F7.3 and Figure F12 in monograph [1/5]). In turn the "uniform character" of the Earth's magnetic field is to be overcome through the huge "effective length" of the magnetic field produced by Oscillatory Chambers (for explanations see subsection G5.3 of monograph [1/5]). In the result of these previously prevailing erroneous views, before the Magnocraft was technically worked out, out of two hypothetical propulsion systems that utilise interactions of fields, only the so-called "antigravitational" propulsion was postulated (see its descriptions in chapter HB of [1/5]). If anyone postulated then a use of magnetic field for propelling purposes, he or she assumed only an indirect utilisation of this field to form some kind of secondary propelling effect, or for generating antigravity field. In this way, for example in 1970s J. Pierre Petit from France tried to explain the propulsion of UFOs with the magneto-hydro-dynamic phenomena induced by magnetic fields of these vehicles. In turn several other people (amongst others famous George Adamski) postulated previously, that the propulsion of UFO includes some kind of devices, which convert magnetic field into antigravity field. Therefore, according to these people, UFO propulsion actually is an antigravity propulsion, while the use of magnetic field is limited in them just to energy supply. Only my theories and scientific research proved conclusively, that the purely magnetic propulsion system is going to work, and that the completion of this propulsion system on Earth is feasible and technically possible even right now.
       The Magnocraft is well described on several web pages. Namely, the descriptions of it are contained on the web pages about Magnocraft and about the Oscillatory Chamber, as well as also partially on web pages about propulsion systems, Concept of Dipolar Gravity, immortality, and about time vehicles.

#E4. The invention of the Oscillatory Chamber - means the paradigm shift in principles of accumulation, storage, and transportation of energy:

       In order for the Magnocraft to lift itself to free space and fly to stars, the output from its magnetic propulsors needed to exceed the special threshold value, which I called the "starting flux". This starting flux represents a magnetic equivalent for the so-called "first space velocity". The value of it I calculated and already published in [1A4]. Unfortunately, currently we do not have on Earth a technical device for the production of magnetic fields, the output of which would be able to exceed this starting flux. Thus one of the objections, which the "adversaries" of the Magnocraft were bringing out against this vehicle, was the claim, that it is impossible to develop a technical device, the principle of which would allow to produce a magnetic field in excess of this starting flux. In order to prove that these people are wrong, I decided to invent such a device. After several years of thinking and intentional searches of this principle of operation, this device finally crystallised in my mind near the morning on 3 January 1984. Because of its shape, construction, and the principle of operation, I called it the "oscillatory chamber". Circumstances and the most important consequences of the invention of this oscillatory chamber are described in more details in my monographs - e.g. see subsection F2 in monograph [1/5]. The first comprehensive publication of the entire design and the operation of the Oscillatory Chamber took place in the monograph [8W4] of the following title and bibliographical data: Pajak Jan, "The Oscillatory Chamber - a breakthrough in the principles of magnetic field production", first New Zealand edition, Invercargill, New Zealand, 31 January 1985, ISBN 0-9597698-2-X (copyright receipt C 7433, date 31.1.85). But a small comment on this device (one brief chapter) was also published in monograph [4W4] mentioned before. For my research, the invention of the oscillatory chamber had a breakthrough significance. It proved that there is a principle of operation, and a technical device which implements this principle, which are capable of yielding a magnetic output in excess of the starting flux, thus which are able to carry out the Magnocraft into the space. The oscillatory chamber illustrated, that the idea of the Magnocraft is very realistic, and that this vehicle soon may be implemented by our civilisation - if only someone undertakes the project of its completion.
       From the above we can conclude that the "Oscillatory Chamber" is a device of my own invention, for the production of extremely powerful magnetic fields. Thus it would be appropriate to state, that it is a kind of a super powerful "magnet" (i.e. the magnet so powerful, that such a chamber on its own is capable to repel itself from the Earth's magnetic field and to ascend in space, simply due to a repulsive interaction with the Earth's magnetic field). The operation of this chamber is based on a completely new principle, previously unknown on Earth, in details described in chapter F of monograph [1/5], and also in English monographs [1e] and [2e]. This chamber usually takes the shape of a transparent cubical box, empty inside. Along side walls of this box oscillatory electrical sparks are maintained, which force the streams of sparks to rotate along peripherals of a square. The square rotation of this electrical sparks forms a powerful magnetic field. Thus a single oscillatory chamber is a kind of extremely powerful magnet, that is able to lift itself (together with a heavy structure of a space vehicle attached to it) exclusively due to the repulsion from the magnetic field of Earth, Planets, Sun, or Galaxy. In order for this lifting to be possible, the magnetic output from the oscillatory chamber must exceed the value, that is expressed through a magnetic constant called the "starting flux". This starting flux is defined as "the smallest output from any source of magnetic field, related to the unit of weight of this source, which after being oriented repulsively towards Earth's magnetic field, causes the overcoming of gravity pull and the ascend of this source of field into space". The value of the starting flux is calculated in subsection G5.1 of monograph [1/5]. It is also calculated in English monographs [1e], [2e], and [1/5]. For the area of Poland it amounts to Fs=3.45 [Wb/kg].
       The design and operation of the Oscillatory Chamber is also described on several web pages. For example, descriptions of it are provided not only on web pages about the Oscillatory Chamber itself, but also on web pages about Magnocrafts, propulsion systems, destructive uses of UFO vehicles, Tapanui explosion, immortality, and about time vehicles.

Part #F: My hobby interests in UFO phenomena:


#F1. The role of Magnocraft's invention as the trigger for my interests in UFO manifestations:

       After first descriptions of the Magnocraft which I invented (presented in item #E3 above) were published, and after my publications documented scientifically that the completion of the Magnocraft must be a natural consequence of the evolution of Earth's technology, this vehicle became very famous in Poland. There were numerous commenting articles appearing in various newspapers and magazines, and also several TV programmes were broadcasted with pictures, descriptions, and discussions by experts, about this my interstellar spaceship. One idea which started to repetitively emerge from all these discussions, was that the Magnocraft which I invented and designed, is very similar in appearance and in properties to mysterious vehicles which people see and describe under the name of UFOs. Although suggestions that mysterious UFOs are similar to my Magnocraft originated NOT from myself, but from receivers of my publications who saw UFOs, I started to follow them up thoroughly. In the result of this research soon I accumulated a huge body of evidence which documented that: (1) UFOs are flying vehicles, (2) UFO vehicles are really very similar to the Magnocrafts of my design, (3) UFO manifestations are confirmed by a huge variety of objective evidence, (4) in spite of the extraordinary variation in effects which accompany the appearance of UFO vehicles, all these effects originate from the same kind of flying vehicles, and that (5) UFO generate exactly the same phenomena which were predicted theoretically to appear during flights of my Magnocrafts. The above findings from my initial research on the UFO manifestations persuaded me to try to develop a formal scientific proof, which would state that the UFO vehicles are actually my Magnocrafts - but already build by someone else. In the result, in 1981 I become the first scientist in the world, who published a formal scientific proof for the physical and objective existence of UFOs.
       After the development and publishing of this formal proof, I started to seek also intensely the information which later allowed me to answer the most vital question, namely "from where UFO vehicles and UFOnauts come to the Earth?" The final reply to this question I managed to provide only 26 years later, means in 2007. Until today this reply does NOT stop shocking me and influence my life. This is because it completely changed my views regarding the reality that surrounds us and the knowledge disseminated by present official science - i.e. by this imperfect, monopolistic and erroneous science, the definition of which is provided in item #C3 from the totaliztic web page telekinetics.htm. Probably this reply similarly shocks also and changes lives of these readers, who put effort into thorough studies of not only the evidence on the basis of which that reply was developed, but also the path of my logical deductions as well as philosophical and scientific foundations which led me to finding this reply (especially who put effort into studies of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity). The most comprehensive, although intentionally condensed, internet presentation of my reply to the question "from where UFO vehicles and UFOnauts come to the Earth?", is provided in items #L1 to #L5 from the totaliztic web page named magnocraft.htm.

#F2. The formal scientific proof which shocked, namely that the Magnocrafts which I invented are already flying - people see them under the name of UFOs:

       In the result of my hobby research on the UFO manifestations, induced by claims of people that they saw my Magnocrafts in flights, in 1981 I worked out and published the formal scientific proof, which stated that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts". This formal proof for the first time was published in the article [3W4] "Konstrukcja prosto z nieba" from the Polish Journal "Przeglad Techniczny Innowacje", no 13/1981, pages 21-23. The more recent presentations of this formal proof are contained in subsection P2 from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5] and in subsection J2 of English monograph [1e]. (A summary of this proof is also provided on the totaliztic web page ufo_proof.htm.) This formal proof is based on a very old and very reliable scientific methodology, called the "matching attributes method", which is frequently used in identifying unknown objects, in criminal investigations, and in military reconnaissance. When applied to proving that "UFOs are Magnocraft", this method distinguishes 12 classes of attributes, which are unique for the Magnocraft (for example: external shape, presence of the main and side propulsors, utilising magnetic forces for propelling purposes, formation of flying complexes, flying in three modes of operation, etc.). Then it documents on the examples of objective photographic evidence of UFOs, that all these 12 classes of Magnocraft's attributes are also present and registered in authentic photographs and sightings of UFOs.
       The formal scientific proof that "UFOs are Magnocrafts" in fact represents a whole array of other formal proofs, for example the proof that "UFOs are flying vehicles" (after all, my Magnocrafts are flying vehicles), that "UFOs manifest themselves objectively, repetitively and consistently" (after all, the entire body of evidence concerning UFOs objectively, repetitively and consistently corresponds to attributes of my Magnocraft), and also that "UFOs do exist" (after all, in order that something could manifest itself objectively, repetitively and consistently, it must really exist).

#F3. The postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the Magnocrafts:

       The formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts - only that constructed by someone who is more advanced technologically than the humanity" led in turn to the formulation of the so-called "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the Magnocrafts" - for details of this postulate see item #D1 on the web page ufo_proof.htm, or see subsection P2.15 of monograph [1/5]. This postulate states that every correct equation, principle and fact established for the Magnocraft must also apply to UFOs; as well, every fact observed on UFOs must apply to the "Theory of the Magnocraft". The practical utilization of this postulate allows for the more rapid unveiling of the UFO's secrets by applying to them all the findings derived from the Theory of the Magnocraft, and also allows for faster progress in the building of our Magnocraft starship, through utilizing ready-made technical solutions that have already been sighted in UFOs.
       The "postulate of interchangeability between UFOs and the Magnocrafts" introduces immense scientific implications. After all, it reveals that the UFO sightings which so-far were ignored by official human science actually contain information which is able to accelerate the advancement of humanity onto a much higher level of technical and scientific development.

#F4. The resolution which accepted my formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs as an official explanation for the design and operation of UFOs:

       The formal scientific proof that "UFOs are Magnocrafts" (thus also that "UFOs do exist"), which I have had the honour to develop, was later rectified and accepted as an official explanation for technical aspects of UFOs. This accepting was carried out by developing and rectifying the special resolution that was voted and accepted unanimously by participants of the internet discussion list of totalizm who represented practically the cross-section of the entire Polish society, including the rationally oriented UFOlogists. The content of this resolution was later published in Internet. It can be inspected on several web pages of totalizm, e.g. on pages ufo_pl.htm - about UFOnauts (see in there item #H2), ufo_proof_pl.htm - about the formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs (see in there item #D2), antichrist_pl.htm - about Antichrist (see in there item #C6), timevehicle_pl.htm - about time, travel in time, and about time vehicles (see in there item #D2), or explain_pl.htm - about the scientific interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs (see in there item #J2).

#F5. Gradual finding the increasingly wider body of evidence that certifies for the continuous interference of UFOnauts in human lives:

       After establishing that the evidence concerning UFOs hides important scientific and technological data, I begun to document systematically and investigate all categories of this evidence. Soon I discovered that on the Earth a huge amount of such permanent evidence does exist which certifies for the continuous activities of UFOs. The body of this evidence includes, amongst others: (1) sightings and photographs of UFOs, (2) sightings and photographs of creatures which pilot UFOs, (3) sites of UFO explosions, (4) debris and pieces of UFOs, (5) UFO landing sites, (6) areas of destruction caused by UFOs, and a whole range of other kinds of evidence the more comprehensive description of which is provided in my monograph [1/5].

#F6. The discovery that we should be interested much more in reasons for UFO activities on the Earth:

       In 1990 my hobby research on UFOs brought serious problems on my head. Namely, I was punished heavily for publishing results of my research on the UFO explosion site near Tapanui in New Zealand. It did NOT help me that carrying out such research was almost my duty as a scientist who lived near Tapanui, nor that this research was extremely needed because the country was overflowing with mysteries while local scientists refused to investigate them. But this heavy punishment brought also positive consequences. It forced me to ask the question "why every constructive research concerning UFOs must be conducted in secrecy". After all, such research does not hurt anyone, and also considering the controversy which surrounds it, it is badly needed by our civilisation. From the time when I was an activist of original Solidarity, I remembered the primary rule that wherever there is a need for conspiracy, there always must exist some kind of invader which is suppressing those people resorting to work in conspiracy. So my next question was "who is that invisible invader that is oppressing all those doing research on UFOs". As this is well known amongst scientists, the success in scientific investigations mainly depends on asking the right type of questions, and then on getting the correct answers to these questions. In my case the query "who is that invisible invader" turned out to be that right question which provided a snowballing answer. This is because the correct answer to this question was: this invisible invader who oppresses the research on UFOs, are UFOnauts themselves who do not want people learn about their parasitic activities on Earth and therefore who with the help of their agents by folklore of many nations called changelings are destroying everyone who investigates them too thoroughly. As much as this answer shocks, it fits excellently to all question that we have about UFOs. It explains why there is so much contradiction in our perception of UFO phenomena, why people react so hysterically on every mention of UFOs, why there is an official hostility against research on UFOs, why everyone who investigates UFOs always encounters various problems and punishments, why rational and correct theories and explanations regarding UFOs are always rebuked, while crazy theories are multiplied infinitively and are disseminated without any resistance or criticism, why all evidence which could disclose the existence of the secretive occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts always disappears before anyone has the time to investigate it, why there are literally thousands and thousands authentic photographs of UFOs that with a shocking consistency and repetitiveness document the existence of the same interstellar spaceship, yet some "luminaries of the science" stubbornly claim that there are NO proofs for the existence of UFOs, etc., etc.
       The fact of a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts looking identical to people, is explained the most thoroughly on the web page about origins of evil. In turn subsequent consequences of this hidden and highly destructive occupation that is manifested through systematic tormenting and destruction of our civilization, is described on a whole array of web pages, e.g. on web pages about UFOnauts, destructive uses of UFO vehicles, evidence of UFO activities on Earth, UFOnauts-changelings, 26th day, predators, WTC, landslips and mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, hurricane Katrina, Tapanui, Katowice, etc.

#F7. The discovery that even the Bible warns us about the secretive occupation of the Earth by extremely cunning and evil creatures:

       After the discovery of the hidden occupation of the Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts, with the shock I also discovered that even the Bible warns us that the Earth is under secretive rules of these cunning creatures. Only that in the Bible these evil creatures are NOT called "UFOnauts", but "devils", "dragons", "serpents", etc. - for details see explanations from the web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself.

#F8. The discovery that the manifestations of UFO vehicles in reality are temporary "simulations" carried out for accomplishing various important goals:

       In 2007 I started to investigate strange abnormalities and paradoxes which characterise all UFO manifestations. Examples of these paradoxes include: sightings of UFOs by people occurring with the frequency which exceeds the frequency of confirmations for any commonly recognised scientific theory, combined with the simultaneous behaviour of the majority of humans as if there is NO even a shred of evidence for the existence of UFOs, fast and mysterious disappearance or invalidation of every proof of UFO activities on the Earth, the selective showing of UFOs almost exclusively to single witnesses which proves the knowledge of situations of people close to supernatural, the irrational and logically unjustified prejudice towards UFO investigators which is demonstrated unanimously in practically every country, system, and institution in the entire world, the presence of UFOs in many religious situations, too large effectiveness, efficiency, and precision of UFOnauts to be accomplished by physical creatures that practice the parasitic philosophy which is manifested in attitudes of UFOnauts, etc. All these paradoxes suggest that UFOnauts and UFOs really are just facades behind which a force hides which is much more precise and powerful than UFOnauts - i.e. the force which we typically equate to God. In this way my investigations of 2007 led me to a conclusion that UFO manifestations are actually a kind of temporary "simulations" with which people are confronted by God Himself for very important reasons. More on the mechanisms and reasons for these temporary UFO simulations is explained in volume 6 of monograph [8/2], and also partially on the web page soul_proof.htm.
       Thus, if someone asks me at this moment what are these UFO vehicles, then on basis of the knowledge accumulated so-far I would define these as follows: "UFO vehicles are flying machines the existence of which is simulated directly by God in order to inspire the faster progress of human knowledge, while the simulation of which is so precise, so comprehensive, and so consistent, that people are forced to treat them as if UFOs do exist in reality".
       The above should be complemented with the information that "the fact that the occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts is NOT a real situation, but just a simulation created by God, does NOT release us from the duty of fighting this occupation". This is because all simulations created by God are aimed at confronting people with "tests" which these people must either pass or fail. Thus, for as long as people do NOT pass this test and find a solution for the simulated by God occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, this occupation is going to have exactly the same consequences for the humanity as if it was real, and in addition with the elapse of time its consequences are going to intensify.

#F9. I should add here that research on UFOs is just my hobby which I strictly separate from the professional work:

       In present age of escalating unemployment and working days continually shortened by employers or governments, it is good to have a hobby. Theoretically everyone is also entitled to have a hobby. Unfortunately, we all know jolly well that today the society not every hobby treats the same. For example, in spite that all of us would prefer to have a neighbour whose hobby is just a scientific research on UFOs, than e.g. a neighbour who pips on other people, play with under-aged, or belongs to a motorbike gang, still typical employers seem to be highly wary towards the UFO subject and treat with a prejudice everyone who is interested in UFOs. Therefore, at this point I should emphasize, that everything that I investigate in connection with UFOs is just my private hobby, which has nothing to do with my professional work that sometimes I have opportunity to have. Since 1990 I adopted an iron principle, that my hobby research I always carry out on my own expense and exclusively in the time designated for rest, that I pedantically separate work from hobby, and that I do NOT even discuss my hobby in places of my work.

Part #G: My hobby research on "principles of clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena":


#G1. Origins of my interests in energy:

       My interest in energy originates from my doctoral thesis. I have the earned doctorate in Engineering (i.e. the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences). The tile of my doctoral dissertation was the "Analytical investigation of the temperature distribution in machine tool spindles with particular regard to lathe spindle" (in the original Polish language "Analityczne badanie rozkładu temperatur we wrzecionach obrabiarek skrawających ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem wrzeciona tokarki"). Thus the completion of research for my doctorate involved: (1) making a mathematical model for energy conversion in spindles of Machine Tools (the model that I used was based on so-called "Thermal Graph" - which is quite similar to "Finite Elements Method"), (2) computer simulation of thermal energy transfer using this mathematical model, (3) evaluation of the accuracy of the model and computer simulation through comparison of outcomes of computer calculations with results of actual measurements completed on real lathe spindle, and (4) developing components for the Computer Assisted Design (CAD) in which the computer simulation of thermal processes was so optimized that it yielded the best possible design for the spindle (from the point of view of influence of thermal phenomena at the accuracy of machining). In other words, my doctoral dissertation had an interdisciplinary character and concerned the border area between Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Thermal Sciences (i.e. parts of Physics and Thermodynamics), and Mathematics. Because of such a complex interdisciplinary nature of my doctorate, it provided me, amongst others, with the "hands-on" experience in various physical manifestations of energy, principles of energy conversions, methods and laboratory equipment for measurements of energy, heat, and temperatures, with mathematical and computer models applicable to energy, with various simulation methods (including the Finite Elements Method and Thermal Graph Method) that are applicable to thermal energy generation, transfer, conversion, and storage, with applications of computers in engineering, and also with practical application of computer simulation and CAD to design of machines and machine components. The completion of my doctorate provided me also with an excellent understanding of the philosophical ideas of energy, energy generation, conversion, transmission, and storage, accomplished from the point of view of an Engineer, as well as with understanding of principles and devices involved in most of energy-related phenomena.

#G2. What means that I am doing research on "principles of clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena":

       In order to explain this my hobby research interest, I try to develop methods, principles, and devices which would generate energy from the natural self-renewable phenomena that work constantly for thousands or even for millions of years. The point is, that "dirty" ways of energy generation (e.g. from fossil fuels or from nuclear reactors) must stop at some stage - if the humanity is to survive. In turn all natural phenomena which we use at present for generation of "clean" energy, are subjects to significant variations in intensity and in power. For example, so-called "wind farms" work only when there are strong winds, "solar energy" panels work only when there is sun, "tides" are depended on the motion of moon, etc., etc. But there are also different natural phenomena, which display a high unremittancy in their intensity and power. These can be seen as equivalents of "winds" which blow constantly, continually, and with the same power, for thousands of years, or as equivalents of suns which shine continually for centuries with a constant intensity. Examples of such consistent natural phenomena include: the rotation of our planet Earth, the motion of Moon around the Earth, the magnetic field of the Earth, waves of a "cosmic noise", temperature difference between surface of the Earth and e.g. the absolute zero of cosmic space or coolness of upper atmosphere, various behaviours of elementary particles, and many more. Otherwise than it is e.g. with harvesting winds or solar energy, these consistent natural phenomena - if we learn how to harvest their energy, would provide a continuous and steady flow of energy that would NOT depend on weather conditions, on time of the day, on position of the Moon, etc. The only problem is that at present we do NOT know how to generate energy from these incessant natural phenomena. But the human inventiveness has no limits. Therefore, the development of feasible methods, principles, and devices for generation of energy from these phenomena is the subject of my hobby research - already spanning for several years. I already developed several such methods and principles.
       In order to give you an idea as to what kind of principles I have in mind, I am going to describe here an example. According to my analyses this example should be able to harvest energy from the rotational motion of the Earth. Here it is how it would work. We could construct a large "flywheel" which meets following easy-to-fulfil conditions: (1) it has the so-called "momentum of inertia" larger than its "friction torque", (2) it is perfectly balanced - so that the gravitational field of the Earth does NOT influence its angular orientation, and (3) it is so assembled in a given geographical location that the axis of rotation of this flywheel is exactly parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation. Then such a flywheel should generate an everlasting mechanical motion in relationship to the Earth, with the speed of one rotation per day (or more strictly, this flywheel would remain motionless in relationship to our solar system, while the Earth would rotate around it once per each day). So such a flywheel - if constructed and provided with an appropriate gearbox, would generate a rotary mechanical motion which could be utilised for many purposes, e.g. to harvest energy, or to demonstrate to sceptical people that there exist in the universe a large number of still untapped consistent natural phenomena which also could be utilised for energy harvesting by inventive people. If we manage to find methods, principles, and devices which are able to harvest sufficient amounts of energy from such incessant natural phenomena, then these should be able to pave the way for the development of various further principles and devices that would allow to draw zero-pollution (renewable and clean) energy without any consumption of fossil fuels (and thus also without causing any pollution).

#G3. My inventions of telekinetic generators of free energy - means a different approach to principles of energy generation:

       The theory of everything described earlier and called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed that in the universe the most natural state is the continuous friction-free motion which prevails in the separate world called the "counter-world". Only after appropriate and highly-intricate transformations, this perpetual motion from the counter-world is turned into the motionless, inertia, and friction from our physical world - as this is described more comprehensively in item #B1 from totaliztic web page evolution.htm - about evolution, in item #I2 from "part I" of the internet web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and in item #B12 of the totaliztic web page god.htm - about secular and scientific understanding of God.
       Unfortunately for people, friction-free and perpetual motion was almost completely eliminated from our physical world. The only opportunities in which such perpetual motion can be noticed by people, usually are useless for utilisation e.g. for the energy generation. After all, for cases when the existence of this frictionless motion is already known by people, belong e.g. movements of electrons in atomic orbits, so-called "Brown motion", electromagnetic waves, motion of planets along orbits, spinning of planets and moons, and several other phenomena that are equally useless for our present energy industry. However, in spite that these already known cases of perpetual, frictionless motion are useless for us from the generation of energy point of view, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals that there are further similar phenomena, which our humans science still does not know. One amongst such phenomena is telekinesis - means the phenomenon which is an exact reversal of friction. In a similar manner as friction spontaneously consumes motion to produce heat, telekinesis spontaneously consumes heat to produce motion. These still unknown to people phenomena can be utilised for the generation of energy. One such a principle with the use of which this generation can be accomplished are so-called telekinetic cells.
       The phenomenon of telekinesis can be described illustratively as a "manipulation on objects through acting on their spirits". As interesting attribute of telekinesis is that its release does NOT require a supply of energy. Thus it can be carried out e.g. by commands of someone's mind. This extraordinary attribute of telekinesis, in connection with the fact that telekinesis can also be released technically with the use of appropriate devices, just led to the invention of these extraordinary technical devices called telekinetic generators of free energy.
       Telekinesis is described relatively well on several totaliztic web pages, for example on web pages dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or telekinesis.htm - about the phenomenon of telekinesis. In turn telekinetic generators of free energy are described on totaliztic web pages free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells, or boiler.htm - about the shocking fate of revolutionary heater which bits all records.

#G4. What is the difference between my "hobby" approach to the generation of energy and the approach of (paid) "scientists in office":

Motto: "The 'real progress' provides principles and phenomena for the future, the 'pretended progress' utilises principles and phenomena provided in the past."

       From the point of view of methods of energy generation my hobby approach is identical to the approach of scientists who research the matter as part of their paid professional duties. Namely, I also try to identify phenomena which are to allow for the generation of required amounts and forms of energy, and develop principles of operation and design of devices which are to harvest for us the energy from these phenomena. However, there are huge differences in the philosophy of our approaches which results from the unique "culture" which "scientists in office" must obey. For example, present professional (paid) scientists are obliged to adhere to the philosophical paradigm, that science to-date learned already all existing phenomena of the universe and all possible principles of energy generation. Thus, for "hints" and new ideas present professional scientists look back - into the past. So if there is a need to harvest energy in some highly inaccessible place, for example to supply in electricity sensors located in blades of a helicopter, on a top of high mast, in Antarctic, or in space, then they seek the way to do it in whatever is already learned by people, e.g. in the piezoelectric effect, in solar cells, in thermal junctions, etc. On the other hand, in my searches I adhere to the philosophy that people still did NOT know everything (actually they are just at the very begining of their path to knowledge). Thus, the required phenomena, principles and "hints" I seek where NO ONE was searching before - means in the future (including technologies that are shown to us by UFOs). Therefore I do research on such still unknown phenomena as "technical telekinesis" (means the "reversal of friction"), as telepathy, as gravity, as thermal energy of electrons, etc.

Part #H: My hobby findings concerning the work of time and shifting back in time:


#H1. My hobby findings regarding the operation of time and time vehicles:

       Definitions. The name "software interpretation of time" is assigned to the principle, alternative from that used by the official science, on which the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains the work of time. According to this principle, "time is the passage of the execution control through natural programs of our lives". Thus time must have a discrete character (means, it must move forward in short jumps), as the execution control moves in jumps from one command to a next one. In turn by being the execution control, time can be shifted back and forth, as well as slow down or accelerated.
       Experimental proof. The software interpretation of time is so precise, so detailed, and so true, that it allows to identify, and to indicate, proofs for its own correctness. One amongst such proofs is the experiment which allows to see with naked eyes that time elapses in small jumps. This jumping elapse of time is visible with naked eye and in daylight, when we look carefully at any spinning object (e.g. at airplane propeller or turbine in a starting jet engine) that accelerates from zero to around 1800 rev/min. At some stage of this acceleration this spinning object makes an impression as if it begins to rotate in a direction that is opposite to the real one. This impression is formed because the execution control of time moves in jumps from one command of our program of life to a next command. Thus we see the spinning object NOT in a continuous manner, but in short jumps - which cause that this spinning object is visible as if it is lighted by rhythmical flashes of a stroboscopic lamp. The proof for the discrete character of time is explained in more details in item #D1 of the page immortality.htm - about infinitive extending our lives through repetitive shifting in time to years of our youth after each reaching of old age, item #A4 of the page timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles, and also in item #D2 of the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God.
       History. The essence of the "software interpretation of time" results directly from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Thus historically I comprehended this essence already at the moment when I developed this concept in 1985. However the technical details of it were worked out and developed in 1986 during the extending of the cyclic table by statements resulting from dipolar gravity. The development of this interpretation allowed in turn prediction of such phenomena as the "state of suspended animation", "one-way trip", "effect of duplication of time", etc. - for more details see subsection M1 of this monograph, or subsection N2.3 of monograph [1/5]. The first presentations of these phenomena were included into my publications starting from 1987. In turn the working out of basic phenomena connected with travel through time lead to a gradual disclosure and describing the basic attributes, capabilities, and limitations of time travel. From this there was only a small step to description of time vehicles and to gradual accumulation of information, that such time vehicles are already utilised by UFOnauts. A comprehensive description of time vehicles is provided in volume 11 (chapter N) of monograph [1/5]. Judging by the amount and quality of outcomes of my research accomplished since 1985 - when I started to understand the exact principle on which time works and time vehicles could be constructed, I believe deeply that if from the very beginning of this research I would receive from other people the support that I need, then until today for sure I would already build time vehicles.
       Wasted chance for living forever. Time vehicles provide an illustrative example how wasteful are actions of present human civilisation. If from the very beginning when I developed the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, means from 1985, I would receive from other people the help for which I continually kept appealing, then by now I would already build time vehicles. After all, over a quarter of century passed already - means much more time than I need to realise these extraordinary vehicles. In turn time vehicles have this capability, that they allow to defeat the death. This is because they allow that every citizen of the Earth after reaching an old age could repetitively shift back in time to years of his or her youth. In this way every person could live forever. Unfortunately, through arranging public persecutions of my person and through unleashing hysteric scoffing at my Concept of Dipolar Gravity - instead of assisting me in the completion of the extraordinary devices which stem from this concept, the humanity wastes the present chance for building time vehicles. In turn after I must go to the afterlife, at least several hundreds of years will need to pass before someone else develops a similar to mine manner of thinking and courage to initiate the building of these vehicles capable of defeating the death.
       Described in the Bible confirmation that the principle of overcoming death and accomplishing immortality through shifting back in time is correct. In the Biblical Book "2 Kings" 20:1-11, is described comprehensively the principle on which God saved from death someone called Hezekiah. In item #D5 of the totaliztic web page immortality.htm is documented that this described in the Bible principle of overcoming death through shifting back in time is exactly the same as the principle of operation which I worked out for my time vehicles. In other words the Bible confirms correctness of the principles of operation of my time vehicles.
       Further information. Time vehicles and time travel are described extensively on several totaliztic web pages, including web pages timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles and immortality.htm - about infinitive extending our lives through repetitive shifting in time to years of our youth after each reaching of old age, as well as about the dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God (see item #D2 in there), god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God, and evolution.htm - about the process of evolution.

Part #I: My knowledge of God:


#I1. Origins of my knowledge that God does exist:

       I must admit, that God gave me a well-balanced start to the life in the area of faith. Namely, because of the atheistic views of my father, and religious views of my mother, in my family home I had an excellent opportunity to get to know very well both these main approaches to the faith. My father from the religion point of view was an atheist. Thus he infected me with his critical view of the institution of church, and with the awareness of the inadequacies, intellectual inertia, politicisation, inconsistencies, and imperfections in the existing religions and religious institutions. This is because of his crude atheistic views and the custom of alternative approach to every aspect of faith, I started my spiritual life without any initial inhibitions or deviations, which would make impossible for me later to notice and to question imperfections in present religious views and religious manners of living.
       In turn my mother was very religious. Without any questioning she accepted every statement of the church. In her life she also fulfilled every religious recommendation, independently how much it cost her. Her high religiousness, and principles without compromises, taught us the enormous respect to the moral values, moral life and to the people of the rightful characters. Because efforts of my mother, during my youth I was brought as a Catholic, and initially I was a practicing Catholic until I went to the University.
       The atheistic "brain wash" which we all received during our university studies, supplemented with memories of the atheism of my father, caused that my adulthood I started by becoming a complete atheist. Due to the deepening of my atheistic views of the world by the atheistic propaganda which infiltrated then the entire educational system, I remained an atheist until 39 years of age, means until 1985. But in 1985 I developed my previously described theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn this concept detects and scientifically proves the existence of God through indicating the place in which God hides from us (i.e. through indicating the "counter-world"), through describing the thinking substance which is the carrier of the God's intelligence (i.e. through describing "counter-matter'), and through explaining the nature, attributes, and origins of God. Thus, starting from 1985 I became more than just a believer. After all one always may stop to believe, but one never stops to know. In turn since 1985 I started to KNOW ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF GOD, not just simply believe in this existence. Major components of this knowledge about God I am going to describe in further items of this web page.
       My knowledge about God is the source of indescribable serenity and peace of mind which I experience continually starting from that 1985. Furthermore, this knowledge is a kind of decisive pointer which continually indicates for me how exactly I should live and what I should consider in my life most pedantically. I personally believe that this knowledge about God is the major requirement the fulfilment of which in my life gave me this continual feeling of personal happiness, satisfaction from life, and self-fulfilment, about which I am writing in part #K of this web page.
       If I was asked to define my present stand regarding God, religion, institution of church, etc., which is based on my research to-date, then I would state that I deeply believe that God insists that each one of us separately accumulates the reliable knowledge on the subject of God. Means, God requires from us to accumulate the reliable secular knowledge about God, and then with an iron hand judges us from the accumulation of this knowledge and from making a good use of it. Especially important for a scientist like myself is to interpret the knowledge about God in such a manner that it is agreeable, and also incorporating in itself, the fully scientific and fully secular view of the world. (Means, NO components of our belief in God can be contradictive to the reality nor contradictive to proven scientific findings.) On the other hand, God imposes on us and on our everyday life various cultural needs and traditions connected with our spiritual life and religion. So in order to satisfy both these requirements imposed on our spiritual life, means in order to satisfy (a) the need for the knowledge about God that is reliable, acceptable, and agreeable with the scientific outlook, and also satisfy (b) the spiritually induced culture and tradition needs, in present times it is NOT enough to just follow a religion. This is because all religions (1) were formed a long ago, (2) their doctrines are already outdated and petrified, (3) are susceptible to deviations caused by imperfections and limitations of their leaders, (4) knowledge and explanations regarding God that they offer fall behind present scientific views and the present increase in human awareness, (5) independently from being ideologies and kinds of "branches of knowledge about God", all religions are also institutions - thus similarly like all other institutions religions have also their political goals and ambitions (e.g. the domination over other religions) for accomplishing of which they frequently compromise the truth about God. Therefore, in my opinion, in respect to the faith in God it is necessary to adopt at present the approach which the philosophy of totalizm calls the faith plus totalizm. This "faith plus totalizm" approach boils down to accepting in our lives the need for an unbiased (a) scientific discipline that satisfies our thirst for the knowledge about God, which is reliable, acceptable, and agreeable with the scientific outlook, and also accepting in our lives the need for a traditional (b) institution of religion and church, which satisfies our cultural and tradition needs relating to God. In my own case practicing this "faith plus totalizm" depends on the fact that the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity together with the philosophy of totalizm which stems from it, represent this unbiased scientific discipline which satisfies my need for accumulating the knowledge about God that is reliable, acceptable, and agreeable with the scientific outlook, and for making a right use of this knowledge. In turn the active participation in rites of the Christian (Catholic) religion into which I was born and with which I am bound by tradition since my childhood, is this traditional institution which satisfies my spiritually induced needs for the religious culture and tradition.

#I2. The evolution of God and the creation of man:

       Because of the present arguing going on between so-called "creationists" and "evolutionists", I was forced to scientifically tackle and research the problem of evolution. I tried to join their discussion, but to my horror I discovered that none side is taking any notice of logical argumentation. This in turn mean that the arguments are only carried out to actually hide the truth, not to disclose it. So I decided to research what this hidden truth is about. The outcome was the discovery of the evolution of God. This discovery was accomplished at the beginning of 2007.
       The evolution of God and the process of creation of initially the physical world, and then also man, are described extensively on several totaliztic web pages, namely in item #B1 of the web page evolution.htm - about evolution, in item #C2 of the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God, and also the web page about God, mechanism of time, and in "part I" of the separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

#I3. Moral field and moral laws:

       Already in the times of my primary school I noted that fate of people is governed by some strange regularities. These regularities have no right to appear, if our lives - as this is commonly believed and claimed, are ruled by the so-called "coincident". Out of these regularities the most hitting in eyes were cases of reciprocality of negative feelings. For example when - as this naturally are doing teenagers, spontaneously and without reasons I did not like someone, always it later turned out that this someone spontaneously and without a reason was not liking me as well. These regularities which rule the fate of people, were even stronger visible during my studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw, thus frequently being a subject of my discussions with other students. One observation from that period concerned the simultaneous appearance on both sides the same discouraging circumstances. For example, if I had a date or a meeting, but in the meantime something unexpectedly cropped up, so that I had no chance to arrive to this date or a meeting, then it turned up, that also on the other side similar unexpected obstacles appeared, so that this other side also was unable to arrive at the date or meeting (such situations are especially noticeable, when in spite of all obstacles I did all humanly possible and arrive at the date or meeting to only find out, that the other side was unable to make it). But because not all other students were making similar observations, at that stage I come to the conclusion, that perhaps some people, due to extreme series of "coincidents" are actually affected more from others by events that display regularities and logic. (I was not realizing at that stage yet, that all people may be affected by such regularities in the same way, but not all people have the capability to observe and to notice that this happens to them.) The change of my views on this matter, caused a colleague from work, let us refer to him as to "Chimek". During one of the discussion in the office he claimed that in his son, he sees the altitudes and behaviours towards himself, which are the exact reflection of his own altitudes and behaviour towards his father. This statement of my colleague exactly corresponded with my own personal observations. Thus it turned out to be this breakthrough reassurance, that whatever I noted, also happens to all other people, only that the majority of other people have insufficient observational capabilities to notice it. In turn this reassurance of Chimek inspired me to start carrying out a systematic observations in this area. These observations later fruited with the discovery of the existence of thinking counter-matter and the universal intellect - as this is described in subsection W4 of monograph [1/5]. Putting all these ideas together caused the gradual clarification in my mind of the idea of moral laws. In 1985 I unambiguously formulated and published the first of these moral laws, which because of the manner in which it work, was called the "Boomerang Principle". From the moment it clarified itself in my mind, I also started to seek other moral laws, as well as the easy and simple to remember recipes for the living according to the statement of these laws. Still in 1985 these searches fruited with the development of a new philosophy called "totalizm", while in 1996 - with the formulation of the totaliztic mechanics which is described in chapter JG of monograph [1/5].
       Moral laws and moral field are described quite extensively on several totaliztic web pages, namely on the web page about morals, as wll as on web pages about totalizm, nirvana and about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

#I4. The formal scientific proof for the existence of God:

Motto: "Since God really does exist, then only naive or stupid people can ignore the warning that 'the mills of God grind slow but grind fine' and still believe that someone's spitting at God or turning back to God (so fashionable in present times) really gets away unpunished."

       A truly conclusive accomplishment of my life is the working out and publishing the formal scientific proof for the fact that God really does exist. As so-far no-one undermined this proof. Thus formally it maintains its merit.
       People say, that asking correct questions is the key to knowledge. So instead of me explaining here to the reader the meaning and implications of this formal proof for the existence of God, it is much better if I ask the reader a few questions, to which I suggest to give answers agreeable with the indications of the reader's own conscience. Here are these questions. Is the proof for the existence of God important for people? Should the weight of developing such a proof be emphasized by establishing an international prize which would be a morally pure equivalent to the immoral Nobel prize? Does the fact, that no religion on the Earth nor human science try to establish such a prize, means that those who control these religions and science in fact do NOT want the existence of God is proven beyond anyone's doubt? Since there are powers on the Earth which are interested in making impossible for people to learn the fact of the God's existence, is it logically possible that the existence of these powers represents another evidence for the fact that our planet is secretly occupied by morally decadent relatives of humans in past called "devils", "dragons", "serpents", etc., while presently called "UFOnauts"? If our planet is after all occupied secretly by evil creatures which look identically to people, then how this occupation is going to finish for the humanity?
       The full presentation of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #B3 of the web page god.htm - about the scientific and secular understanding of God, and in item #G2 on the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of God. In addition, this proof was also explained on other examples of similar proofs, on a number of further web pages, e.g. about Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see item #D3 in there), nirvana (item #C1.1), evolution (item #B6.2), and the Bible (item #B1), while described briefly on web pages about totalizm and about telekinesis. Furthermore, this full proof is published in several my monographs. For example the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is published in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn similar proofs but completed with various methods adopted from physical sciences, are provided in subsections I3.3.1 to I3.3.3 from volume 5 of the same newest monograph [1/5] and also in slightly older monograph [1/4], as well as in subsection K3.3 from volume 6 of monograph [8].

#I5. The formal scientific proof for the existence of immortal souls:

       Another my accomplishment in spiritual area is the development of a formal scientific proof for the existence of immortal soul.

#I6. The present state of my knowledge about God:

       I personally believe, that in present times I am the only secular scientist that positively and approvingly recognises God and that researches God with the use of scientific and secular methods. All other researchers of God either (1) have a religious background which deviates their objectivity, or (2) are atheists that have a negative attitude towards God and that mainly try to disprove the existence of God, or either (3) are NOT scientists of the required level of knowledge, experience, and ability to use most modern scientific methods, thus conclusions to which they arrive are frequently very naive and far from the level of the rest of present knowledge. What even more interesting, all evidence seems to indicate that God Himself so directs the course of my life that I am able to devote my life to His research and that I am NOT dispersing my attention too much into doing anything else. In turn, because absolutely everything in the entire universe happens only when it is agreeable with intentions of God, the above means that it is the "God's wish", that scientists who are secular and who are positively oriented toward God, objectively research God and scientifically discover the truth about God.
       Of course, this many years long researching of God, similarly like every other long-term efforts, produce their fruits. Thus at the moment I am able to state, that I managed to establish several facts about this most superior intelligent being of the entire universe. Shockingly, many amongst these facts are completely contradictive to the supposed knowledge about God that is passed to us by religions. Therefore, below I am going to list my most vital findings regarding God, which stand in drastic collision with whatever religions are teaching us about God. Here these are:
       1. God is NOT a person, but a huge thinking and self-aware natural program. Many religions imply that God has a form of a man. However, in fact God is a huge, self-aware natural program. This program creates everything that exists in the entire universe from the kind of liquid computer (called "counter-matter") which (the liquid computer) God programs into the required shapes and manifestations. For more information see item #C2 on the web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God, and items #A3, #B6 and #B12 of the web page god.htm - about scientific and secular understanding of God.
       2. God created the mankind for the purpose - the main part of which is to increase the knowledge both, that of humans as well as that of God and the intelligent universe. Thus, the entire our life is just a single opportunity to learn, and a single continuous series of exams. Each subsequent exam from life God issues to us in the form of another "test" which we either pass or fail. An example of such a "test" which we already identified and described relatively well, and about which it is known that God continually subjects us to it, is the "test for atheism". God designed it so perfectly, that if we pass it, then the gain is both ours and the entire humanity. In turn if we fail it, then the gain is just for the humanity (our is just a loss). For details see items #A2 and #C5 of the web page will.htm - about maintaining the free will of individual people while controlling the entire human civilisation. Unfortunately, people who fail this "test for atheism" gain a rather special treatment which is described in item #F3 of the web page totalizm.htm - about totalizm means about the most moral philosophy in the world. Notice that there are also further parts to the purpose for which God created people, e.g. to gain reliable companions - as described on the web page soul_proof.htm - about scientific proofs for the existence of immortal souls, and that in order to accomplish these God must treat us like "steel which is hardened".
       3. In order to stimulate and to intensify our searches for knowledge, and also in order to easier subject us to various tests, God creates countless simulations which He shows to selected people and to which He assigns the form of supernatural creatures, devices which people supposed to develop soon, objects which the humanity supposed to learn about, visions, etc., etc. These "simulations" are creatures and objects that are non-existing in a given place and time and that God creates temporally only to confront with them a selected person or a selected group of people. In fact it turns out that practically almost everything that present people describe as "unexplained", actually belongs to this category of "simulations" created temporally by God. In order to give here several examples of whatever God most frequently simulates, then in present times this includes: various masked individuals who anonymously express themselves in Internet, Satan and his devils, spirits, Yeti, UFOnauts, UFO vehicles, unexplained phenomena. In turn in past such simulations of God included: angels, devils, various supernatural creatures, airships, so-called "ghost-rockets", planets, suns, etc., etc. (Actually, these "simulated" by God "ghost-rockets", which were a kind of plague in Scandinavia of 1950s, sporadically appear even until today. For example, on Wednesday, 10 November 2010, in all evening news of New Zealand television was shown a short film of just such a "ghost-rocket" which apparently was launched from the Pacific Ocean near to the West Coast of the USA. It was silent, spectacular, it was leaving a giant trail of vapours as it climbed upwards, and it was seen and filmed by a lot of Americans. The ministry of defence of the USA claimed that it probably was an optical illusion as it was NOT visible on radars, and that for sure none of American militaries launched it.) The attribute of these simulations of God is that for humans these are undistinguishable from the reality. For example, creatures that are simulated by God (e.g. relatively frequently met UFOnauts and Yeti) have individual personalities and characters, tones of voice, habits, can be individually recognised and met again, etc. But that these are simulations, not really existing creatures or machines, certifies the fact that they do NOT have their own so-called "free will". Means, in spite that they appear, behave, and form physical traces of their existence - as if they really existed, these simulations do exclusively whatever God wishes them to do, and in the manner in which God wishes they do it. In this way God has an absolute and personal control over consequences of their actions. In turn if these were really existing creatures or machines that have their own "free will", then God would NOT have so strict control over them. Thus they would do whatever they would wish, instead of doing what lies in the interest of God.
       It is also worth to notice the consequence of the use by God of these frequent simulations which for people are indistinguishable from the reality. One such a consequence is that there are like two different levels of reality that surrounds us, namely the truly existing reality, and also the reality that is sporadically "simulated" by God.
       4. God has many personalities. Us (people) are used to believe, that everyone has just a single personality. After all, we remember that one our relative, known as a grumpy person, the only thing that he could do is to be grumpy. In turn our friend a joker, the only thing that he can do is to make jokes from practically everything. However, the number of drastically different personalities utilised by God reaches around 100. Only that these personalities are formed into a hierarchical structure. Many out of them display significant imperfections, sometimes even evilness. Many of them we encounter in our lives repetitively and sometimes we can even recognise them. What even more interesting, these different personalities of God look as if they fight with each other to take the control over our life. Thus we have periods in our life when we are tortured by some sadistic personality, then the control over our life takes e.g. a joker, then e.g. we have a period of getting clear help and successes, etc., etc. For me these different personalities of God that "fight" with each other to take control over our life, resemble a Pantheon of quarrelling Greek or Roman gods, or different incarnations of god of Hinduism. Interestingly, the most superior in the hierarchy of these imperfect personalities of God is a kind of perfect creature which has NO personality on its own, which stands like in a shadow, and which decides with which imperfect personalities in which period of our lives we supposed to be treated. This perfect superior godly creature deprived a personality seems also to control over the entire our life - although it always works like from hiding and in a manner that is unrecognisable to us.
       5. God does NOT forgive anything to anyone. In fact if God forgive something to someone, then He would break the principle of universal justice and his own consistency. Therefore for every "test" to which God subjected us and we failed it, and also for everything that evil we do in our lives, sooner or later we are to pay. Unfortunately, in order to mobilise us even more to acquire a knowledge, when the time of paying back comes to us, God never informs us for what we just are punished (means God leaves to us the finding of truth). Thus many amongst us believe that evil deeds that they done are left unpunished, while troubles that get them in fact are served "for nothing" and just because of an accident of some sort. The topic that God does NOT know forgiveness and that in the real universe there is NO such thing as "forgiveness of sins" which was introduced for political reasons by some religions, is elaborated more comprehensively in subsections JC12.2 and JC11.5 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5] and also in volume 6 of monograph [8/2].
       Much wider descriptions of my findings that results from scientific research on God, are contained on several different web pages of totalizm, e.g. on web pages god.htm - about scientific and secular understanding of God, or will.htm - about maintaining the free will of individual people while controlling the entire human civilisation.

Part #J: My philosophy of everyday living, called the moral totalizm:


#J1. What are these philosophies of totalizm and parasitism:

       The new scientific Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed various facts, which previously were not recognised by institutional science. These included the confirmation of the existence of the universal intellect (God), which designed the laws that govern our universe, the existence and operation of moral laws, described in subsection I4.1.1 of monograph [1/5] and in subsection B4 of treatise [7/2], and the fact that these moral laws are executed on everyone with the iron consequence - i.e. without any forgiveness or mercy which for political reasons were offered by religions to-date. Thus at a moment when the Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed, that fate of people is ruled by moral laws, also a need emerged to form a new philosophy, which would explain to people how to apply these hard-hitting moral laws in their lives. In this way the philosophy of totalizm was born. (The newest formulation of principles of totalizm is explained in chapter JA of monograph [1/5], while the previous complete presentation of this philosophy is contained in chapter A of monograph [8].) Totalizm is extremely simple in practicing. It has only one rule which states that whatever you do in your life, always do it in a pedantically moral manner. The first formulation of totalizm, and the choice of name for it, took place in 1985. But the formal foundation of totalizm, and the first practical recommendations of this positive philosophy, were published in 1986. In turn in my major monographs, this philosophy was published systematically starting from 1987. At the beginning, the most important part of totalizm was a collection of principles, which I observed empirically, and which I presented as a positive reversal of parasitic doctrines of following the line of the least resistance (i.e. doctrines of "primitive parasitism"). Thus the most vital part of totalizm was initially quite similar to the present content of subsection JB6 of monograph [1/5] and subsection I1 in monograph [8]. In the edition of monograph [1a] of 1990, totalizm included 5 such doctrines and the corresponding principles of totalizm. At that time this positive philosophy probably had not too many followers. But it make me sensitive to manifestations of totaliztic behaviour, and to the behaviour along the line of the least intellectual resistance. This in turn switched on my observational capabilities, and tuned them at finding more details.
       The existence and operation of moral laws has this consequence, that individual people have only two choices in their lives. Namely, they can either obey these laws, or chronically break them. The ones who in their actions try to obey moral laws, e.g. through listening to their voices of conscience, in fact live according to the principles of the philosophy of totalizm - even if they are unaware of this fact. This is because the philosophy of totalizm has only a single rule which states whatever you do, always pedantically obey moral laws. In turn these people who silenced in themselves the voice of conscience, thus who chronically break moral laws, live according principles of the philosophy which is an exact opposite of totalizm. This opposite of totalizm is called the philosophy of parasitism. This is because it turns its adherers into kind of intelligent parasites. The chief rule of these parasites is to obey any law only when you are forced to obey it. The most advanced form of parasitism display secretive occupants of the Earth, means UFOnauts.
       In my own case totalizm completely transformed my life. It became for me a kind of vehicle, or "white horse", which carries me towards the happy and fulfilled life. It is because of totalizm that in present times which belong to most difficult in my life, in reality I am experiencing the period when I have simultaneously a high sense of happy and fulfilled life - as I described it below in part #K of this web page.
       Philosophies of totalizm and parasitism are described extensively on two totaliztic web pages named totalizm and parasitism.

#J2. Totalizm provides philosophical foundations for the new science called the "totaliztic science" which researchers the reality from "a priori" approach - means "from the cause to effects" or "from God as a superior cause of everything to the surrounding realities as effects of God's actions":

       One amongst life truths which each one of us experienced already countless number of times, states that "in order to learn the entire truth on any subject, it is necessary to learn this subject from all possible sides and approaches". For example, driving "to" some place we learn just at the most a half of views from our road, because to learn another half we must view the same road during the drive "from". When seeing someone from the back we learn at the most a half of that person, because to learn another half we most view it from the front. Learning e.g. from an "aggressor" about some events, we also learn at the most a half of truth, because to learn the entire truth we must also hear its "victim" as well as casual "witnesses". The impossibility of learning everything from just a single "witness" is so vital, that even the Bible emphasizes to base all judgements on two or three independent witnesses - for details see item #C5 from the web page named bible.htm.
       In spite of common knowledge of the above life truth (and in spite of being commanded by the Bible), in the most strategic for our civilisation areas, i.e. in science and in education, we tolerate now judgements which originate from just a single source and from just a single approach to research. Namely, the entire official human science to-date carries out its research from just a single approach which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" means "from effects to causes" - in turn such a single approach causes that this science is able to learn at the most a half of truth on the subject of reality that surrounds us. This is because in order to learn the missing "other half of truth", it is necessary to objectively research the same reality also from an opposite approach called "a priori" means "from cause to effects" or "from God as a superior cause of everything, to the surrounding realities as effects of God's actions". Unfortunately, in order our civilisation has also an institution which would verify and repair errors of the official science to-date which results from that one-sided approach "a posteriori" to researching the reality, on the Earth would need to exist another officially recognised and officially financed "competitive" science, which would have the required scientific and philosophical foundations and which would research the reality equally objectively and with equally proven in action methods and tools, only that it would practice in its research "a priori" approach.
       As it turns out such a new "competitive" science, which researches the reality from "a priori" approach, exists on the Earth since 1985. It is the so-called "totaliztic science" initiated in 1985 by the development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm which provided to it the required scientific and philosophical foundations that allow it to research the reality from that "a priori" approach, means "from God as a superior cause of everything, to the surrounding realities as effects of God's actions". This new science accomplished already its own contribution to our civilisation - which, by the way, is huge in spite that it carries out its research completely without any funding. After all, to its scientific contribution belong all totaliztic web pages listed in Menus from that page, and also belong its leading monograph [1/5]. The new "totaliztic science" as the first on the Earth developed also the formal scientific proof that "God really exists" - discussed wider in item #I4 above. Unfortunately, the old official human science, frequently called also the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, already long ago recognised that the new "totaliztic science" creates "competition" for it - which in the future may spoil its complacent life and begin to check its frequently erroneous statements. Therefore this old "atheistic orthodox science" from the very beginning, means already since 1985, continually "holds back" the new "totaliztic science", tries to destroy and silence it, refuses to give voice to it, and persecutes it on all possible ways.
       Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, deluges, droughts, fires, frosts, pollution of the environment, destruction of nature, nuclear catastrophes, economic fall-down, spread of immorality, greed and crimes, as well as all other cataclysms which currently are raging on the Earth, are kinds of "eye openers" about the real influence of the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date on our civilisation. All these deviations and degenerations of the humanity, plus supposed "freaks of nature", in fact are caused just by errors committed by the old official science, or more strictly are outcomes of learning by this old science at the most "a half of truth" about the reality that surrounds us. Therefore, if you, the reader, seriously considers that on the Earth should be restored balance, truth, morality and peace, then you should join voices which ask to cease the persecution of the new "totaliztic science", and that this new science starts finally receiving the same treatment, the same consideration, and the same finances for research, which so-far enjoyed only the old science so desperately afraid of loosing its absolute "monopole for knowledge".
       The official establishing on the Earth, starting the official financing of research and educational programmes of the new "totaliztic science", and also a fast finishing the highly dangerous to the entire humanity "monopole for knowledge" of the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, are topics immensely important to the entire our civilisation. Therefore these topics are discussed and reminded on a number of totaliztic web pages, while readers are welcome to read them more thoroughly. Their analyses and presentations can be found, amongst others, in: items #B1 i #K1 of the web page named tornado.htm, item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm, item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, items #F1 to #F4 of the web page named god_exists.htm, item #A4 of the web page named god_proof.htm, item #C5 of the web page named bible.htm, or subsection H10 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5].

Part #K: Sources of my personal happiness, life satisfaction, and the feeling of self-fulfilment:


#K1. What induces my personal happiness, life satisfaction, and the feeling of self-fulfilment:

       If one analyses my private life, then according to commonly accepted standards I should belong to the group of these least happy people (or even these unhappy ones). After all, in the stereotype understanding of the human accomplishments, my life could be qualified to the category of "looser". I continually loose jobs and live humbly mainly from my savings. My future always have a question mark. Out of material possessions I practically gathered nothing in the entire life. (I do have a car Ford Laser of 1987, which serves me faithfully for over 20 years, but I do not own neither a flat, a house, nor any real estate, nor even proper furniture or tools for construction of my inventions.) My theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity together with the philosophy of totalizm, both of which I consider to be the most significant intellectual accomplishments of my life, not only that are ignored and rejected by other scientists, but many people even scoff at them. In the duration of my entire life I have not received a chance to implement even the least important amongst a large number of my technical inventions. Thus for example, inventions which in my opinion are so vital for the good of the entire humanity as telekinetic cells, Magnocrafts, personal propulsion systems, Oscillatory Chambers, telepathic telescopes and projectors, or time vehicles, still do exist only as unproven technical ideas - in spite that I invented these sufficiently early to be able in favourable circumstances to implement them all in the duration of my life. Just only for the above reasons, and even not considering these thousands of other depressive incidents and problems which because of someone's intentional bad will trouble me practically all the time, almost every other person on my place probably would be highly unhappy. But in my own circumstances this is not the case.
       If someone asked me to what category of people I would qualify myself, I would always reply that to the one which includes people that are happy, satisfied with their life, and self-fulfilled. In spite that materially I am not in the good position, and that the continuous problems and troubles make a permanent road to my doors, something continually keeps me in the state of silent happiness, satisfaction from what I have, proud of what I managed to accomplish, self-fulfilment, positive outlook at the future, and peace of mind.
       The philosophy of totalizm very clearly and unambiguously explains that everything that increases in us the amount of moral energy, also increases our happiness, in turn everything that dissipates our moral energy also makes us unhappy. (What is this "intelligent moral energy", how one can intentionally increase the amount of this energy, and what dissipates this energy from us in a fastest manner, is explained in item #E1 from the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in item #D2 from the web page nirvana.htm - about the totaliztic nirvana, in item #D6 from the web page totalizm.htm - about the philosophy of totalizm, and in item #C4 from the web page parasitism.htm - about the philosophy of parasitism.) I intentionally practice the philosophy of totalizm in my everyday life. Therefore I also intentionally increase the amount of moral energy as well as I intentionally sustain the feeling of my own happiness which is dependent on the level of this energy.
       I frequently analyse which components of my view of the world are the most instrumental in this generation of the feeling of happiness and satisfaction from life, in the situation when many other people which are situated much more fortunately then me clearly feel unhappy. According to my findings, my personal happiness, feeling of self-fulfilment, and satisfaction from life most strongly result from the following factors: (1) my knowledge about God and thus from outcomes of this knowledge - namely from the peace of mind and from the clear knowledge of the direction in which lie the morally correct behaviours and actions (means, lie the behaviour and actions which continually generate moral energy due to being agreeable with moral laws), (2) my certainty of the existence of the evil creatures which continually torment people, and the avoidance of the unnecessary dissipation of moral energy that results from this certainty (e.g. due to the lack of bitterness towards other people for the harm and troubles that they caused, or due to the easiness in accepting the evil that affects not only me but also my close ones), (3) practical implementation of recommendations of the moral philosophy of totalizm in my everyday life, especially the implementation of the main principle of this philosophy, which commands us to continually increase the level of our moral energy through doing everything in a pedantically moral manner.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#L1. The summary of this web page:

       "Morality and truth must always pass through a thorny path." In turn the life of these people who devoted themselves in service of morality, truth, and furthering happiness of other fellow humans, is not easy at all. But in spite of all difficulties, the leading a moral life, the promotion of truth, and the devotion to the service for good of other people, is the main condition of accomplishing personal happiness, satisfaction, and self-fulfilment in our life.

#L2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L3. Contact details with the author of this web page:

       Results of my hobby research seem to induce an urge to contact me in ever-increasing number of readers. Therefore below I am providing my contact details, i.e. contact details officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, or courteously still to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk - since on 4 different universities I was employed at professorial positions, i.e. at 3 amongst them at the post of "Associate Professor" (during the period from 1 September 1992 till 31 October 1998), while on one university at the post of a (Full) Professor (during the period from 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last employment in my professional life). In turn with professors is a bit like with generals, namely if a person was a professor once, then he or she remains a professor forever. However, because numbers of readers whom are contacting me are continually growing, while days always have only 24 hours - about which I must make a decision whether I am designating these hours to continue my research or to reply the correspondence, with each manner of contacting me I am also providing below the category of matters for which this manner should be used.
       (1) If the intention of the reader is to inform me about something that does NOT require my reply, then I recommend to send me an email. But it is worth to know then, that because of a chronic lack of time, in "typical cases" I do NOT reply to incoming emails (exceptions from this rule are situations explained in items (3) to (5) below). Here are my current email addresses, listed in the order of frequency of my checking emails arriving at a given address, with providing as first the email janpajak@gmail.com which I am checking the most frequently (i.e. at least once every week), while providing as last the email totalizm@gmail.com which I am checking the least frequently (i.e. usually every couple of months):        Emails are worth to send me mainly in all cases when there is a need to post me data or details which are difficult to forward through a telephone, such as photographs, email and web addresses, names, bibliographical data of books, journals, and articles, citations from selected publications, etc. Furthermore, via email can also be posted announcements when and in what matter one wishes to ring me, or to inform me about details of undertaking the procedure described in item (5) below. But when sending me such emails please take under the consideration that after receiving an email I always carry out a subjective estimates of the level of its importance. This is because I have a choice that in the time in my disposal "I either carry out research which enriches the accomplishments of the 'totaliztic science' described in item #J2 above, or I reply to emails". Thus, I adopted a logical principle that for a given email I reply only in these extremely rare cases, when spending my time on providing a reply can be estimated as more vital for the good and future of the "totaliztic science" than carrying out scientific research. On the other hand, emails which I estimate to be more important than carrying out research aimed at reinforcing and extending scientific and philosophical foundations of the new "totaliztic science" arrive to me extremely rarely. Therefore, in order to NOT feel disappointed that after writing to me an email or a letter, I was unable to find time to reply to your correspondence, please assume in advance that there will be NO reply to your request and please feel no disappointment when it really happens so.
       To the above information I would like to add, that I read carefully all correspondence directed to me, only that my chronic deficit of time does NOT allow me to reply in person and individually to every correspondent. (After all, responsible preparing and writing a reply to a question, inquiry, or request is incomparably more time-consuming than reading someone's correspondence or even writing a request.) To a significant number of information, comments, questions, requests, stories, and photographs, which are posted to me by readers, I react via my web pages, for example through inserting to these web pages various general descriptions which provide answers to many readers at the same time, or through adding to these web pages various information, photographs, or descriptions which were provided by readers, or through an appropriate reediting the content of these web pages.
       (2) In all matters which require a spontaneous discussing with me something, or receiving my opinion, I suggest to "catch" me on the "Skype". On "Skype" I am available repetitively at least once every week, under the address janpajak46.
       (3) In all matters which require my reply, for example in matters of possible questions, for consultations, or for discussing selected subjects, etc., I would recommend to contact me exclusively via telephone. The point is that via a telephone every matter can receive my reply fast, without any problem, and without charging me with the duty to do a time-consuming preparing, writing, editing, and sending a reply. I am going to send my home telephone number after receiving an email which requests it, providing the information about the matter which he wishes to discuss. But please note, that the politeness requires to ring me in hours when I do not work scientifically any more, but still do NOT sleep, means between 7 pm and 10 pm of the New Zealand time. It would be rather inconsiderate to ring me (without a really important matter) after 10 pm but before 9 am in the morning - as this would wake me up in the middle of night. In order to be able to easily calculate the current hour which prevails in New Zealand, it is worth to notice, that because of the "daylight saving" used in New Zealand during the northern winter, time in New Zealand is then 13 hours later than the Greenwich universal time in England, while during the northern summer this time is 12 hours later. (I.e. the official time in NZ is GMT+12, means that during the winter in the USA, when time in e.g. Chicago is 3 pm, then time in NZ is already 10 am of a next day - i.e. NZ time is equal to the Chicago time plus 19 hours.)
       (4) If there is a need to post me something by a "snail mail" (i.e. by a traditional post office) then one should ask me in email about my postal address, explaining in the email what he or she wants to post me.
       (5) In order to create for readers a possibility to still receive my personal reply, if they really require one, herewith I promise that in spite of the above principle (to NOT reply typical emails nor letters), I will provide a comprehensive reply or opinion to every inquiry email which discusses any topic researched by the "totaliztic science" - if I receive a proof that the same inquiry email already received a formal reply from a university professor currently in office, which represents the formal stand of the "atheistic orthodox science" in the inquired matter. Many inquiries or requests that I am receiving, in fact should be directed to current university professors who specialise in a given subject area. After all, these professors are paid from taxes of readers, also all of them have secretaries (also paid from taxes of readers) who remove from them the burden of time-consuming correspondence. In addition, university professors belong to the "public service" - the same as firemen, police, army, health service, etc. Thus, providing replies to inquiries from members of the society belongs to their duties. On the other hand, in present times of internet and emails, there is NO difficulty with finding their email addresses and with directing inquiries straight at their addresses or at addresses of research institutions which they lead scientifically. However - for some unknown to me reasons, people having scientific questions prefer to rather write to me, instead to these professors. They overlook that I am carrying out my research without any funding, means from my private savings and during my private time, and also that I do NOT have a secretary - thus replying to correspondence is at the cost of time which I should designate to my research. Thus, the only situation when my involvement in replying to emails is justified, takes place when such replying the reader's inquiry contributes somehow also to the reinforcement of the authority, significance, competitiveness, and scientific foundations of the new "totaliztic science". In turn such a situation appears in all cases when I am to provide a "competitive" reply prepared from "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science", when the same scientific question is also officially replied by an university professor (currently in office) from "a posteriori" approach of the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. Therefore, in order to NOT be inactive in just such situations, herewith I promise, that I will reply to every email containing a scientific inquiry, about which I receive a "proof" that the same email and inquiry was earlier replied by a current professor in office from any university. In order the reader received such a "proof" in an easiest manner, I would suggest to address his email with a scientific inquiry to an university professor in office, while additionally "cc" this email also at my address ("cc" originates from the term "carbon copy"). (In present times the address of such a professor is easy to find with any internet search engine, through checking web pages of universities which interest us, and then finding which professor and under what address is leading a given topic area of research. Please note, however, that this must be a scientist with the title of a professor, as a confrontation of views on such important issues I am prepared to pursue only with someone of a scientific rank equal to my own.) In the content of this email I would suggest to ask the professor to also "cc" his reply at my email address. If his reply arrives (amongst others) to me and if in that way I receive a "proof" that an university professor actually undertook a discussion on the topic from that email, then I will also join the discussion and present what the "totaliztic science" has "competitive" to add from "a priori" approach on the subject inquired in that email, while my reply I also "cc" to that professor. In this way, due to making the above "exception" from my rule, all parties involved will benefit from it. The reader will gain the replies that he or she is interested in, prepared from as many as two approaches, namely "a posteriori" and "a priori". The professor from a given university will gain a proof that the society is interested in his research. In turn the "totaliztic science" receives an opportunity to: (a) accent and remind its existence; (b) prove how simple, beneficial and applicable are solutions offered during "a priori" approach to research; (c) fulfil one amongst goals of its existence - which is to disclose and to repair errors committed by official human science; and (d) reveal the "other half of truth" on a given subject - which (the "other half of truth") the old official human science is NOT able to see because of its "a posteriori" approach to research (see item #J2 above on this web page for more details about these two mutually "competitive" sciences). Such a situation, when all interested parties benefit from it, is called the "win-win situation" and it represents the most recommended solution for repairing errors, mistakes, animosities, differences of opinions, disadvantages, injustices, etc., etc.
       The matter of questions addressed to professors paid from our taxes, under a different angle is also explained in item #H1 of the web page named god_exists.htm.

#L4. Copyright © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyright © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page, amongst others, reports outcomes of research by the author - only that presented in a popular language (so that these outcomes can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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